By J. Stewart Cook

A new face, a strong will, a career woman form the private sector, and one who truly cares about the well being of Ontarians and their Province. Need I say more. All attributes which will propel Caroline Mulroney to the head of the Ontario Progressive Conservative Party and Premiere of Ontario.

Sometimes looking from the outside in makes a world of difference rather than being part of the landscape that seldom changes…the “political landscape.” Caroline Mulroney brings us that new perspective that we have not witnessed in a long time.

As an “outsider,” she has the opportunity to create a true grassroots movement, with a platform for the future of Ontario. There are ample new ways to reach out to Ontarians by means of the internet, social media, new technologies and fundraising. The past did not provide this opportunity to “outsiders.” It does now and may be the key factor in winning! She has never held public office, nevertheless, she has stated that “Ontario residents want something completely different after 15 years of Liberal government.”

All this being said, there is nothing like good old politics in shaking a constituent’s hand or kissing a baby’s face. These may remain the preferred way and it comes naturally to Caroline Mulroney. I have watched her in crowded rooms and speaking with individuals. At ease and attentive. She is very responsive to what’s going 
on around her.

What is to be noted, is Caroline Mulroney’s ability to “balance.” I’m not simply talking about a budget but rather, being “multifaceted” in her approach to balancing issues. Being flexible when looking at matters of concern. There need not be only one way to deal with an issue, but many, and resolved to the benefit of the electorate. She has stated that “Ontario’s Tories must be a “big tent” party where diverse views are heard and welcome.”

Ontario is home to many cultures. Diversification has been a “true” benefit to the Province, especially when one looks at the economy and employment. Having worked extensively in the private sector, Caroline Mulroney knows all too well that multiculturalism is good economically. Cultural diversity works through an economy to the benefit of all Ontarians. Be it business, tourism, education, or global linkages, it creates a vibrant economy and increases tolerance, as people see the benefit of a culturally diversified economy.

Our present Premier, Kathleen Wynne, has created a “nanny state” that has become so oppressive that it is strangling the life out of Ontario. Caroline has realized that such oppression is only “stifling” growth in Ontario and wants to bring a new era to Ontario where business works with government to build a better economy. Kathleen Wynne has stated that “Government exists to be a force for good.”

Yet, we have seen little “good” being done over the years!

On the “bigger political screen” Caroline Mulroney has the advantage of having close family ties with the present Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau. The Mulroney’s are also very comfortable with the President of the USA and his family. This can only be a benefit to Ontario. I have yet to hear of such “connections” with the other candidates. No matter how you view other political leaders, close relationships can only be a benefit.

The so-called “edge” that will propel Caroline Mulroney to being the Leader of the Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario and, subsequently, Premier of Ontario, is her intent to move Ontario from it present “nanny state” to giving Ontarians the power to make their own success. No other candidate is espousing this philosophy. She has stated that “under the Liberals, too many Ontarians have been left behind, too many are struggling, too many businesses are shuttering and moving elsewhere.”

In my last article I noted that Caroline Mulroney had “shades” of Margaret Thatcher, the former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. It is now evident that it is far more than “shades.” Margaret Thatcher once said that, “…America was created by philosophy.” Caroline Mulroney’s philosophy will bring a new vision to Ontario, whereby people’s thoughts and ideas will be at the forefront of her   governance.


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