An Open Letter to the Traitors in the Deep State

By Ray Starmann

“And thus I clothe my naked villany
With odd old ends stol’n out of holy writ,
And seem a saint, when most I play the devil.”

Richard III

Dear Deep State Traitors:

You really think you’re on a roll don’t you. With your swamp rat Robert Mueller and his Chilean Junta style farce investigation; your evil acolyte, James Comey, who it’s safe to say is the dirtiest cop in America; your FBI agent, pro Clinton political hack, Peter Strzok; your dirty, disloyal and un-American FBI hierarchy; your globalist sleepers planted in the intelligence community, the complete unraveling of the US justice system is in process.

At your disposal is a current adjutant general who is seemingly paralyzed on the job, an assistant attorney general working against the President, an acting FBI director who eats, breathes and sleeps the Democratic Party, and your willing executioners in the mainstream media, from know nothing fools like Joy Behar to mentally ill talk show hosts like Morning Joe and his globalist girlfriend, Mika Brzezinski.

Several things have become more than crystal clear in the last year: one, a two tiered judicial system exists in this country – one for the Clintons and their minions, and the other for the rest of the nation; two, the Deep State is working hand in glove with globalists to bring down the President by turning its own crimes on him; furthermore, it is more than obvious that you do not have the best interests of America in mind. You have the best interests of globalism, corruption, lining your pockets and establishing a banana republic in America in mind.

While Mr. Trump’s crimes are non-existent, your crimes are long and legendary; from the illegal wire-tapping of candidate Trump and President-elect Trump, to the farce called the Hillary Clinton email investigation, to the multiple national security felonies and misdemeanors committed by Madame Secretary, to the sale of 20% of the nation’s limited uranium supply to our enemies, to your goals of opening our borders permanently and selling out the American worker to $10 an hour part time jobs, while our brave soldiers and marines fight endless, unwinnable wars.

You are not patriots, far from it. You are blackguards, villains as old as time. What you are is traitorous scum that has sold out to your own greed and lust for power.

This brings us to the current situation with the imaginary special counsel seeking imaginary indictments for imaginary crimes to salve the wounded psyche of criminal and supreme narcissist Hillary Clinton and her liberal supporters who can’t grasp a simple concept – they lost.

Since the announcement last weekend that General Flynn, the greatest scapegoat to walk this earth since Dreyfus, would be charged with lying to the FBI, the RUMINT (rumor intelligence) is that the President would be indicted by Christmas, on charges of obstructing justice during the Russian collusion investigation.

As you well know, the only collusion with Russia has been done by you and Democratic Party operatives. The only obstruction of justice has been done by you and Hillary Clinton. No doubt, Mr. Mueller believes he can pull this all off; the indictment of a President based on nothing, followed by the nothing response from a gutless Congress and a mentally AWOL adjutant general. No doubt, you believe the American voters will just sit by and let you piss away our republic.

This is not 1963; the last time you conducted a coup d’etat against a President who was changing America for the better. People are informed and know what your game plan is. If you think you can bring down President Trump and continue your globalist corruption like nothing ever happened, think again.

The people elected Donald J. Trump as President. That you cannot comprehend the will of the people is a testament to your outrageous arrogance and complete criminality.

The people that you detest so much are heavily armed and if called upon, will use their God-given, Second Amendment rights to restore law and order in this country.

What does this mean for you? It means this. If you indict, impeach, assassinate, or in any way depose President Trump, there will be problems. You can interpret ‘problems’ any way you desire.

Mr. Trump’s millions and millions of supporters, labeled ‘deplorables’ by your candidate, an odious, delusional despot, seek only peace and the freedom to live the American Dream.

It’s more than obvious that you wish to deny Americans the right to the pursuit of happiness.

It’s more than obvious that you wish for us to live like 21st Century serfs, while you live like 17th Century kings and queens.

This country was born out of revolution, a revolution fought against people just like you. Be on notice, an armed population awaits you as we awaited the Redcoats at Lexington and Concord.

You have been warned.

Ray Starmann
Editor in Chief
US Defense Watch

14 comments on “An Open Letter to the Traitors in the Deep State
  1. You go Ray!!! Disgusting, simply disgusting with Mueller & Company antics, little Jeffy Sessions left his balls in Alabama. I, for one, am extremely disgusted and frustrated with the idiocy of the Democratic Party (Which back in the day actually represented decent working men and women) until they went wuss declaring everything and everyone to be the problem.

    By history’s sake I missed the Civil War; perhaps I’ll be fortunate to attend the next one.

    If any resistance cell needs a Commo Sergeant, I am your man.

    I cook good too.

    Excellent work Ray, still laughing over “Perfumed Princes”. Would have enjoyed sitting next to you in English composition class.

  2. Very well said . and it being on the internet shows the whole world what villains they have been to the American people.!!

  3. Thank you Ray for speaking out and providing the world with a fine example of a good man with a gift of expression and the freedom to use it!

  4. They dress like sheep and act like wolves. They treat us with disdain. Thank you for placing the putrid traitors on notice. We The People number in the millions, & this time we recognize the stench of the deep state.

    My ancestors were called “the scum of Bretons and base lackey peasants”. Their blood is my blood, the sentiment towards my kind hasn’t changed, only the words. I’m a patriot who has no fear of the evil rat bastards who would dare to challenge my President and destroy The Republic that brave men fought and died for. I’m a Christian female “deplorable cracker” with a son. I’m deep state’s nightmare in waiting.

  5. Mueller was the COVER-UP man of the 911 False Flag, along with the FEMA who had been ordered to NYC before Sept 10 when they actually got into their hotels rooms; the ‘honest’ FBI agents were sent to California for the week; Cheney ordered the DOD antimissile system to STAND DOWN; if that one lone soldier who kept saying 50 miles out, 40,30, 20 and 10 miles out asked CHENEY PERSONALLY if the STAND DOWN ordered still stood, “Of Course the order still stand. Have you heard any different’? What if that young man had done the PATRIOTIC thing to NOT FOLLOW and ILLEGAL ORDER and had turned the Anti-Missile system from off to FULL-ON !!! He would have been the REAL HERO of 911. Also ANYONE who can look at the videos once more when TWO 110 stories of steel and concrete is turned into collapsing dust in 15 SECONDS!!! This is PHYSICALLY SCIENTIFICALLY IMPOSSIBLE WITHOUT EXPLOSIVES. PERIOD !!! The rest of the World KNOWS this, people in America are waking up to KNOWING THIS !!!
    Every Veteran from Afghanistan and Iraq, Syria, and ANY place on this planet SHOULD KNOW THIS. This USA ZIONISTA Imperialistic Government has been corrupt by the elite 1% since 1776. Our 2nd amendment rights HAVE been “infringed” with background checks, licenses, federal registries are ALL infringements !!! Even Free Speech is no longer “free”…it is coordinated outside of view, words that make other people “uncomfortable” are banned. All 50 States have passed laws that we cannot say the Israeli Settlements are ILLEGAL. We cannot BOYCOTT Zionist products; it has infected every single kindergarten to College across this country.
    Mueller HIMSELF is guilty of TREASON, along with Bush, Cheney and ENTIRE past two Administrations. From that single soldier in the Pentagon who obeyed an ILLEGAL order to the plotters who designed the “New American Century” all should be hung high from lamp posts in front of the Supreme Court along with it’s Nine Justices; and EVERY member of Congress.

  6. Wonderful, inspiring article, and equally fervent comments, all!
    I pray, if the day comes, the citizenry of America rise up and take back our nation.
    Or will we be keyboard commandos, even as the Deep State drags us from our homes and shoots us…
    I feel like a frog in a slow boiling pot.
    What is the breaking point? Where is the bloody line in the sand? How many muslim refugees have to invade my neighborhood before we say ENOUGH!!??

  7. Ray I printed this. Took it to meeting of old worn out vetrans. Passed it around ask them to read it. Then I ask for a show of hands that supported the letter. Resounding 100 % said HELL yes. We patriot Americans are in agreement with every word. I would just say to the traitors. The japs recognized that the sleeping giant was awakening. I would suggest you take a long look at history, and do it soon. We will not stand idle while you dethrone a duly elected sitting president. It will not happen. So from here on, walk softly and get a bigger stick.

    We the people are watching every move.

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