White House petition to declare George Soros a terrorist


There is a petition on WhiteHouse.gov, begun on August 20, 2017, to declare George Soros a terrorist and to seize all his assets:

Declare George Soros a terrorist and seize all of his related organizations’ assets under RICO and NDAA law

Created by E.B. on August 20, 2017

Whereas George Soros has willfully and on an ongoing basis attempted to destabilize and otherwise commit acts of sedition against the United States and its citizens, has created and funded dozens (and probably hundreds) of discrete organizations whose sole purpose is to apply Alinsky model terrorist tactics to facilitate the collapse of the systems and Constitutional government of the United State, and has developed unhealthy and undue influence over the entire Democrat Party and a large portion of the US Federal government, the DOJ should immediately declare George Soros and all of his organizations and staff members to be domestic terrorists, and have all of his personal an organizational wealth and assets seized under Civil Asset Forfeiture law.

We have less than a month to get the necessary 100,000 signatures by September 19, 2017. The number of signatures currently is 29,389, which means 70,611 more signatures are needed.

Please sign the petition and ask your contacts to sign as well.

To sign, go here.

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8 comments on “White House petition to declare George Soros a terrorist
  1. In the back of my mind, I wonder if Soros is tracking all the individuals who are signing the petition. Keeping a list of all “subversives” for the future NWO take-over of the USA? Future FEMA Camp enrollees???

  2. Soros is 100% an ENEMY of America. Special Forces, Seals, etc. should 100% take him out like they did Osama Bin Laden. Also, Obama & Hillary are EXACTLY the came & are Soros 2 top Henchmen!

  3. George Soro’s needs to be dealt with-stopped in his evil tracks, he is funding anti America/anti President Trump riots & supports & working with Obama & Hillary’s anti America/anti Trump organizations, both Obama & Hillary doing their best keep President Trump from succeeding, they & the democrat’s are fueling the hatemongers & the media to work against our present administration, our president, our country & citizens…Soro’s, Obama & Hillary & their organizations are terrorist within, scream for Our president’s NOT ONLY IMPEACHMENT BUT EVEN A DEMOCRAT SENATOR THAT CALL’S FOR OUR PRESIDENT’S ASSASSINATION…”The People” voted President Trump in, and IN SPITE OF SUCH A EVIL SORO’S, OBAMA, HILLARY, DEMOCRATIC , MEDIA ANTI AMERICA BATTLE AGAINST HIM OF PURE HATE, President Trump has done some great things for our county & people, President Trump has put America & us citizens first…& Obama does not have the decency to give this president the respect of office that we people LIKE OR DISLIKE OBAMA’S “one man” DECISIONS we gave him. The people that voted for President Trump felt that Obama was anti America, anti citizen, big time pro illegal & muslim & did not protect our country. And enabled the middle east to spread their Islamic terrorism all over the world. The media, Soro’s, Obama, Hillary, the Democrat’s have shown their true faces. You all are so petty, You have not even given President Trump a chance & it will come full circle & you evil hounds from hell will do yourselves in, Obama -Hillary & their followers are trying a coup against our President…”We the People” …get it! YOU HAVE SHOWN YOUR TRUE SELVES, Such media bias fake lies, ALL NEGATIVE against Our President. President Trump AND THE FIRST LADY went to support & show compassion to those devastated by Harvey, the petty media talked about The shoes Our first Lady wore, she left ATTIRED AS A FIRST LADY, she walked among the people in tennis shoes…so so so petty. They say President Trump was not touchie feelie enough, THIS PRESIDENT WAS THERE, CAN’T SAY THE SAME ABOUT GOLFING DURING TRAGEDIES & HIS FIRST LADY… TEXAS GAVE PRESIDENT TRUMP A … A + . We are praying for you, we are here with you & we are with you every step of the way, for those that have lost loved ones we grieve with you. President Trump had a growing curve, he has fought the evils that be & learned along the way, & he was not a long time professional DC, Maxine Waters type Democrat or RINO…TRUMP showed us HOW CORRUPT SELF SERVING, ANTI AMERICA/CITIZEN OUR GOVERNMENT ACTUALLY WAS…& we want to give President Trump the chance to make AMERICA GREAT AGAIN…& he is damn sure trying and making progress in spite of Soro’s, Obama, Hillary, the Democrats, antifa, BLM , lying/fake media…we are on to you NEVER TRUMPERS, NEVER AMERICA, NEVER CITIZEN HATEMONGERS! I feel there are STILL more decent, God, Country & man respecting good people than you & this One Nation Under God WITH PRESIDENT TRUMP & WE THE PEOPLE THAT SUPPORT HIM, WILL as the Phoenix RISE AGAIN…MORE & MORE PEOPLE ARE CHOKING ON YOUR EVIL HATE…& ARE JOINING US IN REFURBISHING & MAKING OUR COUNTRY AGAIN SAFE & PROSPEROUS FOR OUR CHILDREN & GRANDCHILDREN…” The purpose of life is,to count , to matter, to stand for something, to have it make some difference that we lived at all “….

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