A Perfect Storm is Brewing in Army Recruiting – Does It Know Why?

By Ray Starmann

Two days ago, it was reported that the Army will fall short of its goal to recruit 80,000 new soldiers this year.

According to the Associated Press:

Army officials say the updated goal will be 76,500. Six months into the recruiting year the service has brought in just 28,000 new soldiers.

Army spokeswoman Cynthia Smith said the main effort is to grow the Army to 483,500, as approved by Congress.

The struggle to meet this year’s higher recruiting numbers — which were a significant hike over last year’s recruiting mission of 69,000 — was expected, mainly due to the favorable American economy and increased competition from private sector employers who are able to pay graduates more money.

Maj. Gen. Jeff Snow, head of the Army’s recruiting command, predicted late last year that the higher enlistment goal would be difficult to meet this year, considering the combination of economic factors and the military’s need for recruits to pass strict physical testing that many young people can’t complete.

“This mission is going to be a significant challenge for the command,” he told The Associated Press in December. Meeting the increased mission this year, Snow said, could force the Army to take in more recruits who require waivers for marijuana use, low test scores or other more basic health issues.

Data on waivers issued this year was not available Friday morning. But, in December Snow said his goal for 2017 was to have fewer than 2 percent of the new recruits be considered “category four,” meaning they scored 31 or less, out of 99, on the aptitude test. Army leaders have also endorsed that 2 percent limit, even though the Defense Department allows up to 4 percent.

Defense officials have also complained that despite the last 16 years of war in Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria, the American public is increasingly disconnected from the military, and they say many people have misperceptions about serving and often don’t personally know any service members.

No doubt, Snow has a tough job. He’s trying to create soldiers out of thin air and the only way possible to maintain the numbers is by cooking the books and counting re-enlisting soldiers as new recruits.

Eventually, those troopers who are re-upping will be leaving the service or retiring one day. The Army, like all organizations needs fresh blood.

And, they ain’t getting it.

Does Snow know a perfect storm is brewing with Army Recruiting? I doubt it. He’s in the eye of the PC hurricane which has moved up the Potomac and is centered over the Pentagon deluging it with social engineering hail.

Yes, the economy is getting better because of President Trump’s economic policies. But, the economy was booming in the 1980’s under Reagan and the military was swelling with recruits and with young people who wanted to become officers as well.

Army Recruiting also has to deal with a whole generation of Millennial recruits or wannabee recruits who are essentially made of Jello. Besides the fact that Millennial men are the weakest in American history, many are largely uninterested in joining the military.

In the Millennial world, it’s “Ask not what you can do for your country, it’s what everyone can do for you.”

And, that’s a problem…

Combine the Millennial generation’s patriotic lethargy and sense of entitlement with Baby Boomer and Generation X parents who never served and know nothing about the military.

The era of the American dad telling his son to join the Army because it will make you a man is over.

If that wasn’t a big enough problem for the Army, there’s another reason and perhaps the most worrisome one why it’s not meeting its recruiting goals.

In Middle America, there are still some Millennial men who are red-blooded patriots who, in prior times, would have been considering a military career, even a short-lived one before heading on to college. This last bastion of young men now view the Army as feminized to the point of no return.

Back in the 80’s, joining the military was still seen as a right of passage; something tough and macho to do.

How macho can an Army be that has lactating mothers expressing breast milk in the field?

Joining the Army is now longer seen as a right of passage to manhood. How can it be? Its ranks are filled with waddling women in Maternity Army Combat Uniforms.

Why would any young man want to go to Ranger School now, when Ranger School graduated Major Lisa Jaster, a 37 year old Mommy of two? If Mommies can make it now through what used to be some of the toughest military training in the world; what is the allure of going to Ranger School in 2018? Apparently, Ranger School has now graduated over a dozen women, yet no one from Congress has been given access to any records, including the Green Cards (Ranger School Report Cards) for any of the females. In fact, when Congressman Steve Russell requested the records, he was told they had been destroyed. Instead of the records and Green Cards, Russell was sent some half-assed white paper detailing how women were competing with men at Ranger School.


How about Special Forces? Sadly, that’s on its way to being flushed down the PC commode as well. A couple months ago, several members of the Special Forces Qualification Course cadre, in a scathing 14 page letter, revealed that there are no physical standards to become a Green Beret anymore. The Army dropped the standards to allow women to graduate. Why would any young man want to join the Army to one day serve in Special Forces, when your great-grandma could become a Green Beret?

Across the board, the Army and the rest of the services are shredding standards to accommodate women and in the process, they’re hammering a nail in the coffin of recruiting the type of men who served in the combat arms and special operations.

The Army is committing Hari-Kari. If anyone on active duty knows the real reason the Army isn’t bringing in recruits, no doubt they’re keeping silent.

To utter the truth in the Pentagon in 2018 is tantamount to committing blasphemy.

16 comments on “A Perfect Storm is Brewing in Army Recruiting – Does It Know Why?
  1. Careful, you’re being mean….
    You might have mentioned the Obama Generals and Admirals, too. After 8 years worth of “Yes, sir, yes, sir,” to someone who never served and laid waste to our military and naval services, it has come to this.
    For those who went to Vietnam, I’m sure most (if not all) of us are thankful that women weren’t nearby, because most of us were raised to protect the women and children first. It certainly would have increased how many names are on The Wall today.

  2. Translation: “Guess we’re gonna have to lower standards (yet again) and start begging females to join even more than before!!!”

    …anyway, you hit the nail on the head toward the end of this article. Males aren’t as eager to participate in something that’s “so easy a girl can do it.” The military SHOULD be attracting males with type-A personalities because, well, testosterone generally makes people biologically stronger, faster and more aggressive. You know, attributes you would want in a fighting force, regardless of what some snowflake liberal screams at you about. Unfortunately, in its recent crusade to be more “inclusive” and not hurt feelings (because of some feminist politicians who make choices based on emotion rather than rational thought), the military has completely forgotten about appealing to more MALES. It no longer feels like that “Band of Brothers” with bonds as physically and mentally strong as the men who went to hell and back for each other. How could anyone who just graduated Ranger school get motivated about what they just accomplished when some 5’2 chick who paints her nails is standing next to you?

    Oh we’ll, just like everything else it touches, liberalism is ruining the military…turning it into just another job any high school drop-out can do instead of something special…and the very people you need are completely turned off by that.

  3. No wonder they have problems, allowing queers and trannies. Add to the mix females in the Rangers WTF? the special forces used to be special, no more. Over half of the kiddies of military age are quite simply a bunch of babies and pusses. Damn few men any more.

  4. Why would I want to join an army that is more concerned with social justice/engineering that SOLDIERING ! Nothing it for us millenials.

  5. When the US military isn’t serving American interests it’s no surprise that Americans are wavering in their support for the military. I’d sooner turn the gun on my own Zionist occupied government than let them coerce me or my loved ones into yet another European war for Israel.

    Our troops were supposed to COME HOME under Trump, but he turned out to be no different than his last 2 predecessors when it came to nation building in the ME for Israel and their God forsaken Yinon Plan.

    Bring our troops home and tell Israel’s lobby to GTFO of America and go fight it’s own expansionist war, with it’s own people’s blood and treasure for a change.

  6. Damn. Just…

    I don’t know you usdefensewatch.com, and I will be doing some high and stiff cross-checking for factuality.

    Doubtless, you expect this and fear not.

    If you are the ‘real-deal’, and this is FACT.

    I repeat;
    Damn. Just…

  7. How about this idea? All those students and graduates with huge student loans, that are under-employed and are too under-paid to pay those loans, may be induced to join if they get help with those loans.

    The only problem I see is that they’ll assume that even if they have a useless degree, such as “gender studies”, they should go into officer training!

  8. I served in VN in the 60s. Thank God I didn’t have to serve with some big assed lesbian or some guy decked out in a dress.

  9. This is a good place for dreamers!! They could get that dream out of their collective systems.

  10. BS on the Xer comment. Who filled the quotas for the Afghan and Iraqi wars plus the surge? Is there some generation I haven’t heard of in between X and millennials? While I agree with the idea men want to fight with men, it comes down to the size of the warriors’ heart and commitment to the mission. Men and women can inspire each other. Think Russian women in WWII. If they’re skimping requirements so women can get in, they shouldn’t. Don’t blame the millennials for not wanting to serve. My son (17) has seen his whole life the misadventures of our government fighting in shite hole countries for people who know NOTHING of honor. ISIS comes strolling in and Iraqis drop their uniforms and run, leaving all the American equipment behind. Does that inspire you? Afghanistan is a never ending quagmire where the message has been lost for years because ultimately, afghanis don’t cherish our values. The next generation of millennials are less pc than you think, but less naive than the previous. Get out of the middle east and you might find them coming back. Nobody wants to fight their father’s war. This generation has been hand fed WWII through video games and they want to know what they’re doing has a positive impact and possibly saving the world from a greater, larger, discernable evil. Courage is not dead in this country, but a generation’s will to fight a war with no end game is all, but dead. Our history shows time again there are very few positive outcomes to these types of wars and more questions than answers. They are very cognizant of US history of the past century.

  11. Yep, ok. Baby boomers did most of the fighting in Vietnam. Unfortunately, that generation was forced into service which is why so many men served. It was also the beginning of the U.S. misadventures and that misadventure is why the word “draft” to this day is used with the greatest of reservations. Since then, we’ve created strategic partnerships in various regions, armed them with advanced weaponry, and usually form a coalition with those countries when acting militarily. So technically, you’re right, but how war is conducted now is way different and combining of ally assets requires a smaller amount of the population to serve. That doesn’t mean they aren’t patriotic. I had numerous Xer friends turned down because recruiting quotas were already met and friends and acquaintances returning from the battlefield (Army), when they were honest, they said they’d never encourage their sons to join if we were still in the Middle East when they came of age because in their eyes, the people weren’t worth spilling their blood over. Every generation spills a little blood to nurture the tree of liberty. Some generations have simply given more and some much more. But I understand what you’re saying about the younger generation. However, many young people are persecuted for their belief in the Constitution and in God in their homeland. Some are fighting the battle for our democracy that can’t be overlooked. We need to stand with them and not look down on them. The real war is here thanks to the last presidency and deep state. Until we’re out of the middle east and the rule of law is restored here in the U.S., I don’t think the confidence in our government by the younger generation is there to maintain a strong military.

  12. I’ve been I’m the military for 22 years and you are full of crap. Our females are often the hardest working and most competent. And they all signed on the dotted line too. How dare you disrespect them. If you’re not in the military a simple thank you will do. If you are, do us a favor and get out.

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