The Ranger School Conspiracy

By Ray Starmann

The lies from Fort Benning just keep on comin’…

In 2015, former Secretary of Defense Ash and Trash Carter desperately needed some proof; real or fraudulent, that women could hack it in the combat arms. The $36 million dollar, Marine Corps study couldn’t do that. It clearly showed in minute detail how all female and coed units were slaughtered by all male units in simulated combat.

Enter Captain Griest and First Lieutenant Haver, who, along with several other females, were attending Ranger School down at Fort Benning, Georgia. The word quickly went out. There would be one or two Lady Rangers presented to the world, in order to give Carter the ‘proof’ he needed to authorize women to serve in the combat arms and special operations forces of the US military.

As Griest and Haver went through the grueling course and then ‘graduated’, rumors began to seep out that they were being given special treatment in the form of dieticians, endless chances to repeat the school, multiple opportunities to pass patrols, showers every three days and pink curtained cat holes for privacy. Fueling the fire was their plump appearance at graduation. Normally, Ranger School males look like Japanese POW camp survivors on graduation day, strangely, the ladies looked well fed.

People Magazine reporter, Susan Keating seemed to confirm the rumors in her September, 2015 in article titled, ‘Was It Fixed? Army General Told Subordinates: ‘A Woman Will Graduate Ranger School,’ Sources Say.’

Keating’s story was quickly lambasted by former Ranger Training Brigade Commander, Colonel David Fivecoat and former Fort Benning Maneuver Center commander, General Scott Miller, who both adamantly claimed that there was no special treatment given to Griest and Haver.

Meanwhile, US Defense Watch was given documents that showed Haver had been one of 50 women at Fort Carson, who spent 90 straight days preparing for Ranger School, in a sort of mad cap pre-pre Ranger School. In fact, Haver flunked land navigation repeatedly at Carson and should never have been sent to Benning in the first place. Even in the days of GPS, a Ranger who can’t use a map and compass is as worthless as a golfer who can’t putt.

Miller was promoted to four star general and is currently serving as commander of all US-led forces in Afghanistan. Fivecoat retired with a full pension and Tricare benefits. If you’re approaching retirement age, you might want to be thinking about what pensions you are going to receive; calculate your pension with Key’s pension annuity calculator.

While Keating’s article hit the Internet, Congressman Steve Russell, a former army officer and Ranger School graduate demanded to see the Ranger School records for Griest and Haver. His attempts to obtain the records were repeatedly thwarted by Secretary of Army John McHugh.

Russell was then informed that both Griest and Haver’s records had been destroyed, in violation of army policy. Russell’s requests to view the Green Cards, or Ranger School transcripts for the two women were also denied. To date, Russell has received nothing from the army.

Two months later, Major Lisa Jaster, a 37 year old mother of two ‘graduated’ from Ranger School, in what can only be described as a Diversity Bridge too Far, in the army’s attempts to prove that women can successfully graduate from the course. A 37 year old man graduating from the school is miraculous, a 37 year old mommy of two graduating is a fraud.

After Mommy Ranger’s graduation, another baker’s dozen of female graduated from the school in the last three years.

It was hoped that Secretary of Defense James Mattis would eradicate the PC madness infecting the military, but to date, Mattis has shown himself to be just as worthless as Ash Carter.

Since 2015, the army believed it was doing a successful job of covering up what was really going on at Benning, a conspiracy to defraud the American people and our national security, in order to placate Pentagon diversity crusaders and idiots like Senator Kirsten Gillibrand.

But, two stories have recently shed light on Ranger School once again.

In June, this year, a source at the Mountain Ranger Camp at Dahlonega had informed USDW that a female Ranger School student was indeed pregnant. Apparently, this student and her boyfriend were in the same Ranger School class. Both students were recycled during the Benning phase. While in the ‘Gulag’ awaiting the beginning of the Benning phase recycle, she got pregnant.

The female was eventually taken out of the course while in the Mountain Phase, and has reportedly been offered a chance to recycle after her maternity leave ends.

Last week, another story from Ranger School broke and it sounded a lot like what was happening at Benning in 2015. Popular Military reported that ‘the first female enlisted soldier to graduate Ranger School allegedly quit during the first phase of training and was given more opportunities to restart phases of the course, according to sources within the Airborne and Ranger Training Brigade.’

According to the article, “several sources -including Ranger Instructors (RIs) whose names have been withheld- say that the NCO quit during the first phase of training, but was allowed to come back and even recycle several times, something that has never happened in a course that is supposed to automatically disqualify those who tap out.”

“She was given more recycles and even quit during the first phase,” an RI source said, speaking on conditions of anonymity.

Down the road from the first phase of Ranger school at Fort Benning, at Sand Hill, Infantry recruits claimed that a clear double-standard existed for their female counterparts, including lighter rucks and lower expectations.

“No way,” one soldier told Popular Military last year, after being asked if women were held to the same standards. “Lighter rucks, things like that.”

Sounds familiar, doesn’t it?

There’s an old saying, where there’s smoke, there’s fire and there’s a lot of smoke down at Benning, and there has been for three years.

You don’t have to be Sherlock Holmes to deduce that since 2015, a conspiracy to pass women at Ranger School has continued under the guise of the senior leadership in the Ranger Training Brigade and in the army.

In order to placate fools in Congress and their superiors, in order to pad their pensions, promotions and future defense contractor jobs, Pentagon perfumed princes have demanded female graduates from Ranger School, national security be damned.

What’s happening at Fort Benning is a disgrace to the brave Rangers who went before in Sicily, at Pointe du Hoc, on Omaha Beach, in Burma, in the Philippines, in Vietnam, Mogadishu, Iraq and Afghanistan.

What’s happening at Fort Benning is a fraud and a conspiracy that goes all the way to the desk of Secretary of Defense James Mattis.



14 comments on “The Ranger School Conspiracy
  1. NEW IT FROM THE GIT~GO. It had to be pure BOVINE Scatology.
    THE truth be damned. FEMALES are not built right for the rigors of the REAL WORLD kill or be killed in WAR. The MALES help them. ANYONE says different are blovaiting housefly’s. THEY LIE!

  2. DOD/Pentagon, specifically created to cram political correctness down the military’s throat. Generals, specially selected for their ability to say, “Yes sir, yes sir, 3 bags full.” to their political masters. Just another symptom of the death of an empire.

  3. I believe that there have been females that could complete Ranger School without any special perks. However, a concern can be favored treatment AFTER graduation. Did one get command of an infantry company even after receiving a DUI (which was wiped from all records)? Would a male infantry officer (tabbed or not) be given a company command after a DUI? This isn’t a confirmed piece of information, just a strong rumor… but could b indicative of deeper problems.

  4. makes no difference if there are female gorillas, once you put a female into a formerly male unit, especially a combat unit, you have just eliminated any esprit de corps that unit had. Once again, a feminized military will not win wars.

  5. Spot on! The Army gutted the school to set this up. It used to be 72 days, 4 phases, 2 hours of sleep and 1 meal a day. Now it’s 60 days, 3 phases, 2 meals a day and 4 hours of sleep.

    Rangers get more calories in 60 days than old students got in 72. New students sleep more in 60 days than old students in 72.

    I was an advisor in Iraq and Afghanistan a d another dirty little secret the military keeps is Women are a disaster in combat in so many ways. It was hard to find a woman at the war who wasn’t having a serious issue with something.

    • They need to bring back the Desert Phase and get the women out of there. Thanks for your comments. It’s great to hear from people who have been in OIF or Afghanistan and can provide recent experiences and perspectives.

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