In the Army, the PC Madness Keeps Rolling Along…

By Ray Starmann

General Mattis, this is US Defense Watch; radio check, over…


General Mattis is starting to look like Hermann Goering promising the besieged Sixth Army at Stalingrad that everything is A-OK – the airdrops will be coming with ammunition and food and medical supplies for everyone. Just hang on boys… Don’t worry about those Russians surrounding you. You’ve got the Romanians on your flank!

The US military is starting to resemble the doomed Sixth Army – surrounded by Marxists and under constant attack with limited options, knowing the inevitable is coming; the inevitable defined as the Hour of the Total Clusterfu*k when the military, with its sensitivity, fat Millennial warriors and lactating Green Berets gets it proverbial ass handed to it in the next conflict.

I know. I know. The Mad Dog is busy, reorganizing the Dewey Decimal System in his 15,000 volume library, while “Fighting Joe” Dunford polishes his globe with Brasso.

Some say the Mad Dog is focused on our enemies and will deal with the PC madness and the Mommy Rangers at a later date.

Uh huh…

This week, the army ate another of one its warriors alive, another victim in the Maoist Cultural Revolution cutting a path of diversity and political correctness through the lean green machine, at the expense of our national security.

The Stars and Stripes reported that Maj. Gen. Ryan Gonsalves’ nomination for a third star has been pulled in the wake of an Army Inspector General’s probe that found he disrespected a female congressional staffer when he called her “sweetheart.”

A report of the investigation into the incident was provided Friday to Stars and Stripes and determined the “preponderance of the evidence” indicated Gonsalves referred to the staffer as “sweetheart” during an October 2016 meeting.

An anonymous complaint against Gonsalves was made to the IG on July 20, days after Gonsalves’ nomination and one week after Stars and Stripes reported he was in contention to serve as the next commander of U.S. Army Europe after leaving his current position as commander of the 4th Infantry Division.

According to the IG report, Gonsalves’ pending nomination for a third star prompted an angry reaction from a staffer of Rep. Jim Langevin, D-R.I.

The complaint cited accusations that Gonsalves took issue with the female congressional staffer’s youth, and that the general said she should take detailed notes on why the military needed funding “since she was a Democrat and did not believe in funding the military,” the IG report stated.

At one point during the meeting, the female staffer passed a note to a colleague that read: “Did this guy really just call me sweetheart?,” the report states.

Accounts of the meeting differed, however. Some people in attendance defended Gonsalves, saying he acted professionally, though their names and positions were redacted from the report.

The IG report cites another allegation that Gonsalves asked the staffer her age. When she responded, Gonsalves spoke about his time as a young Army officer serving along the Fulda Gap during the Cold War. Gonsalves is then accused of telling the staffer to take notes so her “Democratic boss” would understand the military’s needs, according to the report.

The meeting was focused on the Army’s growing mission in Europe and the need for more consistent funding in light of concerns about a more aggressive Russia.

The IG report also cited statements that after the meeting with Gonsalves, the staffer informed her boss — Langevin — but she declined to file a complaint at the time.

After the Stars and Stripes report about Gonsalves’ possible nomination to command USAREUR, the staffer posted statements on Facebook critical of the general and said the Army was making a “bad decision,” the IG report states.

So, a distinguished 35-year army career is toast, finito, kaput, because the feelings of one Millennial bimbo who wasn’t even born when Gonsalves and his men guarded the Fulda Gap from a Warsaw Pact invasion were hurt when he referred to her as sweetheart. So what if the guy was a combat veteran and a holder of the Bronze Star with a V for Valor? What matters is the aggrieved feelings of the young Millennial. How dare this guy call her sweetheart! I think she should sue him too.

Millennials staffers are now determining military careers.

General Mattis and Fighting Joe Dunford remain unavailable for comment…

Major General Gonsalves is just another casualty in the long list of warriors and conservatives who have been purged from the military for violating some PC tenet. The purge started under Obama and it continues to this day under Trump and Lap Dog Mattis.

Obviously, no one in the Pentagon has given much thought to what kind of a fighting force you’re creating when for one reason or another, all of your warriors depart the service, leaving only SJW’s, perfumed princes, feminist nuts and generals who are a little light in their boots. No one has given a thought to the fact that the military is a feminized weakling that actually might have to go up against some really bad hombres and the generals who will be prosecuting the fight aren’t going to be worth a farthing.

Obviously, no one in the Pentagon is coming to the rescue of the US military.

But, it’s all good. Everything will be okay because the men in the white jackets are coming for Trump (Jake Tapper said so) and rejoice Oprah will be our new President. We’ll all have a collective cry as a nation before she takes all our guns and taxes us to death to pay for illegal anchor babies.

Then she’ll make Senator Gillibrand Secretary of Defense and the fun will really start…

This US military is a hollow force and getting hollower every day.

General Mattis, US Defense Watch, radio check, over…

5 comments on “In the Army, the PC Madness Keeps Rolling Along…
  1. Unbelievable, a congressional staffer and the congress rat she’s probably frolicking with cause a seasoned Major General’s promotion to be witheld?
    This is S I C K E N I N G.

  2. “Sweetheart”, “Darling”, “Honey”, are all terms of endearment with many older men (and women). They are used by waitresses. They are used by counselors. They are used by friends and neighbors. they are used by the clergy. They are used by southerners. They are used by people all across the American landscape. They are all used by people who legitimately love other people and are being warm, friendly, and non-threatening. They are terms of endearment. Period! It would take a ‘dumbocrat’ to make an issue out of someone using them.

  3. When we have the next war, take all the millennials (obama types) put out in front as a way of using the them as target practice for the enemy. Problem solved.

  4. I am an ex-paratrooper with the 82d Airborne!
    Born hear in Pennsylvania, and I am very proud to have served in the U.S. Army!
    My fellow Americans are too soft and too PC!!! For me. They need to bring the draft back, and make our youth respectful AMERICAN’S…
    GET OVER the bull sugar and (You guys with the Brass) stop bowing at every flippin coment from the civilian population. Get some brass ones and stand tall for your comrade in Uniform.
    Get on with running the Military and guit bowing!

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