Good Morning Campers – It’s Denim Day at West Point!

By Ray Starmann

The Long Gray Line is dying before your very eyes. It is being murdered by Obama holdouts, diversity champions, politically correct Marxist professors and feminist nuts.

The United States Military Academy is sinking into the Hudson and General MacArthur’s million ghosts in olive drab, in brown khaki, in blue and gray, can rise from their white crosses thundering those magic words: DutyHonor, Country from now until forever.

No one at the Point is listening anymore…

The enemy is not at the gates of West Point. The enemy is inside and burning the institution down.

Today, I learned that it’s Denim Day at West Point. Yes, that’s right! It’s another day in Obama’s military, which is continuing to fester like a bad case of PC Herpes in Trump’s military, which is turning out to be no different than the nightmare we experienced from 2008-2016. It’s like a continual re-looping of Nightmare on Pentagon Street.

According to West Point’s official Facebook page, It’s #DenimDay at #USMA! Today’s uniform choice is part of an international effort to raise awareness of and prevent future sexual assault and harassment. Cadets, staff and faculty alike wore jeans to show commitment to ending sexual assault and harassment. For more info on Denim Day visit:

Isn’t that just so politically correct? Isn’t that just so progressive? Cadets, feel free to just rip off your uniform and put those skinny jeans on to show how much empathy you have for victims of sexual assault and harassment. Last year it was red high heels. This year it’s Calvin Klein’s.

And, for you transgender cadets, let it all hang out. Guys, wear that lipstick with the jeans, maybe some high heels too. Be yourself, no one there cares, especially the cadre. After all, they let a communist graduate.

No, it’s not an episode of the Twilight Zone. It’s another day in Mattis’ Military. You remember General Mattis. He was the tough hombre with the PX haircut and the big book collection who was going to kick in the door to the PC saloon at the Pentagon and kick some butt and take names.

Then, he met Senator Kirsten Gillibrand and the Mad Dog became a Chihuahua. Sometime during his confirmation hearing he surrendered his family jewels to her in a US Government mason jar and never looked back.

And, the castration of the US military marches on at Mach 4.

Can you imagine Lee, Grant, Custer!, Pershing, Patton and Schwarzkopf walking around in jeans at West Point as they showed empathy for sexual assault victims?

Denim Day is yet another indicator that the US Military Academy is now being run by traitorous, Obama worshiping, leftist scum who are intent on turning the military upside down.

They, like the other politically correct, cultural Marxists in the US military will not stop until the US military is not a military anymore; and nothing more than a waddling, lactating, PC force of soy boys and feminists, screaming their battle cry of ‘diversity!’

The US military is dying before our eyes. Only an idiot would think that nothing is wrong. On the contrary, just about everything is wrong in the military now. Sadly, the man brought into save the military, is proving to be just as worthless as the gutless diversity crusaders he replaced.

Denim Day, another clusterfu*k on the Mad Dog’s watch. And, yes, he’s responsible. He’s in charge.

25 comments on “Good Morning Campers – It’s Denim Day at West Point!
  1. Maybe the Commie Cadet had something to do with this?
    I think about how much I would have given to be able to go there and it makes me sad to see what it’s become.
    I also think it’s the climate that has changed the Army brought on by the Obama generals and his administration who PC’d everything they touched until it is now unrecognizable.
    It was once a dream of many (including me), but a fog has shrouded the Hudson, perhaps for evermore.

  2. I think the TREASON goes a little deeper then you boys think,I talked to a NAVY gal on leave a while back,SHE told me they could hardly wait till MARTIAL LAW was declared,they were coming after the GUN OWNERS,and CONSTITUALISTS,and all the TRUMP worshipping scum in america and kill them all,hahaha,YOU DUMB shits are going to have to fight your own military,and they won’t be alone,they have the UN MILITARY,the RUSSIANS AND CHINESE with them,thats why TREASON IS A HANGING OFFENCE,to bad theres no men in america to enforce it…..

    • Nitwit, my two sons and daughter, all officers in either the Army or Marine Corps, are not coming after Daddy. Maybe in your Socialist/Communist wet dream, not reality.

    • Hey moron:

      IF- our government ever does try to seize guns, it will not be local, state, federal cops, or U.S. military personnel doing so. It will be troops from other countries, wearing blue helmets.

      Unfortunately for them, IF that happens, many of them will die on American soil.

  3. “Dying for freedom isn’t the worst that could happen…dying for fraud is.” (and multiple millions did)

    • Yes, a lot of blood was shed believing for what this (once) great Nation was & stood for! It’s sickening & a disgrace!
      The Constitution & Bill of Rights were put together by brilliant (many God fearing) men who understood what it meant to look out for the Nation & Generations to come!
      People now days are arrogant, proud & too stupid to realize just how stupid they really are!
      *We can not give up, there still good folks out here who understands our Military sacrifices who paid the Ultimate price so even the goonish freaks would have freedom of speech. I wouldn’t slap there mouth’s I’d Slug them upside the head – Knock some real sense in them!!!!!!!


      Yes, there is a time for righteous Anger!

  4. To save the military from any of these brainwashed kay-dets, it would be best to immediately dis-establish the USMA, giving all of the cadets an honorable discharge, and firing the entire administration and faculty. Perhaps that would prevent too much more contamination in the ranks.

  5. Uniforms are optional. Our whole society is conducting bullshit empathy for social causes. It is now political correctness run amok. The tradition of the USMA is now to trash tradition and uniformity. Get rid of the UCMJ as well to honor the trans cadets who are now supposed to be leaders. Sigh

  6. Right now, the US military is depending on it’s technological superiority to guarantee US victory over it’s enemies. This will work for a while, but it’s really too expensive to maintain, the military really needs committed and patriotic leaders as both commanders and politicians. Sadly, these are very hard to find in the US these days.

  7. General Sleepy Dog Mattis is to blame. And Trump is the guy that hired him. The buck $tops at Trump!
    He could end this yesterday…if he cared.
    I’m sure Cadet Trump remembers when men were men. He looked so dashing in his New York MilitRy Academy uniform- and was even scouted by West Point for his athletic and military acumen. Sigh…his bone spurs dashed his dreams of martial glory.
    Prez Carter started this PC nonsense by putting girls in West Point. Defense Sec Ash Carter made it worse by fast tracking Obama’s PC Commie culture….the rot continues.

    To quote Cosmo Kramer; “We need to shut down and retool.”

  8. How about Denim Day to raise awareness of Islamic violence towards not only women, but everyone! Raise awareness about how violent and backwards Islam is with its 7th century desert ideology.

  9. I don’t know where you are getting your information, but the facts have eluded you. Why not do some legitimate research before writing about things of which you have no knowledge.
    Member, USMA class of 1967.

    • Fact One: Yesterday was Denim Day. Fact Two – the military has now been taken over by leftist Obama diversity loving holdouts. Fact Three – the cadre at the Point allowed a communist to graduate. You might want to research Spencer Rapone who is currently on active duty. Fact Four – only 7 percent of Americans from all generations have served. A very small percentage of Generation Xers and Millennials have served. Fact Five – the Army, which I served in for a total of eight years active and reserve is a shadow of itself. Say hi to Chris Matthews for me.

      • FACT 1: West Point actually prosecutes cadets for sexual misconduct. Denim day is not something I would have participated in as a cadet but allowing women changed a lot of things. Regardless, there is nothing sinister about it.
        FACT? 2: Stating something doesn’t make it true. You’ll have to do better than that.
        FACT 3: Should we now make religion and politics the basis on which USMA accepts and/or graduates cadets? What’s next? No Catholics or gun-owners? Your implied prohibition is disturbing at the Constitutional level.
        FACT? 4: Your reply is irrelevant to the discussion. The lack of patriotism is rooted in what is taught in local classrooms. What have you done to improve yours?
        FACT? 5: See my reply to FACT 2. Regardless, President Trump is providing, to the extent possible, the resources to make the military forces of the US stronger. Parenthetically, when I joined the Army in 1961 some were saying the military was a shadow of when they were in. they were referring, of course, to the levels in WWII and Korea. It’s an old and usually irrelevant refrain. We’ve never had less military might than we needed. (In Vietnam, we were prevented from using it, but not by Communists.
        PS: I don’t know Chris Matthews. I do know Trey Matthews, a good friend of mine at the Academy.
        I’ve wasted enough time on this; don’t expect me to read any reply from you.

        • One, West Point cadre largely consists of the PC, diversity crowd now. Two, walking around in Denim to support an international effort to stop sexual assault has nothing to do with the curriculum taught there, as you well know. Three – prohibition? I’m talking about the whole military environment which has been taken over by the PC crusaders, including the West Point cadre. Four – What have I don’t to improve my patriotism? I think by being a combat veteran of the 7th Cavalry, I don’t need to prove my patriotism to you or anyone else, ever.

  10. The collapse of Rome began and ended when politically correct Roman Senators ‘revamped ‘ Rome’s legions. Who says that progressives don’t know history?

  11. I’m a retired Marine Corps By Sgt and am sorry to hear this. I didn’t think Matt is would let this happen. This is bullshit.

  12. I graduated from USMA in 1957. Since that time, in fact every decade since that time, more changes are wrought in the name of “reform” than in the entire time previous to 1957. Women cadets and differing academic majors- yes. Legitimized sexual weirdness and post-constructionist patriotism- no. Differentiated PT standards- yes. Forced acceptance of graduates who can’t meet Army standards- no. Coed living with strictly enforced rules- yes. Special clothes for bucks and does- no.

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