While America Sleeps

By Ray Starmann

There’s an ancient Chinese proverb from 400 B.C., “when an enemy is woke; first laugh at his strange ways, then kill him.” In today’s military, him can also be replaced with her, it, or whatever pronoun the sailor, soldier, Marine, air person is identifying with at that moment.

Across the world our enemies are on the move. China is conducting the biggest military buildup in the Pacific since Japan in the 1930’s. Putin is eyeing the Ukraine like Wily Coyote at an all you can eat Roadrunner buffet. Kim Jong Un is back to his old ways – conducting missile tests because he knows Trump’s promises of Miami real estate deals and South Beach babes are long gone…The Iranians continue to foment terrorism across the world as they routinely play chicken with the US Navy and win.

At home, America is distracted and America is stressed out. The nation continues to live under a hypnotic trance induced by Dr. Foogazi, the Creature from the Covid Lagoon, who has seemingly convinced more than half the nation that a virus that kills one billionth of the population is the Black Plague. Half of the nation is so terrified of this virus boogeyman that they refuse to work, look for work, or return to work, seemingly content to lounge about the day in their pajamas while they order an ice cream bar on a food delivery app for 20 bucks.

Inflation is skyrocketing as outrageous Covid government spending continues with a 1.5 trillion infrastructure plan on the backburner; a left-wing takeover of the country, under the auspices of a UN/Marxist ‘build back better’ slogan.

A fake oil supply crisis has been artificially induced by left wing environmental wackos who are convinced the world is coming to an end in a decade due to a so-called climate crisis. As Energy Secretary Granholm explains that ‘an evil foreign cartel’ is responsible for high gas prices, I have some words of wisdom for her – TURN ON OUR PIPELINES!

The country looks for leadership and finds none. A President with applesauce in his brain, who falls asleep at the podium after digesting his 3PM roast beef dinner special at Denny’s. As he prepares to pardon the Thanksgiving Turkey, he can’t find one, because there are no truckers to deliver it.

We have a Vice President who looks, acts and sounds like she just ingested a lungful of helium, a Vice President whose greatest political achievement was yelling ‘bread for the workers’ from her stroller at a 1967 Pot for Peace March at Berkeley.

To pump out the disinformation to a weary public and a room of mask clad subdued journalists, is a press secretary who looks like Raggedy Ann’s evil twin and has all the charm of a boa constrictor, as she condescendingly responds to anyone who would dare question the actions of the most incompetent presidential administration in living memory.

“Where have you gone, Ronald Reagan? Our nation turns a lonely eye to you…”

Combine all this with a nation where less than one percent of the population has ever served in uniform. Most Americans have a very limited understanding of military history and operations, and they’ve naturally given all responsibility for the nation’s defense to the people whom we pay for their unique experience and knowledge –

America’s senior military leaders – aka the Merchants of Featherdom…

It is the responsibility of those military leaders to warn us of dangers ahead on the road. Unfortunately, our senior leaders are mentally and spiritually AWOL.

In the Pentagon, General Milley looks on with apparent disregard and scorn as one debacle piles up after another on his watch, the worst being our disgraceful exit from Afghanistan, in what will one day be looked at as one of the greatest strategic military blunders since the Sixth Army took a construction detour south towards a place called Stalingrad.

This week the Taliban celebrated running us out of Afghanistan by putting on a military parade with our equipment.

What’s Chinese for Bagram Air Base, General Milley?

Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin is Gene, Gene the Dancing Machine from the Pentagon Gong Show; stumbling, bumbling and shuffling around the Pentagon hallways while in a desperate search to find one white supremacist on active duty, but in reality, discovering the he is the Fool on the Hill.

“Where have you gone, Cal Waller? Our nation turns its lonely eyes to you…”

Two weeks ago, at 29 Palms training area, the Marines scorching backyard in the Mojave Desert, a combined UK/Canadian/Dutch/UAE force laid waste to the Marines on their own turf. The Marines were playing the OPFOR or opposing force. In the old days, meaning pre-woke military, the OPFOR knew every grain of sand, rock, scorpion and rattler in the maneuver box. Apparently, not anymore.

In the old days, it was virtually impossible to take down the OPFOR. But, in 1980, then Lieutenant Colonel Keith Kellogg did it once, as a battalion commander in the 82nd Airborne, when he took his unit across a mountain range in the winter to cut off the OPFOR and defeat it at the National Training Center, the army’s 29 Palms.

Where’s the focus now? It’s on diversity, which apparently is our strength and which is now tantamount to readiness.

This week it was reported that the Marines are looking for a few good diversity commissars.

According to the job listing, The USMC is hiring the adviser to ensure that all “internal and external communications reflect diversity, equity, and inclusion,” or DEI, and to develop tools that “enable shifting the USMC cultural paradigm for diversity, equity, and inclusion.”

That will help us win battles. Someone should ask any veterans of Iwo Jima or the Chosin Reservoir or Hue or Fallujah, how diversity, equity and inclusion would have helped them during those fights.

Shifting the cultural paradigm. Hmm…That doesn’t give me a warm and fuzzy.

Here are some videos to illustrate just how far we’ve fallen.

The first video is an ad for naval aviation in 1978:


Heck, you don’t have to be Bull Halsey to get a tingle up your leg from that one. High speed jets, exhaust smoke, US naval power ready to inflict death on some jihadi or commie. After that, a port call in the P.I. 🙂

Next —

This one is from 1982, from the US Army’s famous, Be All You Can Be commercial series.


Heck, who wouldn’t want to be a Ranger after watching that.

Now, it’s Be as PC as You Can Be…

Back to the dystopian woke world of the US Army in 2021. Watch this one, titled “My Two Moms.”. Yes, this is a US Army recruitment ad.

What in the heck does having two moms from Santa Monica have to do with joining the US Army? This is an ad for lesbian relationships, motherhood and protesting with other pinkos. You’ve got to be kidding me. Yes, once again, this is a real ad and guess who green-lighted it, none other than General Orson Welles himself, Mark Milley.

We are a total joke now and the world knows it.

It gets worse. Here is a video showing Marine pugil stick fighting at what is obviously coed Marine basic training. God help us all. Want to know how long a woman will last in a hand to hand combat fight with a man, watch this.


From the Halls of Montezuma, to the Shores of Gender Neutrality…

Meanwhile back at Camp Wokeness…

Ranger School has become nothing more than a girls’ boarding school with blanks, graduating women with the speed of Lucy on a candy assembly line. As female graduates high-five each other to the cries of ‘you go girl’ and receive flower bouquets (not making that up) they are oblivious to or don’t care that the standards have all but disappeared. Meanwhile, the ghosts of Rangers from Burma, the Philippines, Normandy, Korea, Vietnam and Mogadishu look on in tear faced agony.

What in the hell are we doing?

Juxtaposed with the fantasy land called the US military is a growing and very dangerous Chinese threat, a resurgent Russia and the usual problems from North Korea and Iran.

Yesterday, at Duke University, General Milley stated that the United States “would be incapable of defending itself against a hypersonic missile akin to the experimental one China launched over the summer.”

“These missiles, which Milley says are “of great concern,” can carry both conventional and nuclear payloads, though the Chinese’s missile advancements are also significant for the larger picture of the country’s long-term goals.”

“Additionally, Gen. John Hyten, outgoing vice chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, recently admitted the Chinese military has conducted “hundreds” of hypersonic tests in the last five years, while the U.S. conducted only nine such tests, illustrating why the Department of Department has repeatedly called the adversarial nation its “pacing challenge.”

Hundreds of tests vs. 9 tests. Why? Because we’re distracted with wokeness, that’s why.

General Milley also stated that the recent test was “one of the largest shifts in global geo-strategic power that the world has witnessed. It only happens once in a while, and it’s not stand-alone.”

The Chinese are building a military to wage war. We are conducting a social experiment.

China is also expanding its nuclear arsenal at a rapid pace. A recent DoD report stated that,

“They have accelerated the pace of their nuclear expansion program to the point where they could have up to 700 deliverable nuclear warheads” within roughly five years, while the report alleges that the country likely intends to have at least 1,000 warheads by 2030, exceeding the pace and size the DoD projected in 2020.”

It was also recently reported that the Chinese are building an aircraft carrier that can rival the US in technology.

“Once it is ready, the ship will be China’s third aircraft carrier and its second to be domestically produced. But unlike its sister ships, the Liaoning and the Shandong, experts said the Type 003 will feature more advanced aircraft launching technology, along the lines of the catapult system used by US aircraft carriers.”

“With the new launch system, China can field a new mix of aircraft at sea, including airborne early-warning and control craft, tankers and electronic-jamming planes. A US Congressional Research report in October said the Type 003 was expected to have a displacement of around 100,000 tons, comparable to a US carrier of the same class.”

In addition to a series of artificial atolls that are being built in the South China Sea, the Chinese are eyeing such key global bases in Afghanistan, Cambodia, Tanzania and in the UAE. Most worrisome is China’s diplomatic effort to convince Kiribati, an independent island nation in the Gilberts and the site of the Battle of Tarawa in 1943, to give China control of its 6,000 foot runway. Kiribati is only 1800 miles from Hawaii.

Worried yet?

What are Chinese intentions? I believe they want to establish an empire that will surely create a Bamboo Curtain across the Pacific. Will we go to war with China in the coming future? Maybe. Will we lose? If we continue focusing on wokeness, yes, we will lose.

The Chinese aren’t worried about us anymore. They know something that we can’t surmise now. Diversity isn’t readiness and it sure as heck ain’t our strength.

In Eastern Europe, the Russians are threatening the Ukraine. At this very moment, the Russian 1st Guards Tank Army is conducting maneuvers near the Ukrainian border. One division, the 41st is headed to a winter laager site in Belarus now.

Will Putin move into parts of the Ukraine? Putin has two divisions and some ash and trash elements conducting training now. It would very easy for them to shift from maneuvers to a real world operation. It’s literally a page from Invasion 101.

Stay tuned.

Unlike the US Military, the Russians are focused on warfighting. Here is a recent video that showcases several Russian artillery capabilities, especially the BM-30, multiple rocket launcher system. The Russians have always loved using plentiful amounts of artillery.

We used to make videos like this 30 years ago, when we still had an army with real leaders. Now, the videos are about subjects the military is focused on: gay rights, gender reassignment, my commander Bob is pregnant, lactating in the field, feminism, diversity, inclusion and that all too familiar term used on the streets of Petrograd in 1917, equity. Ah, yes, equity comrades.

You don’t have to be Clausewitz to figure out how this is all going to end.

While America sleeps, our enemies are on the move.




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