The British Army’s ‘This is Belonging’ Videos are a Bloody Shambles

By Ray Starmann

The sun has indeed set on the British Empire.

The British Army of the Light Brigade, the Tommies of the Great War, the Desert Rats in North Africa, the Red Devils at Arnhem, the 2nd PARA in the Falklands, and the famed SAS from Benghazi to Northern Ireland to Afghanistan, is disappearing faster than a DACA deal on Dick Durbin’s desk.

Like the US Army, the British Army has been invaded by social justice warriors and liberal clowns who think that diversity is a combat multiplier and sensitivity is the king of battle.

The British Army Smoke and Mirrors, PAO people have released a series of asinine politically correct videos called ‘This is Belonging.’ The videos are a liberal celebration of Islam, homosexuality, Millennial candyasses and of course, the feminist fantasy of women in the combat arms.

The videos would be hilarious if they weren’t actually true.

In a prior time of common sense and cajones, you would think the videos were part of some Monty Python or Dave Allen at Large skit. In the globalist hell hole, known as Western Europe 2018, the videos are yet more Orwellian brainwashing, in the endless push to destroy the last bastion of toxic masculinity, the army; and in this case, the British Army.

The first video in the series is titled, ‘Keeping My Faith.’ It depicts a Muslim soldier, serving in Afghanistan; going through the whole Islamic prayer ritual as his fellow soldiers look on patiently. As the soldier kneels on his prayer mat, facing Mecca, we’re all supposed to accept the Islamization of Europe as a great undertaking, in which young Muslim men will be joining the British Army, not making pipe bombs in their Londonistan flat.

Deus Vult…

Comments were disabled for this video on You Tube. Gee, I wonder why? Actually, comments were disabled for every video in the whole ludicrous ad campaign series. Gee, I wonder why?

Other prizewinners in the “This Is Belonging” series include —

“Can I Practice My Faith in the Army?— a soldier chronicles his personal jihad as a devout Muslim, unable to relate to peers drinking at the pub and struggling to find a job that would enable him time to pray – until he joined the British military, where one can always find a quiet corner to “do your prayers.”

Apparently, the British Army is the new taxi business, where Joe Habibi can take time out from his unit’s training schedule, 200 times a day to bow to Mecca.

Pay no attention to the suicide vest underneath his uniform.

What could possibly go wrong here?

The next video is called ‘Can I be Gay in the Army?’ Of course you can! Diversity!

It’s narrated by a soldier who thought his sexual orientation would hinder his social acceptance in the military, but is now “not afraid to talk about having a boyfriend.”

Think it can’t worse. Think again.

In ‘Expressing My Emotions’, a soldier receives a letter from home and has his own little Oprah moment of crying. He’s consoled by his fellow soldiers. Obviously, the old British stiff upper lip is as passe as locking up someone in the Tower of London. Maybe the Brits borrowed that US Navy candyass who was wailing away during his 24 hour stint as a POW of the Iranians?

In a continuation of recruiting the softest men in society, a video titled, ‘What if I get emotional in the Army’ describes a male soldier who tells male recruits that they will find support if they feel emotional.

Aww, isn’t that sweet? Cry on sarge’s shoulder. Maybe you can both shop for tampons and high heels at the PX.

Who Dares Cries…

In ‘Facing My Kryptonite’, a Millennial weakling is cheered on by his fellow wimps in camouflage as he struggles to knock out THREE pull ups. Once again, 1985, Fort Knox, Army ROTC Basic Camp, EIGHT PULL UPS to get into the chow hall. Just ROTC, just saying…

Kryptonite? How about facing the fact you’re just a Millennial wuss?

What’s globalist, liberal, PC propaganda without the feminist fantasy of women serving gallantly in the combat arms?

In ‘Having My Voice Heard’, a female British soldier leads a squad of troopers after a heli-borne insertion into enemy territory. The terrain kind of resembles the Falklands. I’m sure Colonel H. Jones and the 2nd Paras would have loved to have been saddled with this globalist superwoman riding shotgun, as they battled the Argies.

Stress fracture, pregnancy and sexual harassment accusations coming from her in 3, 2, 1…

Maybe she can join the SAS? Who Dares Lactates…

No doubt the priorities in the British Army are just as eight up as they are in the US lean green machine.

No doubt Putin, the Mullahs, Xi and Kim Jong-Un are laughing their asses off at these videos.

No doubt Churchill is mouthing a gigantic Whiskey, Tango, Foxtrot from the heavens.

No doubt, the Brits, like their allies, the Yanks, are heading for a major league butt-whipping against armies that don’t focus on gay rights, feminist fantasies and recruiting people who want to blow them to kingdom come.

No doubt, the morons who put this series of PC horse dung and hay together have never heard about British Army battles at places like the Somme, Dieppe, Tobruk, Normandy, Arnhem and Goose Green, to name a few out of thousands, where the British Army stained the pages of history with heroics.

Well, those days are over.

I have an idea for the final video in the series. It’s called ‘Bring a Lot of Body Bags.’

Into the valley of death rode the 600 crying, flaming, lactating Millennial candyasses…

One comment on “The British Army’s ‘This is Belonging’ Videos are a Bloody Shambles
  1. Mega-Kudos, Ray!

    Thanks to our previous candied-ass CINC, the degradation of national morality, and communist education system now in place in public schools and universities, our military is certain to follow.

    No wonder the Moslems are achieving their rapidly growing insertions into our liberal societies….it is because we have no standards and no countering underlying religious beliefs.

    As Fyodor Dostoyevsky said, “If God does not exist, then everything is permitted.”

    I think this certainly fits the society of today’s Great Britain.

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