A Time to Stand

By Ray Starmann

The left’s Maoist Cultural Revolution is marching right on schedule in America.

After the anarchy and carnage in Charlottesville last week, when white supremacists battled Anti-Fascist punks who are actually fascists themselves, the left has again plunged into a full-fledged fury over Confederate statues and monuments.

And, just when you thought the insane banishing of the Dukes of Hazzard on TV Land put this issue to rest, for once and for all, the left is back and back with a psychotic vengeance.

This week, an unhinged crowd of Marxists, special snowflakes and general, left-wing losers toppled a Confederate States of America monument in downtown Durham, North Carolina. The scene was reminiscent of the last days of the Soviet Union, the final hours of the butcher Ceausescu in Romania and the collapse of Saddam’s Iraq.

In Chicago, some maniac poured gasoline on a bust of President Abraham Lincoln and started it on fire; in Chicago, in Illinois, in the Land of Lincoln. To the unhinged left, the man who freed the slaves is on the target list of racists as well. After all, Mr. Lincoln was a white man and the white man has become public enemy number one to the left.

Confederate statues were also carted off in the middle of the night in Baltimore. Tonight, as I write this, protesters are calling for statues to be taken down in Dallas. Today, House Minority Leader, Nancy Pelosi called for the removal of Confederate statues in Congress, statues that never seemed to bother her for 38 years, until this week. Imagine that.

Across the New South, the little Marxists of America are vandalizing, toppling and calling for the removal of every Confederate statue and monument in existence on the grounds that the Confederacy fought the Civil War to maintain slavery, even though 91% of the soldiers in the CSA never owned a slave in their lives. In fact, most Southerners were just fighting to preserve their land, or because Mr. Lincoln had invaded the South.

Do the Black Lives Matter anarchist thugs and the aggrieved special snowflakes know that President Ulysses S. Grant, formerly General Grant, had a slave himself that he inherited from his father-in-law and then freed in 1859?

It’s doubtful today’s young generation even knows who Grant was, for the simple reason they can’t even open a history textbook without having an apoplectic seizure because they saw the word Jap.

As the chaos reigns in the nation, 62% of Americans, including African-Americans, see this Confederate purge for what it is, a Maoist revolution and they want the statues to remain in place.

Last week’s events are really just a continuation of the left’s efforts to obliterate anything and everything that pains them in some manner, from a sentence in Tom Sawyer to a statue of Teddy Roosevelt to a speech by Milo.

But, the world has seen this all before, in the failed revolutions of the past, in France in 1789, in Russia in 1917, in Venezuela in 2017.

Strangely, as Antifa scum and left wing loonies destroy statues and monuments, the right, minus a few media people, has been largely silent on the matter. Under the fear of not being politically correct, most Americans who view what is happening in disgust don’t have the guts to do anything in protest against it.

The right hems and haws inwardly and does nothing. Yes, there was a free speech rally in Boston today, led by the right and met by the left, who of course were protesting free speech.


Where are the Sons of Confederate Veterans? Where are the Sons of Union Veterans? Where are the deplorables, the country club conservatives and the Rockefeller Republicans? Why haven’t there been public demands that the removal and vandalization of CSA statues stop? Why haven’t there been marches? Why haven’t there been private citizens protecting these statues from the left’s anarchist army?

Here’s a little newsflash for the country club crowd, the good old boys and the alt right, if you don’t get off your butts and do something and get organized we’re going to lose our history courtesy of these punks.

We’re getting to the point where the police will not stop the left, for the simple reason that they are taking orders from PC mayors and city councils, which are either liberal or under the spell of diversity or both.

Silence is not golden conservatives. Your silence is giving the left carte blanche to vandalize and desecrate. The silence on the right is allowing special snowflakes and radical Marxists to dictate history to the nation.

Believe me, the left aims to destroy American history and to rewrite it with Orwellian tones. As we’ve already seen, it won’t stop with just Lee, Jackson and Davis. Left wing nuts and Black Lives Matter thugs are already calling for the destruction of monuments honoring the slave owners and founding fathers, George Washington and Thomas Jefferson. There have been calls on the left to destroy Mount Rushmore and to bring down statues of Teddy Roosevelt.

There is no end to it, for the sole reason that the left is aggrieved by just about everything on the planet. They wish to create a world where every citizen is walking on eggshells, under the fear of being labeled a racist, rapist, male chauvinist, or God forbid, a white nationalist. The left’s brave new world is an Orwellian hell, where every thought, sentence, paragraph, movie, book and viewpoint is dissected for its potential to cause mental injury to special snowflakes.

The right has a choice, continue to do nothing and watch your country go down the drain, or fight this; through marches, protests, calls to Congress and the utilization of citizens to guard the monuments and statues.

It’s time for the right to take a stand.

12 comments on “A Time to Stand
  1. Right you are! Conservatives need to be more vocal in supporting our President. The anarchists protested a free speech rally in Boston today. What does that tell you about the Left?

  2. I absolutely agree with this! Evil flourishes when good men stay silent! That is exactly what they are trying to do silence any opposition. Am I the only person that sees something terribly wrong when everyone is praising people who are protesting a FREE SPEECH rally!! Wake up America our country is being taken from us by a bunch of intolerant,entitled, ignorant liberals! I personally have had enough we need to stand up to these real FACIST and stop letting them silence the majority!

  3. That’s right. Stir the pot and fan the flames of idiotic hatred. What’s the matter? Not enough violence these days? You want me and my neighbors killing each other off over a matter clearly under the control and authority of police as a matter of civil / criminal law?

    If you REALLY want to impact this problem, go after the ones financing it…George Soros and Hillary Clinton. Turn them into poor people and all this will blow away like the wind.

    Too many evil people with too much time and money on their hands, and you want me to just turn my back on lifelong commitments and obligations to family. For what? So you can write about the blood and flames in the streets? No thank you.

    I don’t need anyone to tell me when it’s time to fight. I’ve been a fighter all my life, so I’ll be the judge of when it’s time for me to go all in and turn my back on my responsibilities…and this little tantrum from the Left certainly AIN’T IT.

      • Exactly Ray. If I’m south, but further west. There are minimal Confederate statues. This may actually have to escalate for some people.

        Something happens to my legally elected POTUS,if I have to, I’ll be leading 65+mil. patriots to literally, physically take back our fed. govt.

        I will expect you there also!

  4. Never going to happen. So when patriots guarding the momenuments are told by cops to leave they water the tree of liberty with tyrant blood? Nope. Patriots love tyrants for some reason, or the jack boots thereof. Patriots have chosen family and economy over God and country, something our founders did not do. You see, patriots think they have too much to lose by fighting, that their lives are worth more than truth, justice and liberty for all. Everytime patriots try to organize the very tyrants they claim to be friends with are the ttrants that kill amd arrest them. Patriots dont think ideas are worth dying for and so they will lose.

  5. The so called Christians should also form a 24 hr. Praying vigil around the white house, for protection of the President and his family and supporters. Im sure the luciferians and black sun adherents are doing this as we speak during the eclipse.

  6. “Bad men need nothing more to compass their ends, than that good men should look on and do nothing.”

    Edmund Burk wrote those words in 1770, they are as true today as they were leading to our great fight for independence.


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  9. Just because we are ignored by Muckraker Presstitutes does not mean the red state nation is DOA.

    The anarchists are a violent minority aiming for a coup by Mob Rule with the support of media and many politicians, paid for by a nazi collaborator and other criminals.

    We know what’s happening. We are not going to play by their rules.

    Now I am going to review my concealed carry training and rehearse some defensive protocols.

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