Rand Paul blames “compliant big government Republicans” for health care fail

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Senator blames “compliant big government Republicans” for health care fail

Weighing in on the GOP’s failure to repeal Obamacare, Rand Paul, who has been outspoken in his support for replacing the health care legislation, has warned that insurance premiums will continue to skyrocket.

Writing for Rare, Paul warned “What will happen now that the Obamacare repeal has failed? The same thing that was already happening: Premiums will skyrocket. Insurers will exit, leaving monopolies or vacuums, and Americans will have less choice.”

Paul blamed the GOP ‘losing its nerve’ and abandoning real repeal on “billion dollar insurance companies.”

“The insurance industry, titans of crony capitalism, whined and whined that repeal alone would cause premiums to rise. Insurers to drop out. Americans to lose coverage.” Paul urged.

“What did the insurance companies want? Well, your money of course.” Paul stated, adding that the insurance companies “lobbied hard, for a giant insurance bailout superfund. And, with compliant big government Republicans, they finally porked it up to nearly $300 billion. Obscene.”

Paul lamented the failure of the Republican replacement bill, saying that while it “wasn’t perfect,” it did represent a “clean repeal”.

“It would have forced all parties to legislatively resolve the wreckage of Obamacare.” Paul explained.

“Again, premiums will continue to skyrocket. Insurers will continue to exit. The death spiral of Obamacare will continue.” Paul warned, noting that it is “sad” that there will now be “more federal intervention into what should be a very private and personal matter.”

Paul suggested that a solution lies with Libertarian ideas, noting “Libertarian enthusiasts and optimists will hope that technology and disruptive Uber-like forces will surmount the grip of pols who lack sufficient confidence in what made America great: freedom, freedom of choice unfettered and unchained.”

A clearly distraught Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell announced the failure of the bill this morning, after three Republican senators voted against it.

“This is clearly a disappointing moment from skyrocketing costs to plummeting choices and collapsing markets,” McConnell said. “Our constituents have suffered through an awful lot under Obamacare. We thought they deserved better. It’s why I and many of my colleagues did as we promised and voted to repeal this failed law.”

In reaction to the failure, President Trump called for scrapping the Senate filibuster which requires 60 votes for most legislation.

John McCain provided the key vote in the process, effectively killing the repeal legislation, even though he endorsed repealing Obamacare a few months ago.

McCain released a statement claiming that the so-called ‘skinny repeal’ amendment wouldn’t ‘increase competition, lower costs, or improve care for the American people.’

After literally wishing him dead just days ago after it was announced McCain is suffering from brain cancer, Liberals lauded the Senator on social media:

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  1. McCain has been a RINO all his life……Just one more piece of proof…..Need to plan for his replacement in AZ.

    He did nothing to rein Obama in.

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