Rangers Lead the Way – to the Maternity Ward!

By Ray Starmann

Here’s a brief update to the Pregnant Ranger story posted on US Defense Watch yesterday:

A source at the Mountain Ranger Camp at Dahlonega has informed USDW that a female Ranger School student is indeed pregnant. Apparently, this student and her boyfriend are in the same Ranger School class (yes, Virginia, it’s not your grandfather’s, your father’s or even your older brother’s Army anymore). Both students were recycled during the Benning phase. While in the ‘Gulag’ awaiting the beginning of the Benning phase recycle, she got pregnant.

She’s now at the Mountain Phase, and as of today, still has not been dropped from the course. Perhaps, she can take maternity leave from Ranger School and recycle again as part of a new Pregnancy Re-Entry Program at Benning for nursing Ranger mothers who can pump breast milk by day and seize an airfield at night!

The U.S. Army is dying before your eyes; a death caused by leftists, feminists and the complete and utter failure of Secretary of Defense Sleeping Dog Mattis to do anything to change the social engineering that is wreaking havoc on the fighting spirit and operational tempo of the military.

Once upon a time, the US Army Rangers had a mission – to kill people and break things. What’s their mission now – maternity leave, building lactation stations, composing breastfeeding support memorandums, wearing pregnancy simulators during PT runs?

The lunacy currently taking place in the lean green machine is nothing short of a disgrace and an insult to the brave men who served in the US Army Rangers and those who graduated from Ranger School in the past, when it wasn’t run by feckless feather merchant PC cowards and Obama holdouts.

7 comments on “Rangers Lead the Way – to the Maternity Ward!
  1. It looks like cat-fights are to become a new means of fighting for all our armed services. For that matter, maybe they’re moving towards a new assault weapon – 12.3 inch purses?

  2. Apparently getting her pregnant did not have the intended impact hoped for! (That was mean. Sorry for the sarcasm!) I cannot imagine how this must feel for the brave men who have sacrificed so much for this country. God bless you all.

  3. Has anyone heard a peep out of Pound Puppy Mattis lately? Or is he too busy writing his resume for that juicy military contractor job when he leaves office.

  4. I served with MEN in Viet Nam and our female troops were NOT fighting, they were in rear areas performing non combat roles.

  5. this gives new meaning to the term Ranger buddy when u r snuggling under the poncho on a cold night. and always that nagging question: does a pregnant paratrooperette get one and a half times jump pay?

  6. I’m not sure what this do-over stuff is. When I went to Ranger school there was no do-over. You either dropped out or finished the course. Upon finishing you were either awarded the tab or you went back to Benning in a cattle truck. Class 1 70, Aug. 26 1969

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