Turkey leaks secret details of U.S. troop locations in northern Syria

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It is as I have said for years: the U.S. should reconfigure its international alliances to deal realistically with the jihad threat, getting closer to nations that also face that threat, and ending the sham alliance with jihad-promoting states such as Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and Turkey. Turkey is, as it has shown here, in no sense an ally. The pretense benefits the U.S. not at all.

“Turkey Spills Out Secret Details Of US Troop Locations,” by Jonah Bennett, Daily Caller News Foundation, July 19, 2017 (thanks to the Geller Report):

Turkey has decided to knock the U.S. via its state news agency by leaking out secret details of U.S. troop locations in northern Syria.

Anadolu news agency published a list of 10 U.S. military installations in northern Syria and even included details about the number of troops in specific areas, which is a shocking move for a NATO ally, The Daily Beast reports.

Two of the bases were already known. Some other locations had previously leaked out through a news agency in Iran, but Turkey compiled all of the information and put it out on blast through Anadolu Tuesday via its English language site.

A spokesman for Operation Inherent Resolve asked The Daily Beast not to publish base details from the Anadolu news agency….

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  1. I have never trusted Turkey, They have some nasty history and it appears to be following into todays agenda look at their behavior when they visited. With his damn body guards kicking and hitting people who were peaceful protesting. And it was in history that they had the red cap hats with that tassel If I remember correctly they were white and when the did a raid on Christians –the used those hats and soaked up the blood of Christians that they slaughtered. That is why they were those red hats today. And they have really gone radical in to days news. The torture they do and did on the one who were trying to make Turkey more moderate. They are still going to be trouble down the road. !!!!!

  2. With the revolution of this information I consider Turkey to be an enemy of the United States.

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