Operation You Go Girl!

By Ray Starmann

US military policies and operations are now being run on a fantasy, the fantasy of women successfully serving and fighting with the combat arms and special operations forces.

The fantasy was legally authorized by former Secretary of Defense, Ash Carter, in December of 2015, and which is largely propagated by Pentagon lies, Pentagon cowardice, Generation Rationalization on active duty, Hollywood liberal morons and the feminist lobby, which consists of women who think that it’s really cool Kaylee wants to be in Delta, but who themselves will be 10,000 miles from the nearest round going down range when Kaylee is bisected by a 14.5mm bullet and her dog tags are sent to her parents in Iowa. Her dog tags being the only thing that remains of Kaylee.

And, so, Operation You Go Girl continues at full speed, like a Thelma and Louise rent-a-wreck about to careen off a desert plateau.

I have stopped having faith in the Great Mattiso. I have stopped hoping the Great Mattiso will come to the rescue of the military and save the nation from the obvious calamity coming.

The Great Mattiso is a high wire act expert, traversing a cable, hundreds of feet above the Pentagon, while saying and doing nothing about the Third Rail of women in the combat arms and special ops.

The Great Mattiso, the so-called Mad Dog, is really a Chihuahua on a two-inch leash in the backyard of the butch dyke who runs the Air Force Academy.

The Pentagon knows more than anyone that in order for Operation You Go Girl to look like it’s a shining success, standards must be erased, fraud must be committed and lies must be believed.

In 2015, a massive conspiracy involving former Secretary of the Army, John McHugh, Major General Scott Miller and the training cadre at Ranger School, allowed three women to graduate from what many believe is the Army’s hardest school. Stories of special pre, pre, pre-Ranger training for the women, special diets, endless recycles, infinite opportunities to pass stations men can’t fail even once, and the strange disappearance of the records for the three female ‘graduates,’ all added to suspicions that something was indeed rotten at Fort Benning.

Funny how those female graduates looked so plump on graduation day, when men look emaciated. Hmm…

After the first two women ‘passed,’ the Army went a Bridge Too Far by ‘graduating’ a 37 year old female and mommy from the school. Anyone who has been to Ranger School, or in fact, just served in the Army in any capacity knows full well, the concept of a 37 year old woman making it through Ranger School is a complete crock of Fort Benning horsesh*t.

In the last month, a lengthy letter was written by a group of Green Beret training cadre at the John F. Kennedy Special Warfare Center and School at Fort Bragg. The letter outlined in spectacular detail, the fact that there are essentially NO physical standards for Green Beret trainees anymore, nor are there any standards to pass the land navigation exercises during the day and at night.

Why would the Army suddenly shi*t can all physical standards for the world famous Green Berets, some of the greatest soldiers in world history? Maybe because women couldn’t pass the course?

Gee, I wonder why?..

And, a couple weeks ago, the Army proudly boasted, with the hysterical cognitive dissonance of Maoist reactionaries, that six women, yes, six, earned the coveted Expert Infantry Badge!

Diversity is our strength! Lies are truth! The truth is fiction!

The Army Times is now the lean green machine’s version of Pravda, Neues Deutschland and the Voelkischer Beobachter all in one, and spares no expense to praise the successes of women in the combat arms, even if the successes are largely based on fraud, fraud being described as endless recycles, ad infinitum opportunities at graded events, and the pressure from the top to shove a square peg into a round hole even if it causes the complete obliteration of personnel and units in war.

Then there’s Hollywood…

During the Super Bowl, I couldn’t help but laugh at the Bud Light Knight commercial which proudly displayed female Medieval warriors with their male comrades, on the field of battle. Newsflash for the producers; Medieval warfare was brutal enough, without decreasing your combat capability in half, by having women, who couldn’t really even wield a Medieval sword, fighting side by side with you.

Fantasy Freaking Island…


The Hollywood fantasy of women in combat is also propagated on the series, the Vikings. We’re all supposed to believe that Lagertha, the husky, buxom, blond wife of Ragnar Lothbrok, is going to go toe to toe with 6 foot, 3 inch, 240 pound Viking warriors, or even 5 foot, 9 inch, Saxons.

Like I said, Fantasy Freaking Island…

Last week, I was watching a documentary on the 1982 Falklands War. In part of the documentary, it described how after the ship carrying the helicopters for a planned air assault was sunk, the Royal Marines and their Army Para comrades were forced to march over 50 miles across, rough, mountainous terrain in the winter, carrying 130 pound packs, engage the Argentinians who were entrenched in various high ground positions, defeat them and win the war.

I have a hard time envisioning any female warriors being up to his task.

Then there was the incredible operation Merrill’s Marauders conducted in Burma in World War II. The Ranger, light infantry unit conducted a 1,000 mile forced march through mountainous jungle terrain to hit the Japanese in the flank.

I’m not sure our female warriors would be able to conduct that mission without multiple stress fractures.

On D-Day, the Rangers climbed the 100 foot cliff known as Pointe du Hoc, under fire, killed a lot of Krauts, only to find that the guns at the top of the cliff had been moved by the Germans.

I’m not sure most women in the world have the upper body strength to complete that mission. But, hey, keep the fantasy going…

The examples are endless and so are the facts and the facts show that women simply do not have the physical strength, nor the aggressiveness to serve successfully in the combat arms in war, without disaster ensuing.

To place them in these positions is suicide for the women in question, their units, the Army , the Marines, and the nation itself.

This is common knowledge that anyone with half a brain has known since the dawn of humanity. Unfortunately, we are living in a bizarre era of political correctness that is dictating our national security.

To counter the feminist lobby in the Pentagon, the Marines conducted a 36 million dollar study three years ago, which proved beyond a reasonable doubt what everyone already knew.

The following are excerpts from the Marine Corps study, which was included in a 37 page statement presented by Elaine Donnelly, President of the Center for Military Readiness to the Senate Armed Services Committee, chaired by Senator John McCain, on February 2, 2016:

If you click on the link above, you can read the whole 37 page report submitted to Congress. But, here are some important excerpts from it.

All-male task force teams outperformed mixed gender units in 69 percent (92 of 134) of ground combat tasks, particularly in specialties that carried the assault load plus the additional weight of crew served weapons and ammunition. Significant disparities in physical size, strength, endurance, injury rates, an early onset of fatigue that affected marksmanship were scrupulously recorded with scientific monitoring techniques. This research was definitive as possible, short of an actual war.

It is beyond dispute that in gender mixed units, physical deficiencies had negative effects on the unit’s speed and effectiveness in simulated battle tasks, including marching under heavy loads, casualty evacuation and marksmanship while fatigued. In some units, male volunteers compensated for the women’s difficulties by taking over strenuous tasks.

All male squads, teams and crews and gender integrated squads, teams and crews had a noticeable difference in their performance of the basic combat tasks of negotiating obstacles and evacuating casualties.

Female volunteers in the study were considered to be in above average physical condition. The male volunteers were only an average representation of their peers.

Females possess less lean body mass, slighter build that affects stride length and stride frequency as loads increase, less absolute VO2 max production and less power and anaerobic/aerobic capacity than males.

Physical differences were more pronounced in specialties that carried the assault load,, plus the weight of crew served weapons and ammunition.

All male units were faster on hikes, gorge crossings and cliff ascents.

All male units engaged targets faster and scored more hits with crew served weapons than gender integrated units.

Women had greater incidents of stress fractures.

Women suffered a higher rate of injuries during marches with heavy loads.

Women were injured at six times the rate of their male counterparts.

In the 120mm tank loading simulation, a gunnery skills test, participants were asked to lift a simulated round weighing 55 lbs,, 5 times in 35 seconds or less. Less than 1% of the men compared to 19% of the women could not complete the tank loading drill in the allotted time. The failure rates would increase inside a tank.

No problem there, just hope your tank crew is all guys…You might survive.

In the 155 mm Artillery Lift-and-Carry, a test simulating ordnance stowing, volunteers had to pick up a 95 lb. artillery round and carry it 50 meters in under 2 minutes. Noted the report, less than 1% of men, compared to 28.2% of women, could not complete the 155mm artillery round lift and carry in the allotted time.

Whoa, all the guys in the gun crew have been killed, leaving only women. Looks like it’s time to surrender or die ladies…

Less than 1% of men could not negotiate a 7 foot wall, whereas 21% of the women could not.

All the guys are dead, looks like we can’t go over the wall ladies. Who’s got a white flag?

Marine Corps Brigadier General George Smith wrote in Warfighting that combat power is generated through speed and focus. Speed over time is tempo, the consistent ability to operate quickly. Speed is a weapon.

Obviously, speed is no longer in the Marines’ toolkit of operational skills.

Women in the combat arms and special ops are now going to make the US military high drag and low speed.

For the US military’s Operation You Go Girl to work, the following stars have to all line up in sequence during a battle, a campaign, and a war.

All sinews of war must completely function in harmony, 110%, without the slightest chance of Mr. Murphy rearing his ugly derriere on the field of battle.

Female soldiers and Marines must carry combat loads less than 20 pounds.

The weather must be sunny and 65 degrees.

The enemy must be in positions on level ground.

There must be shower points scattered throughout a hostile battlefield, so females can bathe every three days.

The enemy must have an equal number of females in order to make the fight fair. Unfortunately, our enemies don’t believe a battlefield is gender neutral and will use every means they can to kill us, like having their armies consist only of men.

Men must carry all heavy loads, women can’t carry, which is anything over 20 pounds.

The enemy must be less aggressive than we are and consist of neutered soy boys.

No male soldiers on our side can be killed, because they will be carrying the weight for all the women, literally.

The wounded must be carried by men.

The artillery rounds must be carried by men.

The tank rounds must be picked up and loaded by men.

Men must erase any sexual feelings they have for women because their leaders and Hollywood have told them women are just like men.

Our enemies are laughing at us. They know our sh*t is weak and our military is a feminized weakling.

So, do the generals, but they’re too gutless to speak up.

Operation You Go Girl is headed at Mach 2 for maximum impact and disaster in a war coming soon.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you…

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  1. It’s unbelievable that certain people thought this was a good idea. Well, no it’s not. Liberals and Democrats are so delusional when it comes to reality that they insist on turning the military into a social experiment….when precious seconds can mean the difference between life and death. But that’s the problem with the Left, you simply can’t reason with them, because they aren’t reasonable people.

    I had co-ed basic at Leonard Wood back in ’95, and even then I could tell mixing genders did not equal efficiency..not even close. Many times the males would be so focused on protecting the females or flirting with them. Long story short, they were huge distractions. This remained evident in while in my unit. Further, on company runs or during PT we would always have to double back and pick up the females falling behind. I can’t count how many times a female broke down sobbing because she got her feeling hurt, too. I could go on all night, but you get the idea. Sign of the times….sad times.

  2. Great article, now if you can only get a copy to President Trump we might still have time to extracate ourselves from Obama’s destruction of of America.


  3. There I was deep deep in the Helmand province rolling out of Nawa Low Pro after completing a payday and fooling two Marine LtCol’s (who knew me) into thinking I was an Afghan. I see a patrol coming in through the main bazzar and the point is clearly pissed. I tell Zaki to pull over so maybe I can grab some photos, we get out and stand next to a tea house. I see the middle of the patrol and that some Marines are carrying two weapons. WTF I’m thinking then I hear the Afghans at the windows of the tea house behind me laughing and I look at the patrol. The rear has four or five females – everyone of whom has given up her weapon and is hanging on for dear life to the Marine in front of her. The male Marines are so pissed off they’re not even looking at the Afghans around them who are mostly laughing their asses off. I reached into the cab and grabbed my rifle then stepped into the tea house and invited the man laughing the loudest to have sex with his grandmother. Stupid bullying on my part – what is an Afghan going to do when confronted by a pissed off American who has 80 pounds on him and a rifle? Made me feel better though

  4. Having had experience in Air Force combat WW2, I believe some women can serve, with possible distinction, in the Air Force. Many Russian female pilots flew combat, mostly low altitude ground attack Sturmoviks. In the Russian army many women served in administrative and medical sectors, but even when the Russian’s were fighting for their very survival, you could not find any women in front line combat.
    If the Russians, in desperation, did not use woman warriors, what makes our war planners think they should serve in our forces? Our posturing over the “equality of the sexes”in all matters is pure insanity… which will be demonstrated when we can least afford it.
    It takes little imagination to understand what would happen to those women if a number of them were captured by ISIS in Iraq or Syria.
    I wonder if our gender sensitive war planners have dialed that into their scenario planning


  5. Hezbollah’s tactical strengths are cover and concealment, direct fire, and preparation of fighting positions, while their weaknesses include maneuver warfare, small arms marksmanship, and air defenses.

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