What’s Happening in Sweden Liberals?: Just Grenade Attacks Increasing Sevenfold

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Grenade attacks in the progressive paradise of Sweden have increased sevenfold as a result of the country’s proud embrace of cultural enrichment.

“Police figures show that there were eight reported cases pertaining to hand grenade attacks in 2014,” reports SVT. “Last year the figure was 52.” All of the hand grenades seized by police were obtained from the former Yugoslavia. Sweden has accepted hundreds of thousands of migrants from Middle East and North Africa over the last few years.

An expert at the National Police Department who wanted to remain anonymous (speaking on record negatively about anything connected to migrants in Sweden now requires anonymity), said the use of hand grenades was particular to Sweden and not mirrored in other European countries.

The report notes that the grenades were initially being used as part of gang violence, but that over the last two years, “social offices, police stations and police officers” have also become targets.

Grenades are routinely discovered in Muslim migrant areas of Sweden, including one found in a park in Malmo back in February, another found in the Malmo suburb of Lindängen which was used in an attempted murder, and a grenade that was used in an attack in Tappgaten, Sodertalje where half of the residents are migrants and “refugees” from Syria and Iraq.

As we reported back in May, an investigation by Swedish newspaper Dagens Nyheter found that out of 100 people involved in assassination and murder attempts where firearms were used, 90 people had at least one foreign-born parent, meaning migrants are responsible for 90% of shootings.

The figures back up veteran Swedish police officer Peter Springare’s assertion that crimes he processed, which include rape, assault, violence against police, drug trafficking and murder, were almost exclusively committed by someone named “Mohammed” or a variation of that name and the culprits were invariably from Iraq, Turkey, Afghanistan, Somalia, or Syria.

Sexual assaults on women at music festivals in Sweden have also risen by 1000%, with feminists and organizers responding by proposing that all men be banned from such events.

Sweden’s response to skyrocketing rates of violent crime and rapes as a result of mass immigration has been to keep the borders open and punish those who complain about it.

Earlier this year, a Swedish government body put thousands of people on a “hate list” by blocking Twitter accounts that so much as questioned whether accepting migrants was a good idea. The list also ensnared completely non-political individuals such as Swedish YouTuber PewDiePie.

As we reported yesterday, Arab Christian Pastor Merzek Botros says that he has seen multiple ISIS flags in numerous different Swedish refugee centers and that staff at the centers are trying to radicalize newly arrived migrants.

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