Problems the Pentagon Must Fix in 2018

By Ray Starmann

In the last year, the Pentagon did an excellent job prosecuting the war against ISIS in the Middle East. It’s amazing what the military can do when it actually drops the bombs, strafes the targets and double taps the bad guys in the night. It’s amazing what the military can do when it’s not taking orders from liberal morons like Susan Rice and Ben Rhodes.

In 2018, the army must continue to rebuild its nearly non-existent armored and mechanized capabilities which were eviscerated during the last 15 years, while the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan raged and continue to in the latter nation. Because the army and the marines were engaging insurgents, the spotlight was focused on light infantry combat and counter-insurgency warfare at largely the squad and platoon levels. What I call ‘the Lawrence of Arabia’ mentality took hold in the army, resulting in the complete lapse of armored and mechanized training and the total erosion of the skills needed to fight a conventional armored and mechanized war. The army is now scrambling to try and rebuild its armor corps. There is much work to be done.

The navy must strengthen its surface warfare capabilities. 2017 was the year of the collision for US Navy ships in the 7th Fleet. While a plethora of issues are plaguing the surface navy, the biggest problem lies in the complete lack of basic knowledge and skills among its officer corps. For the last two decades, young surface warfare officers have reported to ships without any formal surface warfare training, instead having been given correspondence course type packets to study, while learning on the job. The results are pretty clear. We now have a whole generation of navy surface warfare officers who can’t sail from point A to B without causing a possible catastrophe at sea.

Most distressingly, a myriad of social engineering problems still beset the armed forces, many of which have been allowed to metastasize under the guise of General Mad Dog Mattis and his cohort in inactivity, General ‘Fighting Joe’ Dunford.

Dunford rolled over on the $36 million dollar Marine study just in time for Ray Mabus to convince Ash Carter that women in Marine Corps infantry units was a really swell idea because he once watched four females negotiate an eight foot wall.

As of yesterday, the military re-opened its doors to transgenders, aka the mentally ill, after two federal judges over-ruled the President’s order to ban transgenders from serving. Mattis, who should be a high wire acrobat, called the Great Mattiso, refuses to tell the press whether he is for or against transgenders from serving, and failed to advise the President that as Commander in Chief he can order the military to do whatever he wants.

In 2018, liberal wacko judges are now implementing Pentagon policies.

General Mattis and Fighting Joe Dunford remain unavailable for comment.

We move on the growing trend of a total lack of physical standards in the armed forces. Last week, the navy announced it was waiving failed physical fitness tests or PT tests for 48,000 sailors who, being fat and out of shape Millennials can’t meet the most basic PT standards in the navy.

General Mattis and Fighting Joe Dunford were unavailable for comment.

While the lack of fitness among nearly 50,000 sailors is astounding, the story from Fort Bragg is much more shocking and in fact, frightening for the future of the Special Forces and the national security of the country.

In a 14 page letter, written by several members of the JFK Special Warfare Center and School cadre, aka those who train future Green Berets, it was revealed that Major General Sonntag, the commander of the JFKSWCS, has ordered that soldiers in the Special Forces Orientation and Qualification Courses cannot be tossed out for failing to meet physical standards! Yes, the only way you can get kicked out of the training is by being injured.

What does this mean? It means that there are NO PHYSICAL STANDARDS TO BECOME A GREEN BERET – you no longer need to run 5 miles in under 40 minutes, conduct a 12 mile ruck march with a 55 pound pack and rifle in a specific period of time, do a certain number of pushups and situps in two minutes, find points during land navigation, and on and on and on it goes. There were hundreds of basic standards that all who earned the Green Beret had to meet, until now.

And, why is the army s-canning all physical standards for those who want to wear the Green Beret? It’s simple, no woman has been able to pass, which has upset the people really running our military, Senator Claire McCaskill, Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, retired Lieutenant General Claudia Kennedy, the feminist lobby and a motley assortment of SJW’s, pinkos and all-around liberal candyasses.

Be prepared to see your 100 year old grandma wearing a Green Beret and that fat blob in middle school you bombarded in dodge ball, who will soon be one of America’s Best.

Good God Almighty…

General Mattis and Fighting Joe Dunford remain unavailable for comment.

Then there’s the GAO report that came out last week and which suggested if only the military was less hyper-masculine, there wouldn’t be so many sexual assaults in the service. Yes, what we need more than anything is a military less masculine. Perhaps the morons who wrote this report should read some history. If they did, they might just learn that hyper-masculinity enabled the US military to beat the hell out of the Redcoats, the Mexicans, the Spanish, the Germans, the Japanese, the North Koreans, the North Vietnamese, the Iraqis, the Taliban and ISIS.

The military needs to also examine why it has recently produced people like Bowe Bergdahl, Chelsea Manning, Spencer Rapone and Reality Winner – multiple indicators that there is not only a problem in our society, but in the military, which is abandoning all standards from West Point down to Fort Bragg.

The military is largely lacking in senior leaders with professional courage, aka moral fortitude, aka the guts to say and do what is right, in order to protect the armed forces, the men and women who have volunteered to serve their country and the national security of the nation itself.

From Fat Leonard to Three’s a Fraud at Ranger School, to My Grandma’s a Green Beret, it’s more than obvious that the senior ranks of the military are filled with self-serving jackasses who care more about their next star than about the national defense. They will say or do anything to keep their own personal gravy train chugging on down the tracks.

The US military is a fish rotting from the head.

Back to General Mattis and his faithful sidekick, Fighting Joe Dunford, who continue to be cowed by everyone from soccer moms like Gillibrand, liberal loudmouths like McCaskill, both who wouldn’t know an AK-47 from an ARCO gas station and every SJW and liberal advocacy group that has infested the military.

Most veterans and conservatives thought that the Mad Dog was going to ride into Dodge City and clean up the town.

Think again. Mattis makes Destry look like John Wayne.

Under the tutelage of the Mad Dog and Fighting Joe, we are building a force of Millennial wimps and blimps, and women in the combat arms, who actually think they can take down Ivan or Chin Ho in hand to hand combat, because their West Point, Obama-loving professor told them the world is gender neutral.

My best advice for the generals in 2018 before our military is the laughing stock of the world…



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  1. Your article is spot friggin on!
    It’s so simple to fix our military…that is why it’s not going to be done…

  2. only a couple of things wrong Ray. We did not beat the Koreans, or The VC, or Taliban or ISIS. Talaban and ISIS are alive and well. However, the rest is correct?

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