Our Enemies are Dying with Laughter

By Ray Starmann

The road to total military disaster is being paved by feminists, Obama holdouts and cultural Marxists who have infiltrated the armed forces at the highest levels in the last decade, while warriors have become an endangered species in the Pentagon.

The Hour of the Clusterfu*k approaches and yet across the world, the US military marches on, like martinets suffering from cognitive dissonance, not committed to warfighting anymore, but to a much higher calling, diversity.

Meanwhile, our enemies are dying with laughter. Our enemies know that the US military in 2018 is a feminized, PC weakling. Our enemies know that as every day passes and new politically correct orders are generated, the US military is one step closer to total annihilation in the next war, against foes that will coming to the field with navies, armies and air forces.

As our enemies train for war, we train for social justice.

This is not a military of Pappy Boyingtons, Chesty Pullers and Pattons. This is a military of Chelsea Mannings, Bowe Bergdahls and Spencer Rapones.

This is a military that is more concerned about micro-aggressions than maximum fire power.

This is a military with Mommy Rangers.

This is a military ordered to balance lactation support with readiness.

Have no doubt, the North Koreans, the Chinese, the Russians, the Iranians and every other thug in the world who wants to take a punch at the United States has observed with absolute delight, Operation Kamikaze, the deliberate weakening of our military by leftist social engineers, actions made possible by gutless generals more concerned about their pensions than about the nation they serve.

After reading this list, wouldn’t you be laughing too, if you were a Russian Army general, a Chinese Navy admiral, a North Korean Politburo member?

The following are just some examples of the lunatic, social engineering events that took place in the US military during the Obama Administration:

Feminists drove the Pentagon to authorize women to serve in the crown jewels of the military, the combat arms and special operations forces; i.e. infantry, cavalry, artillery, the Rangers, Delta Force and the Navy SEALs.

US Army soldiers were ordered to conduct physical training while wearing pregnancy simulators.

ROTC cadets were ordered to wear red high heels to show empathy to rape victims.

Breastfeeding and lactation memos were distributed to special operations soldiers.

The Bible and Declaration of Independence were taught as sexist documents during online DoD classes.

The Pentagon issued transgender handbooks and the Marines, yes, the Marines, came out with a Gender Neutral Terms manual.

Marine Corps Unconscious Bias Training Teams visited bases, to re-educate males into believing that women are capable of handling the physical rigors of the combat arms.

A female sailor, serving aboard the aircraft carrier, USS Dwight D. Eisenhower, delivered a 7-pound baby girl. According to the Navy, the woman had no idea she was pregnant.

If the concept of delivering babies aboard US ships of war isn’t ludicrous enough, the Navy doubled down on the insanity by making the following statement:

“As the baby was born at sea aboard an operational unit, the main focus for the U.S. Navy, the ship and its crew is the safety and well being of the baby and the mother,” Cmdr. Bill Urban, U.S. Naval Forces Central Command spokesman, told The Virginian-Pilot.

No, Commander Urban, the main focus for the US Navy should be training to defend the nation and win wars, not running OBGYN clinics aboard ships, you politically correct dimwit.

Urban also stated that an incubator, diapers and formula were flown out to the carrier following the baby’s birth. The incubator was used to transport the baby during the medical evacuation

A July 14, 2016 notification, signed by Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus, indicated he intended to name a planned Military Sealift Command fleet oiler USNS Harvey Milk (T-AO-206). The ship would be the second of the John Lewis-class oilers being built by General Dynamics NASSCO in San Diego, Calif.

What could be a better example of Obama’s destruction of the military than the disgraceful conduct of the US Navy in the Persian Gulf in January 2016, when Lieutenant David Nartker surrendered his men and boats to the Iranians without firing a shot, then proceeded to violate the Code of Conduct by groveling to the Iranians on worldwide TV, while one of his sailors was openly weeping on camera.

Fox News reported that Air Force personnel at Travis Air Base played the child’s game, Hungry Hippos in order to foster better teamwork. Apparently, baseball and dodge ball are out. Someone might get hurt after all. Heaven forbid! Dodge ball fosters aggressiveness.

An Air Force Major General was forced to retire after telling a fellow officer that he was “drunker than 10,000 Indians.”

On Secretary of Defense General James ‘Sleeping Dog’ Mattis’ watch, the following PC lunacy, social engineering and serious discipline problems have been allowed to continue in the US military.

At the Air Force Academy, which is currently being run by a lesbian, the headliners at the Academy’s recent 25th National Character and Leadership Symposium were: Air Force Staff Sgt. Logan Ireland and his “wife,” Laila, who had served as a male soldier in the U.S. Army before his/her transgender transition; Cornel West, a celebrity Marxist philosopher, LGBT activist, propagandist for Communist China’s genocidal dictator Mao Zedong, and Harvard professor of African-American Studies; and Dr. Ruth Westheimer, the aging sexologist and media darling who endorses virtually every form of sexual deviancy, as long as it’s done “lovingly.”

In the lean green machine, nearly 500 women are serving in various combat billets throughout the Army, officials said.

Oh rejoice! Celebrate diversity!

Moreover, 10 women have “graduated” from the Army’s grueling Ranger course and one is serving as an officer with a Ranger regiment. Nearly 74 women have graduated from Infantry or Armor Basic Officer Leader’s Course.

As reported a couple of weeks ago…

The U.S. Marine Corps will no longer require prospective officers to pass a punishing combat endurance test to graduate from the service’s Infantry Officer Course.

 “Over the past 40 years, the Marine Corps has made multiple modifications to Infantry Officer Course (IOC) program of instruction (POI) to reflect the requirements of the operating environment,” Training Command said in a statement. “The quality of the course remains the same.”

How can the course remain the same if the combat endurance test has been taken out? And, we all know the reason the combat endurance test has been taken out – because women can’t pass the course.

Don’t worry about fighting wars, the important thing is that everyone gets their own body bag, a Capri Sun and picked up by Mommy at the end of the day.

Following on this bit of absurdity was the Marine Times article, “Where are the Female Marines?”

The story indicates that a total of 92 women are operating in a multitude of combat billets across the Corps, from rifleman to armored reconnaissance to combat engineers.

Yet only 11 enlisted women are serving today in the traditional “03” infantry career fields, Marine Corps officials said. No women have even attempted the Basic Reconnaissance Course or Amphibious Reconnaissance Course, and there are no female snipers, according to data provided by Manpower and Reserve Affairs.

But, times are changing. The Marines, like the rest of the services are under extreme pressure to shove square pegs in round holes and graduate women in combat arms schools, even though they are physically unable to pass the courses.

According to Maoist Cultural Revolution Comrade and Gender Neutral Marine Thing, Maj. Brian T. Block, “There is no target number or quota for how many female Marines should be in ground combat fields or units; the focus is on combat effectiveness.”

Yes, the focus is definitely on combat effectiveness, that’s why we’re recruiting women for the combat arms. Block might want to have a chat with any living Marines who fought at Iwo Jima and Peleliu and Hue and the Frozen Chosin and Fallujah and ask them about combat effectiveness.

“We are systematically executing the Marine Corps Force Integration Plan.”

“As the Corps continues to push its gender integration plan it has been resolute on maintaining “standards, while leveraging every opportunity to optimize individual performance, talent, and skills in order to maximize the Corps’ warfighting capabilities.”

Wait a second, Major Blockhead. I just reported that the Corps is dropping the grueling combat endurance test, aka LOWERING STANDARDS.

Commandant of the Marine Corps Gen. Robert B. Neller said in late January he wanted to grow the number women in the entire Marine Corps to 10 percent, up from today’s 8 percent female force. That would likely boost the number of women in the combat arms.

I just have one question for General Neller. How does integrating women into the combat arms increase a unit’s speed, strength and overall combat power?

They don’t and everyone knows it.

War is about speed, lethality and the ability to have an operational tempo that inflicts maximum death faster and more violently than the guy you’re shooting at. And, yes, our enemies will only be bringing Ivan, Chin and Kim Jong to the battlefield. On the other hand, we’ll be bringing Kaylee, Chelsea, Juanita and Claire.

We, on the other hand will be bringing mothers, sisters, wives, sweethearts and daughters to war.

In the US Army, more than 100,000 soldiers are unable to deploy, officials said. For a large percentage of those soldiers, it is due to injuries sustained during training.

Think about that…100,000 US Army troopers who can’t deploy, many due to training injuries. Since most of the Army’s training ain’t exactly summer camp with Vince Lombardi and the Green Bay Packers in 1966, what the Army is really saying is that one, the Army’s soldiers are out of shape and two, the Army is now flooded with females who are walking stress fractures waiting to happen.

The Army is now developing a replacement for the Army Physical Fitness Test, while also working to introduce new standards for recruits and revamp training at the start of military careers. Officials are developing new doctrine, regulations and policies related to physical fitness.

That initiative, years in the making, would include the creation of Soldier Performance Readiness Centers that would embed strength and conditioning coaches, physical therapists, nutritionists, sports psychologists, counselors and others within combat units.

Just what the combat arms need, another distraction; physical therapists, nutritionists and sports psychologists.

In the old Army, meaning pre-Clinton era, the sports psychologist was known by his other term of endearment, Drill Sergeant, or perhaps, Command Sergeant Major.

In the old Army, the physical therapist was a medic who handed you some aspirin.

In the old Army that won wars, the nutritionist had a different name. HE was called the Mess Sergeant.

According to Major General Malcolm Frost, “The U.S. Army will drop its hand grenade competency requirement for graduation from basic training because getting recruits to pass it is taking ‘too much time’ and they’re just not strong enough.”

And, oh by the way, apparently land navigation is no longer a requirement at Basic Training. We wouldn’t soldiers to know how to read a map would we?

And, no, you’re not always going to have a GPS.

Frost pointed out some other big changes at Basic.

“What leaders have observed is that, in general, they believe that there’s too much of a sense of entitlement, questioning of lawful orders, not listening to instruction. Too much of a buddy mentality with NCOs and officers,” Frost said.

Recruits questioning lawful orders? Not listening to instruction? In the old days the recruit would be run over by Smokey the Bear driving the Kiwi Express. What was left of him would be digging a ten foot hole to bury a cigarette after he ran two miles around the barracks with a M-60 over his head.

But, the Army doesn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings.

Drill sergeants will evaluate recruits on their discipline, inspect their bunks and bays, and hold drill and ceremony competitions to make sure soldiers are learning how to march, move in a tight formation and handle their weapons in the most basic way.


At the US Air Force Academy, First Sergeant Zachary Parish, a member of the training cadre was admonished by Colonel Julian Stephens, the Vice Commandant for Cadet Climate and Culture, for simply informing cadets in an email to dress sharply and act like Air Force Cadets. Parish, was informed by the Academy leadership that he had committed, ‘micro-aggressions.’

Last month, in a scathing letter written by several Green Beret training cadre at the John F. Kennedy Special Warfare Center and School, accused the senior Special Forces leadership of essentially dropping ALL physical standards at the Special Forces Qualification Course, in order to allow women to pass the course.

On January 13th, two male officers, Captain Daniel Hall, 30, and Captain Vincent Franchino, 26, were married in the West Point Chapel as fellow officers served as members of the wedding party in the first ever gay nuptial affair at United States Military Academy.

In December, 2017, Major General Ryan Gonsalves’ nomination for a third star was pulled pulled in the wake of an Army Inspector General’s probe that found he disrespected a female congressional staffer when he called her “sweetheart.”

Then there’s Second Lieutenant Spencer Rapone, a West Point graduate, a holder of the Combat Infantry Badge, a platoon leader in the 10th Mountain Division, who is apparently an ardent communist and supporter of every Marxist-Leninist maniac to have walked the earth in the last 100 years. Pictures of Rapone wearing a Che Guevara t-shirt under his West Point dress uniform and a picture of Rapone holding his cap, with the inscription inside, reading, ‘Communism will Win!’ went viral in September, 2017. Rapone reportedly called Secretary of Defense James Mattis the most “evil, vile f***” in the Trump administration.

The PAO office at Fort Drum has informed US Defense Watch that Rapone is currently on active duty at Fort Drum, apparently still under investigation by the Army and by West Point, which allowed him to attend the academy, when the cadre knew of his political beliefs.

Rapone has been under investigation since September. How long does it take for a Second Lieutenant to be thrown out of the Army?At the court martial of US Army deserter Bowe Bergdahl, the presiding judge, Colonel Jeffrey Nance essentially allowed Bergdahl to walk free because Nance, an apparent leftists, felt he was spiting President Trump, by letting a traitor off the hook. Bergdahl is apparently trying to get back pay now and appealing his dishonorable discharge so he can obtain VA benefits.

As of January 1, 2017, transgenders were once again allowed to serve in the US military and receive gender reassignment surgery, courtesy of the US taxpayer. Tomorrow, February 21st, the Pentagon will release more information on transgender troops serving.

Mattis has done NOTHING to reverse Ash Carter’s 2015 authorization, allowing women to serve in the combat arms and special operations forces.

In June, 2017, as reported by Tony Perkins and the Family Research Council, the army was warning female soldiers to expect biological men in their showers. That’s just one of the mind-blowing changes the Army, along with “male pregnancies” and taxpayer-funded gender reassignment. According to the army policy: Soldiers are ordered to use the billeting, bathroom, and shower facilities associated with their “gender marker.” If women express discomfort “showering with a female who has male genitalia,” it will be up to the commander to make accommodations – or not. The briefing, titled, ‘Policy on the Military Service of Transgender Soldiers Training Module – Tier 2: Commanders and Leaders’ is focused on maintaining readiness while transgender soldiers are in various stages of gender reassignment.

And, just when you thought it couldn’t get any crazier: “Troops are told to imagine that a soldier has “complete Army gender transition from female to male as indicated in DEERS. The soldier did not have sex reassignment surgery, and recently stopped taking male hormones in order to try and start a family. Today, the soldier approached his commanding offer to discuss his newly confirmed pregnancy.”

Whiskey, Tango, Foxtrot…

In November, 2017, the army announced that they would be granting “waivers” to certain recruits who violate criteria related to mental-health violations like having a history of bipolar disorder, or self-mutilation.

Major General Jeff Snow, commander of the US Army’s Recruiting Command. “The biggest challenge right now is the fact that only three in 10 can actually meet the requirements to actually join the military. We talk about it in terms of the cognitive, the physical and the moral requirements to join the military, and it’s tough. We have a very good Army; there’s a desire to recruit quality into the Army.

Then, there’s the Navy. In June of 2017, ‘the majority of ships operating in the U.S. Navy’s Seventh Fleet, where two destroyers were involved in fatal collisions, weren’t certified to conduct basic operations at sea related to war-fighting, according to U.S. Navy records.’ As of late June, 2017, eight of the 11 cruisers and destroyers in the Seventh Fleet, and their crew members, weren’t certified by the U.S. Navy to conduct “mobility seamanship,” or basic steering of the ship, according to U.S. Navy records provided to two House Armed Services.

What’s the big deal? Things have changed. It’s 2018! Our allies like Sweden, Holland and Canada have lactating commandos, General Klinger and Mommy tankers. Unfortunately, we won’t be going to war with the Swedes, the Dutch or the Canadians.

Our enemies will be fighting war the old-fashioned way, with men who don’t wear dresses, don’t marry other men, and who don’t consume large amounts of soy products.

Our enemies will be going to war with Alpha Males and we’ll be bringing Beta Males and armed sororities.

Kasserine Pass, 2018, coming soon to the US military…

29 comments on “Our Enemies are Dying with Laughter
  1. I couldn’t sling enough barf to cover the PC (a communist term – what a surprise, huh?) junk found in our military today. Why is this stuff going on? I would have been embarrassed not to be able to throw a grenade 40 yards or more, even though we didn’t have to throw that far years ago. We’ve got namby, pamby bambis holding up their skirts to avoid the mud and grime. Women rangers? How about a more accurate term: Women dangers (to their fellow troops). I could go on for pages, but I don’t have time to express all that I would like to say and do. It would be fun, however , to be given a chance to command one of these namby-pamby bambi groups for even a day, but preferably a month or more to see if any soldiers crawl out of the wood work….


    • PAUL,when the police gangs were given control over america,YOU had to see this coming,the men are in prison now,the queers run the government,and the FAT WHORES are running everything,GET ready for WAR,you might be one of the few who will survive it..

    • I agree with all you said Paul. We don’t have a fighting force like we should anymore. When you have a so called soldier hold up a time out card, because thing have gotten a little ruff for his liking. Thing’s have been out of shape for far too long a time. It’s time to get back to basics. of train these people for the real world. I agree, some females can do the job, but for the most part, they should not be on the front lines. That’s all I will say about this.

  2. FINALLY… SOMEONE who gets it! I have been saying this forever…
    China has announced …
    1. They have created a laser 1000 times more powerful than any other.
    2. They just launched an active duty naval vessel with an electromagnet rail gun on board.
    3. They now have, and tested, personal transportation drones.
    4. They have surged ahead of America in the number of supercomputers, (200 to our 140) and are making great strides in quantum computing.
    5. China has invested TONS of money into STEM facilities for educating their youth.

    What has America done? We are investing billions into building 3rd bathrooms, and are teaching our children 1st and foremost that the most important thing in the world is that it doesn’t matter what gender you were born. This is a sure recipe for disaster. 100% guarenteed. Trump is the right man, but 15 years too late.

  3. We are in so much trouble The Bible speaks about a future war when the men won’t even fight they will be crying in the barracks like women. I think we are there.

    • No… it’s NOT a FUTURE “WAR”…

      It’s the day the “Daughter Of Babylon” (aka “AMERICA”) is attacked and utterly destroyed in One Horrid Hour….

      Jeremiah 50:3

      “A NATION FROM THE NORTH (RUSSIA) will attack her
      both people and animals will flee away.”

      Jeremiah 50:30

      declares the Lord.”

      Jeremiah 50:36

      “A sword against her warriors!
      They will be filled with terror.”

      Jeremiah 50:43

      “The king of Babylon (The President) has heard reports about them,
      and his HANDS HANG LIMP.
      Anguish has gripped him,

      (The PRESIDENT of that time will piss himself).

      Jeremiah 51:30

      “Babylon’s WARRIORS have stopped fighting;
      Their strength is exhausted;
      Her dwellings are set on fire;
      the bars of her gates are broken.”

      Everything described in Isaiah 13, 14, 21… Jeremiah 50 and 51… Habakkuk 2, Revelation 18 is about the NUCLEAR ATTACK of America (The Daughter Of Babylon)… her utter destruction in One Hour…

      • You and I are on the same page regards what’s coming. And I want to credit the author of the article for his meticulous documentation of the continuing insanity allowed by the Pentagon. FUBAR.

  4. I chuckle (although it isn’t funny) every time I hear some blockhead Army/Marine officer regurgitate some coach-speak about the “quality” of troops in combat MOS’s being the same, even with females now entering the ranks. Any and every person with even a little common sense knows this simply isn’t true, and that the military has quietly lowered standards over the years… and especially now that they are having to accomodate for females.

    It’s sad to see just how far our military has fallen. Army posts are like college dormitories and campuses now with no discipline whatsoever. I was in an Engineer unit and never served in any combat roles, but I can’t see how serving beside females in a combat MOS wouldn’t be a HUGE distraction, for one, but also a major morale killer also. Guys go into infantry, Rangers, spec ops, etc. because it’s tough and elite. How in the world could you keep your head up knowing that, now, these once elite MOS’s are “so easy a girl can do it”? What’s going to happen when a 220 pound guy with 100 pounds or so of gear is wounded and has to be dragged out of a line of fire by a 115 pound chick who isn’t even required to do the same amount of push-ups as males on their PT tests?

  5. It is a shame but unfortunately our women are being raised to but tough and men to be soft.

  6. It’s really hard for me to wrap my head around all of the radical changes that have taken place in our nation’s military institutions. How in the world did our priorities for military effectiveness get so upside down? How did something like gender transition become more important than throwing a hand grenade? As a veteran, I’m both saddened and sickened to see how the high standards of our once proud military have become so corrupted!

  7. Mattis is almost as huge a disappointment for the armed services as AG Sessions has been for justice.

    Mattis has to go.

    President Trump should hire a general/admiral that was purged by the Obama administration.

    Someone like Gen Ham, or RDML Gaouette.

  8. Fuck Me! I pointed this out 20 years ago to my Bosses and was laughed at. Although, my point was the Active Duty Mentality (YUCK) infiltrated the Guard and was ruining it. Yep, I was right. Now the Guard is all Fucked-up. Glad to be done with that shit. I signed up to fight for freedom and those who couldn’t. Not to be a Mercenary for big Oil/Banks/Corporations and lastly, the Dollar.

  9. I remember drill sgts. in basic for women yelling out that when they call the women to attention, they wanted to hear 100 pussies sucking air….. I reckoned at that time it was a joke… more like an omen.

  10. Great article, sir and true…

    But… it’s just PROPHECY being fulfilled….

    America’s going to be DESTROYED (Russia and China have prepared for it) and those you speak of “Cut Down” in the streets…..

    Let “AMERICA” (And your “PRIDE” for her) go….
    God has an answer for ALL THOSE in HER that are against HIM….

  11. Females in the military need to be Gang Raped ISIS style so they can “Feel Tough”. Women Cops, Firefighters & Combat Soldiers are USELESS! MEN KILL & RAPE & DESTROY – NOT FEMALES.

  12. Obungo purged the best, and nominated “leaders” willing to comply with his ruinous plans to degrade the U.S. military personnel into a bunch of feminazis and soy boys.

    No sane woman would wish to serve on a naval vessel or in combat arms..oh wait, they get a waiver for mental instability.

    $700B isn’t going to fix the military, especially at the rate they’re crashing ships. But no worry, the Army now has a mullah serving as a Chaplain..teaching the “Religion of Peace” no doubt.

    The Pentagon needs to loose about 400 Generals, all Obunga’s nominees, and black hat CIA operatives. General Mattis, it’s way past time to end the p.c. nonsense.

  13. More than likely they are planning on “Surrendering” within the first 5 minutes of the next war anyway. Just think of how terribly inhumane it would be to subject all of those women, trans-genders, and homosexuals to the horrors and brutality of war.

  14. Interestingly enough, I don’t believe our military is in that much trouble, because we’ll do very little ground acquisition in the future.

    What the Deep State has in its Special Access Black Projects development would stun most Americans.

    Don’t you boys be so quick to count us out just yet. things like the Active Denial system which came on line about ten years ago is just the tip of the iceberg. In fact is was so effective it was considered too unethical to be used in wide spread combat, and as far as I know its use in the middle east was discontinued.

  15. Revealing article. I factchecked some details & they are correct. Astonishingly! I thought Mattis was a tough guy of the old school. Why on earth did he give his recommendation to have transgenders in the military? One fact is FOREVER: a male cannot become a female & vice versa! Every cell contains either HIS xy chromosome or HER xx chromosome. It’s a behavior disorder, not a genetic possibility. Period.

  16. You’ve got to feel sorry for Major Block that he was given the reprehensible chore of defending this lunacy: Truly a fools errand. And talk about obscuring the truth. He stated there has been no lowering of standards. Technically he is correct. Because just like the Army, those standards are not merely being “lowered”, they’re being DROPPED!

    Maybe, just maybe, we need a strategy to elude this feminization of the military before its too late. The radical left celebrates the growth of women in the combat arms. So lets give them that. As those numbers grow, perhaps plant sources leak the hidden secret that females are being embraced in the combat arms as “comfort women.” Now that will get the fur flying and bring a screeching halt to this madness. Ha!

  17. If you really want to understand why all this insanity is going on do some research on the” Frankfurt school of Thought”

  18. I’ve watched this decline over 30 years of service and many deployments. The price will be a major defeat and lots of blood.
    False accusers run amuck and get rewarded while real veterans are being sent to prison so GO’s can appease Gillibrand and get another star. Save Our Heroes Project.

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