The Media’s Silence is Deafening – Are they Hiding Something?

By Joe Ragonese

The shooting in Las Vegas created more death and destruction than many actual battles fought in war.  59 dead and 527 injured; that’s one heck of a lot of carnage for one shooter.  While I do believe that it was only one shooter, his reasons for committing such an act are not yet known, but ISIS is trying to take credit for it.  They are a failing terrorist organization, and would take false credit for almost anything to boost their status with the kook world.  I do not believe this to be ISIS related; at least not directly.  There have been reports that the shooter spoke with an unknown Antifa operative just days before the murders.  There is no evidence to that at this time, but the rumors are flying.

What is known, is that President Trump called him evil, and that is exactly what he is.  What is not being said about the horrendous Las Vegas mass murders is a key to the motive of the shooter.  The man who killed 59 innocent people and injured another 527, was a wealthy retiree, who lived with a Philippine woman, in a suburb of Las Vegas.  That woman is now considered a person of interest, as he sent her a substantial amount of money in the Philippines, just within the last few days.

The shooter recently purchased several rifles legally, and then had at least two modified, with legal devices, to mimic fully automatic weapons.  Listening to the audio of the shooting, it certainly sounded like a fully automatic rifle.

The shooter had stockpiled a lot of ammunition, rented a room overlooking a country music concert and transported 16 guns and several thousand rounds of ammunition into that room.  This is being wildly reported by the MSM as it fits their anti-gun agenda.  He had planned this attack for some time and it took several days of execution to carry it out.  Did his female roommate know what he had planned?  Stay tuned on that.

While the left is breathlessly attacking the Second Amendment, as they always do, the press is not saying anything about the shooter’s political views.  That the police and FBI are not saying anything in an ongoing investigation is in accordance with procedure and correct; however, that the press is silent on the issue, is key to this writer believing that the shooter (and I will not use his name to glorify the act) voted for Hillary in the last election, and was very upset that she did not win.

Why do I feel this way about this?  It is simple, had he voted for Trump, every news outlet and blog would be shouting it as loudly as possible, to anyone who would listen to that news.  It fits their leftist agenda.  But nothing being said???  That is what a poker player would call a tell.

If he had no agenda, the left would be crying that loudly to everyone, so that we would know that it isn’t a leftist kook, like the one who shot Republican politicians practicing for a baseball game in Virginia.  Nothing is being said.  But we do know that he lives in a 55 plus community, where his neighbors didn’t get along with him, calling him aggressively standoffish.  Reporters went to his community and talked to anyone who would answer.  Knowing that much, any cub reporter would ask what was the basis of his aggressiveness.  No one is saying, or at least reporting what they’ve heard.

In today’s politically divided world, many confrontations with neighbors has something to do with politics.  Nevada, outside of Las Vegas and Clark County, tends to be conservative, so again, I will speculate that the question has been asked of neighbors, and the answers have not fit the reporter’s agendas.  As most of the MSM is leftist, it would go unreported that he is a leftist political murderer.

There it is in a nut shell, this writer’s view of the ongoing events.  Why do I draw these conclusions, because reporters know a lot more than they are saying.  Having been a member of the press for a long time, I know this as a fact.  Sometimes reporters remain silent because they cannot verify facts, but as we all know in today’s “pink journalism” that hasn’t stopped the MSM and leftist blogs from reporting false reports to malign President Trump and those of us who voted for him.

The fake news will report any and all lies, innuendos and fabrications to forward their far-left wing, radical agenda.  So, the silence is shouting out loud that something is being hidden from the majority of us; and I will speculate that it is the fact that the murderer attacked a country concert, knowing that the majority of those he was hurting were Trump voters and supporters.  The silence is letting us know that the press, who is able to tap into top secret communications to hurt this President, are remaining mute because when the facts are known, it will hurt their agenda.

Let’s face it, the MSM knows all too well that Antifa has declared war on America and plans to wreak havoc on November 4, in commemoration of President Trump’s victory.  Have you seen that story in any MSM outlet?  No, just like there is nothing about the political leanings of the worst murderer in America.

When the truth does come out, the anti-gun narrative will change, and the left will simply bury this story.           I will hold my tongue, for now, about any further speculation, because I may be very wrong about this, do not have any real knowledge other than what I’ve read, and cannot say with any factual basis that we are being lied to by omission; however, when the facts are known, you will be hearing more from me no matter what the facts convey.

Let’s wait and see, and then we will readdress this topic.



4 comments to “The Media’s Silence is Deafening – Are they Hiding Something?”

  2. Just like the moonbat that shot up the GOP softball practice, if bet anything that this guy was a flaming liberal and affiliated with the Democratic party at least loosely, and that he intentionally targeted a “conservative” crowd at a country concert. As you said, if Paddock voted for Trump or claimed the Republican party, the media wouldn’t be able to shut up about it. Then of course you have the rumors that he was associated with Antifa and that Antifa paraphernalia was found in his room. I was listening to The Schnitt show the other night and an anonymous caller from Vegas Metro PD was put on the air – he would neither confirm or deny if they actually found anything associated with Antifa in his room.

    Again, as crazy as the left are in this country and abroad, I wouldn’t put an allegiance to the Democratic party or liberalism past Paddock.

  3. He left behind a trail to other concerts. Possibly just a smart move to create red herrings. To lead us to think that he just wanted to kill a bunch randomly. But why indeed so much planning if he just wanted to kill randomly? I think it is more probable he hated so-called rednecks, Trump base.

    Also, the absence of any material or email trails etc. that indicate his beliefs also are likely from well thought out plan to strike his hateds without leaving a clue that would discredit his political or social beliefs.

    He was pretty intelligent. A highly logical mind, being an accountant and a hi-stakes gambler. A brain that collects data, analyzes and categorizes outcomes. He was no Ted Kaczynski luddite.

    He may be like the 1966 Texas University shooter. If memory is correct, the consensus or the medical conclusion was brain tumor that changed his basic human character.

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