Day of Delusion at the Pentagon: Infantry Women, National Security Equals Gender Neutrality, the Army is a Welfare Program and Pregnancies are No Hindrance to Combat Readiness

By Ray Starmann

As the feminist Kamikaze bears down on the U.S.S. Pentagon, spineless brass sip Mint Juleps on the bridge, adding up their pensions and hoping to abandon ship before the US military is catastrophically killed in the next war.

Which it will be, if nothing changes, mark my words.

Across the military, standards are dropping faster than a Greg Maddux sinker; as lackeys, perfumed princes, feather merchants and cultural Marxist, Obama holdouts do their best to make the US Military the Laughing Stock of the World.

Standards are hitting new lows across the board in the military, in order to fuel feminists’ fantasies. There are currently no physical standards at the Special Forces Qualification Course. What does this mean? It means that your 90 year old grandma can become a Green Beret now. The Marines recently chucked a grueling physical endurance test they had been using at the Marine Corps’ Officer Basic Course for 50 years. There is no longer a requirement to throw a live grenade successfully at Army Basic Training.  And, Fort Benning, is pumping out female Rangers faster than you can say ‘shotgun wedding.’

If women are passing Ranger School honestly, let’s see the records for all the women who graduated, starting in 2015, and including 37 year old Mommy Ranger.

I love the idea of a Mommy Ranger. She can seize an airfield one day, and pick up her son at soccer practice the next. Isn’t diversity cool? Oh rejoice, equal opportunity!

And, then there’s General Maude…!

 ‘These are the Mommies of Pointe du Hoc. These are the mothers who took the cliffs. These are the champions who helped free a continent. These are the heroes who helped end a war.’

God Help us all. ‘Colonel Darby, who was a mighty brave, is rolling around in his shallow grave.’

It is all a gigantic lie, a Potemkin Village waiting to be burnt down, a US Government, machine fabricated Quonset hut of cards that will collapse the moment the first green tracer rounds go down range in anger at our vanguard of crack, female troops. It is all a mammoth Pinocchio. Feminists know it. The generals know it. The Secretary of Defense knows it. Yet, it continues to metastasize like an unstoppable cancer.

Liberals applaud all of it as some kind of 21st Century civil rights crusade tantamount to a Dr. King march. What it is really tantamount to is national suicide.

Want to know the current state of PC, liberal delusion wafting through the US military now? Just listen to the comments recently made by several female general officers during the Women Leadership Roundtable Discussion at the Pentagon on February 7, 2018, aka ‘The Day of Delusion.’

Major General Marion Garcia, commanding general for the 200th Military Police Command, shared her experiences with congressional staff delegates and fellow general officers at the Roundtable.

“I just know that the future leader of the Army is going to be a woman because that person is going to be infantry and come up through the ranks and do it. I know they can,” said Garcia.

Of course they can! Within a year there will be no physical standards remaining in the US Army, much less the entire military to accommodate women into the combat arms. Ten old ladies steering walkers into a Marie Callender’s is the new infantry squad of 2018.

The Day of Delusion continued with comments by Major General Tammy Smith:

“Women don’t go to Pathfinder School,’” she recalled as she conveyed the response she received when she asked to attend the course in her earlier years, even though the rules had changed, allowing her to do so. Today, that culture has changed drastically, and that situation would play out much differently, she said. There is recourse for a supervisor who prevents female Soldiers and officers to attend courses that they are eligible for, she said.

I wonder how Smith would have done on D-Day, jumping into Normandy in the middle of the night to light the drop zones for the main airborne effort? Why do I get the feeling she would have gotten pregnant to avoid being deployed to the ETO in the first place? But, back then, the military didn’t have to deal with this nonsense. In 1944, the military was focused on winning a world war, not on placating the feminist and LGBT lobby. To Smith, like most feminists, the combat arms and its schools are just useful tools for them to use on the road up the career ladder, national security be damned.

The general officers conveyed how the military has changed since they first joined, discussed the stigma of pregnancy in some command environments and talked about balancing civilian life and their military careers while serving in the Army Reserve.

The military has not changed. It has self-destructed like one of Mr. Phelps’ reel to reel decks.

“It’s not easy raising kids while you’re doing this,” said Maj. Gen. Mary Link, commanding general, Army Reserve Medical Command.

Well, General Link. If the Army wanted you to have a kid, they would have issued you one.

“The Army Reserve has been very good as far as being able to balance those other priorities in my life,” said Brig. Gen. Lisa Doumont, commanding general, Medical Readiness and Training Command.

“I had twins, and then I was pregnant with my third son, so I said, ‘You know, I want to be around,’ so I left active duty and came into the Army Reserve. It’s been wonderful,” she said.

Absolutely! The Army exists to serve the needs of pregnant soldiers. And, with the Army’s new breastfeeding and lactation policies, pumping and storing breast milk in the field was never easier! Remember, to balance lactation support with readiness!

Lt. Col. Angela Wallace, public affairs officer, Army Reserve Medical Command and moderator for the event, opened the roundtable discussion and set the scene for the panel, stressing how America’s security thrives when relying on every service member’s talents, regardless of gender.

Obviously, Wallace has never been in a war, much less a fire fight, much less within 5000 miles of any shot and shell. She should ask any surviving veterans of Iwo Jima, Okinawa, Pelelieu, Omaha Beach and the Bulge, how having women in the combat arms would have added anything except total disaster to those military operations and battles.

When Garcia was asked about her experience as a military police officer, she said, “This was one of those branches that had been open to women for quite some time.”

“(Military police) run gun trucks ahead of the infantry to clear the roadways and make sure they can get to where they need to go. We’ve been doing that for years,” she said.

I’m not sure what Garcia is talking about, but it’s actually the infantry that seize and hold ground, not the military police. But, keep on dreaming, general.

Lieutenant General Gwen Bingham, Army assistant chief of staff for Installation Management, recalls an earlier time when her male leaders reacted to her pregnant appearance.

“Whoa, what happened here? What’d you go and do that for?” and “Soldier! What kind of uniform are you wearing? Is that the right uniform?” Bingham repeated. “Today, the military services are more pregnancy friendly. Maternity uniforms are available for pregnant service members and pregnancies are no longer seen as a hindrance or inconvenience.”

No, pregnancies are no hindrance at all. In fact, throughout history there are thousands of examples of pregnant soldiers fighting in battles, in fact whole units that were in fact, pregnant. Who can forget the 10th Welch ‘Bun in the Oven’ Regiment at the Somme? Where has the military been all this time?  Of course, the pregnant soldier is completely non-deployable, but don’t worry about that. The important thing is that the military is a big social welfare program and is there to provide its soldiers with cradle to grave benefits.

Maternity Army Combat Uniform… Let that bit of total lunacy roll around in your cabeza for a moment.

Goodbye Patton, MacArthur, Collins, Ridgway and Schwarzkopf. Hello, Garcia, Bingham, Wallace and Link.

God help us all.

Of course when questioned about the feminist destruction derby taking place in the military, the first thing out of the liberal mouth is that real bastions of militarism and prowess like Sweden have women in the infantry.

Bravo for the Swedes – they faded out as a group of bad ass killers in about 1100 A.D. with the advent of Christianity in Scandinavia. The only Vikings left are the guys from Minnesota who now play in a domed stadium because the snow is tough on their fragile Millennial bodies.

And, Bud Grant ain’t smiling…

Message to the Obama loyalists and feminists in the US Military. We ain’t Sweden. We ain’t Belgium. We ain’t Canada, nor are we Germany, a country that gave the world Rommel and the Afrika Korps, but now couldn’t find ten men with testosterone running through their veins.

On the contrary, the USA has some very tough and very determined enemies, enemies who will bringing planes, tanks, ships and MEN to the next war with us. And, we are in the process of committing national suicide.

I have a few questions for Generals Garcia, Bingham, Wallace and Link:

How does the integration of women into the combat arms increase or maintain a unit’s operational tempo?

How does the integration of women into the combat arms increase a unit’s strength?

How does the integration of women into the combat arms increase or maintain esprit de corps and the camaraderie of men in battle?

How does the integration of women into the combat arms not create a high school atmosphere in what was once a hard-nosed, all male, efficient group of steely eyed killers?

How does the integration of women into the combat arms increase or maintain our national security?

Do you understand that our enemies, who will be bringing only men to war, view us as politically correct imbeciles?

Besides given feminists a big warm and fuzzy, how does the integration of women into the combat arms do anything, but turn the US military into a feminized weakling?

Will you take responsibility for the thousands of dead women who will be arriving home in flag draped coffins in our next conflict, casualties of your stupidity, selfishness and dishonesty?

Of course you won’t. People like you never do.

The Day of Delusion speaks volumes about the current politically correct atmosphere that is burning down the military.

Infantry Women, National Security Equals Gender Neutrality, the Army is a Welfare Program and Pregnancies are No Hindrance to Combat Readiness.

The Hour of the Clusterfu*k is rapidly approaching and there is no one who has the guts to stop it.

31 comments on “Day of Delusion at the Pentagon: Infantry Women, National Security Equals Gender Neutrality, the Army is a Welfare Program and Pregnancies are No Hindrance to Combat Readiness
  1. But the ‘perfumed prince” running the U.S. Air Force Academy says, “Diversity is a force multiplier. We must do this together — all ranks and ages, races and religions, sexual orientations and identities — all of us,” Silveria writes.” Yeah right, multiply the force with a lactation pump. All those non-deployable LGBT and Moms are really a force multiplier. Apparently war fighting and lethality are a side issue at the ‘Diversity School”.

  2. Good Lord…this is getting out of hand. On what planet does someone think that pregnancies aren’t a hindrance to readiness?! It CERTAINLY won’t help! All that tax money that will be spent on healthcare for the baby and mother could, at the very least, be spent on ammo, or perhaps new uniforms. HOW IN THE HELL DO YOU COME TO A CONCLUSION LIKE THIS?!?! It’s astronomically absurd and I’m fascinating how this narrative isn’t being laughed out of the room.

    My God what is going on in the military?! I’m alarmed at how far it has fallen since I got out, and that was in ’03. How are we supposed to focus on defense when we don’t even have officers who can’t see how a pregnancy can be a liability?! The first wave of Operation U.S. Army Kamikaze is near completion.

    Status report: lowered/dropped standards have been fully implemented and as a result, females are settling in nicely to their new environments. IFAKs with tampons issued and we will begin evaluating accusations of sexual harassment and offensive language used by males immediately.

  3. You can be sure that the enemy military will not be run by or manned by women, you can be sure that the enemy military will train their men to kill, destroy, and win without mercy, the US military will be trained to wave big white table cloths at the enemy and beg for mercy.

  4. We live in a nation of people are so incredibly delusional that they think women are equal to men and that women should have the right to vote. No one should be surprised at a feminized military, nor should they be surprised when America is plundered and no one will lift a finger to stop it.

    • And why all of us Vets and non vets think the 2nd Amendment is so vital to national security. It will be the saving of a free America. Never surrender your lawfully owned firearms folks. Never….

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  6. It’s just PROPHECY playing out…

    “Babylon’s warriors have stopped fighting; they remain in their strongholds. Their strength is exhausted; they have become AS WOMEN. Her dwellings are set on fire; the bars of her gates are broken.”

  7. When quoting the Founding Father’s objection to a “standing army” people always assume that the complaint was simply fear of a military takeover. I believe people have missed the Founding Father’s other fear, COMMUNALISM. The military is the purest form of COMMUNISM:
    “FROM each according to his ability, TO each according to his NEED” THAT is the military defined.
    The soldiers are given all they need to function and carry out their mission, and assured medical care and pensions.
    In return they do as they are told without thought or question.
    nd all that the Founding Fathers wanted to see in the new Nation.
    The Fathers did not want their new Nation INFECTED with COMMUNALISTIC tendencies. They wanted the tree of liberty to grow, not be strangled by the clinging vine of Militaristic Tribal Communalism.
    There is a new phrase: “GREEN WELFARE” …. for people who join the military because they are INCAPABLE of “hacking it” in the real world and need a HIGHLY STRUCTURED environment (like prison) to cope. The military, where you wear your “social standing” on your arm, you know EXACTLY where you fit in the social structure, and all your decisions are made for you.
    “It is no longer a question of controlling a military-industrial complex, but rather, of keeping the United States from becoming a totally military culture.” — Jerome Weisner, president emeritus of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology

  8. All the better. It needs to collapse before it can ever be rebuilt. After an eight-year break in service, I re-enlisted as an Active Army Reservist in 1979. I could not even fathom the change for the worse since my active duty time(1969-1971).
    When I went back in, I was assigned as a POW Interrogator in a MI Company because I spoke German(MOS 97E40). The female enlisted were fast-tracked into Warrant Officers. All they had to do was sleep with the right Officer or threaten to go to the IG. I had enough and left in 1986. Never looked back.

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  10. How comforting to know that our military services have become pregnancy friendly, and that even maternity uniforms are now available to our mighty maidens. This will undoubtedly have a positive impact on over-all combat readiness and efficiency.

  11. These feminist/communist are destroying this nation. Women DO NOT BELONG IN COMBAT UNITS period. Men have fought wars, I repeat men. We’re in trouble as a nation.

  12. Hey a healthy dose of ISIS Gang Rape will cure All of these Stinky Vags & make it clear that Barefoot & Pregnant means you Stay Home & Take Care of Your Kids don’t make the US Taxpayer cover your Drunken sexcapades or artificial insemination or sex change. Ask the German women about Mass Rape by the Russians at the end of WW2 or about the Mass Rapes by Scuzlim Rapeugees today.

  13. Well, General Link. If the Army wanted you to have a kid, they would have issued you one.

    And if a wife were wanted there would be a class of women with green baggy skin!

  14. That picture said it all. Yeah, good luck winning a war when all the requirements are an afterthought to your professional ego.
    We are so screwed. Even if we fast track robots into campaigns we’re not on top of the industry because, unlike other countries, we’re not going full nazi with the “research”. Forget draining the swamp, there’s probably a military term for complete annihilation. And I’m not advocating a internal national conflict, this needs to end before it even gets started. *** ridiculous!

  15. Ray, as always, you are spot on, and please,,, keep your commentary coming. Maybe, just maybe, someone, still with their balls attached in the Pentagon will wake up before the entire feminist takeover over the military and do something about it. Our enemies are rolling on the ground with laughter at our feminized, pussified, military. A buddy who recently discharged from the 101st Screaming Eagles, sent me a photo of the soldiers of the year for all four brigades and HHQ. All Women. I am sad, and embarrassed.

  16. Just wait until one of these combat women become a POW…..what then. Can you imagine what the enemy can do to a woman before we bend over backwards to get her released.
    What are these so called leaders thinking anyway.
    Unbelievable to say the least.

  17. for 30 years, I have seen the politically correct elites in league with their Cheese Eating Chardonnay drinking limp wristed philosophers scheming and engineering their way into this… how insidiously they have maneuvered their way into the strategic and national levels of leadership… we have only to wait for the body bags to come back filled with these women warriors…
    and how many good men will have had to come back in body bags needlessly because of the combat failings of the New Shield Maidens…
    REALLY…. I will not push my grandsons to serve in such a military…. in ANY BRANCH…. the enemy is already inside the gates.

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  19. “The Camel has its nose under the tent”….The above responses are from very experienced and intelligent people…knowing that…I am absolutely sickened by the state of affairs that now calls itself the US Military….Do we not recognize the screaming fact that our very future as a Country is on the line? We are ONE combat experience away from becoming totally neutered…Hope the feminist in those General positions are happy with what they have wrought…..

  20. You did not mention the IDF. Person per person one of the best fighting forces in the world. Well, maybe because that is because they are almost Jews, and you all know how superior the Jews are 🙂

    and the women there are not a token presence.

    I suspect that some of those women could take on many of the men who visit this site.

    So — did you not mention the IDF our of stupidity, ignorance or fear?

  21. Israeli Army has some pretty badass women. But they are trained from the teen years along side their male counterparts to the same standards. A different culture yields much different results. You are just as dead from either gender in their Army. They do not fool around. The Pentagon could be schooled.

  22. Demonstrating very clearly, when looneyeffinliberals get into positions of authority, strange stuff happens.

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