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US Defense Watch Radio host, Ray Starmann, will discuss the recent explosive letter written by Green Beret training cadre, who have accused the John F. Kennedy Special Warfare Center and School of lowering training standards, in order to allow women to become Green Berets. Ray will be joined by CW4 (Retired) Henry ‘Hank’ Hunt, a former Green Beret, as they outline in detail the politically correct agenda which is decimating not only the famous Green Berets, but the entire US military as well. Ray will also discuss the day’s key news items. Listen to US Defense Watch Radio for another no holds barred, politically incorrect show.

Listen Live or later on, at BlogTalkRadio, US Defense Watch, or on I Tunes Podcasts.

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  1. The standards for women have always been lower. Iam SF and my son a Ranger and we can’t see a woman passing the course and not against women joining but do the same thing we do. I will add thing when I 52 my time for 2 mile was 18 minutes and 22 year woman was 22 minutes mel CWO retired US ARMY

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