Six Months’ Worth of PC, Diversity and Leftist Destruction in the US Military – Part I

By Ray Starmann

It sure as heck ain’t your grandfather’s military anymore; nor is it your father’s or your uncle’s. It’s not even your older brother’s military anymore.

Whose military is it now – Kirsten Gillibrand’s, the LGBT mafia, soccer moms, Obama-worshipping fools, cultural Marxists and walking, talking, clueless cannon fodder.

Our military is focused on just about everything except preparing for war and for war against enemies who are going to be bringing navies, armies and air forces to the fight; enemies like the Chinese, the North Koreans and the Russkies; enemies who are not insurgents in the Middle East.

The Chinese are building hypersonic missiles and super carriers. What’s our focus – closing our eyes while Mary Jane is given her 200th chance to pass a patrol at Camp Diversity, aka Ranger School, while at Camp Murray, the ‘Sergeant Major’ rejoices at the fact that the new Mamava lactation station has a Bose sound system.

The military has become nothing more than some kind of fantasy playground for wacko leftists, feminists and low testosterone candyasses, while providing a welfare state to people who care less about service to their country, but more about paid maternity leave, pensions, Tricare and reporting their commander to the Zampolit Diversity Officer.

What you are about to read should alarm any American. Our national security is in jeopardy and it appears that no one is prepared to do anything about it.

The attitude in the Pentagon is pray that we never go to war against a serious enemy because truth be told, our PC armed forces can’t fight their way out of wet lister bag. Even worse, those leading them are undoubtedly the worst generation of senior officers this nation has ever fielded. The nation’s senior military leaders may have rows of fruit salad, they may have multiple degrees and some may even have served multiple combat tours. But, because they are either America last globalists or simply gutless wonders lacking professional courage, they have allowed our military to be destroyed by a Maoist Cultural Revolution that continues to this day.

The following is a list of the last six months’ worth of policies, events and situations that have occurred in the US military:

All can be confirmed online, either at US Defense Watch or at other news outlets.

Yesterday, the Air Force announced that it has given new mothers approval to wear a special breastfeeding T-shirt under either the Airman Battle Uniform or Operational Camouflage Uniform.

Airman Battle Uniform Special Breastfeeding T-Shirt. That’s normal, in the dystopian Kafkaesque world that the military has become.

The announcement came 24 hours before the 75th anniversary of Operation Tidal Wave, the daring mission in 1943, when B-24 Liberators from the Ninth Air Force hit nine oil refineries in Nazi occupied Ploesti, Romania.

This mission was one of the costliest for the USAAF in the European Theater, with 53 aircraft and 660 aircrewmen lost. It was the second-worst loss ever suffered by the USAAF on a single mission and its date was later referred to as “Black Sunday”. Five Medals of Honor and 56 Distinguished Service Crosses along with numerous others awards were awarded to Operation Tidal Wave crew members.

I don’t know about you, but I have a hard time picturing lactating women on an operation like that.

The Air Force breastfeeding t-shirt was preceded by the Army‘s recent acceptance of the shirts. In April, the Army issued guidance for postpartum mothers to purchase the commercial clothing, manufactured by Miss Military Mom.

The website, Breastfeeding in Combat Boots, gives some helpful tips for women who will be pumping breast milk during field exercises or on overseas deployments.

You will be on the move constantly and most likely you will not have any electricity or refrigeration available. Despite all this, you can continue to pump while in field conditions or on the range. There are a number of items you will want to think about and prepare for before you leave. Download the Deployments, Schools and Trainings handout, or go to the Handouts page for more topics.

Speaking with your leadership is vital. Don’t go into the FTX or out to the range hoping that you can pump without anyone knowing about it. Let your command know that pumping while in the field or on the range will be necessary in order to keep from developing mastitis (you can request a note from medical).  Your leadership also needs to know your requirements for pumping, such as the amount of time you will need (15-30 minutes a couple of times a day) and where a suitable place in the field or at the range might be, ahead of time as well.

Operation Tidal Wave, bombing oil fields, Luftwaffe, Nazis, field exercises, deployments, breast milk…

The Big Red One, the famous First Infantry Division, a unit that landed on Omaha Beach on D-Day, among a thousand and one other campaigns it fought, announced that August 22, 2018 is Women’s Equality Day. If there’s anything more important to the country’s national security, it’s certainly women’s equality in infantry units.


This week, stories circulated around the Internet concerning the Army’s new physical fitness test or PT test, that will go into effect in 2020. The test, is both gender neutral and age neutral. The old test, in existence for nearly 40 years, had both age and gender standards in three categories: push ups, sit ups and a two mile run. In order for the Army’s leaders to convince themselves and idiots in Congress that there is no difference in the sexes, all standards are dissolving quicker than an Alka Setzer tablet in a glass of water. The Army has yet to create a scoring method for the new test. I’m betting there will be none, as everyone gets a trophy!

On July 20th, the Army Times reported that Captain Brittany de Barros, assigned to the Army’s Psychological Operations Command was under investigation after she went on several Twitter rants concerning her hatred for the racist, Islamophobic war mongering executive branch, and the nation that she serves. Captain de Barros is also a supporter of the Marxist terrorist group, Black Lives Matter.

Spencer Rapone, Brittany de Barros, Reality Winner, Bowe Bergdahl, Chelsea Manning, Jeffrey Nance. Uh, Arlington, we have a problem.

On July 19th, Fox News reported that the gutless commander of F.E. Warren Air Force Base in Wyoming has agreed to replace a Bible on a POW/MIA table with a generic “book of faith,” the Military Religious Freedom Foundation revealed this week. The MRFF is a militant organization that has fought against Nativity scenes, Bible studies and any outward expressions of the Christian faith on U.S. military installations.

The Air Force is leading the way among the services with its open hostility to Christianity and its promotion of secularism.

In an article on Task and Purpose from July 9th, Major Jenny Gunderson argues that the problem with the Army War College is that pregnant officers are not allowed to enroll in the school. No doubt, the Army needs more pregnant field grade officers and particularly ones to command battalions and brigades and divisions.

Once again, we find ourselves with this disturbing equation: Army + War + Women + Combat Arms + Pregnancies = Total Chaos

On June 21st, the Marine Times reported that two women had graduated from the Marine Corps’ Infantry Officer Course. With Pravda-esque fanfare, the graduation of two women from the course was celebrated with deluded feminist pomp and circumstance.

What the Marines didn’t tell you was that several weeks before the Corps had decided to drop the grueling combat endurance test that had been part of the course for 40 years. The reason for dropping the combat endurance test was obvious – no women could pass it. Drop the test and lo and behold women are now Marine Infantry Course graduates! Isn’t diversity cool?

The giant lie rolls on…

Speaking of diversity at the Army’s Camp Diversity in late June, a female Ranger School candidate was dropped from the course after it was discovered that she was pregnant.

No worries, Operation Bun in the Oven will march on. The female will be allowed to recycle and start again at Ranger School next year. Diversity is so wonderful.

The Boys of Pointe du Hoc, Merrills’ Marauders, Blackhawk Down, Mommy Rangers…

Rangers Lead the Way…to the Maternity Ward!

Also, in late June, the Chair of the Military History Department at the Army War College, Jen Mittelstadt, a woman who wouldn’t know a tracer round from a Twinkie, argued in an OPED that the Army War College needs to focus less on war and more civilian college in the curriculum.

Absolutely, Jen, where has the Army been for 200 years? It’s been focusing on military type stuff when all along it should have honed in on topics like: gender in battle, diversity in the counter-recon mission, using PC to mass combat power.

God help us all…

To be continued…

13 comments on “Six Months’ Worth of PC, Diversity and Leftist Destruction in the US Military – Part I
  1. With three Top Marines in the Trump administration I
    thought the PC Bullshit would go away. Not sure if they
    believe in these actions or simply have been rolled over and have given up. Either way America has been screwed! Trump tried. Extremely disappointed in my Marine leadership.

  2. What’s next?
    How about no more “spirit of the bayonet” because it implies something like violence?
    A separate sick call for all pregnant soldiers, after they get up at 1000?
    Mandatory report writing one day, proper usage of grammar the next, etc., instead of weapons training?
    War is just so very, very passé these days, isn’t it?

  3. This is a great critique and a must read. Like to see what Trump has to say about this. It appears he is more concerned with getting funding for more Bose systems than creating an effective fighting force.

    I have no faith in Matthis. Less in most of the pogues in the Pentagon or occupying the major command slots.

  4. I absolutely hate reading articles like this. Not because I disagree with them, but because they are so alarming. I pray to God that we never have to hold a line against a real army that hasn’t been distracted by frivolous garbage such as “diversity training”, or making sure we spend millions of dollars and countless hours making sure Pvt. Jane Doe is comfortable pumping her breasts at the range or during bivouac.

  5. This is so awful. Thank you, Ray, for keeping people apprised of what is going on. It is helpful information with which to discuss with Congress.

  6. Things turn to solid waste when members of the the ebola-bama approved protected classes are “in-charge”

    –Vietnam-era REMF

  7. “…the worst generation of senior officers this nation has ever fielded.” If you want the root of all the rot in the services, you have it right there in that statement. Any military unit or service is only as good as the leadership. Those senior “leaders” (who are nothing of the sort) are Obama people. They don’t give a damn about winning wars or completing successful operations, nor do they care about getting as many troops home alive, either. They care about looking good while being politically correct. Sadly enough, it will take quite a while to weed them all out, if it can be done.

    • Sadly, it’s my generation of senior officers who have let the military go to hell. We had the greatest mentors, all Vietnam vets who vowed to rebuild the military and to never go to war with one hand tied behind our back again. I wouldn’t follow any of the brass into water. Totally worthless.

  8. Very few war fighters any more. Most just political generals and damn sure not worth anything military. The entire military is going to hell and the country along with it. The army is the worst and others to follow.

  9. I’m just glad that I’m finally a member of the Over-the-Hill gang. I won’t be around much longer to see all of this PC crap completely devastate our military and country. The old saying “Better Red than Dead” should now be, “We will be Red and Dead.

  10. I guess that when it all goes to hell , all of us worn out bastards are going to have to hold the line the best we can with what we have. Be sure that we will be there.

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