Dereliction of Duty – The Feather Merchants, Duds and Perfumed Princes who Sold out the US Military to Political Correctness

By Ray Starmann

Dereliction of duty is a specific offense under United States Code Title 10, Section 892, Article 92 and applies to all branches of the US military. A service member who is derelict has willfully refused to perform his duties (or follow a given order) or has incapacitated himself in such a way that he cannot perform his duties. Article 92 also applies to service members whose acts or omissions rise to the level of criminally negligent behavior.

The US military is in Deep Kimchi. The US military is a non-military, military in 2017.

Since late 1991, the military has been attacked by leftists and militant feminists who were determined to transform the last bastion of masculinity in American society. With the help of traitorous enablers in the military and civilian government officials, their efforts have been more successful than their wildest dreams.

A Maoist cultural revolution has slowly engulfed the military, with the results that today’s US armed forces are totally feminized, led by perfumed princes, focused on things that have nothing to do with war fighting and in many regards, ill-prepared for combat on the high seas, on land and in the air.

The US military in 2017 is being largely run by senior leaders who believe the military is no different than a corporation, except the military has cool uniforms and high explosives. Hollywood values are now the norm and the spirit of the bayonet is no longer, kill, kill, kill; but, diversity.

Sure, we have cool technology, predator drones and nukes. Yes, the SEALs, when they’re not selling juicers or video games, are still eating glass and urinating napalm. Yes, there are still motivated troopers, and good NCO’s; but as a composite, competent, effective and lethal instrument of death to our enemies, the military is a shadow of its former greatness during the Cold War and in Desert Storm. This is not the military that Tom Clancy idolized and wrote about. It’s the military Claudia Kennedy and Patricia Schroeder wanted…and got.

In the last few years, the list of politically correct and socially engineered lunacy in the military seems like something out of a science fiction movie.

The nation has watched as male US Army ROTC cadets were ordered to parade around in red high heels to show their empathy towards rape victims. Soldiers from the Big Red One, the 1st Infantry Division, a unit that landed, fought and died on Omaha Beach (in addition to every other war in the 20th and 21st Century) were ordered to conduct physical training in pregnancy simulators to make men understand how difficult it is to exercise while pregnant. US service personnel were ordered to take white privilege classes, and training which instructed them that the Bible and the Constitution are sexist documents. The Secretary of the Army distributed a memorandum for record to worldwide commands, which instructed commanders to ‘balance lactation support and readiness.’ At Fort Benning, a conspiracy as grand as the Kennedy assassination ensured that three women, including a 37 year old mommy, graduated from Ranger School, a move which gave Secretary of Defense Ash Carter, the green light to authorize women to serve in the combat arms and special operations units. To brainwash an entire generation of young marines, so called ‘unconscious bias training’ is conducted at marine bases to try and convince young men that Mary Jane can hack it in combat with the Old Breed on Peleliu and Okinawa.

At the US Air Force Academy, a lesbian serves as the commandant of cadets. While a lesbian unfurls the colors in Colorado Spring, a veteran combat pilot and Air Force Major General is thrown out of the service for telling a subordinate that he was ‘drunker than 10,000 Indians.’

In the Navy, 16 out of every 100 females are medically evacuated from ships because of pregnancies. In fact, a baby was born on board the USS Dwight D. Eisenhower last September. The Navy smoke and mirrors unit went into action immediately. The idea of a baby being born on a US ship of war was looked at as something normal and the Navy even said they were happy to welcome a new member of the Navy family.

Good God. Raymond Spruance is rolling in his grave.

Meanwhile, the 7th Fleet is still reeling from the Fat Leonard Scandal and is having problems navigating at sea. Collisions in the last year have cost the lives of 17 sailors. In the 5th Fleet last year, a young navy officer willingly surrendered his crews and craft to outgunned Iranian thugs. When in captivity, the young officer continued to violate every tenet of the Code of Conduct, by thanking the Iranians for their hospitality, while one of his men weeped openly on camera like a guest on Oprah.

In the army, senior leaders, realizing that they have no armored or mechanized skills left in the force are desperately trying to turn the army of none overnight into the army that won the Cold War and Desert Storm. Good luck.

Meanwhile, Kim Jong-un seems to have figured out that our missile defense might just very well be full of sound and fury and signifying nothing.

How did all this happen and who’s responsible?

The demise of the US military essentially started the day the Gulf War ended. The war, which had all the nastiness of war from the past, was seen by the public as a video game, where the enemy just laid down their arms and surrendered en masse. War was now clean and bloodless. Sergeant Stryker was no longer needed to storm the ash laden hills of Iwo Jima. Suzie Q could kill the enemy at stand-off ranges by merely pushing buttons.

And, so the feminist fantasies, the PC madness and the social engineering insanity commenced.

Then there was Tailhook…

The Tailhook Affair took place in September of 1991, when Navy and Marine Corps aviators at the yearly convention in Las Vegas were accused of drinking and lewd behavior.  Feminists in Congress and in the Beltway saw their moment to wreak havoc on the military’s masculine culture. Tailhook became a feminist slaughterhouse, where hundreds of seasoned and exceptional US Navy and Marine Corps officers, including Chief of Naval Operations, Admiral Frank Kelso, were keel-hauled by the Navy for drinking, carousing, indecent conduct and drummed up charges of sexual assault. Imagine that, aviators who drink and get laid; can’t have that in the military.

In a 1992 Newsweek article on Tailhook, the writer states, “It won’t be easy changing the macho atmosphere of the Navy, which has lagged behind the other services in addressing sexual harassment.”

God knows we wouldn’t want macho military people in the military; the hell with Sergeant York and Chris Kyle. Send in Nathan Lane and Liberace…

Actually, it was pretty easy to change the macho environment of the Navy. All you had to do was s-can all the warriors and gradually fill the ranks with powder puff leaders who are PC wallflowers; the result, a surface navy that can’t sail from one end of the lagoon on Gilligan’s Island to the other.

The following is a list of some of those responsible for the current state of the military. There are many others, hundreds; the criminally negligent feather merchants, duds and perfumed princes who sold out the military to political correctness and the let the armed forces be socially engineered into the fiasco we have today:

The Tailhook witch hunt was conducted by Assistant Secretary of the Navy, Barbara S. Pope, who, along with Congresswoman Patricia Schroeder are the first villains in the death of the US military. Pope chaired an ad hoc committee that not only reexamined the roles of women in the military, but put political pressure on President Bill Clinton to make drastic changes in US military policy, which included assigning women as combat pilots in the US military and allowing women to serve on Navy ships, two actions which contributed to the lack of readiness and the lack of fighting spirit we see in the Air Force and Navy today. Schroeder had been a left wing lunatic and advocate of women in combat for years while serving in Congress. Of course, she, like Pope had actually never been within ten thousand miles of a combat zone.

The liberal and feminist militants in the Pentagon and in the Beltway had an ally in the Great Draft Dodger, President Bill Clinton, who saw the military as a great place to conduct social experiments.

In 1994, women were also authorized to serve in support units in the army that they had traditionally been banned from because the units supported the combat arms. Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General John Shalikashvili, looked on and said nothing.

During the 1990’s Lieutenant General Claudia Kennedy, was a vocal advocate for women to serve in combat positions in the army, although she herself had never been near any shot and shell. Kennedy’s most famous quote and one which still reverberates through the tattered army today was ‘this is not your father’s army.’

No, it sure as hell isn’t and that’s a big, big problem.

Before out-processing from the lean green machine in 2000, Kennedy accused a fellow general officer of sexual harassment. After all, she’s a feminist. She currently serves as chairwoman of the Defense Advisory Committee on Women in the Services and is a menace to the military.

Nine years after Tailhook and an onslaught of feminist led policies had already shot holes in the military, my old boss at Soldiers for the Truth, the late Colonel David Hackworth, wrote about the ridiculous coddling of young army recruits at Fort Jackson in a 2000 article titled, ‘The March of the Porcelain Soldiers.’ Hack had travelled to ‘Relaxin’ Jackson himself and saw the effects of nine years of the post Desert Storm army. He wasn’t impressed.

In 2001, with a conservative back in the White House, you would have thought that things might revert back to pre-1991 days. Vice President Dick Cheney, who had served as Secretary of Defense knew the score. He had read the reports indicating how poorly coed units in Desert Storm had performed compared to the rock ‘em, sock ‘em all male combat arms units that won the war in 100 hours.

During the Iraq War, to propagate the fantasy of women fighting in combat, the Jessica Lynch fairy tale was written by feminists in the Pentagon. Lynch’s convoy was ambushed in Iraq in 2003. The feminist propaganda machine went into full swing. She was reportedly fighting like John Wayne, Nick Rowe and Henry V combined as she killed multiple enemy soldiers. She was awarded the Bronze Star and her rescue from the hospital was practically directed by Ridley Scott. In actuality, when the ambush started, Lynch was unable to chamber her M-16 because it was dirty. Her vehicle soon crashed, knocking her out. Subsequently, she was taken prisoner and treated in an Iraqi hospital that was largely empty when Lynch was rescued. She will go down in history as the only US soldier to receive a Bronze Star for getting cold cocked.

Jessica Lynch will be the first person to tell you she was completely used by perfumed princesses in the Pentagon.

As the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan raged, nothing was done to change anything that had taken place in the Pentagon during the Clinton years.

The die was cast…

The election of President Barack Obama in 2008, would ignite leftists and feminists in the Pentagon, in Congress and in the Beltway to finish a job they had started in 1991. Obama’s mission was to not only fundamentally change America into a socialist country, but to turn the military into a Bob Fosse musical with C4.

No one was more fit to begin the job of dismantling the military as an effective fighting entity than Admiral Mike Mullen, who served as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs from late 2007 until 2011. Under Mullen’s reign of social engineering, ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ was repealed, opening the door to open homosexuality in the military. Mullen’s rallying cry before he was on the JCS, was Diversity and he purged hundreds of officers in the Navy who failed to meet his politically correct standards. When he departed the Pentagon, he handed the social engineering baton off to another four star, walking, talking PC disciple, General Martin Dempsey.

No one was more responsible for allowing the military to be destroyed during the Obama years more than General Martin Dempsey. Dempsey, who was referred to as ‘an echo chamber of the Obama administration’, was the virtual captain of the Pentagon Titanic, who stood on the bridge calmly as the US military sank into the Potomac. Under Dempsey’s watch, open homosexuality was authorized, rules of engagement that got troops killed in Afghanistan continued, along with the myriad of absurd sensitivity and diversity training, the collapse of the army’s armor and mechanized capabilities, while the Obama administration shifted money and focus away from missile defense as Dempsey said nothing.

One of those responsible for the abysmal state of the US Navy now is former Secretary of the Navy, Ray Mabus, who was THE WORST SECRETARY OF THE NAVY IN US HISTORY. Mabus was a one man social engineering wrecking ball. During his tenure, the Navy lost ships and quality leaders while the Marine Corps received a new Orwellian gender neutral dictionary and Soviet style ‘unconsious bias training.’ In an OPED to the Washington Post, Mabus wrote that he believed women should serve in combat because he once watched four female marines negotiate a six foot wall.

Obama’s willing executioner to implement every single PC directive was none other than Secretary of Defense Ash Carter. Carter opened all combat positions in the US military to women in 2016, and with the help of Ray Mabus, completely ignored the Marines’ 36 million dollar study which said in no uncertain terms that all male units perform much better in combat simulated situations than all female and coed units.

After Dempsey escaped from the Pentagon Titanic in a lifeboat down the Potomac, he was replaced by General ‘Fighting Joe’ Dunford, who is clearly against women serving in combat, but never said so publicly, or resigned his commission in protest. Dunford’s silence helped no one except Dunford and his pension.

In the summer of 2015, the former Secretary of the Army, John McHugh conspired with Major General Scott Miller, the commander of Fort Benning, to graduate several women from Ranger School. McHugh ignored repeated attempts from Congressman Steve Russell to present school records for the three women who were passed through at Fort Benning. Major General Scott Miller, a former member of Delta Force and a veteran of combat in Mogandishu, sold his soul to political correctness by ensuring that there were female graduates from the army’s toughest training. Stories of special coddling for the women, including showers, special diets, unlimited attempts to pass the course and pre, pre Ranger training held at Fort Carson, led many to believe that something was indeed rotten at Fort Benning; along with the fact that the three female graduates looked very plump on graduation day, when most men lose 40 to 60 pounds. To this day, Congressman Russell has never seen the green cards (Ranger School transcripts) for the three women.

In Congress, Congresswoman Martha McSally, a former A-10 pilot and a feminist Kool Aid consumer, has been a strong supporter of women to serve in ground combat units and MOS’ even though she has never experienced ground combat herself.

Others members of Congress that are vocal and obnoxious supporters for women to serve in combat, but who know nothing of combat, or the military in general are Congresswoman Kristen Gillibrand and Senator Claire McCaskill.

Then there’s General Mattis…

Mattis has largely been all talk and very little action.  He has done nothing to reverse any of the Obama era directives except for the transgender issue, in which he was ordered to by the President.

The jury is still out on General Mattis.

Those mentioned, as said, are only a smattering of the hundreds of self-serving military bureaucrats and politicians who sold out the armed forces because they were more concerned about their pensions, PX benefits, Tricare and post career salaries than about the soldiers, sailors, marines and airmen and women.

Anyone who has served, particularly in the army or marines, knows the phrase, ‘The Mission and the Men; first the military’s main mission – to train for war, to be prepared for war and to win those wars. Second, the men and the women that serve in the military need to know that their leaders and particularly those at the top are making decisions that will ensure that they have the best chance to survive training, and more importantly combat. Our senior leaders are most importantly in charge of people’s lives. Their actions affect whether your son or daughter comes home in a box or not.

Frankly, it’s more than obvious that a majority of the nation’s senior military leaders, senior defined as anyone wearing a star, haven’t given a damn about the troops for a long time. It’s been all about soothing feminist fantasies, placating some idiot in Congress who doesn’t know a FROG-7 from a F-14 and following along with social engineering that any fool with half a brain knows is plain old insanity.

Should these people be prosecuted for criminal negligence, aka, dereliction of duty? Can they be? Through their actions, for whatever motivation, they have put not only the lives of US military personnel in danger, but the nation itself.


21 comments on “Dereliction of Duty – The Feather Merchants, Duds and Perfumed Princes who Sold out the US Military to Political Correctness
  1. You know, I cannot stand men who abuse women but it’s high time women stop abusing men. I think it’s clear that neither gender appreciates it!

  2. You know, I cannot stand men who abuse women, but it’s high time women stop abusing men. It’s clear that neither gender appreciates it.

  3. How do we stop the madness?! Our “new” generals in charge are Obama holdovers. How do we get rid of them? How do we light a fire under or remove Mattis/Kelly et al who should have influence and don’t use it? Is it possible that all these people believe in the new girlie men armed forces? If so, we are indeed sunk.

  4. Ray,
    You hit the nail on the head. Clinton was the basis for the demise of our armed forces. Most don’t remember the hellish years under that man, but everything bad happening today was set into motion by that a-hole. He, like Obama, was a traitor, selling tech secrets to China for campaign contributions.

    The communists in America have been at work since the communist revolution to turn our armed forces into what we have today. I do not believe that they can beat a peer nation, like Russia or China, in a conventional war, because our feminized, transgendered, homosexual fighting force doesn’t have the drive of men to do so, (often called guts).

    Rebuilding the armed forces does not seem to be a high priority to President Trump, which is a shame. Time will tell, but we may be witnessing the fall of America, as the Roman Empire fell, overrun by barbarians…which is what the left of this country is.

    • I believe this path to destruction began when Lyndon Johnson decided that the Armed Forces would be great place to dump thugs who were essentially unemployable any where. I witnessed first hand the effect of that decision on the United States Navy. We had to send sailors to classes to teach them to read and write on at least a sixth grade level. an effort that largely failed. You cannot teach people who are unmotivated to learn or fail to have the mental capacity..

      Many of those unmotivated sailors had extensive criminal records and those character traits were soon on display when we saw race riots on aircraft carriers. The unmotivated it turns out did not like conforming to military discipline any more than following civilian laws. Drug offenses and physical assaults sky rocketed on board ships and armed robbery became a common problem on shore stations. To compound these problems, the Bureau of Naval Personnel issued regulations which made it almost impossible to discharge minority trouble makers short of a special court martial. Line and staff officers were terrified of being accused of racism, accusations that put the burden on the officers and petty officers to prove that they were not.

      I retired before women were spread throughout sea commands. I strikes me as strange that the politicians and major command staff are shocked when young, aggressive Naval officers and petty officers choose to associate with their female colleagues especially on long deployments, in confined conditions, and with limited recreation resources. Those issues have to be even more acute in Army and Marine Corps units subject to sudden and violent firefights.

      I really wonder and worry about how political correctness has damaged our readiness and ability to fight a major war. I do not think our adversaries in Russia, China, Iran or North Korea are much concerned about political correctness and I suspect they may be encouraged and amused by our concerns.

  5. Ray thank you for vivid and insightful, albeit depressing, review of our military and how we got to this frightening place. I speak as a former ANG Flight Nurse and Desert Storm vet (safely behind lines where a female should be in my humble opinion), and married 30 years to a still serving reserve officer. My better half serves with honor and distinction in a world gone crazy. I plan to print this article and snail mail it to several gov’t officials, including the President and Gen. Mattis. Best Regards and may God help us.

    • Julie, I could not agree with you more! Women are women and men are men. Between them, there should be respect and honesty.

      Thank you and all of those who have served and do serve. I am always horrified that my uncle went through so much torture at Bataan only for those who came after him to disrespect and dishonor our servicemen and women through lack of care, self-interest, and all-around disrespectful behavior. I too am sending the article to the President. Every time I read these articles I want to send them to our President. God Bless you all in every way. I truly hope repentance washes over those responsible for this carelessness followed by right action.

      You know Ray, perhaps someone could prepare for you a button/link you can have attached to each of your articles that shares and sends the article directly to the President and other officials. I am always worried about republishing them and copyright infringement. If we could just send them directly from your site, I cannot imagine how many times the President would be hearing your message! Millions undoubtedly!

  6. Ray Starrmann has the guts to write this article when many of our best leaders have succumbed to pressure from women in power positions. I hope that other leaders will speak up and realize what this movement has done to weaken our armed forces’

  7. You’ve nailed it Ray, and are correct to put the “who” in it so that there can be some accountability for this mess. But you’ve missed two key players in the Navy: ADM Vern Clark and ADM Mike Mullen. These two are most responsible for a progressive transformation of our sea service, the effects of which are very obvious today. Whenever he had the flag officers together, Clark would complain that the Navy’s officer corps didn’t look like America, and he put in place the beginnings of today’s diversity apparatus. He also advocated blurring the lines between officer and enlisted, the effects of which you can see today in the Navy’s housing arrangements and the enlisted uniforms. Mullen went further–in 2006 he stated that Diversity was the Navy’s strategic imperative, and launched an aggressive affirmative action program that corrupted our promotion boards. He told the flag officers that if they didn’t pick a minority or female as their aide, they would have to answer to him (check out the aides today and guess what you see). And if you look at all the firings during his watch, you can see the makings of a purge. I would offer that another purge–this time of his proteges–is the only way that we are going to correct the current state of affairs.

    • Let’s not forget that Adm Mike Mullen further besmirched his own integrity as the Co-Chair of the Benghazi ‘Independent Accountability Review Board.” That committee failed to interview Hillary Clinton, and stacked the deck on how they interviewed other witnesses (and refused to interview others.) This ARB was not a ‘junk yard dog’ lookng for the truth, it was another Hillary/Obama lap dog (or pet poodle) – doing what ever it took to smooth over illegal and/or improper actions of the Obama Administration and Hillary’s corrupt State Dept. Mullen sold old….he gave away whatever integrity he might have had when he retired.

    • Just don’t lose sight of what spawned Mullen. “Whose your Daddy, Mike???”
      The Zumwalt dynasty! I think you’ll find the seeds of naval disintegration begin there…

  8. Editor,

    This missive could make every one of the noted points without the vitriol. Your readers with intelligence would appreciate it and your readers of smaller minds and pointier heads would take away less ammunition for their hate.

    • “. . . your readers of smaller minds and pointier heads . . ..”

      What were you saying about vituperative communication? As you said, Ray appeals to intelligent people — and we like the mellifluous ways he ties his words together!

  9. The Starmann is pretty much right-on-the-money with both the big picture and the specifics of his article. I witnessed the start of it first hand. The solution seems simple, but the how-to-get-there is not. It is easy for all affected to say, “this is BS, shouldn’t of happened. The perpetrators ought to be machine gunned!” And in some Robespierrian way they’d be correct.

    However, there is one little document that keeps getting in the way here: The Constitution. The subordination of the military to elected officials is clearly delineated therein. What we ran up against was a cultural shift in our elected officials.

    It is only logical that in time this shift would trickledown, and it did. The problem was that our uniformed leaders were a closeted extension of the leftist agenda. As soon as military brass began to be selected based upon their administrative sleight-of-hand over their time in the trenches the die was cast. And THAT began to happen long before the early 90’s.

    Moral courage became tantamount to career suicide. Those displaying moral courage for unpopular causes were marched off the gang-plank and eventually the rats controlled the entire ship. Rats selected similarly oriented rats and that is when the military’s culture changed. It had to change in order to survive and remain in-synch with the Constitutional imperative of subordination of the military to elected officials.

    Now, to be clear, there was an “out,” but the courageously challenged were unable — or rather unwilling — to take it. Just a few simple words, repeated by key people would have worked.

    For example… “Mr Secretary, Senator, Admiral, etc., I totally see where you’re coming from here and I understand your intent. But it thrusts me upon the horns of a moral dilemma I am unable to resolve without betraying the service members I was sworn to lead. I’m afraid I’m not your guy.” Accordingly, I must take leave of my post.”

    Said enough times by the right people it would have a deeper, more meaningful impact than any North Korean nuke. Nothing inflammatory, rebellious, nor inflammatory. Merely peaceful resistance. Ghandi on the Potomac.

    The true American casualty is cultural in nature–this radical shift to the left. But the true casualty in the profession of arms has not been the left. It has been our own lack of moral courage. Shame on us.

    Given his no-nonsense business like demeanor, I’m surprised President Trump did not replace the service heads for this very reason upon taking office. But perhaps we won’t need to, after all, the courageously challenged are true chameleons!

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