Next on US Defense Watch Radio…A Bloody Shambles

Join US Defense Watch Radio host, Ray Starmann, at 6:30 PM, PST, today, as he discusses a new video ad campaign by the British Army. The series, titled, ‘This is Belonging’ is a PC, SJW fiasco and a celebration of Islam, gay rights, the wussification of males, Millennial wimps, while continuing the feminist fantasy dream of women in the combat arms. Ray will also discuss the latest news. Join US Defense Watch Radio for another non-stop, action-packed, politically incorrect program!

One comment on “Next on US Defense Watch Radio…A Bloody Shambles
  1. When it comes to our military –I’m there to try and help any way I can. I’m an X-army brat and at 70yrs old. I was able to help alittle bet this yr. being on SS. Dad passed in 69 and has joined his men in arlington. For the last 8yrs I was one very furious redhead on what obama was doing to our guys. And I’m finding out it is even worse then I thought. This needs to get out to all the people . They need to know that we are in a crunch. With Russia and China and possible NK. This is no time to be fooling around and these damn dems needs to get hit with a 2×4 along the head to wake up and forget their damn precous DACA BS. That the military is our survival.!!

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