The Navy – It’s Not a Job, It’s a Total Cluster

By Ray Starmann

The US Navy, the mighty and heroic service that beat the tar out of America’s enemies for 240 years; the force that won brilliant victories at Midway, Manila Bay, Leyte Gulf, Lake Erie and a thousand other places is no more.

The US Navy that refused to surrender and ‘had not begun to fight’ under the leadership of John Paul Jones, is now too incompetent to fight anyone; and every American should be seriously concerned.

To paraphrase Oliver Perry, “We have met the enemy and it is cultural Marxism and social engineering.”

The latest debacle to engulf the Navy was reported yesterday in a myriad of media outlets, including US Defense Watch.

According to Fox News:

The majority of ships operating in the U.S. Navy’s Seventh Fleet, where two destroyers have been involved in fatal collisions since June, weren’t certified to conduct basic operations at sea related to war-fighting, according to U.S. Navy records.

As of late June, eight of the 11 cruisers and destroyers in the Seventh Fleet, and their crew members, weren’t certified by the U.S. Navy to conduct “mobility seamanship,” or basic steering of the ship, according to U.S. Navy records provided to two House Armed Services subcommittees.

The Navy also said that seven of those ships had expired training certification in the areas of cruise missile defense and surface warfare, which test a crew’s ability to defend a ship or to conduct attacks.

Don’t worry about basic seamanship; who needs that in the Navy? As for basic ship steering, why would anyone need to know how to steer a ship at sea? Don’t they just float on their own? There’s like currents out there…

Good God…

This latest revelation comes after the Navy’s year of collisions at sea. The USS Fitzgerald collided with a Philippine-flagged vessel on June 17, killing seven crew members. The USS John McCain collided with a Liberian-flagged vessel Aug. 21, killing 10 sailors. Neither the Fitzgerald nor the McCain were certified for the majority of the mission operation requirements that the Navy periodically evaluates.

At first it was thought that somehow the diabolical Kim Jong-un had somehow found a way to hack into ship navigational systems, thereby causing the collisions.

It’s not Kim, it’s not China, it’s not Putin and it’s not Dr. No. It’s a lack of training, a lack of focus on what is important and it’s a complete abandonment of the Navy’s and the military’s mission which is to train for war and to win those wars when called upon to do so.

The Navy repeatedly has said that increased demand on the Seventh Fleet has resulted in cutbacks on training and certifications. That pressure has only increased in recent months with each North Korean missile or weapons test, as the fleet conducts more exercises and patrols with the same number of ships.

Wouldn’t continual time at sea actually hone skills rather than erode or eradicate them?  Wouldn’t continual time at sea be a place to conduct training and ensure that certifications are carried out? After all, you can’t practice seamanship sitting in a building in San Diego.

One wonders what the Navy is doing with their training time instead of learning skills sailors have had since the Carthaginians defeated the fleet of Pyrrhus of Epirus in 276 B.C.

I don’t buy the excuse that deployments are making shoddy sailors. The Navy is making shoddy sailors by focusing on issues that have nothing to do with war fighting.

The Navy’s problems also don’t lie with just the 7th Fleet.

In January 2016, two US Navy high speed Riverine boats from the 5th Fleet were apparently underway from Bahrain to Kuwait when they strayed into Iranian waters, while attempting to contact a vessel to refuel. The Pentagon first said that they had engine trouble. Yet, if that was the case, why didn’t the other boat tow the boat with mechanical problems to international waters and safety?

Then, the Pentagon said that they had navigational issues. How was this possible in 2016, with each boat having an array of GPS and radar equipment? Even if one boat’s systems completely shut down, couldn’t they rely on the other boat’s GPS or radar?

Lieutenant David Nartker, commanding officer of the two US Navy Riverine boats, surrendered his men and his craft with superior firepower to a half dozen Iranian thugs in bass boats that looked like they belonged on Bill Dance’s fishing show. Nartker surrendered without firing so much as a flare. After boarding the Navy boats, Nartker and his men were ordered down on their knees while the Iranians trained machine guns and cameras on them.

Nartker doubled and tripled and quadrupled down on his disgraceful conduct by apologizing to the Iranians for a worldwide TV audience.

“It was a mistake. That was our fault and we apologize for our mistake,” Nartker said in the video. “It was a misunderstanding. We did not mean to go into Iranian territorial water. The Iranian behavior was fantastic while we were here. We thank you very much for your hospitality and your assistance.”

To add insult to injury, one of his men felt it was an opportune time to start bawling his head off like he was a guest on Oprah, letting the Iranians and everyone on the planet know that US Navy sailors of 2016 were not made from the same mold as the guys who won the Battle of Midway.

Last September, a baby was born on the aircraft carrier, the USS Dwight David Eisenhower, which is part of the 5th Fleet.

According to the Navy, “As the baby was born at sea aboard an operational unit, the main focus for the U.S. Navy, the ship and its crew is the safety and well being of the baby and the mother,” Cmdr. Bill Urban, U.S. Naval Forces Central Command spokesman, told The Virginian-Pilot. Urban continued – “While it would have been preferred to send her to her home port earlier, per policy, we are now focused on caring for the health and welfare of our Sailor and the newest member of our Navy family,” Urban said.

Absolutely, Commander Urban, the main priority of a Navy ship of war is post natal care. I mean why not, the Navy can’t do anything else right, why not just become a floating maternity ward.

Apparently an incubator, diapers and formula were flown out to the carrier following the baby’s birth.

If collisions at sea, babies on board warships, crying sailors and gutless leaders aren’t enough, there’s the Fat Leonard scandal.

The Washington Post called the Fat Leonard scandal, “perhaps the worst national-security breach of its kind to hit the Navy since the end of the Cold War.” At the heart of the scandal was Glenn Defense Marine Asia, a firm run by Leonard Glenn Francis, a Malaysian national known as “Fat Leonard” for his 350-pound weight.[2] Francis provided thousands of dollars in cash, travel expenses, luxury items, and prostitutes to a large number of U.S. uniformed officers, who in turn gave him classified material about the movements of U.S. ships and submarines, confidential contracting information, and information about active law enforcement investigations into Glenn Defense Marine Asia. Francis then “exploited the intelligence for illicit profit, brazenly ordering his moles to redirect aircraft carriers to ports he controlled in Southeast Asia so he could more easily bilk the Navy for fuel, tugboats, barges, food, water and sewage removal.

The US Navy is being eaten alive by corruption, by gutless admirals, by politically correct officers, by social engineering and cultural Marxism which have just about deep-sixed it forever.

In actuality, the Navy has been sliding down the drain for 26 years, ever since the feminist slaughter house called the Tailhook Affair, when hundreds of US Navy and Marine Corps officers, including Chief of Naval Operations, Admiral Frank Kelso, were keel-hauled by the Navy for drinking, carousing, indecent conduct and drummed up charges of sexual assault. Imagine that, aviators who drink and get laid; can’t have that in the military.

Tailhook became a catalyst for the left and for feminists to destroy the military through social engineering. As James Webb remarked, “When the Tailhook investigation began, and certain political elements used the incident to bring discredit on naval aviation as a whole, and then on the Navy writ large, one is entitled to ask… Who fought this? Who condemned it? When a whole generation of officers is asked to accept … the destruction of the careers of some of the finest aviators in the Navy based on hearsay, unsubstantiated allegations, in some cases after a full repudiation of anonymous charges that resemble the worst elements of McCarthyism … what admiral has had the courage to risk his own career by putting his stars on the table, and defending the integrity of the process and of its people?”

Since September of 1991, the Navy has slowly castrated itself with a pen knife, transforming the once proud service into the ill-functioning eunuch of today.

We now have a Navy that can’t fight, can’t navigate, and is largely without basic seamanship skills.

One must ask what the PC revolution has done to help the US Navy fight and win wars?

It’s done nothing except to put people’s lives in danger and to get people killed.

Expect more incompetence, more babies born on ships, more PC lunacy and more general misconduct. The US Navy is a total cluster.

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  1. You left off one word at the end….I know you’re trying to be polite….but I am devasted at what this last 8 years has done to our country on so many levels….

  2. The cost of electing democrats has always been weakening of the military. Electing a communist President caused his attempt to destroy our military. Dems knew this and didn’t care.

    The Navy and Air Force both lost many of their capable officers because they could not stand what was happening. What stayed were political hacks. It is why the Navy keeps ramming other ships and the AF is so short of pilots that it cannot man the aircraft they have, let alone the aircraft they need.

    That is why we have Coast Guard and Navy Admirals defying President Trump’s transgender orders, while caring more about women and LBTG issues than combat readiness.

    The Army and Marine Corps are not far behind, all the good officers left rather than suffer Obama.

    It is not only the Navy that is FUBAR, but all the military. President Trump needs to make rebuilding the military his top priority, especially with war in Korea looming any day. It would be embarrassing if we couldn’t beat them!

    • You are absolutely right. The Air Force is full of
      leaders that lack basic knowledge of the units
      for which they’re responsible. Most of them got there because they had the “universal leadership badge” (wings). I recall deploying airmen to help hurricane Katrina victims. The group commander showed up. Did he ask about how I’d get them there, equipment or timeline? No, he asked me to detail busy transporters marshaling cargo to sweep up cigarette butts just in case someone took a picture. Appallingly bad leadership.

  3. The main problem has been with the socialist leadership that we have had for the last 8 years. They have done all that they could do to weaken our military strength. We are at the level of pre WW2 strength. Shame on the left…

  4. It’s impossible to disagree. We old Navy guys wonder what those on watch are doing with their eyes? They certainly aren’t watching for problems. Thanks for the accurate dissertation. Inevitable results of PC at their worst ( I hope).

  5. I have been fighting this battle since my early years as a US Marine (late 80s). I saw the emasculation, called it out where I could and got a few shrugs, but mostly just resistance. I have learned that the brainwashing is deep and often irreversable, but there are a few angles that occasionally spark a reanimation of common sense: #1 Whenever possible it helps to refer to people as follows: Mothers, Wives, Sisters and Daughters contrasted with Fathers, Husbands, Brothers and Sons. These proper terms help awaken the common sense that gender matters. Example: what kind of Brother/Son lets his Sister/Mother do his military fighting for him? #2 What is more important to a nation A professional military or professional sports games (NFL/NBA)? A professional military must be more important than games if we wish to have a nation for future generations. Do NFL/NBA teams have women? There may be some fringe wackos who would like that, but that is not what Americans want as a people because with (competitive) sports common sense has not been totally lost. Why don’t we apply the same common sense to military service? Is it not an admission to our foes that we cannot compete?
    I hope these examples are useful. I didn’t realize that it would take me so many words, but then again, if six word sound bites were the key to enlightenment then we wouldn’t be in our present mess.
    Long Live the Old Breed.

  6. THANKYOU for saying what needs to be said. It also applies to the Air Force (we are an AF family). Social engineering and a turnaway from moral law destroys everything it touches. It goes without saying that it escalated to “warp speed” under obama. It will be a long, expensive, painful crawl back to the noble heritage of generations before.

  7. In the early 80s the Air Force (MAC) opened up flying positions to women. We had a young female navigator in our C-5 wing that was sent to pilot training. As a rule if you failed a check ride in pilot training you were out the door. She failed 2 and was allowed to continue. At one point she claimed some sort of discrimination. Anyway she graduated and came back to us at Dover. This woman was marginal at best, I flew with her several times. On over-water flights she was not allowed at the controls by herself as was typical for her peers. How did this happen? There was tremendous pressure on senior leadership and as a result standards were relaxed.

  8. Author forgot to mention the recent incident in Turkey. U.S. sailors on shore leave were confronted by Turkish radicals who them put bags over their heads in Mock Beheadings. The U.S. sailors didn’t fight back but instead ran to the relative safety of their moored ships.

  9. Nuke submariner here, 71-77, I concur.
    Total PC bull chit. Females and crybabies should not be allowed on navy vessels.

  10. Hard hitting, well done! The social engineering/PC spiral for the navy actually began before Tailhook, and I saw it happening in the 80s as women were being assigned to ships. I called out the corruption with the qualification processes on the USS Point Loma during my assignment, and paid a heavy price for it. This was right at the time the navy’s emphasis on officer evaluations was shifting from seamanship skills to technocrat skills, further identified in the book “The Pentagon and the Art of War”.

  11. The most dominant force in the military is not the emasculation, it is in fact the attitudes expressed by the author and the other commenters. The amount of STUPID in the comments is absurd. And LACK OF COMPETENCY, not LACK OF MASCULINITY is the problem here. Our policies do not significantly change between Presidents whether Democrat or Republican. The issue has nothing whatsoever to do with a baby born at sea. You people and your lack of interest in skill, knowledge, and rational thought are the problem.

    • Ralph, have you ever served? If not, then you have absolutely NO idea of what is being said here. Go back to the comment from the Educated Grunt, and see if you can figure out why NFL/NBA does not have women on the same team. The requirement for the military to be politically correct is by far the most STUPID idea that the left has managed to foist on the country; indeed, it is nothing less than criminal and traitorous. If you have served, then you are part of and blind to the problem.

  12. While G-3 current ops at MARFORPAC I was asked for my thought on women in combat by our female general select. I told her I was against it. I was passed over for full colonel. My record including combat was sterling.

    • Women in combat is a giant fantasy that will be blown to smithereens the moment the first round goes down range…

      What happened to you is similar to what happened to my buddy who was an 0-5 in the USAR. Ranger School, ODS, 7th Cav, OIF as an adviser to the Iraqis in Fallujah, 101st – passed over for promotion to 0-6 while three overweight females with no combat experience made 0-6. The reckoning is coming…

  13. To JB of 08 September…. You must be one of the Liberals, safe in your little universe, and you prolly never served in the military….Someone send him a rattle…. HTCM USN 60-80…..

  14. You need know nothing more than Rome crumbled from within. The same is true with America. Psycopathic liberals out for their homophilic and Marxist agendas over God and country. They will lose it all if we don’t stand and fight now.

  15. Maybe we should send some folks over to Israel and see how they integrate women into their military. Yes, they are a nation under siege and those women who serve are answering a higher calling than themselves even if compulsory military service is required. It’s was same with most of the women I served with for 24 years. They had a higher calling and served as such, but sadly that was not the case for most women. The women who made the standard got openly upset when they would hear women complain about the standards they could not complete yet still wanted the qualification. I work as a contractor now training these men and women and I have to say from top to bottom, men and women, Officer and Enlisted, the leadership is mostly too political and those who are holding true to the standards of training and competency to make war fighters are labeled “old school” or “relics.” I feel the way to slowly get rid of and weed out the PC battalions to this current problem is to accept the fact there IS a problem without the “DoD Two Step” of “move along, nothing to see here” If you want to serve, make the sacrifices you need to make the cut, be it man or woman. If not, then you can serve your country in other ways like voting for those who understand that the military is not for everyone to get a participation trophy. When that happens Soldiers, Sailors, Marines and Airman lose their lives to support an ideal of social engineering and not the defense of a nation and freedom.

    • The Israelis have had problems with women too. Arutz Sheva did an article about a year ago about the cover up going on in the IDF concerning women.

  16. A large use of reports to base your conclusions/opinions on. Some of these reports are misleading, thus multiplying the incorrectness of your conclusions. One example: Seamanship certifications assess ships on their ability to Moor to a Buoy, conduct towing operations, correctly moor to a pier and get U/W from a pier, or the ability to conduct small boat operations. These standards are easily found with a google search with in depth directions as to how the ship is trained and then evaluated. The issues with ships recently has occurred in the Navigation certification – which were closely monitored and not out of certification periodicity. There are problems for sure – but I would submit that a Navy of 277 ships is deployed and conducting many more multi-mission operations in a high demand environment that it used to take 600 ships (80s-90s) to conduct. There are a lot of opinions from our former leaders and military members that don’t understand the new demands – Ballistic Missile Defense for one. If you want to know and COMMENT on the state of the Navy, then you should go to a waterfront and conduct some interviews with our Sailors – it will change your opinion immediately.

  17. BZ to Ryan’s comment..

    Starmann, your an idiot without a clue. For someone who served I’d expect more but the fact that you were an “Intelligence Officer” explained a lot to me.

    You bashed on Lieutenant David Nartker and his crew, when you have no clue on what his orders were. In efforts to avoid possible conflict with Iran, is it possible he did exactly as he was ordered to do from higher ups??

    As for qualifications and certs, when these investigations are conducted they scrutinize every signature on a PQS, find one date out place on a clerical error then they call the whole qualification void. To add to that, if your driver license expires before you renew it, it doesn’t mean your not trained or educated on how to drive does it. Not saying its correct that certs were expired but you need to understand it doesn’t mean those Sailors weren’t properly trained either.

    All your hype about the birth of a baby on the USS Dwight David Eisenhower. Try doing the math on this.. How long have women been allowed to serve in the Navy, and how many times women have giving birth on deployed vessels?? Now tell me if you truly think there is a SERIOUS problem there.

    As for the scandals, my only comment on that is.. You want to make the military a social experiment. Try to mold it off what you think society to be.. Then get this, our government’s political system is nothing but corruption and scandals so to act surprised when this shit rubs off on military members, you should be more surprised when it don’t.

    Focus on this, 277 ships doing what 600 did before with all the added world issues.

    Seventh Fleet ships deploy more and on a continuous basis then any other Fleet leaving minimal time for Sailors to rest physically or mentally, for commands to stand down and focus on training…

    This doesn’t mean that those Sailors out there making more shit happen today with less, is a lesser Sailor than those in the past.

    So from this 7th Fleet Sailor, you can take a guess at what part of my body you can kiss.

    • Hey Millennial Moron,
      Sadly, you’re too young to understand how the military used to function and can’t anymore. Every vet in the country knows the Navy and the military is totally eight up right now. So don’t give me any of your bullshit. We all know the truth. The truth is the Navy couldn’t fight its way out of a wet paper bag right now. Nartker is a goddamn coward and should have been court martialed and he would have been in a prior time when the military’s senior leaders weren’t POS’. His conduct was a disgrace and if you don’t know that maybe you need to take a Code of Conduct class with him. No problems with women at sea? Right. Give me a break. . I can find ten thousand more articles.

      One final comment. If Nartker would have served in Patton’s Third Army in WWII, Patton would have stood him up against a wall and had him shot, along with that coward son of a bitch that was crying on camera. Google WWII Millennial. That’s when the Navy could navigate and fight, instead of being the most sorry ass service we have right now, led by feather merchants.

      Get your head out of your ass.

  18. It is truly sad that this has happened to the Navy I grew up in and served for 30 years (1952 to 1982). It is also sad that the American electorate didn’t realize they had voted into the Presidency a closet radical muslim that was dedicated to planting the seeds of destruction of the American Government.
    And of course the best place to start is with a political party that was sliding into Socialism (Democratic) and could not recognize the subtle manner in which he planted the seeds of destruction of so many of our institutions, including our Military. The senior Generals and Admirals did, that’s why he fired so many and so many left because of it. That’s my opinion and has been since he was elected.

  19. Ray Starmann is 100% correct in his analysis of today’s Navy.
    I served for 21 years (1947-1968). Rose from SR to 03 hitting E7 and E8, then 01,2 and 3, reverting to E9 when I transferred to the ready reserve for 9 years until I had logged 30 years. Then 03 was restored and retirement was a fact not a goal.

    Fighting? The last time I boxed was in ’61 when my XO, who held Navy Relief fundraising matches, announced his chief could beat any comers. A sea bee chief steelworker rose to the challenge. I did 3 rounds, we were each winded, and retired from the ring forever. Point: I would not have cried. Probably, being a loud mouth, I would have let the LT know he had no right to surrender to the Iranians. Rank doesn’t mean a damn thing if you are not man enough to back it up!

    RADM Spence Matthews, now deceased, once told me shipboard pregnancies would occur once women were allowed aboard ships. His forecast occurred in 1980.

    One XO, an 05 LDO and former Boatswains mate, had JOs on their toes with constant drills, underway training, et al. The sole collisions were confined to sailors (and officers) running into one another in their haste to do well.

    After the incidents which resulted in lives lost I was surprised to learn there had been no mandatory fleet wide training scheduled from top to bottom.

    I’ll be 87 in November and it is sad to have lived this long, to have loved the Navy so deeply and to see it flounder so sadly
    in this day and time.

    Why? The woodshed lay ignored for decades. Spank an errant child and he/she would sue you! Parents not enforcing flag etiquette. In my Navy, be the sailor black or white, we were shipmates and well knew each of us would die for the other.

    Rau Starmann, the Bible, loosely quoted, sums up your column above “Well done good and faithful servant!”


  20. It is past time to throw out those in the House and Senate who are still working on the Socialist agenda. It is past time to see that those who follow after that foreign agent are arrested for treason. Obama should be arrested as a foreign agent and if he can prove he did not fraud his way into the Office at the time, he should be arrested for treason, tried in a court of law and if convicted, hanged. It would then clear the air of how serious America is about treason and perhaps people would realize if they want a Socialist agenda, they need to move on out of this country.

  21. Sure he’s a traitor big time but NO ONE has the balls to arrest him and try him along with Hillary, and the other two now basking in the limelight that they ‘like’ President Trump. Nasty Nancy Miss Lube Oil of 1955, and Chuckie from New Yawk of whom I was 12 inches from kicking him in the ass a few years ago. I wouldn’t be writing this if I went ahead and did it.. Bloomie the Commie was with him. Since the ‘Great Organizer’ has started this OFA organization to undermine the work of Trump, he should be arrested for sedition and put in jail, but I again say no one has the balls to do it this is why our country is SNAFU…… HTCM Retired…

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