Ray Starmann is the Founder and Editor in Chief of US Defense Watch. He’s a former US Army Intelligence officer and veteran of the Gulf War, where he served with the 4th Squadron, 7th Cavalry, and after the conflict with the 1st Squadron, 1st Cavalry and the 205th Military Intelligence Brigade.

Mr. Starmann was a contributing writer for several years at Soldiers for the Truth – SFTT.org, founded by the late Colonel David Hackworth. He has also written for Fox News, the Daily Caller, Military.com, World at War Magazine, Strategy and Tactics Magazine, the History Channel, Greystone TV and the Hallmark Channel. His articles have also been published on: WND, PJ Media, Pamela Geller, Dinesh D’Souza, Info Wars, Natural News, Allen West, Mark Levin and Larry Elder.  He is a graduate of Southern Methodist University.





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      • Well said Ray. Mr. Kahn questioned Mr. Trump “What sacrifice have you made?”. He may also like to pose the same question to both Hillary Clinton and the current President Mr. Barak Obama. “What sacrifice have they made?”

        • He didn’t pose the question to them for a reason, they have not objectified his religion. Vote for Trump, go ahead, we’ll see what this world becomes.

        • Obama and Clinton have NEVER mentioned their own personal “Vietnam” in the same manner that Trump did when he contracted a sexually transmitted disease.

        • Where is the moral outrage at ISIS in Khan’s anti-Trump speech? Why did Mr. Kahn forget to mention that his son gave up his life to fight a particular brand of Terrorism in his heart felt statement? Thank you Kevin for bring up the obvious.

          • “ISIS” is a NATO proxy. Financed and armed by the Saudis, Turks and Gulf Emirates. With WEB media consulting and production services provided by Rita Katz (SITE) out of Hollywood and Tel Aviv.

        • If Hillary and Obama were proposing banning all Muslims from entering this country then he probably would. What’s your point other than a weak attempt at appealing to hypocrisy? (It’s a rhetorical question.)

        • Obama sacrificed his true self … he enrolled for his bachelor’s degree under a fake name to hide who he is. Hillary sacrificed other Americans when she was Secy. of State. See … they really did sacrifice.

          • Idiot . read final intelligence report on Benghazi . on gov.org. really? Obama false name ? Give it up you believe anything !!!

        • Good Comment. My belief is that Mr. Khan’s sincere speech at the democratic convention was deliberately scheduled to bait Mr. Trump into saying something the democrats could use to further their ruse that Mr. Trump is a unqualified.

          • And they hit it out of the park with the wrath of Kahn. With great misfortune, Trump tubed big league taking the bait and exceeding their best hopes of blowing it. Trump is perfect except for one big flaw…he can say the most incredibly damaging things

        • Both Hillary Clinton and President Obama sacrificed their safety and spent their time working FOR the American people, whereas Trump cheated his way to where he’s at by stealing from everyone he’s dealt with. Trump never “sacrificed anything” and never served America in any capacity. He has enjoyed screwing over America by not paying taxes, but enjoying all that the other taxpayers provide FOR HIM. Mrs. Clinton has SERVED America. Who did Trump serve besides himself?

          • CherMoe And that’s why Obama went into office worth about $200K and is leaving office worth $14 million. He sacrificed alright, he sacrificed the Country. He and Hilliary were selling arms to start all the wars in Syria, Libya, Egypt and all over the Middle East. He sacrificed giving Iran ransom money, he sacrificed by trading several high profile terrorist for one piece of crap deserter Bergdahl. The list of his sacrifices goes on and on. Obama is a loser and the worst president in history, he’s a loser…..

        • I would love to comment on this article, but it is baseless and written by an idiot! He knows nothing about Islam. Khan is also an ass. I am a two Gold Star family and NO ONE should ever use a GOLD STAR for political purpose. Is his grief and less than the millions of people loosing loved ones in war.

        • As a veteran of every involvement from Korea, to Viet Nam, I have always understood that people choose to run for office with a Party supporting their run;l however, once elected they are to serve the United States Government in a united front, not the Democratic Front or Republican Front. I believe their title is Senator or Congress Person of the United States (not of Democratic or Republican States).

          How very sad to this old trooper to see Schumer and his Democrats dishonor the Oath of Office they took at swearing in ceremony ., Is it any wonder why we are suffering so much crime and disrespect, when the flaunt dis-repect for the Office they occupy.

        • Article on Antifa, sept 1, 2017 wonderful. Well said and what millions of us are thinking. Minds that are mush don’t even have a chance to think, question and evaluate; playing follow the leader must get boring when you follow blindly.

      • Hi Ray, I am proud of you for writing this letter, I feel the same way you do, I have just arrived back from Europe and most of the people there are afraid of what is happening in their countries, their culture, their way of life with these open borders. I am an immigrant myself, I came here legally, learned the language, accepted and obeyed all laws without question. How can you have secured country when anybody can come in and out. I have worked with illegal immigrants and many are good hard working people, but many of them are here to exploit the system and they broken the law. I believe that Trump will do something.

      • The truth more bluntly is that Mr. Trump wants to defend this country against threats from American Haters like terrorists; ironically most of those American Haters are Radicalized Muslims. Today, Obama came out demanding the Republican Party denounce Trump over his clumsy defense of himself. This action is unprecedented for an American Sitting President. It is extreme misuse of the power and authority of his position to do such a thing. If a teacher in an American school used their power and authority to try to indoctrinate and sway the thinking of her students, that teacher would be fired. — Is anybody else out there uncomfortable with the relationship Obama and Hillary have? It is like they are both defending Muslim Terrorists and trying to make the issue out to be one of prejudice. Why do you think they are doing that? Their relationship is very suspicious. The truth is that their motives, unlike Trumps, are not centered on defending this country from enemies, both foreign and domestic. What is their motive behind their actions? Think about it folks.

        • The terrorists ARE the people in the Republican party and those terrorizing Americans and voters AT THE INSTRUCTION OF DONALD TRUMP. They pose more of a threat to America and our Democracy than any Middle East country at this point.

    • And what’s your ethnicity and religion Ray? It’s scum like you who need to be deported! You think you deserve to be here because you’re white? Publish your family genealogy and let’s see what rock you crawled out from.

      • REAL AMERICAN, you’re the scum and racist. get off this site.

        BTW, Ray, I read your piece on Fox News and you’re dead on.

        To all who are not familiar: Mr. Khan, the father of CPT Khan, was a lawyer at Hogan Lovell, the firm that represent Clinton and all of her dirty laundry (her taxes and email scandal) and also Saudis. Raymond Vickerys is used to be one of the managing partners and was the assistant secretary of commerce for Bill Clinton. Hogan Lovells are one of the law firms that paid Bill to speak to raise money for Hillary’s presidential bid.

        Back to Mr Khan–he left Hogan Lovells a few years ago and now has his own law firm selling (yes, selling EB-5 visas) to rich (and most likely) Saudis. The man clearly sold out his son’s memory to put forth his agenda. What kind of parent, a gold star one at that would do such a thing? It was all planned by the democrats but I wonder if Trump knew all along as well and is waiting to drop a bombshell. According to some publications Mr. Khan is a supporter of Sharia law–although I need to do more research to verify that.

      • WOW, real American, you need to cool your rhetoric, I’m wondering if you treat all military veterans the way you just treated Mr. Starmann? Have you sacrificed anything for your country like he did?

      • Real American – that was quite an articulate and thought provoking rebuttal you presented. Definitely relative to the discussion at hand. You must be one of the far left liberals that Mr. Starmann refers to…no understanding and TOTALLY out of touch with the real issues at hand and no clue as to how to deal with them. Lastly and to drop it down to your level, why dont you go crawl back under the rock you came from, you dumb ass.

      • Most of us real Americans would object to the use of your screen name to spout filth and nonsense as you just did. Are you “REAL ISLAMIST” or “REAL RADICAL” or “REAL TERRORIST SYMPATHIZER” because you certainly aren’t a “REAL AMERICAN” regardless of origin.

      • Ray seems quite sensible. You sound like an unhinged racist, real American. Get a clue, it’s about ideology, not race.

        What has Trump done? Nothing useful. ..or Obama done, or Bill & Hill? Mostly act in self-serving ways, while trying to improve some things, as long as they’re safe and can make a buck at it. Obama seems subversive in so many ways.

      • Real American, it’s people like you that will be the end of this great country in which we live, and there are way too many of you. Why is it so hard for liberal Americans, white, black, hispanic, asian, or otherwise, to understand that a true Muslim, someone who really believes everything in the Koran, would kill you in a heartbeat for not accepting Islam. Ethnicity has nothing to do with it. Islam is a terrorist manifesto…. period. Read the Koran and the Hadith. That’s true scum, if there ever was. There is no such thing as a peaceful Muslim, only Muslim’s who do not follow the Koran.

      • Real American? I don’t think so. There is no reference to ethnicity or whiteness in Rays letter making your comment viciously irrelevant surpassed only by your supreme stupidity. And ‘Scum’ like Ray has served to protect your right to exist and say moronic things..you ignorant curmudgeon.

    • Radical Islam can best be defeated by Muslims who share our values and who do not aid or abet their radicalized religionists. By speaking in such vitriolic terms, you alienate ALL Muslims, including those who share our values. You miss that basic point. By scoffing at the grieving mother of a Muslim, Muslims associate Trump with America and America with hating Muslims. This only fuels the very divisions Radical Muslims exploit to control the narrative in their parts of the world – that it is Muslims against the West.

      What we want strategically is to create a choosing sides between progressive, Enlightenment Values (embodied by politicians such as, but not limited to, John McCain, Barack Obama or John Kerry) and fundamentalisms of every ilk – including your kind of bombastic nationalism.

      • Wiggins…vitriolic? Alienate all Muslims? Your comments seem to be based on Rays statement:
        “Your religion of peace, Islam, is anything but that in 2016. That is a fact that is confirmed every time a Muslim shoots, bombs, beheads and tortures innocent men, women and children. This does not mean that every Muslim is a terrorist, but most terrorists, sir, are indeed Muslims.”

        But this statement clearly specifies a subculture of Muslims, not “ALL” Muslims and refers to only those who commit terrorism. It is so frustrating that so many people like you cannot discern the difference and change the meaning to misrepresent….just like how the media sensationalizes like big drama queens.
        Besides, Muslims who choose not to give credence to the many many references in the Quran about killing infidels should accept that the religion most definitely needs to be reform and the Quran needs to be re-written to exclude all references that radical islamists live by…and they are Muslims following their book exactly and do exactly what it tells them to do. Their actions have everything to do with Islam, and true Muslims know this to be true even though most ignore such passages and choose to call it a religion of peace. But it wont be until it is reformed and that book rewritten.

    • I can hardly believe how extremely well put and well explained your position on this matter is. Mr. Khan needs to remember the Amendments to the Constitution that he and we hold so dear! That is, among others, FREE SPEECH”! Your numerous points about Muslims are absolutely on point. Obama and no one else can determine what these peoples’ intentions are, NOT EVEN MR. KHAN. No one, I repeat, no one has an absolute right to simply come into this country without permission. That is exactly what is happening at the Mexican border and just look at all the criminal elements like drugs lord, gangs, etc., that have permeated the entire southwest, all the while being largely sanctioned and ignored by the Obama Administration. Just remember the Kate’s Law case!

    • You are just as disgusting as Donald Trump. You come across like a sincere person in the beginning of your
      letter then you switch to Hate…Hate.. Hate

      Take a look at yourself your acting like an extremist.
      Being aware and vigilant is a good and necessary thing. However you want to cross the line accusing people of being something they are not.

      If you had murder your family America does not accuse your entire family.. Individuals are not families clear out your head.

      • Julie, you are a great example of distortion of the politically correct. Expressing an opinion in opposition is not inappropriate even when it includes a deep dislike, or justified hatred. Would you condemn our founding fathers for ‘hating’ the british, or condemn the free world for “hating” the Nazis? Because they did and we did, and it was justified. Those of us on the right do hate what the left is doing to the country but that on its own does not merit condemnation. Furthermore, your last paragraph is illiterate and not understandable.

    • Ray, I read your response to Mr. Khitai Khan, well written and to the point. I have one thing to add, mrs. Clinton voted for the Iraq war. So in my opinion Mrs Clinton and who ever else voted for the war is responsible for Mr. and Mrs Khan’s sons death.

    • Mr. Ray Starmann,

      I agree with you entirely. The arab world are totally different from us in EVERYTHING. It’s hard do deal with them. But I truly believe that there are millions of muslims that are good people and unfortunately we don’t know who are the good and who are the bad so we just have to avoid both. We don’t want here another September 11, 2001. Ignore some ignorant comments. God bless you.

    • Mr. Starmann,

      I read your open letter to Schumer and would like to offer suggestions.
      Mr. Starmann,

      The issue I have with this letter is the personal attacks. Those that already believe the words written in it are going to believe anyway. If you wish to convince others “on the fence”, or are trying to reach out to liberals and offer an eye opener, you ruin that by saying things like the whole first paragraph personal attack on Schumer.

      “Wallowing in your 15-mins of self-induced fame” & “flooded the airwaves with your crocodile tears” may be how you personally feel about things, but are not hard facts, and seeing Schumer is in the front line of the liberal charge, those personal attacks cause those liberals to shut you down right away. You make yourself their enemy in the first paragraph before you even bring up facts.

      Numerous times you could not simply place a logical argument without demeaning those with opposing viewpoints- it permeates your whole letter, and sadly, all it does in the end is make liberals think you are -exactly- what the far left brainwashes its supporters into believing:

      A far right racist white privileged male that is FAR more damaging to America than any terrorist.

      If that was your goal? Good job. Millions of liberals didn’t listen to one fact in your letter, and you have confirmed their denials programmed into their heads. “Just another racist “Trumptard” supporter.” Anyone else, even if they offer an unbiased fact-filled argument is likely to find liberals brains shutting them down before they finish their first sentence. Good job.

      Perhaps if you wish to broadcast you or your organization’s agenda, I suggest you hire someone that can filter out the junk doing more harm than good and stick to the facts. The facts are all one should require to instigate critical thought in those you wish to have agree with you.

    • Ray,
      Excellent open letter to Antifa today. I wish you would have mention the fact that key to Fascism is the State control of industry. President trump has been systematically dismantling the mostly Dem created State control of industry.
      I guess you could say that Trump is the “Anti-Fascist”.
      President Trump should be considered a Rock Star to any true Anti-fascist.

      • Mr. Starmann,

        Excellent observation of the Anti Fa group in today’s opinion piece. The only difference between Anti Fa and the Nazis are their names, the end objective of either side is to have a Totalitarian regime that controls the thoughts and actions of the individual in the state. If this isn’t anti-American then tell me what is. What’s just as important is that the so called media in the United States have blatantly supported these traitors and then have insulted a large portion of the American people by calling them “Racists”.

        Four major problems confronting the pursuit of happiness for the American people are: the federal government and its inability to solve problems or by just creating deeper problems, the members of the United States Congress who are entrenched in political warfare that has divided the nation, the media who no longer can even pretend to be objective finders of the truth, and the extremist groups who are antithetical to America and Americans.

        All four of those subjects need to understand that the American people as a whole do not like anyone of them. Therefore, the hard working American Patriot will ultimately have to solve this problem; that is, we would rather die on the bloodiest battle field for liberty than to be subjugated by these morons any longer.

    • Amen! Fuck BLM, Antifa, George Soros, etc., etc.!!! Meet hostile actions with hostile action! God Bless America, American Citizens and Pres. Trump!!!

    • Amen! Fuck BLM, Antifa, George Soros, etc., etc.!!! Meet hostile actions with hostile action! God Bless America, American Citizens and Pres. Trump!!!

  1. Hello Mr. Starmann,

    I’ve appreciated your columns about women in combat — thanks for speaking out. I hope you will check out the many articles we have posted about the Marine’s research on women in combat on our website, http://www.cmrlink.org. Please let me know your email address — we will be publishing a new Special Report soon.

    Elaine Donnelly, former member, Presidential Commission on the Assignment of Women in the Armed Forces

      • Dear Sir:
        Thank you, thank you, thank you, for your service and your desire to speak so eloquently on the need to protect the United States of America. We are indeed under siege!

        We need a strong, brash leader like Donald Trump that is willing to call it like it is and indeed puts America first, unlike our current administration.

        Thank God the voice of reason still exists!

      • Mr. Starmann, Today we heard on 90.9 radio, a chistian radio station in Kentucky, that Mr, Kahn is affiliated with a group trying to advance global Sharia Law. I sincerely hope Fox News hears about this.
        Thank you so much for the letter you wrote to M5r. Kahn. He must not be all he appears to be.

  2. The latest article on james comey was excellent. The first paragraph where you portray G-men as super patriot types would be funny if it were not so sad. This reputation could not be farther from the truth. Who do think arranges all the False Flag events . Who shot that man surrendering with his arms in the in the back in Oregon not long ago. Both the FBI. IF Trump becomes president job 1
    should be to demolish the FBI and jail the upper managers Then create a more efficient steam lined and honest crime fighting entity!

  3. Dear Mr. Ray Starmann

    I’ve appreciated your columns about “An open letter to Mr. Khizr Khan” — thanks for speaking out for us. Your language is so perfect.

  4. You had an Awesome letter in Fox News today to Mr Khan. You hit the point. But one thing, why so much criticism of Obama. Let us leave politics out. No
    sane American supports Radical Islam and terrorism.

  5. Mr Starmann,

    After reading your open letter to Mr. Khizr Khan, I was deeply disturbed. You did an excellent job of praising for two seconds and then you did an excellent job of wiping it all away for two minutes. You did an excellent job of blending Mr Khan in with the extremist Muslims you painted so vividly and it’s wrong. It’s not his religion that’s doing this, it’s monsters that have perverted Islam into something it’s not. By cohorting them or even saying that it is Islam is only alienating him and people like him who are Muslim Americans that contribute meaningfully. You want to make change in the world? You want to rid it of the hate and the pain that it endures? It can start here with something as simple as this. They have nothing unless if you give it to them and you just did. I ask that you please do better and I will do the same.

  6. Thank you Mr. Starmann, for the response to the Muslim parents of an obvious American Hero. In the grief of the moment, they became pawns of Democrat socialists at their convention. The Clintons have no shame.

    Thanks for serving our country in the military and now in your present endeavor.

  7. Sir, I am a retired Naval Reserve Intelligence Officer who worked in Cheyenne Mtn. during Desert Storm tracking SCUD missiles. I worked with CIA, NSA, etc., for 16 years and your article today(8/1/16) in Fox News is RIGHT ON!! My wife was accepted into the Mayflower Society last week proving her a direct descendant of the first “Americans” Keep up the great work. If you need anything in Colorado just ask! LT Steve Schultz, USNR (Ret)

  8. I read your comments on foxnews addressing Mr. Kahn and his wife at the DNC. I agree with everything you said and especially the part where our national security supersedes their desire to migrate here. My ancestors were pioneers. John Doane of Plymouth colony was my ancestor. Pioneers build up a society. Immigrants show up later and take advantage of everything they can. I’m all for helping people, and America would have a lot more respect for immigrants if they didn’t come here illegally. In Texas, an illegal told me that they got state issued id’s from a DPS office. I asked how and he told me the Mexican girl working behind the counter wasn’t asking for their papers. He’s one of the guys that stands at Home Depot and begs for work. So I offered to get him on payroll at work and he said he would lose his food stamp benefits. This guy has a 2 story house back in Mexico he is sending money back to build. The ones that are on payroll because they lie about an SS #, are claiming 13 defendants so few taxes are with held they don’t file taxes in April. Something needs to be done now. I think we should put more taxes on people wiring money to Mexico, along with closing all the loop holes.

  9. Hello Ray, Many thanks for your military service. With highest respect for all brave soldiers like you. I am proud to read “An open letter to Mr. Khizr Khan” written by you. Someone needed to say exactly what you did! Thank you!

  10. Dear Mr. Starmann,
    THANK YOU for having the guts to stand up for AMERICA. I am so sickened by the repeated need for us to bow to Muslims. Perhaps Mr. Trump may have used different approach in the assault on him by the family of the slain soldier. But why hasn’t the same outcry been made by Hillary Clinton’s defiant and blistering remark “What difference does it make?” about our men lost in Benghazi? My father who fought valiantly in WWII and Korea must be weeping in his grave if he could see the American flag burned or the left who trample on the freedoms he fought for. I pray God’s grace on you and your courage to fight for the rest of us who are not Muslim

  11. Mr Starmann, I read your open letter to Mr. Kahn and it was truly a breath of fresh air. The truth struggles to see the sun light these days so when it does, it’s a beautiful thing. I do not relish the fact that he lost his son in the performance of his duties as a US soldier. That’s a great sacrifice none of us should face. Though some parents do. Thank you for your dose of truth. Jeff B (retired first Sgt.). NY

  12. TahoeSkibum
    11 minutes ago

    Mr. and Mrs. Kahn, I have lost two children who were both in the military. One committed suicide and one was shot and killed at the I Hop restaurant in Carson City. Kaleb was a Navy veteran and Miranda served in the Nevada Army National Guard. Speaking as a parent and one who has experienced what you are going through I find it shameful that you would allow a politician to use your grief in this way. I also find it shameful that you Mrs. Clinton would prey on the emotions of this couple in public to further your agenda. I also find it shameful that you Mr. Trump even responded to this. Mr. and Mrs. Kahn, I deeply am moved by you going public with your grief but to do so on this platform is unacceptable. If you would like to vent your frustration and share your grief with someone who has been there and can actually say ” I know exactly what you are going through” you can contact me anytime. Home 530-577-5678 Cell 530-308-5265 skibumfamily@sbcglobal.net. Thank You for your son’s service to our country. Major (ret) Kenneth J Curtzwiler

  13. GREAT!!! Open Letter to Mr. Khan. I hope it gets more attention. I will do my part and post a link. Written so thoughtful and thorough that it deserves to be read by everybody who has an opinion.

  14. Thank you for your open letter to Mr Khan. I am so sorry for all of his pain and at the same time very sorry that the media and both the democrat and republican insiders feel free to exploit his burden. I’m willing to bet that he and his family came into the country legally and they were not impossible to vet. Thanks again for expressing a rational viewpoint. Walt Sly

  15. You totally missed the point. Mr. Kahn is right about the US Constitution and Trump’s non sacrifice. Do you also agree with his deferments and his criticism of John McCain? Your patronizing set up is pathetic.

  16. Ray,

    just read letter you wrote on Fox News to Khan. You are spot on!! This Khan guy is being used by the liberal communists to push their anti-American agenda, I firmly believe Ayatollah Obama is a closet member of Isis. Why else would the President of the United States have views that endanger the safety of all of the citizens of his country. He and Hilary are an absolute disgrace! Kudos to you for writing the letter.

  17. Just read your letter to Mr. Khan, spot on Sir. Thank you for the eloquence of the letter and Thank you for you service to this Nation.

  18. Awesome response to Mr. Khan! A tough, terrible, situation. But the Democrats and himself, took advantage of his son’s noble sacrifice. Grief is a horrible predator.

  19. I greatly appreciated your open letter to Mr. Khizr Khan. It was direct and on point and very respectful.

    Thank you for your patriotism as you give us all hope for a future in here America grounded by our Constitution as it was passed on to us from our founders.

    Ray Ryan

  20. Read your letter to the father of the soldier killed in Iraq. It was like a breath of fresh air to read such a sensible response to his attack on Donald Trump. I only wish that we could get everyone to see it through your eyes. Thank You

  21. Thank you so much for your service for our country first and foremost! But a huge thank you for writing this letter and explaining in plain English what the meaning is behind Mr. Trump’s concern for this country. Hopefully many will read it and stand with you against what the Muslims are doing in our country and across this world. I appreciate you and what you do so much – thank you.
    ps – hope you don’t mind but I am going to copy your letter and post it on my FB so everyone on there can read it!!!

  22. I do so appreciate your open letter to Mr. Khizr Knan and the left wings thugs who propelled him into a poster child for the DNC

  23. Mr. Starmann,

    I read your recent reply to Mr. Khan. Thank you. Thank you for putting into proper words the very feelings I have not only toward Mr. Khan but also this great nation I love and defend. I am a conservative, I believe in reality, I stand by my fellow Americans, prepared to defend as I have done before. I am proud to be an American.

    Brian Hill
    US Navy-Retired

  24. Your article An open letter to Mr. Khizr Khan I just read in Breitbart was very well done. No hateful comments, just the real facts of the matter.
    God’s blessings for people like YOU.


  25. Mr. Starmann

    Thank you for your writing….”Open Letter to Mr. Kahn….”

    Could not have said it any better…


  26. Ray, i read the letter to Mr. Kahn, very veruy good… That really says it all, in a nutshell.
    Mr.Kahn needs to realize as Americans we will not tolerate the influx of radical killers into our homeland.
    Another question is why was he speaking at the demarat convention?? being used as a prop for Hillary, who actually hates our military.
    As a free society we do welcome people from other countries to come and prosper as Americans.. but let the ink dry on the paperwork before taking potshots at the only candidate that wants to preserve that very nation!!!

  27. Thank you so much for your open letter to Mr. Khizr Khan that I just read on the home page at FoxNews.com. I could not be more impressed with your succinct and accurate response to Mr. Khan’s comments at the DNC Convention. You spoke for many Americans who believe they no longer have a voice in this politically correct world. Thank you so much for your service to this country and for your continued fight for truth and the freedom of all Americans.

  28. The letter from you to Mr.Khan was brilliant. Thank you for standing up for all of us who cannot accept what is being shoved down our throats. Can you get all you can find out about Mr.Khan to Mr.Trump What I can find on his background has been intresting that Speech that Hillary had to on the DNC has
    really got the sympathy of to many people, just as she intended to to hit.Mr.Khan
    Has disgraced his Son, of which I agree he was a hero
    Of war a soldier who gave his life for the love of this country
    How ever the Woman he stood up for is anything but honorable Poll have dropped for Trump. I understand that Mr. Khan is one of the top people of the Brotherhood of Muslims their goal is to inject their law into our USA. Please see if you can find out more about Mr.Khan.
    NOT LAST, should have been the first thing I wrote.

  29. Mr. Starmann,

    I’ve just finished reading your open letter to Khizr Khan.

    Thank you, sir, for your outstanding letter. You certainly speak for me and many more people who love our country.

    With much respect,

    Dee Sager
    Marion, Indiana

  30. I applaud you Sir. Your Open Letter to Mr. Khan was spot on. You open yourself to worldwide ridicule from the left, but you have the guts to tell it like it is. I am a retired Senior NCO and US Army Case Officer and Advanced Source Handler. Again, I applaud your courage.

  31. Dear Mr. Starmann: Well said, my man, WELL SAID !! Right on every point. I thank you for speaking out for me, for Donald Trump and for all Americans who know right from wrong. My sincere appreciation for a well written letter. Best regards, Roy Silva

  32. Mr. Starmann, Thank you for the letter you sent to HRC’S lap pet Pakistani. I was too young for Vietnam and too old for anything after. Thank you for your service and to your family for their sacrifices. Chris Burchfield, Memphis, Tennessee.

  33. Great letter to Mr. Khan.
    Hillary used the gold star family as expendable pawns in her cowardly attempt to fire shots at Donald Trump…which is absolutely a very cold thing to do. You’re absolutely right… People come from all over the world, to live an American Dream and assimilate to the American way of life…but sadly, not everyone has those intentions. Some Immigrants have destructive ideologies and hidden agendas and Americans must fight for our country’s integrity and culture…because that’s what made this country great to begin with.

    I’m a Desert Storm vet as well.
    1st Battalion 7th Marines
    Kuwait Liberation

  34. Your open letter on the gentleman’s comments to mr.Trump at the Dem.Con.said it absolutely with all trueth. I have lived in Israel and fought for her. Unfortunately the danger the demonic evil that lies ahead in this fight most regular Americans or let me rephrase most regular human beings have no concept of. Killing in the name of G d or any faith should be the first clue that history it’s self has never one on those principals. Many years ago my mother taught me the two most dangerous words in any language are HATE & HISTORY. HATE being the deepest ever widening endless pit. And HISTORY because man never seems to learn from HIS STORY !!!!!!! And yet here we are again ………

  35. Your letter to Mr. Khan was PERFECT! I hope that you have his address & that you will send a copy to him.

    Also—send a copy to Donald Trump if you have not already done so.

  36. I agree wholeheartedly with your statements and fail to understand the attitudes of our elected president and the democratic party.

  37. You had me, until the religious crap. Keep religion out of our politics!!! When you do that, you disrespect anyone with an education.

  38. Ray u are right… America has placed security around Donald trump due to the high position he is in.. I feel for khan family his son will forever remain a hero to america…trump is trying to defend us from that evil their son faced… trump to me is building a wall to secure America from same evil.. evil that kills innocent people.. all countries have borders and security…the dnc has barriers around the convention… I have a lock on my door…a fence…we have homeland security saying they could infiltrate the refugee population and their whole job is to secure america…..there are terrorist attempts we will never know due to them Protecting us..khan should be helping trump build the wall to protect America from the evil that killed his son…

  39. I just finished your letter to Mr. Khan. Very good. I also just watched Bret on Fox news going on about how wrong it was for Trump to attack Mr. Khan. I wonder if the DNC told Mr. Khan that if he attacked Mr. Trump on national TV that Mr. Trump had the right to attack him. I wonder how long it will take Mr. Khan to figure out that he was used like a pawn by the DNC. That is what is really sad, not Mr. Trumps remarks. Keep up the good work, Mike

    • A right to attack??? WTF? No not Trump’s remarks, not sad! You’re right, not sad…stupid! Criticizing a mother, because she didn’t speak? Really…In my day, Trump is a lunch money victim asshole…he has done nothing for this country and never will…vote for him though, and you’ll get your wish.

  40. Mr. Starmann,

    An excellent response to Mr. Khan’s DNC speech and subsequent nonsense of a defense. I appreciate the time you took to draft and publish a reasoned and sensible reply. Well done and thank you.

    • It was a really bad response. When refuting someone’s argument you are supposed to address what they said, not what they didn’t. You’re also not supposed to make sweeping generalizations or cherry-pick the data you do present.

      In a debate class, he’s have lost miserably.

  41. Trump has security around him and his family…let’s face facts.. the job is dangerous or else he would not have security around him and is family….he has made sacrafices in business and personal for the position he running….our military makes sacrafices everyday to protect us.. the average citizen takes advantage of..they fight for our freedom to walk the street and feel secure…we are loosing that security his son died for by not closing our borders..by not asking for I’d or u can’t come in..freedom is costing our military…everyday they fight for us to live..they fight evil that kills innocent people..for no reason just because they are american….

    • Let’s just privatize the armed forces and we won’t have to worry about poor men and women who join just because they are losers and have no qualifications for jobs other than flipping hamburgers at McDonalds.

      • You’re obviously speaking from experience….real un-American. P.S. Thank you for re-emphasizing what an imbecile you still are….

      • Hey another bright and intelligent comment from the Real American. Here’s a suggestion Einstein – why don”t you get off your ass and go do something half-way worthy of being able to live in this great country rather than bad mouthing the incredible men and women of our Armed Forces!

      • What a jerk you are the Armed forces is made up of Brave young Men and women not that you would fit in it because you would not.

  42. Mr. Starmann, thank you for your most eloquent reply to Capt. Khan’s parents. I understand their pain as they like many thousands of others have lost children to this war and the wars before. for the reasons you outlined i do plan on supporting and voting for Mr. Trump. There is no other possibility as I think Hillary Clinton is even more dangerous than Obama but I do wish Mr Trump would cut back on some of his rhetoric as i think it detracts from his message. BTW i thinks David Hackworth was the most unrecognized hero of the Vietnam war but as usual he was not popular with the brass so he was shoved to the rear but those of us from our war will never forget him.

  43. dear sir: I just read your open letter to Mr. khan I only wish I had the opportunity to write the truth like you did. I hope you send Mr. trump a copy. I think this would encourage him.

    keep up the good work.

  44. I like your open letter to Mr Khan. All this delusions need to stop. Radical Muslim is the problem. Ak those parents who have lost their sons and daughters to these terrorist.
    Mr. Khan is a political opportunist.

  45. Ray, your letter to Mr. Khan from the DNC was simply tremendous, so balanced and right. We owe you a debt of gratitude, and I hope that all Americans will read it. Finally! A man who is balanced and tells the truth, who can see both sides but does not stray from the correct issue at hand. Thank you.

    • Balanced? Ray wrote that Radical Islam must be destroyed.
      So why didn’t he also write that radical racisim like the KKK and white supremacists should also be destroyed? And then the next enemy and the next enemy…

      Love trumps hate.

  46. Dear Mr. Starmann,

    Thank you sir a million times for your excellent letter to the Kahns. It was so brilliant, eloquent and made the excellent point for America, and with all due respect for the ultimate and unfortunate sacrifice of their son. Your words made my heart soar with pride.

    I am just a regular not so accomplished 61 year old who has longed for a fighter like Mr. Trump and has always had the most respect for our service men, and women, like you. I thank god for the spirit of America that lives in strong American leaders like you. I long for each day to see the spirit that lived in our people during WW2 for example where we were united and understood that defeating the enemy meant going after them with everything and in every way. We lost that understanding in my opinion starting with the firing of McArthur in Korea. Our leaders have become so soft and as a result more suffering was created that would have occurred otherwise.

    For example we are very much over concerned with civilian casualties but yet in WW2, we were not deterred or retarded by such feelings. Albeit so sad be that those innocent civilians were killed, but it ended the war and relatively quickly. The world forgot soon and those enemies became our best friends and in the end many more lives were spared by a war ending quickly.

    The jihadis of today are worse than the Nazis and the Japs, because they welcome and worship death. In my opinion, we should turn to dust the entire land of ISIS and end it quickly. And furthermore, it is the only thing these enemies understand…absolute brutal power. But unfortunately we must endure the enemy in the white house and be frustrated by the mindless moronic minions who support him and the unbelievably corrupt radical leftist Hillary Clinton.

    I feel like writing a book about it or do something, but I can and do appreciate so much this moment of your time and would cherish any reply that you may have.

    I wish I could do something more but just surviving in this democrat inflicted economy is all I seem to be able to do now. But I will vote proudly for Trump and live my desires through the good works of folks like you, and look forward to the amazing restoration of our country that Mr. Trump will bring when he is elected. I believe that when his supply side economic policies are implemented, mitigated regulatory strangulation is realized, educational control is localized with vouchers, combined with an energy boom and a restored military, and a total infrastructure make over, we will see the greatest growth of our country that has ever occurred on the planet. America will indeed by the greatest ever again.

    My best salute and blessings to you and our country, and my thanks to you for your service and surviving to continue the fight.

    Mike Roulette
    Rancho Cordova, CA

    • Mike Roulette,
      You and Ray Starmann embody such love for our country. Your emotion and passion are genuine. It’s so refreshing that we have conservative patriots like you looking out for us.

  47. Dear Sir,
    If you have Mr. Trlump’s ear to some degree, please alter him and his campaign to the probability of the Democrat party and its operative of stealing the election through various electronic methods and other nefarious means. I thank you sit.

    Ralph Ringo

  48. Hello Ray,

    In your essay, “An open letter to Mr. Khizr Khan”, you said that “the United States and the West are at war with Radical Islam”. I would not disagree with that statement, necessarily. However, wouldn’t you say that we might be, even within our own borders, at war with significantly greater foes, such as obesity, heart disease, cancer, poverty, poor public education, traffic accident deaths, texting and driving, drug addiction, and many more issues that could all be addressed and mitigated through social action?

    In light of the significant number of massive issues this country faces, do you really think that domestic terrorism should be the one issue that is driving the political conversation?


    Marc Levy

    • Marc, when you get up in the morning and leave your house do you preoccupy yourself with all the afflictions that impact our society, peoples health, well being and living standards you write about or do you just go about your business and when you can, you support other people whose idea is to better society through medicine, research and the like? Probably you support others efforts. Now, can you simply turn a blind eye on all those good people who like you want the improvement of mankind and the blessing of God on our country and society? Of course not. But it is naive to believe that a cancer of a different sort does not live within our midst that waits to kill innocents, kind people, women and children in massive immediate and devastating manners. This cancer is the radical Islamic terrorist who is living amongst us today and its his cousins who seek a pathway into our country to join him and who together will conspire, coordinate, reinforce each other’s hate of us and lay and wait for the time to do the most damage to all of us that they can. You can’t be as naive as Secy Kerry who tells us the bigger threat than radical Islamic terrorism or Isis is refrigerator leaking out microscopic amounts of chemicals. Think Marc, and believe that the danger is here and now because it is. And if you want to live to see if the global warming theorists are right in the 22nd century, guard yourself now from the cancer of terrorism that is waiting to get us all.

    • None of the ‘foes” that you mention have openly advocated overthrowing our government and killing all who disagree with them. Radical Islam is saying exactly that and will act accordingly.

    • It is wonderful that so many give their lives in serving America.
      It is sad that only a few are given public recognition.
      This father of the dead hero has a dark past.
      Khan promotes Sharia Law.
      If you want the truth do a little search and see what he did in the past, including for Hillary.

  49. Dear Mr. Khan,

    I want to preface this letter by stating that I respect your son’s sacrifice for this great nation. By all accounts, he is a true hero that sacrificed himself in service to our country. For that I am thankful.

    As a veteran, I watched your comments at the Democratic National Convention with a mixture of sadness, and anger. The United States has a military comprised of volunteers. Every single member has made the conscious choice to join the military and serve. There is not a single service member who has been forced into service. It is important for all service members (and apparently, their families) to understand that service to this great nation does not imbue one with special privileges or rights. I found your comments troubling when you said: “Have you ever been to Arlington cemetery? Go look at the graves of brave patriots who died defending the United States of America. You will see all faiths, genders and ethnicities. You have sacrificed nothing and no one.”

    Does it matter whether Mr. Trump has sacrificed “…nothing and no one?”…has Ms. Clinton “..sacrificed” for this nation? How about Mr. Obama? Your comment stating that Mr. Trump “…has sacrifice no one” is alarming. Are you intimating that YOU sacrificed? Sir, your son willingly sacrificed himself. As a father I cannot imagine the pain you must feel but his sacrifice is his own. He was not forced to serve.

    I am troubled that you would allow a party that has little more than contempt for the US Service Member to parade you into the DNC to denounce Donald Trump. Did you watch when protesters at the DNC booed and heckled Medal of Honor recipient Capt. Florent Groberg? Did you notice your party interrupting the moment of silence for slain police officers? Your own hypocrisy in not denouncing these acts and instead using the DNC as a platform to make a political point is disgraceful. The simple fact is that whether one served or sacrificed does not give greater power to their statements. One vote is as valuable as another. That sir, is why our Country is great. Your condemnation of one person for a statement while standing idly as your party disparages veterans and police officers is the height of hypocrisy.

    To conflate the need to prevent potential terrorists from entering our country with the belief that ‘all Muslims’ should be banned is simply wrong and disingenuous. As a reminder, Mr. Trump said: ” “Until we are able to determine and understand this problem and the dangerous threat it poses, our country cannot be the victims of horrendous attacks by people that believe only in Jihad, and have no sense of reason or respect for human life,” The irony of your son’s own death at the hands of these very people in Iraq should not be ignored. I have little doubt that your son would have recognized the need to protect our country from these very people. In fact, he held is own troops back so that he could check on a suspicious car. Your son understood sacrifice and how to protect “his people”…’his soldiers’….’his fellow Americans’…

    As you continue to make the media circuit and bask in the glow of affection cast upon you by a party that has little regard for your son’s own sacrifice, and veterans in general, I would ask you to consider your comments and your position more closely.


    Chris Mark

    US Marine and Navy Veteran.

    • Captain Khan’s parents deserve our understanding,
      empathy and demonstration of courtesy like any
      other American parents would.After all from early on in the (2016) political arena his faith was insulted.To
      imply that all Muslims should be viewed in an ugly
      fashion is Un-American.We should have learned that
      lesson from our own history.

  50. Thank you for your open letter to Mr. Khan! It did a wonderful job of breaking down the issues involved with the Syrian Refugee crisis. You speak for many with this letter! Thanks Again!

  51. I read you open letter to Mr Khan and found it correct in all points. I find it troubling that anyone would use this family for a political attack, of course we know they are that despicable and the media have their back.

  52. Your ignorance is beyond belief. Anyone that can address his family with nothing but grace is just ignorant. If your child died in war you would not even be saying this.Don’t speak on something until you have walked in this families shoes. Karma

    • Dear Vikki,

      I assume you are female by your name. Do you understand Sharia Law in regards to women? If you saw Mr. Khan’s wife standing silently next to him, you saw just a glimpse of it. The sacrifice that his son made set aside for argument sake, Mr. Khan has been directed by his religion to make it the law of the world not his land. That is his ultimate goal.

      Concerned American Female

  53. Ray,
    Thank you so much for your spot- on letter to the Khan family…I have so much respect for your views, as they make absolute sense….I just wish you could run for President!! You would have my vote!!!
    Amazing letter!!!

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  55. Yeah to the man who was in the army and backed trump, on the issue concerning a fallen war hero your insane to sit by and let a man talk in any derragatory manner towards any fallen hero regardless of his parents political views he is a presidential candidate not a teenager on Twitter politically good luck trying to find a person to vote for that will uphold all of your ideals or views. However you speak of a man that knows a reality and one who lives in a fantasy land how could a billionaire know reality how could someone who knows realistic expectations and repercussions be so disrespectful towards someone who gave their life for this nation that (sir) is a man who lives in fantasy land. Good luck with your next “appointed” president regardless of party.

    • I am a United States Navy veteran and thoroughly disapprove of this letter. Trump opens his mouth and spews hateful commentary that is even distasteful to many of his own supporters; they feel compelled to spin, polish, smooth, and retool his rhetoric to make it more acceptable. In doing so they rationalize Trump’s nonsense and conflate tangential issues to make an entirely new message. Then they act as if the newly “fixed” message was Trump’s original statement! When otherwise seemingly intelligent people so vigorously defend and support Trump’s every ridiculous comment, I cannot help but worry about our country’s future. I served to defend this country from it’s enemies and to protect the rights granted to us in our Constitution. My oath notwithstanding, I did not agree to tolerate the slipping morals and hatred my fellow Americans seem to be embracing. I respect the service of, but am not proud of, the veterans who support Donald Trump and his hatred, bullying, xenophobia, misogyny, racism, bigotry, and compulsive lying.

  56. Just read your open letter Mr. Khan. Very well said, sir! Thank you for your service and dedication from a fellow veteran, KC135 & E4B Crew Chief

  57. Mr. Starman,

    My apologies if I did not address you correctly sir. I’m not up on military rankings but, have great respect and admiration for anyone that wears any uniform. Thank you for your service.

    I’m writing to thank you for writing Mr. Khan. I just read it on Fox news and I had to say thanks because it describes very much how I think about what happened between Mr. Trump and Mr. Khan and also how I view the world and what is going on. Mr. Trump and Mr. Pence have my vote.

    Doug T
    North Carolina

  58. “Election year or not, the VFW will not tolerate anyone berating a Gold Star family member for exercising his or her right of speech or expression,” said Brian Duffy, of Louisville, Ky., who was elected July 27 to lead the nation’s oldest and largest major war veterans organization.

  59. Your open letter to Mr. Khizr Khan is way off base. Terrorism in US – An FBI study looking at terrorism committed on U.S. soil between 1980 and 2005 found that 94 percent of the terror attacks were committed by non-Muslims.

  60. You are so wrong Sir, an ill informed hack with an agenda! Or perhaps you are a writer for the Trump campaign! Shame on you on Every level! You know right from wrong! Shame on you! I have no words for such ignorance!

    • The only ignorance expressed is by you….wake up, pull your head out and look around you. You’re not in Oz anymore Dorothy.

  61. Mr. Starmann,
    THANK YOU. How refreshing, your letter to Mr. and Mrs. Khan! It’s disgusting, how the DMC USED those people. The DNC shows neither decency nor integrity. I WAS a Democrat. As a result of this disgusting display, I am now a registered Republican. I had 2 brothers and a husband, all of whom were military, 1 USAF, 30 yrs, 2 U.S. Army, 4 and 10 years. Again, Thank You for your honesty and Integrity.

  62. Dear Ray,

    You as a bible quoting Christian already know what the Old & NewTestament say about sacrifice. It’s about giving outside of one’s self-interest. Kahn’s son did this and I pray that Trump will learn this. Speaking of The Word, the book of James talks about how an “unruly evil” the tongue can be, I pray that Trump learns this as well. While I support my nation that protects us, I will not support prejudicial words that infect us. Agape.

  63. Dear Ray,

    There is a sacrifice unto hard work that benefits your personal interest and those close to you and then there’s a sacrifice that benefits others. Mr. Kahn’s son did the latter while Trump has heaped wealth upon himself. The Book of James talks about the how the tongue can be an “unruly evil”, I pray that Trump learns this. I also pray he learns that those who humble themselves will be exalted, but those who exalt themselves will be humbled, Agape Love.

  64. Thank you for sticking up for Donald Trump and not being politically correct behind this Muslim father.
    Thank you,thank you. Thank you for giving the American people hope still!

  65. Dear Sir, first of all Bless you for all that you have done for this country and her people. I read your open letter to Mr
    Kahn. Your every word is so right on. Every American needs to read your letter. I’m going to read about your us defense watch. Want to know more. Thank you, be safe, protected and blessed. Sincerely , Mary Ann Armenteros

  66. Sorry, but I can’t call you sir!

    Fear based mongering! You take issue with parents who have lost a son? Because of their religion?

    Trump defends himself? Really? By attacking the mother of a fallen American Soldier? “wasn’t allowed to speak”?

    You are an Army Officer? and you are okay with this?

    Shame, shame, shame!

    I have respect for leaders who lead, with “firmness, fairness, dignity and compassion”, something I quoted and spoke to Marine recruits I trained.

    The Donald is a liar, he has never served a minute of time for this country, and he never will!

  67. Absolutely terrific. Well said

    I am the son of holocaust survivors my parents where allowed to come here in 1954. They loved this country and passed that to me .

    Thank you for everything this great land has done for my family and me.

  68. Sir:
    We are creating a “civil war” here in the United States. I am a Vietnam War veteran and have two son’s serving active duty in the USMC and USAF.
    Whether it be Mr. Trump or Mrs. Clinton, our next President requires the full support of Congress and the people of the US. The needless accusations and attacks reduce the conversation to slogans on both sides.
    Mr. and Mrs. Khan spoke eloquently at the DNC. Mr Trump could have used that as an opportunity to demonstrate his statesmanship, rather than bristling, no matter how much in the right he thought he was.

    We are ALL Americans. Our job is to educate ourselves and vote for the person we feel will best serve our country.

  69. IYou have a lot of nerve being so rude and crude to Mr. Khan. You and Trump supporters like you are thoughtless miserable sheep following a snake oil salesman. I would have thought that if you were in the military you would have understood him better but apparently you don’t. You just take Trump’s prejudices as gospel and use his words as your own. You are one of those who is waiting for Trump to build ‘the wall’ along the Mexico US border, bring back jobs from Chima and Mexico and make America great again. Well America is already great. Why do you think people risk their lives to come here? Trump’s racist rhetoric inflames people. He lost his son and Trump can’t keep his big mouth shut? When Trump had the mother who’s son was killed in Benghazi you didn’t Hillary mouthing off. She realized that the mother was grieving and kept her mouth shut. Trump will never be president because he has thin skin. He can insult anyone and everyone but he can’t take it. And you talk about all of the Muslims trying to come her but you forget about all of the Muslims that Reagan let come in during the 1980’s. Trump doesn’t was to be POTUS he wants to be a dictator. He thinks that being the POTUS is like being a king. All of the terrorist that are needed to do real damage to the IS are already here. They were born here in the 80’s. IsIs and Rissia are dying for Trump to win because they know that they can wreck havoc and have their way. Trump is all talk and he doesn’t even know what is going on in the world. If he were to win we would be in a serious war in six months. If Trump thinks that he is going to send my son and only child to risk his life over his BS he is mistaken cause I will take him out myself. He doesn’t have any humility empathy or compassion which are characteristics for a good Pres. It was the republicans that made the Middle East unstable in the first place. There was no need to take Saddam Hussein out of power. One thing that Trump said that I agree with is that Hussein knew how to deal with terrorist. So if he makes it to the White House and starts sending our boys to war remember thanks to Reagan there are enough terrorist to start a war here. I pray that the liar Trump doesn’t win the election.

  70. Great letter, speaking the truth. As a Veteran and someone who is deployed to the Middle East right now you words and passion for our country gives me goose bumps. Great words.

  71. Sir,
    Your open letter to Mr Kahn hit the nail on the head and I know many who support your view. The rainbows and butterflies the DNC are trying to jam down our throats will only get us killed. Thank you for your reality driven eye opening comments.

    Scott Edelmann

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  73. Violence is in Islam’s DNA. If you doubt this read Islam 101 on http://www.jihadwatch.com or perform your own research. Alleluia Ray on your letter in response to Mr. Khan. While I would offer condolences to he and his family over the death of their son, I would also state that this is logically disconnected from whether or not Islam is a violent “religion” and whether Muslims in general have intentions of harming the United States.

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  76. Thanks for the great response to Mr. Kahn. He is on
    all the liberal networks preaching his hate and as a
    Vietnam Veteran, you wrote a great response and
    I for one want to thank you. The left does not have
    any clues on the danger they are putting this great
    country in.

  77. I read your article.. About your view against radical Islam.. I agree TO A POINT…YES, America must be more involved with this problem.. BUT…TRUMP IS NOT THE ANSWER.
    I served during Vietnam as a Cryptologic Technician on the U.S.Enterprise I saw what a DICTATOR can do..Trump is bad.He will lose probably all fifty states..You quote the bible.. You live in a glass house..You are not correct in your life.watch this election.. Your candidate will be punished..

  78. You nailed it Ray. Thanks for the piece. The media is 100% against Trump but we see that and come November we will have the last say.

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  80. As a once member of “SFTT” Gang as Old Dave used to call us. Sir, your letter, was perfect and I don’t think Hillary and her people are the answer to this nation’s problems. As a matter of fact, ironically, she may be responsible for them…Hillary used Mr. and Mrs. Kahn. I don’t believe, for one minuet, Hillary is so compassionate about our people in uniform, especially her treatment of military personnel during her years as First Lady, than I believe in the man on the moon.
    To The Garry Owen
    Freddy Ramm

  81. Mr. Starmann i was delighted to read your rebuttal and only Fox News could have read it out loud in lieu of printing on their website. What a marvelous piece of “art” as you speak the truth. I only pray to God that these Americans with their heads in the sand get the truth and not lies from the Left. Thank you so much and continue on.

  82. You’re comments regarding Mr. Khan were not only innapropriate they were wrong. The popular quote those that would give up liberty for security deserve neither was never more true then in this instance. I would much rather assume the risk associated with living in an open, accepting, and culturally diverse society where every religion and ethnicity are welcomed and appreciated then to live in the “safe” closed off xenophobic one ou seem to favor. Thankfully I feel confident that the majority of Americans will never allow this great forward thinking nation to turn in the dark evil direction you want to take it. God Bless America and God Bless the Khan family.

  83. Islam is not the enemy of the USA – just like Christianity is not the cause of rampant pedophilia among priests. You dont need to brand an entire religion for a minority of extremists.

    Remember Hitler often cited his genocide as being the work of god.

  84. Thank you for your article on the Fox News website today. It is regrettable that ALL Americans will not read this article. Thank you for speaking out on our behalf!

  85. Excellent article answering Mr and Mrs Khan. You made excellent points about the danger that our country is in. Thank you for your patriotic, sensible thoughts !

  86. Your letter to the Kahns was perfectly stated, Ray. I was proud to read something so intelligent and articulate, without a drop of malice–and so true.

    Thank you for your service-be safe!
    Deb Torreso

  87. Thank you sir for the courage that you have to stand up for America! We wish more of our politicians would do the same.

    You, sir, are a true American. If only we had many more (and I am sure they are out there) that would take a step forward and give the same encouragement to our nation.

    Thank you again!


  88. Thank you for your articulate letter to Mr. and Mrs. Khan. As the daughter of a U.S. Marine who served on Iwo Jima, I appreciate all that you have done to serve our nation and stand for Liberty in America. Your words are exactly what needs to be spoken across every stage during the upcoming election season. God bless you!

  89. If you don’t have British blood flowing through you veins then you should go back to the country of your ancestors because I am more American than you!

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  91. Dear Mr. Starmann,

    I am not sure it’s my place to make comments like this because I’ve been living in the US for a short period of time yet, but I think there’s a very important point in the Khan context that everyone seems to be persistently missing. Me being relatively new to this country may have its advantages though – a poem by a great poet begins “Face to face you don’t see the face, because significant things can only be seen from a distance”. Maybe the reason Americans keep missing this point is in the fact that they are too close to the point itself and therefore don’t see it. The most horrible, cynical truth about the Khan case is the fact that what he and other American heroes like him sacrificed their lives for, was later handed over on a silver platter to radical Islamic terrorists by Obama and Hillary Clinton by their, in my view, absolutely intentional decisions. Blood freezes in my veins as I am writing this, but what Obama and Clinton have done essentially means that thousands of Americans who died in the Middle East died in vain. I humbly hope everyone who reads this will forgive me for being so blatant, for lack of a better word, but I believe that this is exactly the point everyone should be making – I mean you and everyone else who are in support of Donald Trump whom I personally consider the last and the only hope for this country. Captain Khan’s parents have been shamelessly and insidiously used by the Clinton convention, and this is also the truth that must somehow be conveyed to them, too. Having said all this, I would like to sincerely thank you for your great letter.

  92. Thank you for your letter to Mr. and Mrs. Khan. Hillary will stop at nothing. How she used this couple in their grief. Your letter is making its way around in our family. We are praying for America. It is good to know people like you are out there. Thank you so much for taking the time to write that letter.

  93. Mr. Ryan, I am not Mr. Khan but I am a proud peace loving Muslim like Mr. Khan and I’ll tell you this that the timing of me coming across your piece of “open letter” could not have been any more perfect because this letter of yours was a no-brainer to respond to.. However, after noticing your failure to respond to your earlier critics, I have decided to avoid wasting my time and spare your letter from shredding into millions of microscopic particles.

    Perhaps once you ever get time to tackle the rest of them, I will return to address your concerns later in the future.

    As a matter of fact, once you are prepared to come into the field, I will also take care of the rest of your support in a single post.

    Thanks for reading this!

  94. I am saddened by every U.S. death in conflict. The sad part is Hillary using this poor couple and the death of one of our servicemen in combat to further her political goals. This is not being talked about this is despicable and morally shallow and should be brought to the surface. Our country needs to take a hard look at the process of how we elect our Presidents, the system is broken and corrupt.

  95. Please tell me Ray, WHY are not we gathering militias, forming them in every city and town in this dear country? How is it possible that we are sitting back, waiting for this government to arm and enlist our military might against the Islamic state who are bound and determined to destroy us? What are we waiting for? They are arriving by the thousands every day and we are giving them food, clothing and housing with our dollars to spend at their leisure. We will get the same as Germany and the rest of Europe as it is what we have paid for. God save us our weakness!

  96. Dear Mr. Starmann,

    Thank you for your article, “an open letter.” I must say, it is very surprising that my San Luis Obispo Tribune printed it! I fervently hope more than a few people read it and see the honest sense it makes.

    Patty Smith
    San Luis Obispo CA

  97. Too little is discussed and analyzed of Saudi Arabia’s role in the spread of radical Wahabi Islam to the rest of the world. That is the source of all this terror and much of the financing too. We are paying the Saudis to destroy us by buying their oil

  98. Please provide comment regarding the University of Houston student being suspended for 50 days resulting from her “All lives matter” versus “Black Lives Matter”.
    Certainly her 1st Amendment rights have been violated, but worse yet one gets the feeling the University is not just condoning, but supporting the :Black Lives Matter” movement.

  99. 3 Aug American Thinker has an article re: Khizr being a published expert on shiria law and writes it supercedes the Constitution.

  100. Thank you for your service and your comments to Mr Kahn. No parent wants to bury a child but using his son as a front for his attack is uncalled for.

  101. Thank you for standing up for all Americans. We must protect our homeland no matter what the cost, and I know it’s not free. Many Americans have given the ultimate sacrifice and we as Americans will be forever thankful.

    Yours truly and always in Christ.

  102. Thank you for speeking up on the subject of Mr. Kahn and Mr. Trump and saying all the things I wanted to say but didn’t know how. I hope and pray that God will use you to speek for Him, this country and our Christian people in the months and years ahead great job.

  103. Political Correctness has destroyed America. Unfortunately, when someone speaks out in an attempt to shows things for how they really are, certain individuals take offense and lash out. These same individuals would standby and say nothing so long as the rhetoric and distorted truth comes from their side of the fence.

    Ray is a true Patriot… I fully support and will defend his right to speak his mind. If you find it offensive then I suggest that you exercise your right to tune him out….but don’t denigrate him for speaking his mind or sharing his opinion. Many others share his concerns… we just don’t have a platform from which to express our feelings of outrage at what America has become.

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  106. Obama didn’t ban all. Students and workers with visas were allowed, people who owned property and jobs were not kept out. If you’re going to rant try telling the full story… trumps order was executed poorly from all angles, he did not consult with proper Intelligence agencies. He acted on a promise he made with little to no thought just to show he was doing something. If Obama had the exact same policy you can bet there would have been protests. I am not a liberal democrat, of your going to have the power of writing a column for millions to see you should state all the facts and not sway your opinion to one side. America’s biggest problem is the majority is divided into 2 sides and we give too many handouts. This order did not make our country safer, just gave the rest of the world the perception we are anti Muslim. He should have at least given us some type of reasoning behind his order, with that said I am fully aware certain things are classified. Isolating America from the rest of the world is not the answer, lead by example or not at all

  107. Mr. Starman,
    Well done. You have said what many people want to tell the Democratic party. The is a prime example of poor sportsmanship. Please keep up the good work.
    Claire Meyer

  108. Me Starmann: I just read your open letter to Chuck (counterfeit) Smoozer. I agree 100% with you comments. What kills me is how low life’s like him is that people they represent don’t care that they don’t have any shame or integrity. He and others like him walk all over the constitution and the bill of rights until it fits their needs. You were spot on in your letter. Keep up the good work!

  109. This election and all to follow has helped to make clear who the real patriots are. Thank you for standing up for common sense!!

  110. Your open letter is paronoid propaganda. Real Americans sure arm’t intimidated by a few bumbling jihadist and surly don’t scapegoat terrorized family’s. get real assholes

  111. You are the worst kind of useless and ignorant cunt that the United States has the unfortunate ability to produce. There is no amount of pain or torture you could endure that would adequately do justice to your deserved death. Do the world a favor and kill yourself. I would wish for a slow death but the world does not have time to wait. Die, you fascist and heartless scumbag and please take any progeny with you that might agree with your shallow and ignorant world-view.

    • Wishing death upon someone…. anyone is the lowest form of a human being. You, ALEXANDER, are not even worth as much as gum on the bottom of a dirty shoe! You’re the real scumbag.

  112. I just read your open letter to Sen. Schumer. I just watched a documentary about Hillary’s America: The Secret HIstory Of The Democratic Party. I would suggest that all your readers see it. Thanks for your sacrificial service.

  113. Your recent open letter to Senator Schumer on FOX news is nonsense.

    Try logical exposition in place of insult driven invective next time.

    In other words convince me with logic rather than perjorstives aimed at women.

  114. Your “open letter” to Mr. Schemer is laughable. You speak with the same uninformed twisted rhetoric that produces individuals like Dylan Roof; words no better than your opposite spews to rile up Muslim extremists. A list of countries is not a travel ban. The Obama administration- guided by the best minds of that time- made a list of countries to watch and potentially sanction in a manner consistent with Americas promises to follow an international moral compass America herself put into place. A ban,Trumps ban- does little more than give fodder for your extreme Muslim counterpart to present as reason that America is anti Muslim and worthy of attack. This ban raises questions as to why proven terrorist producing countries (Egypt-Lebanon-UAE etc…) are not included beyond our presidents private interests. Finally, mocking Schumers tears at what he perceives a blight to the Majesty of this great nation, is as childish and misplaced as our presidents comments about grabbing women by their privates. This sort of comment may be acceptable in private among your “locker room” friends- but once it stands as a comment that you would defend- it shows you to be a monster lacking empathy, compassion, civic pride, and simple manners. Shame on you for allowing cognitive bias and perhaps a darker purpose to incite the ire of your readers, and to frame an argument with alternative facts.

  115. Thank you for the op ed open letter today. It was nice to see your argument supported with examples. It was good to point out the similarities with Obama’s orders just a few years ago. Kudos.

    I want to show you how I, as an elite liberal snob, with a PhD, wife and kids, and an overpriced house, who works 12 hrs a day to develop medicines for the betterment of human kind views your argument. Stopping human migrations is misguided. Since the dawn of history, humans have either left shitty situations in search of greener pastures, or committed ourselves to fighting to the death. Death is all that comes from fighting, be it fighting ideas or physically fighting against people. No idea has ever been killed, squashed, pummeled or otherwise revoked. Ideas are educated into a footnote in history. There is no other path forward. Education is the key. Before I go on, there is an aside.

    In the bigger picture, the West is fighting the same idea that we have for centuries. It is not better to live as a nomad, it is better to work together in settlements, which become cities, eventually. It is not better to live in feudal estates, ruled by birthright, it is better to follow the will of the people (and yes, even if we move sideways or backwards for periods of time). It is better to understand the workings of the human body and develop medicine than to practice religious fundamentalism. It is better to understand the universe so that we can learn to defend ourselves and survive, somehow, when our planet is smashed with an asteroid (or some other calamity not yet made into a movie). The goal of life is to survive. Consciousness and thought are survival tools. Life as we know it, this planet, the sun itself will end. Human consciousness must not end. We must survive, because we may actually be the first or the only intelligent life in the universe.

    Back to the issue at hand. Immigration, refugees, terrorists. Yes, bring them in. The good far outweigh the bad. We are a nation of immigrants and we are so much better off then other places that they risk everything to get here. There is no such thing as a perfect system. There is no amount of money that can make it so.

    People get angry, murder and rage are part of human nature. So what? As a parent, when your child lashes out at you, scratches you, bites you, do you bite back? Do you kick them out? No, you don’t. America is the adult in this scenario. Frankly we are strong enough to take a few punches (and human enough to react violently when necessary). If America were hit again with a 9/11 type attack, I would want to nuke everything from Turkey to Pakistan (including Israel)

    The best path forward is to embrace the ignorance and show them a better way. Keeping them out, we look weak, and childish.

  116. I am a Viet Nam veteran. If a federal district judge has more power than the President of the United States when it comes to the security of this great country then the citizens have a real problem.

  117. What’s up to all, how is everything, I think every one is getting more from this web site,
    and your views are pleasant for new visitors.

  118. U.S. Army Veteran Ray Starmann, I am so happy somebody is calling a spade a spade in what the Feminists, Democratic presidents, and our yes generals and admirals have done and are doing to the mightiest military on Earth–they’re turning it into the Girl Scouts! I am, also, a U.S. Army veteran of the mid-Eighties that served as a COMBAT Para and Dragon gunner on a Regimental Combat Team of the RDF 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault) under President Reagan who, to his credit, would have NEVER countenanced such non-sense as what’s been going on since the Clinton administration of the ’90s. I just can’t get over these words that I keep saying to myself: The Ranger School is CORRUPT. These new Rangerettes are the silliest joke to come down the pike in the military in awhile. God, PLEASE, save our military!!!

    • All you have to do is look at pics of the three female Ranger school grads. They looks plump. Most guys leave there looking like Holocaust survivors.

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  120. The Ohio State University students were ran over by a car and then the perpetrator attempted to stab them. Only by the grace of god was a police officer close by to stop him.

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  122. Muted “D-Day” Greetings to you Ray,
    I wish to thank you for a purposed and thought ought reminder regarding the heroism and sacrifices of our “Allied” troops on “D-Day: The greatest day of the 20th Century”. This is the kind of article we used to read back when these veterans were still present in our lives, less so today unfortunately.
    Your words are healthy reminder to reflect on the loss and heartaches of the greatest generation. Your article is an even more relevent call to consider the state of these citizen soldier’s patriotism. The truth that every soldier new in their bosom was that they were defending their homes and loved ones from the greatest villany the world by that time had ever witnessed.
    There are still people of this chord walking in our midst. We should hold them up as inspirations and point to them to our follow up generations.
    Ray, I am happy for your continued success.
    Blessings !!!
    Dave Kemp, 4/7 US Cavalry, Scouts Out !!!

  123. Bravo sir! Outstanding! I stand with you and I am ready and willing to confront these Antifa scum thugs. They must be stopped! What can we do?

  124. You’re right Ray. As a veteran I’m just waiting for these extremists to tread on me. They will be met with hell unleashed on them. I will not tolerate such nonsense. So if it’s a war they want let’s give them one that they and their smiling democrat resistance base will never forget.

  125. I salute you sir.
    You are spot on and i will stand with you sir.
    After 30 plus yrs with the USAFR and retiring at the end of the month it truly sickens me that some families have raised and leashed onto the world this sort of disrespectful miscreant.
    These thugs are no different than the local biker gang and any other non citizen in this great country we call the home. “Good philosophy must exist if for no other reason but disprove poor philosophy”. (C.S. Lewis)
    TSgt. Viper

  126. you’re 100% right ANTIFA is nothing more than a group of ignorant communist who have to go,. I wish the president would step up and have the group investigated

  127. If you and your right wing nazis come to my town saying Jews will not replace you you can count my me getting violent. The rage I will slap on you and your Nazi cronies will pale in comparison to the Muslim extremists. Being a person in the military I would assume your hate for Nazis would be the same. No wonder our armed forces are not feared anymore. You are a traitor to the men and women who rid the earth of the Nazi scum you defend.

  128. I read your Open Letter to Antifa. Excellent job. I posted the link to my FB page along with the following add on: Amen! Oh, let me add. Antifa says they are here in Alaska. When we have a Support the President Rally, we will be prepared for you, if you cowards have the guts to show. Just understand, bringing a shield, a crowbar, a knife to a gun fight will turn out badly for you. We Alaskan’s are armed because Alaska stands for ALL the Constitution, not just parts like some States in the Lower 48.
    Ray Starmann alluded to your demise, I’ll flat out tell you. Come at me or mine with a deadly weapon, make sure you’ve been sized for a coffin!
    I’m sure you’ve noticed, Antifa has not shown themselves in places like Alaska, Montana, Wyoming, Utah, i.e. 2nd Amendment States!

  129. Mr. Starmann,
    I would like to thank you for your service above all. I also commend you on the letter to antifa recently published to fox news. As i read the article, i hoped (but truthfully didnt expect) to come across a paragraph i was so happy to see. The one informing antifa of who their biggest threat is. I dont think these groups understand that there are a network of people out there, who are on the sidelines just watching. Ones who are willing to mount a sturdy resistance if it ever came to that. A resistance these groups can never be prepared for, given the fact that their actions show no true organization, let alone form for tactical combat. Nor do they realize there are even children (not that i condone using that route) in our heartland who are a better shot with a rifle at 100 yards than these people are with a rock at point blank distance. I wont give them any credit in their handling of situations, but i will say this:
    To a small extent, i do mildly understand their disgruntlement with current politics. Their current standards however are an ill thought out way of recifying that. We have all (including, and often ESPECIALLY patriots) have had issues with reform from one aspect or another. Take gun control for example. The thought that taking measures to “legally” take away components, diminished mag size, or in the case of California, modifying AR style weapons so the unit has to be disassembled to reload, simply puts the advantage into our enemies hands; criminals.
    Nevertheless, patriots dont go physically attacking in hopes of change. All that would get us is proving to our government that they were right to impose such harsh gun restricions. Instead we take to courts, often losing, simply to patiently wait for a better time to try again.
    That doesnt change the fact that in a time of dire need, patriots will join as you said: veterans, workers, and any other american that doesnt spend their days thinking of why theres a flaw in history, the flags, or the very minds of people they know nothing about, in pushing against a front of domestic terrorism.
    They should be advised too read the art of war, because honestly they suck at it.
    Also, you seem to have influence in the media. Maybe we can ask all these groups that want to target confederate monuments under the guise of “racism and equality, why they have yet to denounce the giant statue of Custer. After all, his cavalary did kill and drive out 1000’s of natives after the civil war.

  130. Bravo! I enjoyed your open letter on Fox and wholeheartedly agree and support the mission to defeat American terrorists, AKA Antifa et al.

    God Bless You & America

  131. Thank you Ray, you are spot on!
    Every word in this article is spot on!
    Antifa is Communist organization, founded and financed by Democrat party.

  132. Amen,amen and amen! Decent Americans stand behind you 100% — let me rephrase that — we stand with you, alongside you in your ongoing fight for freedom in America !!! Thank you, Mr. Starmann, for standing in the gap for all God-fearing, patriotic Americans in past conflicts, present and future!
    May God ( the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob — just so there is no confusion as to which God) bless you and yours beyond all measure !!!

  133. Thank you for your service. Im a veteran myself and your letter to those thugs was great. Your right and they will go with the rest of history of thugs. Im not able to send money but i will fight for whats right. Thanks again and keep up the good work.

  134. Sir,
    I thank you for your open letter about Antifa. You are correct In your assesment of their actions. I like others have watched in disgust at their actions

    I lived through the 60s and saw our country torn in half and I am more worried now than then.

    I served this country for 28 yrs and would go to any length to live up to the oath I took, which I believe taken in Gods name has no experation date.

    God bless you and keep the faith in the greatest nation on earth.

  135. Well said! As a veteran of 20 plus years I took an oath to the constution of the United States against all enemy’s foreign and demestic. Don’t remember that oath being recended. As an oath keeper I am still willing to do my duty. God bless America!

  136. As a law abiding citizen and a retired
    USAF NCO, I support you.

    I support your movement as well
    as every American veteran. Please
    contact me if you need assistance.

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  140. I love the article today about the solitary life of veterans. Thank you. It’s Veterans Day today. I am a Solitary man; to myself and It’s nice to be understood. Well done sir; “Keep up the Fire”.

  141. To Ray Starman, just read you article posted on fox this morning and have not read about my life as a vet. I am a successful accountant with Bank of America and at 68 being a Vietnam vet and your artical was so very accurate.i

    Thank you

  142. Mr Starmann,
    My name is Shawn. I am a US Army combat veteren from the Gulf War as well. I was with the 8th ID. deployed from Germany.
    I knew their was a really good chance that the person that wrote the article I just read this morning (11Nov17), was written by a brother that served. It touched me in many ways. Very deep.
    I’ve never read an article that articulated in such detail, the cold hard truth. Sometimes the silence is deafening, but very loud inside. Thank you for your time writing the article, and thank you for YOUR service as well brother. I’m sure you have touched many with your words of truth.

  143. Hello Mr. Starrman,

    I have read several of your past articles and find them extremely interesting. Former 29E30V9 veteran here and I thank you for your service, sir.

  144. Greetings,

    I’d like to get in contact with Mr. Starmann and provide information to him about the National Desert Storm War Memorial Association and our efforts to build a memorial in Washington DC with the other war monuments.

    Kind regards
    Michael Young

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