The NFL, USAA, and ED ROLLINS – Losers on the skids

By Ronnie Herne   


The NFL: Are you all as sick as I am of these sniveling rich black boys crying in their Pouilly-Fuisse (expensive imported white wine…)?  They’ve all made enough money to buy MaMa her new house, park that sleek car out in front, and dress in stylish, overpriced rags.  Life is good, brother…

Except for your baby brother, brother.  He has sports dreams too.  And you are out there wringing the neck of the goose that lays/laid the golden eggs.  THERE WON’T BE ANY GOLD WHEN YOUR KID BROTHER/COUSIN/NEPHEW GOES FOR IT.

Are you proud of that?  Are you proud of being so desperately demonstrably stupid as to destroy your own source of money, fame, and recognition?  Do you not understand that as the NFL continues weekly to bleed millions of dollars that your contracts become worth less, and less?  You cannot get money from an empty vault, no matter how many Power Pouts you pull.  And Free Agency will end up being just that: Free, meaning unfunded.

Oh sure, in four years you’ll be gone.  What do you care?  You’re treating the NFL just like some treat their government housing: You’re trashing it.

And when you’re done breaking out the NFL windows, piling trash on the landings, pulling out the fire alarms, jamming the elevators, and breaking the locks – just like in that housing project — all that will be left of the NFL will be an abandoned shambles.

So, Say it loud, I’m black and proud!  Of what?  Threatening a strike, are you?  Which of your 6,302 fans left would even notice?  So, go ahead.  Kneel together, hug each other, embrace libertad, igualdad y fraternidad and sing a socialist round of Kumbaya, brothers.

You blind yourselves to the good in this country.  And many of you have been so very blessed.  I don’t say there are no problems but I do say it’s time you changed from your knickers to your big boy pants, stood up like real men, and addressed your concerns in your communities.  What a force you could be if you just grew up.  Of course, you are always welcome to leave.  There must be some country…..

As to the wimps running the NFL, that most masculine of sports……  What a bunch of Beta Wusses.  It didn’t take a genius to see the NFL was seriously sliding the year they started throwing pink hankies and “the boys” got to say the word “breast” without getting in trouble.  And now this.

And all it would have taken was one Alpha Male on the Forty-Niners staff in 2016.  Just one.  But then, we are talking San Francisco here…

The NFL is never ever going to be the same.  Way too many have found out there really are other things to do on Sunday afternoons, fun things, and that standing proudly for the anthem and the flag and what it stands for feels really goodAmerican, if you will.  RIP NFL.

USAA: United Services Automobile Association.  USAA is a big insurance, banking, investment company that primarily serves the military, the veterans, and their families.  You may recall that this past Memorial Day season, USAA decided to no longer advertise on the Sean Hannity Show on Fox.

There was a giant roar from the military community against USAA.  Hannity’s advertising was restored, at least temporarily.

Well, USAA also advertises on the NFL.  This would be the same NFL that is hell bent on disrespecting our flag, our anthem, our military, and our military dead.  The not-so-funny-thing is, that the NFL is now 75% black.  I guess the old saw of discrimination in football had to be replaced with some grievance.  So, why not take a knee for slavery?

USAA continues to advertise in de facto support of this ongoing flag disrespect despite page after page after page of negative comments from USAA members.

I myself have had three frustrating interchanges with USAA recently.  One was an online funds transfer that got royally screwed up even though I specifically called USAA to check it out.

The second was a phone call to try and straighten out the mess mentioned above in that funds transfer.  That time – even though I signed in with my member number – the agent was not sure I was a real USAA member and transferred me (unbeknownst to me) to someone not in banking but rather in customer ID and verification.  I was NOT amused.

The third call had to do with my car insurance rate which has sky rocketed the last two years while I have a perfect driving record with them since God was young.

I called the Auto Insurance number.  The first thing I got was my checking account balance……..

The gal that picked up there couldn’t help me so she transferred me.  The next one couldn’t help me either but she was able to tell me that the raise in rates had been nationwide so I wasn’t alone.

The third one was able to suggest how I might trim all of  $70 a year off my bill.  She then opined that the company had to keep enough money coming in to cover their claims monies going out.  She sounded like she was reading from a script.

She mentioned a second time about the company finances having to meet the claims.

I mentioned to her that originally USAA had only dealt with officers but in the intervening 50 years they had diluted that to also include any honorably discharged veterans and any active duty military (enter the teenage boys and girls) and their families.

Uh Duh: What happens when you open your insurance to a bevy of teenagers?  Why your risk pool expands exponentially.  So, I’m supposed to pay the extra freight because USAA decided to increase its risk pool?

Perhaps if USAA was not flagrantly spending money on totally unnecessary socialist-geared program advertising (Lawrence O’Donnell, Rachel Maddow, the NFL) they could reflect those savings in lower rates for those of us who cost them no money.  What a revolutionary idea…

   ED ROLLINS: Ed Rollins is a loser.  A big time, time-after-time political loser.  My first memory of Ed Rollins is when he squirreled Ross Perot’s ultimately unsuccessful campaign in the fall of 1992.  And I have this long-lived, strong and lingering recollection that I can in no way prove today that back in that day I read where Ed Rollins was a Democrat operative who converted to being a (pretend) Republican but remained a Democrat operative (somewhere in New England?).

Oh, why am I mentioning Ed Rollins?  Because he is currently the national spokesperson for the Great America PAC, a supposed pro-Trump Steve Bannon affiliated PAC (along with the organization Great America Alliance).

Ed Rollins needs to be forcibly rolled out the front door.  He will be no friend to Trump or Bannon when the time suits him.  Such is his style.

In addition to Perot, Ed Rollins also associated himself with Mike Huckabee in his 2008 unsuccessful bid for the presidency.  Ed Rollins also associated himself with Michele Bachmann in her 2012 unsuccessful bid for the presidency.

I pretty much like Steve Bannon but someone needs to uptick him on Rollins.  Ed Rollins is a horrible choice and I don’t trust contributing anything to a PAC that features him.  Bannon either needs to take over that PAC and oust Rollins, OR Steve Bannon needs to start his own PAC.  I’ll back either.

I do support Steve Bannon and his 2018 primary challenges to incumbent swamp elites.  Quite exciting, that.

Let me go sideways here.  Do you like Roger Stone?  (I said “like” not love…)  Okay.  Roger Stone has no earthly use for Ed Rollins.  Let me quote Roger Stone:

“I’m not familiar with Ed Rollins ever actually running a successful campaign…

   Second, I’m not really in the school of trashing my clients. I mean, Ed Rollins has trashed “President Bachmann,” who he worked for, “President Huckabee,” who he worked for, “President Perot,” who he worked for.  I have no interest in trashing my clients, even when I disagree with them.  I am not going to say anything negative about Donald Trump…and I’m not going to be in the Rollins school of denouncing those who have paid me.”      From The Daily Beast 8-10-15   (You can find more of Roger Stone’s saucy opinions on Ed Rollins at this link.)

To further demonstrate Rollins’ unbelievably shocking lack of respect for his clients here is a quote from Rollins himself  from Fox News  7-18-2012:

   “I have been a practitioner of tough politics for many decades. There is little that amazes me and even less that shocks me.  I have to say that Congresswoman Michele Bachmann’s outrageous and  false charges against a top aide to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Huma Abedin reaches that threshold.

   Her unsubstantiated charge against Abedin, a widely respected top aide to Secretary  Hillary Clinton, accusing her of some sort of far-fetched connection to the Muslim brotherhood, is extreme and dishonest. 

Having worked for Congressman Bachman’s (sic) campaign for president, I am fully aware that she sometimes has difficulty with her facts, but this is downright vicious and reaches the late Senator Joe McCarthy  level.”   (Bold added.)

Whew.  He’s calling Michele “vicious”?  And Ed Rollins is a Republican strategist?  Really?  And he led the defeats of Perot, Huckabee, and Bachmann?   We don’t need to be sending this guy any money.  He just needs to be gone.

Could someone let Steve Bannon know?

Ronnie Herne (c) 2017  All Rights Reserved

3 comments on “The NFL, USAA, and ED ROLLINS – Losers on the skids
  1. The only problem, as I see it, with U. S. Defense Watch, is that it is not mandatory reading in every household in our once great nation. I don’t know from where they came, but U.S. D. W. is the best at reporting the facts intelligently and honestly. Just please don’t start adding all the ads other conservative newsletters have began using. Please keep up the good work. You are a credit to you ‘real’, ‘honest’ journalism.

  2. I called USAA today. Interestingly enough I inadvertently got their official view on NFL advertising. I’ve included it below. The “chat” started like this.

    Hello Ms. Herne. Thank You for chatting with USAA today! My name is Timothy, I will be happy to assist you with your Payment Inquiry! How are you doing today?

    I’d be doing better if USAA stopped advertising on the NFL but for now let’s just get my payment made.

    TIMOTHY A. 1:24 PM
    That’s Great!!! I understand your concern.

    The following was then included, outlined in black, seemingly pasted in by Timothy:

    “USAA advertising is intended to educate military and member prospects about USAA products and services, and is placed within programming that is popular with our military, veterans and their families. Advertising during NFL games allows USAA to reach a broad military audience, including those who are currently serving. Research indicates that 78% of active duty military are NFL fans, with 36% naming NFL as their favorite sport. We are more successful in our advertising when we target programs our members watch.”

    So there you have it. USAA on USAA. Dwindling NFL numbers mean nothing. Pages and pages of negative comments from USAA’s customers mean nothing. And advertising on Lawrence O’Donnell and Rachel Maddow will certainly reach a wide swath of military types.

    You know what to do.

    Ronnie Herne

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