Exactly How Much Communist Exposure is at West Point?

Pamela Geller

Earlier this week, West Point condemned one of their former cadets, who now serves in the military out of Fort Drum, for social media posts promulgating his communist viewpoints. A house divided will fall, and it appears the hostile takeover of our government is in a stage so advanced that it is out in the open with minimal public outcry. The problem here is not the communist student himself; the problem is that either the passivity of his peers or military administration allowed this to happen.

People knew. Given the facts now available to the public, one absolute is infallible: either West Point cadets did not tell West Point Administration about Rapone’s communist antics, or they did, and West Point ignored the information. There is also the question whether Rapone has a security clearance and if so, how he obtained one with these public posts.

In Rapone’s pro-Communism social media posts that have gone viral, dozens of fellow soldiers in uniform are standing next to him on the Academy campus, and a cadet who was in formation with him was the only person who could have taken those pictures. Rapone’s Facebook was rife with anti-American posts and he was friends with many of his cadet peers and at least one professor, Dr. Rasheed Hossein. Rapone is also pictured in multiple settings with a blonde male cadet who appears to be the same blonde male in a photograph where Rapone is wearing a pro-communist shirt.

West Point Military Academy has strict behavioral expectations and mandates that are outlined in both the Cadet Honor Code and what is referred to as the “Character Program.” The former is a formalized statement of the minimum standard of ethics expected of a cadet, and the latter is a four-year required course that builds the cadet’s “assets of individual character that are necessary for a graduate to display the necessary fortitude expected of a person in our armed forces.” A speech from Lt. Silveria of the United States Air Force Academy went viral this weekend after racial epithets towards African-Americans were found on a wall. He can be seen here telling students to “Get out” of the Academy if they could not respect their peers. Clearly, it is and should be the policy of military academies to turn in peers who violate the honor code and for administrators to regulate behavior that is unbecoming of future military personnel.

Rapone stated online that he “joined the military because capitalism has pretty much ruined my life from the day I was born.” Capitalism encompasses many things, including the freedom of markets needed in order for a free society to exist; and capitalism is precisely the thing communism seeks to dismantle. A man cannot serve two masters, and Spenser Rapone cannot serve the United States military if he joined to destroy the very thing the military is entrusted with safeguarding.

Many of the West Point cadets who enter the military upon graduation will need to obtain security clearances. It is unclear if Rapone was one of them. These clearances are partially obtained by initiating the background check procedure with an SF-86 form, which is more than 100 pages long and would have been used by investigators to interview Rapone’s West Point contacts during the background check process. The form, background check, and subsequent polygraph that applicants must pass to obtain a clearance are highly concerned with applicants supporting foreign governments or causes to subvert the Untied States government. If Rapone did obtain a clearance, and his communist affiliations went unnoticed during this approximately yearlong clearance process, someone didn’t do their job; or scarier, they did and Rapone’s behavior was not a red flag.

I was a freshman in high school on September 11, and my peers are the 9/11 boys. What is happening today at West Point would not have been handled the same way pre-Obama. The people I grew up with are the last generation where real men were mainstream — the ones who couldn’t wait to graduate high school and go overseas to finish what their older brothers and cousins died doing in Fallujah. They are the ones who saw the Dancing Boys of Afghanistan and women with their noses chopped off by the Taliban for not covering their face properly. They didn’t spend their days in college classrooms full of cultural Marxism and their nights arguing about micro-aggressions on Facebook. My peers are the ones who saw the ugliness that comes with societies who don’t harbor our values, and came home to a country that now applauds the very things we have fought against for generations. It’s now public knowledge that communism has entered even our most sacred and revered institutions. We have to take our country back and purging the military of traitors is paramount. 

According to Rapone’s own father, he used to be a boy who loved America. When that changed, it is documented that this was no secret to those around him. Rapone entered West Point in 2012; which means even the seniors he was exposed to were both selected for and attended West Point during the Obama Administration. I personally believe that there were at least some students who reported Rapone wearing the Che Guevara shirt in uniform and/or the hat inscribed, “Communism will win.” To those few and proud still at West Point, hold steady and know this: the light being created through the anti-globalist and underground-right movement will soon be so strong that there will be nowhere left for these cockroaches to hide.


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