The Military’s Social Engineering Has Weakened Our National Security

By Ray Starmann

The US military in 2017 is a weak sister: a feminized, waddling, knocked-up, lactating, transgender, homosexual, socially engineered weakling that is reeling from the PC madness of the Obama administration and from the embedded leftists at the Pentagon who are still intent on implementing the lunacy.

The situation with North Korea and its madder than a barrel of monkeys leader, Kim Jong-un, has rapidly metastasized from SNAFU, to TARFU, to FUBAR.

As the French say, ‘the merde has hit the ventilateur.’

Just today, a report in the Washington Post, using a DIA report as its source, claimed that North Korea now has the capability to miniaturize a nuclear warhead and place it on missile, a missile that can hit the U.S. It’s also possible North Korea now has up to 60 nuclear weapons and tonight Fox News is quoting an AP story which indicates North Korea may be planning an attack on Guam.


One wonders what has gone wrong so quickly. Was it the fact that Bill Clinton placated the North Koreans in the 1990’s? Was it Obama’s delusion that North Korea could be dealt with like it was a rational world player like Lichtenstein? Was it the fact that Kim Jong-un is a lot crazier than his father and grandfather? All three questions seem likely. But, there’s another reason that Kim Jong-un is on the loose. He has observed what has happened to the US military under eight years of the Obama administration and what is still continuing under the Trump administration (minus the transgender ban) and he has concluded that the US military is a paper tiger.

Perhaps Martin Dempsey and ‘Fighting Joe’ Dunford never really thought our enemies would take notice of the cultural Marxism breeding in the hallways of the Pentagon like a bad case of mold on old bread. Or, perhaps they didn’t and don’t really care. After all, this is the era of gutless generals, aka the rubber men of Arlington.

But, guess what, our enemies were watching and are watching us right now. They looked for weakness and saw it, in spades. They are probing for weakness now and still observing it, in a military, where 56 retired generals and admirals denounced the President’s transgender ban, calling it not inclusive and showing a complete lack of diversity.

Newsflash General Claudia Kennedy: I want to be in a foxhole with Sergeant York, not with Kristin Beck and his Jaclyn Smith clothing line.

Do you think for a moment the Russians or the Chinese or the Iranians didn’t die laughing at the pictures of male Army ROTC cadets parading around in red high heels to apparently show empathy for rape victims? Do you think for a moment that the North Koreans didn’t collapse in laughter at the pictures of soldiers from the Big Red One doing PT in pregnancy simulators? Do you think for a moment the Russians aren’t dying from laughter at the thought of a woman in the Navy SEALs?

Don’t think for a moment that our enemies haven’t done exhaustive studies concerning the senior leaders of our military and how they, with only a few exceptions, are totally worthless compared to yesterday’s giants like Schwarzkopf, McCaffrey, Gavin, Patton, Rose, Collins, Marshall and MacArthur.

Don’t think for a moment that our enemies don’t realize the armored and mechanized forces of the US Army are 20 years in the hole and scrambling to learn basic skills and how to execute operational concepts above the platoon level.

Our enemies are planning on fighting wars the old fashioned way; with men, without guys in skirts and without homosexual love triangles in a platoon, and without sensitivity briefings in combat zones. Our enemies know that the military has one mission and one mission only: to kill people and break things.

And, surprise, surprise, the only military forces in the world that cater to women in the infantry, guys in dresses and Liberace and Nathan Lane in a foxhole are some real powerhouses like Sweden, Denmark and Brazil, countries you wouldn’t want on your flank, ever.

The word is out on the street; the US military has major problems and has lost focus; BIG TIME.

Sure we have nukes and submarines and some planes that are still flying, and we still have great NCO’s and enlisted people, and no doubt our special operations guys are still squared away, but our past actions and even current behavior can’t hide the fact that we are looked at as weak.

The social engineering madness has already hit home and the first rounds haven’t even gone down range over the 38th Parallel.


11 comments on “The Military’s Social Engineering Has Weakened Our National Security
  1. Great piece, Ray! But how do we get by the Gate Keepers and lay this someplace effective in the White House?
    Soros, McMaster, Petraeus, likely Kelly form a brick wall — and Mattis backing gov’t trannie surgery?
    We need direction.

    • I watched this lunacy implemented during the early Clinton era. We don’t just need direction…we need to remove these traitors from their posts and replace them with men who want to prosecute a war to it’s logical conclusion…kill the enemy and break his stuff

  2. Obama had removed over 200 of our top line officers, those that had proven combat experience and were patriotic – so what was left – Kelly, Mattis, McMaster, Petraeus, those who were suck ups. Furthermore filled the military with incompetents, Marxists, homosexuals, Muslims, MS-13, and he like.

    As a former Marine I look at Mattis and Kelly as pieces of shit, incompetents who toed the faggot line in the military.

    We are going to pay a big and horrible price for our allowing Marxist Obama seriously compromising our military (on purpose) in the oncoming wars.

  3. Don’t think for one moment that the Russians don’t have women in the military and that includes infantry and officers, among other positions. AND this is nothing new.

    • Negative in a big way. There are no Russian women in the combat arms. They are in support roles. The Soviets used women as a last gasp during WWII.

  4. Every military that has used women in combat has reversed that decision afterward because women hindered combat readiness, effectiveness, and lethality. No victorious army has exsisted with women in combat arms. This includes Russia, they used women in anti aircraft artillery, not infantry. China and Israel tried, but had them removed.

    No one else, until the Sweeds and U.K.; and now USA. Remember, no victorious army has fielded women in the combat arms. Myra, is it more important to you to have token women in combat or the US victorious in its wars?

  5. I know there are still some good soldiers left in the US military. But I believe the military we have today, could never fight a war like WWII and win. I just don’t see many of these guys storming Omaha and Utah beaches, or hitting the islands in the South Pacific. I still have hope in the Marines.
    The men from the Greatest Generation were some tough SOB’s!

    • Those guys were legends. Pretty much the military has been in decline since about 1993 when Slick Willie took charge. I wouldn’t follow today’s generals into water.

  6. It boggles one mind that North Korea has such advanced nuclear capability. Where were the CIA/FBI all these years? This matter should have been dealt with years ago. The fall of the US military is a true embarrassment on a world-wide scale. One soon forgets how many other countries rely on its strength and assistance during time of war. GOD HELP US ALL!

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