100 Men and Women We’ll Test Today…and 100 Wear the Green Beret…

By Ray Starmann

You are an eyewitness with a front row seat, watching the death of the US military right before your eyes.

What’s happening right now in the US military is the final act, in a Shakespearean tragedy filled with  gutless leaders lacking in moral courage, perfumed princes who only care about punching a ticket on their way up the army ladder, feminist and liberal fools who think that they’re providing equal opportunity, even if it’s obtained fraudulently, and finally, a few brave souls who know the hour of the total clusterf**k is near and are desperate to do something before a lot of young Americans are sent home in body bags.

For those who have never served, remember one thing and remember it well; you are living in freedom because in prior times, when the US military was run by warriors, it fielded the roughest, toughest SOB’s the nation could find to do battle with our enemies and send them straight to the gates of Hades.

Well not anymore…

It’s Ranger School déjà vu at Fort Bragg.

You remember what happened at Ranger School, dear reader; in order to have evidence that women could hack it in the combat arms and special ops, the army conspired to ‘graduate’ three female officers, after they received special pre, pre, pre Ranger training at Fort Carson, had dieticians, were given endless chances to pass patrols, were allowed showers every three days and what is the most obvious example of the complete fraud that took place at Fort Benning, they looked plump as a Christmas goose on graduation day. Anyone who has graduated from Ranger School, or knows anything about the training, is more than aware that men crawl out of the front gates of Benning, 50, 60, 70 pounds lighter, looking like concentration camp inmates.

To this day, the army denies anything shady took place before or during the Ranger School classes. Yet, strangely, they admitted they destroyed the records of the three female graduates, including, the 37 year old Mommy Ranger, while refusing to turn over the Green Cards, aka the Ranger School report cards on them to Congressman Steve Russell.

And, now it’s happening all over again at Fort Bragg, the home of US Army Special Forces, or as they are commonly known, the Green Berets.

Last week, Smoke Bomb Hill was hit by multiple barrages of shake and bake rounds fired for effect from the pen of one or more irate Green Beret training cadre, who have had enough of feather merchant officers lowering standards to accommodate weaklings and women.

Below are several passages from the 14 page anonymous letter:

To our fellow Active Duty and Veteran Green Berets,

Our Regiment has a cancer, and it is destroying the SF legacy, its capability, and its credibility. SWCS has devolved into a cesspool of toxic, exploitive, biased and self-serving senior Officers who are bolstered by submissive, sycophantic, and just-as-culpable enlisted leaders. They have doggedly succeeded in two things; furthering their careers, and ensuring that Special Forces more prolific, but dangerously less capable than ever before. Shameless and immodest careerism has, in no uncertain terms, effectively destroyed our ability to assess, train, and prepare students, or to identify those students that pose very real risk to Operational Detachments.

We consistently and concretely identify dozens of graduates every year who are incapable of ever being ‘value-added’ to ODA’s yet are pushed forward to you. THAT NUMBER IS SET TO RISE DRAMATICALLY in the very near future.

The actions of SWCS leadership have created a new era of Special Forces that are; increasingly incapable of actualizing SOF attributes; markedly and demonstrably weaker; and quantifiably projecting measurable risk and liability onto the teammates with which they serve.

The recent systematic dismissal of course standards and continuous violation of regulations at the Training Group and SWCS echelons makes student failure nigh impossible.

In the last 24 months, Commanders and/or Sergeants Major at the Group and SWCS level have systematically removed numerous fundamental SF standards, lowered and undermined the grading metrics for others, all while simultaneously ensuring that a gagged cadre population was expressly prohibited from holding students accountable for their academic, physical, and character performance.

The letter’s author(s) go on to get to the real point for the lowering of standards; something we knew was only a matter of time. Since no woman has made it through the Special Forces Q or qualification course in two years, it’s time to make the standards go away, so that even your 100 year old grandma with a walker could graduate.

The letter continues:

Regardless of one’s opinion on the topic, a universally accepted truth recognized by all parties is that if women yearn to join the force, they should meet the same standards achieved by those men they wish to serve with. Yet the current leadership has taken it upon themselves to inject an end state no one wants, to achieve personal endeavors that benefit no one. They have stated through continuous action and policy implementation that they do not want women to meet the standard. What they want is to markedly lower the standards enough to ensure that any woman attempting this path will have absolutely no issue achieving it. Consider the time-line of events:

What follows is a summary of the time line in the letter:

July 2017: MG Sonntag dismisses all SFOC (Special Forces Orientation Course) testable events. Students will take the physical tests, but they can no longer be relieved for them as they are considered diagnostics. Students can no longer fail SFOC except for Voluntarily Withdrawing or getting injured.

So, your only way out of the orientation course is feet first on a gurney. So what if you can do only a couple pushups, it’s the new army.

September 2017: All graded SFQC (Special Forces Qualification Course or the Q Course) PT events including the SFPA, APFT, diagnostic APFT’s, and Diagnostic SFPA’s still banned from being conducted. -Revision introduced that there will be ZERO graded physical tests.

Why in the name of God would the Special Forces Q Course not be administering physical fitness tests? Is it because they know women can’t meet the standards and the goal is to make women Green Berets to placate idiots in Congress like Clair McCaskill and Kirsten Gillinbrand?

The author(s) continue and what they say is frankly frightening for the future of the Green Berets and our country’s national security:

November 2017: The culmination: It has just been announced that graduation for students will be held immediately after they graduate Robin Sage (culminating field exercise). Language phase is no longer a requirement for graduation. Aside from passing selection, there are LITERALLY no physical gates or standards required of students in order for them to graduate the Special Forces Qualification Course. This is the state of the entire SFQC as it stands today.

Students do not need to be able to pass a 2-mile run at an 80% standard. They do not need to pass a 5-mile run in under 40 minutes. They do not need to be able to pass a 12-mile ruck march in under 3 hours. They are not required to find ANY points during their land nav training and assessment.

In the old army, they wouldn’t even let you out of ROTC if you couldn’t do land nav!

They do not need to be able to perform 8 pull-ups. Translation, women don’t have the upper body strength to do pull ups, so forget that little requirement. Say goodbye to the old days where you couldn’t eat unless you knocked out ten pull ups.

God help us all.

They do not need to be able to perform 57 push-ups, or 66 sit-ups. They no longer need to be able to climb a 15 foot rope with weight on. Students are no longer administered any form of physical or administrative punishment. After passing a 19-ish day selection process, there are no physical barriers to earning the coveted Green Beret.

These all were standards for EVERY Green Beret in modern history prior to this month. To say that standards have not been eliminated would be laughable, were it not so tragic.

As long as one shows up for training, there is virtually no way to fail this training. Major General Sonntag said it best: “Once they’ve been selected, there is no reason they should fail a single portion of the Q-course.”

So, the Green Berets are like traffic school online. Everyone will qualify…

Finally, the author(s) conclude the letter with a desperate plea from desperate men who are watching one of the country’s and the world’s premier fighting and training forces literally be flushed down the toilet by politically correct martinets bowing to pressure from feminists.

This is the next generation of Special Forces. In just a few years, most of our regiment will be a product of this foundation. We will become a brotherhood of parasites: devoid of any real character, feeding off of the achievements those before us earned, and consuming the heritage as a whole. We can cure it, but it needs to happen now. We need to take back ownership of our profession. Help us fix this mess. The Regiment’s legacy depends on it.

The army’s response was typical and full of what soldiers like to call bravo sierra. Major General Sonntag, in a memorandum stated:

“Many of you have seen the anonymous letter calling into question the integrity of our training standards and the quality of the Soldiers being produced. Let me be clear, I would be proud to serve with each and every one of our Special Forces Qualification Course graduates, and I stand behind the quality of every Soldier we send to the operational force.”

The general went on to say that “no fundamental SF standard has been removed. No academic or character performance standards have been adjusted.”

The good general must be at a different Fort Bragg than the one being described by the author(s).

I think it’s safe to say that the Green Berets of Aaron Bank, Chargin’ Charlie Beckwith and Nick Rowe are long, long, long gone. They are representative of a US Army that was focused on winning wars, not on placating soccer mom senators from New York.

If nothing changes down at Fort Bragg, the Green Berets will be no more valuable to the national defense than the Girl Scouts.


13 comments on “100 Men and Women We’ll Test Today…and 100 Wear the Green Beret…
  1. What is the purpose, for elite training standards, that will have female exception rules?

    Teams operate, to the level of their weakest team members, who already have above normal physical & mental standards.

    Females can have a role, in the Special Operations Community, however, they must pass the same programs as their male counterparts.

    How about pre-qualification standards like, Airborne – Air Assault – Pathfinder – Sniper qualifications ?

    A Combat Action Badge or Combat Infantry Badge would be a plus.

    This way, females would have some capabilities, easily transferable to Special Forces & Ranger Schools.

  2. And remember it was just a month ago that the Army published its new uniform standard. Mens pant’s pink and women’s skirts pink. Can anyone imagine a SFO wearing pink anything on graduation day?

  3. Many former Green Beret’s, Navy Seals, Marine Force Recon, Recon, Marines, Rangers, have revealed the large scale dumbing down of their training to accommodate women and minorities.

    Minority’s in Seal training who can not “swim”, Women fighter pilots who fail (but are passed) qualification and training.

    Obama had replace over 300 of our top Officers, Generals, Admirals, etc, and thousands of lower officers were passed up for “democratic yes men”, many with mediocre credentials. Obama also ordered “quota’s” for all Special Force’s, Marines, Seals, etc, regardless of their qualifications. Training records are fraudulently written, training dumbed down etc, even in the military colleges, West Point, etc. Unqualified women put in charge of men and combat units, etc. All this has had an enormous effect on the abilities of our armed forces, something not easily rectified, if ever – until we pay the price in a major war.

    Marines subjected over 200 women to combat regimen training over a six to one year period, not one passed; however, they were ordered to now place women in all combat units……………….imagine!.

  4. EVERYONE SUCKS OFF THE MILITARY,so saying anything about these FILTH is a waste of time,but ,THERE IS A SILVER LINING,their ALL going to HELL when they leave this world,NONE of them are smart enough to understand when they leave america ,THEIR GUILTY OF TREASON,they were to protect AMERICA,there isn’t any of the ignorant bastards who find america on a map,they don’t have a clue what country they work for,BUT THEY ALL LOVE shoving a GUN in someones face after they leave the military and JOIN THE POLICE GANGS so they can keep RAPING,MURDERING,ROBBING,AND KILLING CHILDREN,goood luck in hell boys,YOU’LL BE GOING HOME SOON……..

  5. I washed out of Airborne School before I even started, because I was not able to do ten pull-ups.

    Good. I just do not have the physic to jump out of airplanes.

    But I made a fairly good Supply man.

  6. No diabolically clever enemy of America could have conceived of a more cost-effective way of eviscerating the combat effectiveness of our armed forces than have the feminist and LGBTQIA juggernauts.

  7. Obama accomplished his goal of eviscerating the US military, or so it would seem. WE MUST do what we can to reverse this lest our country cease to exist some years from now. We cannot let the snowflakes and the snowflake command staff of our military win.

  8. the same thing applies to police and fire departments all over the country. I prefer the days when you opened the door for a cop he blocked out the sun lite, now days it may be a five foot nothing at the door with her six foot six partner backing her up, this lowering of standards also apply’s to the under sized males also. Raise the standards back to where they were and stop trying to placate all the sniveling people who can’t meet the standards.

  9. Could be a self correcting problem….
    Those that cannot perform will die sooner..
    Problem is …those trying to save them will probably die also….

    If women in combat was sustainable it would have been done 5000 years ago. It wasn’t for many good reasons, one of them that women cannot kill men as efficiently as men can kill women.

  10. They should just re-name them the “Pink Berets”… Give them all those idiotic pussy hats to wear instead of Kevlar Helmets… America is f*cked, no two ways about it… When the shit does finally hit the fan, we will get our asses kicked in about ten minutes flat.

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