Generation Commie – Why Millennials are Embracing Communism


By Ray Starmann

America has a new and growing internal security threat. This new threat is not ISIS, nor is it Rocket Man’s sleeper agents wandering downtown Seattle with a six pack of SADM’s; nor is it Morning Joe with a chain saw in a room full of interns.

The new threat wafting across the country like a poison gas is the Millennial Generation’s love affair with socialism and communism.

According to the latest survey from the Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation, a D.C.-based nonprofit, one in two U.S. Millennials say they would rather live in a socialist or communist country than a capitalist democracy.

“Millennials now make up the largest generation in America, and we’re seeing some deeply worrisome trends,” said Marion Smith, executive director of the organization. “Millennials are increasingly turning away from capitalism and toward socialism and even communism as a viable alternative.”

Close to 20 percent said they were likely to vote for a self-described communist, while barely 50 percent said they were likely to vote for a self-described capitalist.

Millennials were also more likely to take a favorable view of communist leaders. According to the poll, “Nearly one-in-five Millennials consider Joseph Stalin and Kim Jong-un ‘heroes,’ Twenty-three percent of Americans between 21 and 29 consider Stalin a hero. Twenty-six percent of them consider Lenin a hero. These are two of the biggest mass murderers in world history. Thirty-four percent were favorable to Karl Marx, and 37 percent were favorable to revolutionary and T-shirt fixture Che Guevara. One-fifth of Millennials surveyed had a positive opinion of Karl Marx.

Even more shocking, a full third of Millennials believe U.S. president George W. Bush is responsible for more deaths than Soviet leader Joseph Stalin. Stalin, of course, killed 20 million during his 29-year run as the chief political figure in the USSR. Between two and seven million people were killed in the Ukraine thanks to a policy of state-engineered famine, while millions more were executed or died in labor camps following various political purges.

What in the name of God is going on in the minds of Millennials? Why are they embracing and glorifying the despotic ideologies responsible for the deaths of 100 million people in the 20th Century?

The Millennial Generation has only experienced a booming US economy as little children in the mid and late 1990’s. As teenagers and young adults, they have watched as many of their parents were laid off from jobs being outsourced to China, as many of their parents had homes foreclosed on, and as parents were forced to accept low-paying part time jobs with limited or zero health care benefits for their families.

Millennials who attend college and graduate school are in debt up to their eyeballs and many cannot find work once they earn degrees, which have become largely worthless in a world of ever shifting and expanding technology and artificial intelligence.

They are disillusioned like the shell-shocked masses that survived World War I and were seeking answers from anyone who could throw a wrecking ball into the class structure of pre-WWI Europe.

Like many who lived through the worldwide depression in Europe and America in the late 1920’s and early 1930’s, they believe that ending capitalism will create a magical land of equality for all.

They are dead wrong. Millennials are searching for answers and, in the process, grasping on to the hand of the devil himself.

The world has been down this road before. The road leads to only one place, the hell of Marxist-Leninism, where out of the fantastical ideas of utopia, comes one of the greatest frauds fraught upon humanity. The so-called worker’s paradise is, was and always will be nothing more than a penal colony sketched in the charcoal grey lifestyle of the communist state, where millions suffer at the hands of a few; all the while toiling, clawing through misery and clamoring for the final and glorious state of communism that has never existed and never will.

Another striking feature from the poll was actually something many have suspected – Millennials’ complete lack of intellectual curiosity for anything that doesn’t resemble an IPhone app or a video game.  The study found that 71% of Millennials could not pinpoint the definition of communism. They just like it. But they don’t know how to define it. Communism was defined right in front of them; they couldn’t choose it. They didn’t know what it was. Eighty percent, 80% of Millennials did not know how many lives were lost as a result of communism.

Millennials are literally Marxism’s little minions at colleges across the country. No doubt university professors have tilted left for at least 50 years. In the 1980’s we laughed at them. To little Alex P. Keaton’s, Ferris Bueller’s and Chuck Norris’ sitting in classrooms, our professors were socialist enemies of the Reagan Revolution; anti-American louts who were impediments to our eventual victory over the commies and our future millions to be made in the real world.

But, Millennials aren’t laughing at their professors. They’re following them like labor camp martinets, like the mute Eloi to the eventual Morlock abattoir, courtesy of Marx and Engels.

Millennials are not being taught the horrors of 20th Century socialism and communism. To Millennials socialism and communism are good alternatives to capitalism, not the forces of genocide, destruction and misery for hundreds of millions across the globe.

According to Rush Limbaugh, “There’s no such thing as utopia. But in communism circles, there is. It’s there. It’s there. We’ve been close a couple times. We haven’t gotten there yet, but we can get there. When you have enough money and the right people, we could get there. And that’s how it’s portrayed. America is imperfect, not capable of being perfected. America’s racist and bigoted, it’s unfair, it’s mean-spirited. And this is how these young people have been raised. It’s how they’ve been taught. They have no idea how to define communism. They just think it’s fairer. It’s more sustainable.”

Millennials are being taught that Reaganomics caused massive suffering across the country, when in fact it contributed to the biggest economic boom in our history.

Besides the brainwashing going on, the fact remains that Millennials never experienced the Cold War. To them it’s ancient history, an app they can delete, a picture they can swipe away.

They know nothing about the sacrifices of US pilots to supply Berlin during the airlift in 1948, or the Wall that divided that city from 1961 to 1989.  They’ve never heard of the brave Hungarians facing down Russian tanks in 1956. They know little of Khrushchev and how his false belief that JFK was weak, brought the world to the edge of nuclear Armageddon in 1962. They are ignorant of a nation’s Prague Spring, a workers’ rebellion in the dockyards of Gdansk that led to a movement called Solidarity. They have never heard of monsters like Pol Pot and thugs like Honecker. They know very little about freedom’s disciples like Pope John Paul II and Reagan and Thatcher.

Most importantly, they have no idea that the ideologies they embrace as useful economic alternatives, were responsible for the starvation, liquidation and mass murder of nearly 100 million souls who died in the Killing Fields of Cambodia, the peasant farms of the Ukraine, the cellars in LeFortovo and a million other places from Murmansk to Meiningen.

They are unaware and that is the most dangerous thing of all.

For their whole lives, Millennials have been lauded, spoiled and douted on, as if they were the first generation to ever walk this earth; as if the special treatment they received would somehow make them better than all who went before; as if the trophies they didn’t earn and the ludicrous hyper-supervision and micro-management of their lives would make them better than previous generations.

Then, in 2016, along came an old communist, posing as a “Democratic Socialist”, while hiding under the banner of an Independent.  To older people, we saw him coming all the way from the Kremlin, where he once had his honeymoon. To Millennials he was and is the Pied Piper, not of Hamelin, but of Petrograd. He told them he could give them everything for free. They would never have to pay for education again and the government would erase their debts. He told them he would give them free health care, just like they have in Cuba, in Venezuela and in North Korea. He told them that the government would take care of them and run their lives just like their parents and teachers did.

And, they loved him for it.

Yes, Comrade Bernie Sanders is only the beginning. He is the voice of a generation. Not of his own, freeze dried hippie generation, but of the Millennial Generation. He represents the state and to the left, the state is God.

Supporters of Sanders will tell you he’s just a socialist, like those guys in Sweden, who run your lives every day with a million regulations created by nameless bureau-thugs in the EU parliament.

Democratic Socialists will tell you that it’s not communism, even though they hate capitalism. Maybe some free market organizations will still be allowed. Sure they will.  Isn’t it funny, how the old commies in Eastern Europe are setting up communist parties under the guise of Democratic Socialism?

Socialism, Democratic Socialism, Communism: it all leads to one place, a snow packed barbed wire camp in the Gulag Archipelago. It all leads to tyranny, oppression and death.

When half of the largest generation in the country, a generation that will one day be leading this nation believes in socialism and communism, you’ve got a problem.

Millennials would be wise to start reading about the ideologies they embrace and which are now on the ash heap of history. They would be wise to listen to the words of President Reagan, who said so eloquently, “Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same, or one day we will spend our sunset years telling our children and our children’s children what it was once like in the United States where men were free.”

10 comments on “Generation Commie – Why Millennials are Embracing Communism
  1. But it is the morning Joes, the teachers, the professors, the MSM types, and most of all the politicians that created this generation.

    A society that embraces equality must jettison excellence. If you eliminate merit you end progress and quality. Look at the nations that have embraced Bernism and you see Venezuela, North Korea, Cuba, Somalia, Russia, etc.

    But never discuss facts with a twenty something, they feel they have the answers. They need to fear poverty and desperation. Perhaps if their parents threw them out of their basements when they hit 27 these snowflakes might gow up a little.

  2. Their love affair is not deep enough to become educated. They should read some Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn or Ion Mihai Pacepa’s Red Horizons. Probably way too much trouble for millennials! Sad and uneducated situation – but happily rectified by them if they will put in the effort to educate themselves. Perhaps we the people need to begin focusing on highlighting the truth about communism and our great country. Thanks for starting the conversation Ray!

  3. Yes we’ve raised a generation of self entitled dumb arses who never got a spanking when they deserved it. They’ve been so wrapped up in cotton wool by parents that wanted to be their friend rather than parent them that they can’t stand even the smallest disagreement & call anything they don’t want to hear abuse. If they get what they want- communism, then that will be the generational spanking that will quickly make them realise that as far as the state is concerned that they are not entitled to anything. Then they will really know the true meaning of abuse.

  4. HISTORY hasn’t been taught in US Public Schools for YEARS, so these young people simply have NO clue about how EVIL Lenin and Stalin were. And most Millennial probably have NO clue what Socialism and Communism/Marxism are. Progressive, Liberal, Far Leftists took control of Public education way back in the 60’s. THAT is the problem.

  5. the kids are embracing socialism or even communism because the deck is stacked against them and their success…this was the same level of frustration that pushed the younger generations of european jews, russians, & germans into socialism starting about 1880-1890…look at what happened next…when any civilization comes to the point that young people can’t find work, buy a house, afford an apartment, afford an education, or start a family, there is going to be this sort of trouble…the super rich exported jobs and manufacturing to china mostly and the other brics countries so they could get cheap labor…what an irony if the people rise up and take their wealth away as an answer to the rich taking away the wealth of whole generations. The tax bill in process right now is one more example of the super rich robbing the middle class…the only winners in the republicans tax laws are corporations and the super rich that own them…you really can go too far, republicans & super rich, so beware…

  6. Millenials are the world’s losers. They are perfect material for the New World Order. They’re not unintelligent but are academic and lazy, lacking in intellect because they’ve done nothing to enrich their minds. They are receivers of information not providers of information or anything else.

    They think is utopia is in fact dystopia because they lack understanding and the ability to provide for themselves. Marxism didn’t die when the Berlin wall fell, it’s alive and thriving. Its weapon is not military hardware but Political Correctness and dumbing down education.
    Millenials are perfect material for enslavement in a socialist dystopia where everything is free but themselves.

    Bye Bye western civilisation.

  7. Yes, it’s all about ‘feelings’ isn’t it. But when the hammer of reality strikes, they will be ‘feeling’ the pain…

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