Pol Pot’s America

By Ray Starmann

Pol Pot would be proud of what is happening in America now. The murdering, former Cambodian communist revolutionary leader and head of the Khmer Rouge would be smiling at the leftist led, PC cultural revolution that is engulfing the nation like a three alarm fire.

Yesterday, ESPN pulled an announcer off of the upcoming Virginia vs. William and Mary game, for the sole reason that the announcer’s name is Robert Lee.

Wednesday night, ESPN President John Skipper sent a memo to employees stating the network was concerned that Lee’s presence in the booth for Virginia’s game against William & Mary “might create a distraction, or even worse, expose him to social hectoring and trolling.”

It’s all for your protection Mr. Lee, just like those statues that are being destroyed and the books they want to burn, the speakers they ban and the gender neutral terms they create. Move on Mr. Lee, nothing to see here. Report to your local commissar for further orders. Long live the Revolution comrade! To the gates of Petrograd Bolsheviks! Down with the Czar! Bread and freedom!

But, Mr. Lee is not a bearded good old boy, from the Army of Northern Virginia, with a mouthful of Skol, a WASP pedigree 500 years old and lifetime membership to the SCV.

Mr. Lee is an Asian-American…

Yes, it’s probably safe to say ESPN’s Robert Lee had no relatives who fought for the Confederacy. It’s probably safe to say Mr. Lee’s ancestors were in Asia, on July 3, 1863, when Marse Robert ordered those brave men in gray to make that mile long charge toward Hancock’s boys on Cemetery Ridge.

The ESPN insanity and I don’t know any other term to label it, is just another act in the communist tyranny the left is trying to instill on America.

See, dear reader, the left is about government control and control through violence and intimidation. The left in 2017 no longer consists of liberal fools like George McGovern, Patrick Leahy and Tipp O’Neill, but maniacal Millennial militants who will stop at nothing to shut down free speech, and to erase history so that they can repaint it with Orwellian colors.

In 2017 political correctness is the new euphemism for Marxism. ESPN’s decision has nothing to do with Mr. Lee’s security, and everything to do with destroying American history and culture.

In the last two weeks, we have seen the left demand that Confederate statues be removed from every location in the nation. But, they won’t stop there. They want Teddy Roosevelt statues to disappear and a complete purge of anything to do with Jefferson, Washington, Lincoln and even the USC mascot, Traveler, because Traveler was the name of Lee’s horse.

What’s happening in America is what happened in Russia during the Bolshevik Revolution, in Nazi Germany in the 30’s and in Pol Pot’s Cambodia from 1976 to 1979, when in just three years, an estimated 1 to 3 million Cambodians were executed and starved to death by the communist regime, which sought to eradicate Cambodian history, while re-educating the population in a series of bamboo gulags. During just three years the communists disposed of 25% of the Cambodian population.

That’s where communism always ends. It starts with removing statues and banning free speech and then comes the grand finale of Marxism; death and suffering, like the 100 million souls that were swept away in the 20th Century courtesy of the twisted ideologies of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels.

Don’t think it can’t happen here. Think again. The left is not going to stop and currently the only thing the right is doing is prepping for the new college football season.

Americans are facing a crossroads in our history. Do we let leftist tyranny destroy our history and our nation or do we fight back?

We are heading to the moment when we have to make that decision.

Frankly, I don’t want to live with these people anymore, and I think many Americans are beginning to feel that way.

Maybe it’s time the left forms its own country before the inevitable takes place and the inevitable is a Second U.S. Civil War.

4 comments on “Pol Pot’s America
  1. Give the Left California, Washington and Oregon and then build a yuge border wall to keep their poison from ever coming to this once great nation again. The mental illness, which is liberalism, must be eradicated before it spreads to the point of destroying American, and then the world. Only fools who want totalitarianism-authoritarianism, want any type of socialistic system. Oh, wait, I just described liberals.

  2. Antifa took its lead from Mao and his cultural revolution in the mid 1960s. How many millions of Chinese were killed and imprisoned for thinking different from the communist leader?

    Mao took his lead from Lennin who did the same after the Russian revolution. Stalin went even further.

    There is a long list of communist purges costing multi-millions, maybe even into billions of lives in the name of communism. This is what we have done to ourselves by not teaching communisms evils in our schools.

    Thanks to Jimmy Carter!

  3. Oh yes , and I bet the 3 dk soles are laughing their heads off and enjoying it. They needed to be indited now and sent to prison . These trouble makers need to go.!

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