Kamala Harris – When You Absolutely, Positively Need a Marxist-Leninist as President

By Ray Starmann

The Democrats are coming apart at the seams.

During the 2016 President Campaign and since the election of Donald Trump as President, they have vandalized, rioted, assaulted, threatened, scammed, lied, murdered and colluded; all in the name of the greater good of their party and its twisted, anti-American values and beliefs.

Considering the fact that the Democrats have lost the support of nearly every middle class, blue collar voter in America and that their only representation resides in crime ridden, big blue cities and on both coasts, you would think that the logical decision would be a turn to the center, maybe even a slight veer to the right, in order to garner the electorate that has all but abandoned them.

But, as we all know, logic is not a liberal trait. Liberals run on two things and two things only: fantasy and emotion.

Logic would tell you to start grooming people like Joe Manchin or James Webb for a 2020 presidential run to bring back the coal miners, the factory workers, blue collar vets and the working poor.

But, they won’t don’t do that. The Democrats can already see the spires of the Kremlin in sight from a distance. The party of freeze dried hippies, feminazis, Black Lives Matter communists, Antifa terrorists, special snowflakes and anti-gun, Whole Foods shoppers has their foot on the gas. They want a true anti-American, Marxist-Leninist in the White House, in order for them, in association with the global elite, to finally destroy the United States of America as we all knew and loved it and to turn it into a Euro-Crap, socialist state that dances the death tango with Islam.

Enter – the first term Democratic Senator from the state of California, Kamala Harris.

Harris has rapidly become the Democrats’ Great Freshman Hope for 2020, just like Obama was the Great Freshman Hope of 2008. And, we all know how well that worked out.

She has repeatedly denied having national aspirations, but just happened to show up as the main guest at several Democratic fund raising dog and pony shows in the Hamptons.

According to US Defense Watch and Page Six, the California senator was fêted in Bridgehampton on Saturday at the home of MWWPR guru Michael Kempner, a staunch Clinton supporter who was one of her national-finance co-chairs and a led fund-raiser for her 2008 bid for the presidency. He was also listed as one of the top “bundlers” for Barack Obama’s 2012 re-election campaign, having raised $3 million.

Guests there to greet Harris included: Margo Alexander, a member of Clinton’s inner circle; Dennis Mehiel, a Democratic donor who is the chairman of the Battery Park CityAuthority, even though he lives between a sprawling Westchester estate and an Upper EastSide pad; designer Steven Gambrel and Democratic National Committee member Robert Zimmerman.

Washington lobbyist Liz Robbins also hosted a separate Hamptons lunch for Harris.

Harris’ upbringing reads like a page out of the Workers’ Paradise playbook.

Born to an Indian mother and a Jamaican father, she was raised in anti-American, Marxist-Leninist Berkeley and grew up in academic circles of her mother after her parents’ divorce. She attended Howard University in Washington, D.C. and earned her law degree from Hastings in San Francisco, though she failed her bar exam on the first try.

Harris’ big break in her political career came after dating Willie Brown, a powerful former California Assembly speaker and mayor of San Francisco. She became the District Attorney of San Francisco before running and narrowly winning the race for state attorney general in 2010 in an election that was possibly tainted by voter fraud and wasn’t decided until nearly three weeks later.

After she became the state AG, her eventual ascension was mapped out. She was to become the next senator from California after the retirement of Barbara Boxer. Harris won the 2016 senate race easily, defeating Loretta Sanchez with more than 60 percent of the vote in an all-Democratic contest.

Kamala Harris is an enemy of the Second Amendment and therefore an enemy of freedom. She’s been a vocal proponent for gun control her entire career. While serving as District Attorney in Alameda County, Harris recruited other District Attorneys and filed an amicus brief in District of Columbia v. Heller, arguing that the Second Amendment does not protect an individual’s right to own firearms. Harris also supported San Francisco’s proposition H, which would have prohibited most firearms within city limits.

Harris’ views towards border security and indeed national security can be summarized in one word – NOTHING. She supports shielding illegal aliens from federal authorities and continuing to flood the nation with unvetted illegal immigrants.

Conservative commentator Mark Levin stated recently, “Kamala Harris is so obsessed with advocating for illegal aliens and cares more about foreigners in America illegally than American citizens who are here paying taxes.”

Senator Harris like Hillary Clinton, is a pro-abortion wacko. According to the American Thinker:

When confronted with irrefutable evidence that Planned Parenthood was profiting by selling the human organs of aborted babies, and modifying the abortion procedure without the consent of the mother in order to improve profits, Harris conducted a raid on the apartment of David Daleiden, the brave investigative journalist who exposed Planned Parenthood’s profiting from the modern equivalent of lampshades made from human skin. She authorized the seizure of a pro-life activist’s laptop, ID cards, and some other property.

Senator Harris researched and found the most reputable fake id maker online. She said the quality of the
scannable fake id cards are amazing and passed every security test her staff performed on the ids.

In the last five months, Senator Trotsky, aka Harris, has established a reputation on the Hill as not only a total left wing kook, but an obnoxious one at that.

She harassed and interrupted General Kelly during border security hearings and was also extremely rude to Attorney General Jeff Sessions at Senate hearings on Russia, while also making a point to drop the F-Bomb during health care discussions.

Clearly, she is trying to make a name for herself as the leader of the anti-Trump bandwagon in the Democratic Party.

And, she is obviously being groomed for the 2020 campaign as the left’s answer to Donald Trump.

Obviously, the Democrats have learned nothing from the 2016 election. They are so lost in the fog of their own illogic and temper tantrums, that they haven’t received the message the deplorables of America sent to them last November…

“We hate socialism, globalism and we’re heavily armed.”

In a recent commencement speech at Howard University Harris issued a call to arms, urging her audience to rally behind the Democrats’ resistance to the Trump administration: “Graduates, indeed we have a fight ahead. This is a fight to define what kind of country we are, and it’s a fight to determine what country we will be.”

Kamala Harris’ view of what kind of country we are is anathema to American values, American culture and the American way of life. Like all hard core leftists, Harris believes in the state as God on earth. She believes in central authority and Big Brother running our lives 24/7. Like all hard core leftists, Harris hates America and is intent on destroying it and creating a new America molded in the style of every failed communist and socialist nation state in world history.

Harris is more than a kook.

Harris is more than a Marxist-Leninist.

Kamala Harris is a clear and present danger to the United States of America.

4 comments on “Kamala Harris – When You Absolutely, Positively Need a Marxist-Leninist as President
  1. She is so bad….an opportunist, a socialist and a consummate trouble maker…

    If you think Boxer was bad, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

  2. I know nothing about Harris, but this article tells me all I need to know about its author. This sick right wing garbage is trashing everything that was once good about the U.S.

    • Whoooo….I’m sure Harris is looking for a good toilet valet. You’re just the man for the job.

  3. People it is Time for us to stand up and Challenge the eligibilities of these Democratic Candidates that the DMC are presenting to the Voters as being eligible candidates. Is this woman a Citizen according to this Official Congressional Declaratory Judgment?
    Who Are Citizens?
    Statutes At Large, 43rd Congress, 1st SESSION, Volume 18, Part 1, Page 350 of 1394
    All persons born in the United States AND NOT SUBJECT TO ANY–ANY–ANY FOREIGN POWER are DECLARED TO BE citizens of the United States.
    Barack Obama was born in the United States. Was he subject to any Foreign Power? His father was a FOREIGNER. I would say he was subject to Foreign Power. His father worked for the AFRICAN Government. He was a Senior Economist for the African Government. This man was the son of a Foreigner the same as this woman is the Daughter of two FOREIGN BORN People. Her mother is from India and her father from Jamaica. This woman was born in America to foreign Parents who were NOT BORN in America. Here parents were not BORN Citizens of the United States and neither is she. She is SUBJECT TO Foreign Powers–She lived under the Authority and Power of her Foreign born Parents for 18 years of her life.
    They have been the influencers of her MIND.
    She IS NOT DECLARED TO BE a Citizen of the United States according to this Official Congressional Declaratory Judgement so why is she sitting in one of these ELECTED OFFICES of this United States Government right now? She is there because nobody challenged her eligibility. She is ILLEGALLY sitting there the same as Obama.
    Donald Trump said that he would get a Declaratory Judgment if he had of been a Candidate in the 2008 Presidential Race but he said he could not do that because he had NO STANDING since he wasn’t a candidate.
    We don’t need a Declaratory Judgement any longer because we have one already to PROVE that Obama and this woman ARE NOT DECLARED TO BE citizens of the United States. Obama was an unlawful and illegal President and this woman is a unlawful and illegal United States Senator. They all need arrested, tried and convicted for Obstructing Justice and Treason against the United States Government.
    These are nothing but Civil Rights Activists trying to overtake our Constitution and our government.

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