By J. Stewart Cook

In the world of politics, we often look at political candidates and compare them to other politicians of the past. Of course, one likes to be compared to someone who has been successful, respected and caring of their electorate.

Personally, I have always been an admirer of the former Prime Minster of Britain, Margaret Thatcher. She was once described as an “uncompromising politician in a meticulously ladylike package.” A Soviet journalist once dubbed her the “Iron Lady”, a nickname that became associated with her uncompromising politics and leadership style.

We have yet a complete picture of Caroline Mulroney and her political views, nonetheless, I am prepared to say that her future role as Leader of the Ontario Progressive Conservative Party and, subsequently, as Premier of Ontario, will echo the “style” and “uncompromising politics” of the former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. She was, indeed, a controversial figure, but lauded as one of the greatest, most influential and widest-known politicians in British history. Yes, Caroline Mulroney has “shades” of Margaret Thatcher.

Caroline Mulroney is the sole daughter of Canada’s former Prime Minister, the Right Honourable Brian Mulroney. She is 43 years old and married to Andrew Lapham, an American. They have four children and live in Toronto. She has an undergraduate degree from Harvard University and a law degree from New York University. She is a trained lawyer and has worked in the financial sector over the years. She is also fluent in both the English and French languages. She is co-founder of “The Shoebox Project,” where shoeboxes are filled with personal items to be given to women in shelters.

Conrad Black, eminent writer and author has said this about Caroline Mulroney. “…she is an accomplished businesswoman, perfectly bilingual, elegant and glamorous without being any the less a determined woman: strong but not overbearing, beautiful but not, as the ghastly jargon goes, objectifiable.”

Before I expand on Ms. Mulroney’s aspirations to become Leader of the Party and Premier of Ontario, I must state that congratulatory messages received are often outweighed by the less friendly remarks of those in “opposition,” as noted below.

It is rather unfortunate that Liberals see Caroline Mulroney as an attempt to ride her father’s coattails. What is even more unfortunate is the fact that many of the negative comments are from the members of the Federal Liberal Party. And I quote some of the “supposedly” high profile Liberals who have already commenced vilifying Ms. Mulroney.

“We don’t like to wade into provincial politics but this incident of clear favouritism regarding the child of a former Prime Minister is just too disgusting to go unremarked upon,” said Chrystia Freeland, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, “Have we really sunk to such a shallow level in our politics?”

“Clear favouritism…Have we really sunk to such a shallow level in our politics?” Let me remind the “Honourable” Member that it is Caroline’s father, former Prime Minister Mulroney, who has so kindly given his time to ensure the survival of NAFTA. If credit is to be given to someone, in this regard, it is certainly to Brian Mulroney and not Chrystia Freeland! It is somewhat ironic that Minister Freeland “favoured” Brian Mulroney over others to secure the renegotiation of NAFTA.

The Beaverton wrote the following in their article of September 11, 2017. “It’s sick. She’s just a pretty face with good hair and that shouldn’t be enough to elevate anyone to public office,” agreed Ralph Goodale, Minister of Public Safety, “I bet she’ll just spend her whole time taking selfies to try to seem like one of the people!”

And finally, from our very own Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau…”This sort of thing just shouldn’t be happening anymore! Are we really going to put someone in office simply because we recognize their last name?!” Justin Trudeau stated, shaking his head resignedly. Personally, I can only say “hypocrisy” at its best!

I can only imagine what has been said by the provincial Liberal Party members untoward Caroline Mulroney. It is rather clear that “petty politics’ is still alive and well in some of the Parties. Now let us move on to matters of substance.

Unfortunately, “socialism” has been the “flavour of the day” for too long in Ontario. The present Premier, Kathleen Wynne, has spent too much time and money turning Ontario into a “socialist state.” It has been detrimental to business and more so to Ontario as a whole. (I was truly tempted to spell “whole”…HOLE)! It is not my intent to go into a deep analysis of the failures of the Liberal Party of Ontario. Suffice to say, Ontario is very much a “nanny state” under Kathleen Wynne.

Caroline Mulroney has a different vision for Ontario. It is now time to part from the “frivolous” ways of Kathleen Wynne to those of “substance” espoused by Caroline Mulroney. She has publicly stated that “government needs to get out of the way, focus more on affordability, manage taxes properly so we get the services we expect.” Along with the electorate she is also concerned with the cost of housing, hydro rates, taxes…the affordability.”

On the international scene, specifically, the United States of America, the focus will be on NAFTA. It is without doubt that Caroline Mulroney is equally concerned with the success of NAFTA as her father is at this time. Understandably, NAFTA is important to both integrated economies.

These are some of the matters of concern and issues Caroline Mulroney will focus on. I am awaiting to hear more of her political platform as she prepares herself for the “political run.”

I am convinced that Caroline Mulroney has all the qualifications needed to be the next Leader of the Ontario PC Party and Premier of Ontario. Like all candidates, she can bask in the fact that the Ontario electorate wants change. It is time for a new Party and government. Nonetheless, be vigilant, for in the world of politics one minute, one word can change the course of history in either direction.

Other than having mentioned that the former Prime Minister, Brian Mulroney, was her father, I leave you with a quote form the “Elder Statesman” regarding his daughter…”“You want to know the one to watch? You watch Caroline Mulroney. Beautiful like her mother. Loves people. Smart as hell. She’ll give anyone a run for their money.”

Let the “political” games begin!


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