How Many Women in the US Military are Going to Die for a Lie?

By Ray Starmann

The March of Folly rolls on in the US military under the Trump administration and the leadership of General Mattis in the Pentagon.

In 2016, with a stroke of a pen, former Secretary of Defense Ash Carter, under the auspices of the Obama administration, authorized women to serve in the combat arms and special operations forces of the US military.

For the uninitiated, the combat arms are the grunts, the tankers, the gun bunnies, the cavalry and the engineers. Special operations forces consist of the Rangers, the Green Berets, Delta Force, the Navy SEALs, Marine Recon and the Marine Raiders.

These are the most physically demanding jobs in the military and the men who fill their ranks have one mission and one mission only, to kill bad guys as violently and as swiftly as possible.

Marine Corps Brigadier General George Smith wrote in Warfighting that combat power is generated through speed and focus. Speed over time is tempo, the consistent ability to operate quickly. Speed is a weapon.

Obviously, speed is no longer in the US military’s toolkit of operational skills.

As of now, nothing has been done to stem the slow, but steady integration of women into the military’s combat arms units.

This is not saying that women shouldn’t serve. Most jobs in the military can be done by women and when surveyed over 90% of the women in the military want nothing to do with the combat arms and for good reason. It’s physically exhausting, hard on the body over time and you can get killed. It is only the feminist lobby in the Pentagon and in Congress that is pushing this agenda and in fact, endangering our national security in the process.

The concept of women serving in the combat arms is largely based on fantasies propagated by the alt left media and by Hollywood. These feminist pipe dreams have mistakenly influenced a whole young generation of women into believing that they are physically equal with men.

General Mattis knows better than anyone that women in the combat arms are not only endangering themselves, but putting the nation in peril. What kind of country deliberately weakens itself in order to placate people in Congress like Congresswoman Kristen Gillibrand and Senator Claire McCaskill who are vehement supporters of women serving in the combat arms, but, who themselves, wouldn’t know a T-90 tank from a Toro lawn mower?

The nation must also ask itself why we are allowing women into the deadly, grueling world of the combat arms when women don’t even compete with men in the Masters?

Yet, we are going to allow women to become Navy SEALs, but they don’t play in the NFL?

Women aren’t competing with men in professional sports for the main fact that they aren’t as physically strong.

The Marine Corps conducted a multi-million dollar, year-long study which concluded everything anyone with half a brain already knew – all male units perform better than coed and female units.

The following are excerpts from the Marine Corps study, which was included in a 37 page statement presented by Elaine Donnelly, President of the Center for Military Readiness to the Senate Armed Services Committee, chaired by Senator John McCain, on February 2, 2016:

If you click on the link above, you can read the whole 37 page report submitted to Congress. But, here are some important excerpts from it.

Male task force teams outperformed mixed gender units in 69 percent (92 of 134) of ground combat tasks, particularly in specialties that carried the assault load plus the additional weight of crew served weapons and ammunition. Significant disparities in physical size, strength, endurance, injury rates, an early onset of fatigue that affected marksmanship were scrupulously recorded with scientific monitoring techniques. This research was definitive as possible, short of an actual war.

It is beyond dispute that in gender mixed units, physical deficiencies had negative effects on the unit’s speed and effectiveness in simulated battle tasks, including marching under heavy loads, casualty evacuation and marksmanship while fatigued. In some units, male volunteers compensated for the women’s difficulties by taking over strenuous tasks.

All male squads, teams and crews and gender integrated squads, teams and crews had a noticeable difference in their performance of the basic combat tasks of negotiating obstacles and evacuating casualties.

Female volunteers in the study were considered to be in above average physical condition. The male volunteers were only an average representation of their peers.

Females possess less lean body mass, slighter build that affects stride length and stride frequency as loads increase, less absolute VO2 max production and less power and anaerobic/aerobic capacity than males.

Physical differences were more pronounced in specialties that carried the assault load,, plus the weight of crew served weapons and ammunition.

All male units were faster on hikes, gorge crossings and cliff ascents.

All male units engaged targets faster and scored more hits with crew served weapons than gender integrated units.

Women had greater incidents of stress fractures.

Women suffered a higher rate of injuries during marches with heavy loads.

Women were injured at six times the rate of their male counterparts.

Less than 1% of men could not negotiate a 7 foot wall, whereas 21% of the women could not.

In the 120mm tank loading simulation, a gunnery skills test, participants were asked to lift a simulated round weighing 55 lbs, 5 times in 35 seconds or less. Less than 1% of the men compared to 19% of the women could not complete the tank loading drill in the allotted time. The failure rates would increase inside a tank.

In the 155 mm Artillery Lift-and-Carry, a test simulating ordnance stowing, volunteers had to pick up a 95 lb. artillery round and carry it 50 meters in under 2 minutes. Noted the report, less than 1% of men, compared to 28.2% of women, could not complete the 155mm artillery round lift and carry in the allotted time.

The artillery study is a perfect example of reality versus feminist fantasies. Almost 30% of the women in the Marine Corps study, women who were the best fit females in the Marine Corps could not successfully carry a 95 pound, 155mm round 150 feet in under 2 minutes.


An Army Times article describes the army’s opening of 19,700 artillery jobs to women in 2015!

The Army has officially opened more than 19,700 field artillery jobs to women.

Under policies now in effect, jobs in the 13B (cannon crewmember) and 13D (field artillery automated tactical data system specialist) military occupational specialties are now available for fill by qualified female soldiers.

Also open is the U6 Additional Skill Identifier, which is field artillery weapons maintenance.

These changes are the latest in an ongoing campaign to eliminate the Direct Ground Combat Assignment Rule by dismantling, in phases, policies that have barred women from serving in combat units below the brigade level.

Of course in 2017, all the artillery MOS’ are now open to women. Just one question – who is going to pick up and carry the ammo in an all-female unit, or a heavily female unit, or a unit where the men have been killed in a conflict?

In a nutshell, the Pentagon is shoving thousands of women into artillery jobs when they can’t even carry or lift the ammo!

How are female soldiers and Marines going to survive hand to hand combat fights against a Russian soldier or an ISIS jihadi? The gender neutral nuts will tell you that hand to hand combat is a thing of the past. WRONG. Tell that to the Marines who fought in Fallujah. Tell that to the Delta Force troopers who took down an ISIS prison several months ago. Tell that to the soldiers of the Big Red One who engaged in hand to hand fighting with the Tawakalna Division of the Republican Guard during the Battle of Norfolk in 1991.

Obviously, the perfumed princes in the Pentagon have given no thought on how women are going to carry heavy combat loads on sustained operations. In an extensive study done by the 82nd Airborne, they outlined the various combat loads for soldiers in the famed “Devils in baggy pants” division fighting in Afghanistan.

A Rifleman in the 82nd had a fighting load of 63 pounds, an approach march load of 96 pounds and an emergency approach march load of 127 pounds.

A M240 Bravo Assistant Gunner had a fighting load of 70 pounds, an approach march load of 121 pounds and an emergency approach march load of 148 pounds.

A Mortar Section Leader had a fighting load of 58 pounds, an approach march load of 110 pounds and an emergency approach march load of 149 pounds.

Most women in the world cannot carry those weights for any sustained amount of time or at all, without enduring stress injuries.

Of course these are individual loads and troopers rucking their own loads will not be able to carry more weight to help females. And, what happens when combat units are 25% to 35% percent female? You’re going to have large numbers of female grunts and Marines who can’t carry a basic load into combat. Combat units are going to be combat ineffective before they even see a green Russian tracer go down range at them.

When you low crawl out of the Disney like, fantasy world of Gender Neutral Land, you realize that US military policy is now based on an illusion and that the Pentagon is lying and betraying an American public with limited, if no understanding of the military.

The next war is just around the corner and it’s not going to involve guys named Ali and Mohammed. The next conflict will be fought with North Korea, China or Russia. The next war will be on a scale the US military hasn’t seen since World War II.

Newsflash – the US military, if it continues on its current, politically correct course, is not going to fare well in battle. In a nutshell, we’re going to be going to war with a severely weakened force, a deliberately weakened force, courtesy of the feminist lobby and every liberal in the military and government who allowed the feminist destruction of our armed forces to take place.

You don’t have to be Clausewitz to figure out that women in the combat arms are setting themselves up to be slaughtered.

You don’t have to be MacArthur to figure out that coed infantry units cannot perform at the violent, high tempo that an all-male infantry unit can.

You don’t have to be Wellington to figure out that the movement to place women in the combat arms and special operations is completely based on fantasy and falsehoods.

When young American women come home in flag draped caskets, then and only then will the American public demand answers and justice for those who implemented policies that are going to be responsible for the deaths of thousands of America’s daughters, sisters, wives and mothers.

How many women in the US military are going to die for a lie?

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  1. The real question should be “How many Men are going to die for this lie”? Because should war and combat erupt, those Men who are forced to depend on these Women, will pay a hefty price indeed. The women are there by choice. The Men, on the other hand, are having this situation forced upon them.

    • “An ag iarraidh dul i bhfolach ar mo thóin atá tú, an áit a dtáinig tú as?” ~ Grace O’Malley 1530 to 1603 Ireland. Sea Captain; clann Chieftain; Sea Battle Leader in Irelands Nine Years War. What other soldier of the conflict had the brass ones to march into Queen Elizabeth’s court to confront her directly? Your fussing is a Puritan idealism…not withstanding that the report was accurate about women not being as physically endowed with strength as men…but only a fool would use a woman warrior to wage war in the same manner one would use a man. Doesn’t mean women do not belong on a battlefield. We’ve been on them century after century holding our own. Puritanism is anathema to Celtic thinking. I suppose that explains the Celtic contribution to the creation of America from Laconia Colony to Machias Maine to the White Flag with the Green Tree and the “Appeal to Heaven”…it is the fallout of the Nine Years War in Ireland and the Evacuation of the Dannan from Feara Maighe in 1622 – 1623 under anglized names. Yet, Illuminist built Alexandrian Christian Church members don’t even know the Roman Church was birthed from the Illumines to control the masses would not know their own history. How many other warrior queens who stood in the name of liberty have they forgotten? Poor Boudicca. Irish Translation of included quote above: “Are you trying to hide in my arse, the place that you came out of?” The men of Christian America stand impotent in the face of the deep state and then waste what time they have fussing over women free to choose a battlefield experience? Dearest Sirs it is from the grist mill of the battlefields that leaders are chosen…by denying women those battlefields you are denying them the highest offices in the military by denying the qualifying experiences. This says to me chauvinism in a purist form. Here are my words to you….you will have us on the battlefields or you will have us as PIRATES…but have us one way or the other you will. The feminine land sovereigns are moving for better or for worse since you have not. If they are ill used on a battlefield then she who survives shall be the greater and what is it to lose another man who throws his body and soul upon the grist mill for less purpose such as chasing ‘gold’ in the form of a guaranteed paycheck or a paid trip through college? Grace is also recorded as saying with regard to her followers “go mb’fhearr léi lán loinge de chlann Chonraoi agus de chlann Mhic an Fhailí ná lán loinge d’ór” (that she would rather have a shipload of Conroys and MacAnallys than a shipload of gold). Point your black powder musket muzzles forward gentlemen, and be silent.

      • Cyrellys, well said; however, you leave out the most important point. Grace O’Malley, Boudicca and Joan of Arc, whom you neglected to mention, were all defeated in battle with superior all male armies.

        Women on the battlefield are a detriment to order and dicipline, as well as elan. They always lose. Do you wish American forces win or lose. Putting women in combat arms is a sure defeat for America.

  2. Not based on fantasy and falsehoods: Based on treason. NO ONE is as ridiculously stupid as these people would have to be to do this for the reasons stated. THEY want us to lose. It’s the oligarchs and banksters, dammit! They want a great sacrifice to usher in the ‘reset’ that establishes the New World Order, and we’re ‘it’!

  3. I agree. I served in the U.S. Army, and saw combat in Iraq in 2003. I was a 240 gunner. The loads, tempo, heat, speed, and overall confusion at times in a combat scenario is tough enough on male units fighting a determined enemy on their home turf. Female units and mixed units would suffer potentially catastrophic losses due to non-combat injuries and combat injuries, not to mention combat related fatalities. One thing not mentioned in the article is the amount of female soldiers taken alive that would be raped repeatedly before being killed. This is a fact. Especially dealing with Russian military.

  4. When our backs are up against the wall we will all fight. Like they did in Israel in the forties. But units in offense should be all male. You know dam well that a wounded women combat solder is going limit unit effectiveness.

  5. All the people who are pushing for women in combat roles need to undergo the training themselves. They need to know first-hand what they are wanting to push on the women who are serving. I doubt that any of them would make it much passed the first day of training.

  6. Just look at who is pushing this!!! The alt-left and the feminists. Nobody with BRAINS. The alt-left wants us to be a third world Nation.

  7. Yes, it is so egregiously stupid to put women in the military as part of the fight force.

    Communist are doing this to you to weaken your military and DEFEAT the United States of America.

    The only country left to defeat for their New World Odor.

  8. Once the enemy corrupts our minds as a nation to believe that women should take on masculine roles such as serving in the military, I mean why do we need a military any longer? We already gave up any idea of having anything worth fighting for. When women have all the rights that men have and are treated as equals with a man, the war is already lost and the nation is just sitting here waiting for God to destroy it and the few heterosexuals that are left.

  9. Political Correctness is the enemy of truth.
    Truth is the foundation of understanding reality.
    Understanding reality is the first step towards success, in everything.
    Put a bit differently: Success is the result of good planning.
    Good planning comes from experience, much of which comes from poor planning.

  10. I am a female veteran and like you guys I am completely opposed to this stupid policy. It weakens unit morale, leads to resentment and will get more soldiers of both genders killed.

    these politicians have never heard of the six P’s!

  11. The real and open question is:
    Why would any person that can think beyond a flickering light, fight for the bankers and politicians?

    The U.S. Military today, are nothing more than the fighting force to protect and defend the profits of Corporations and Banks around the world.

    There is no honor in invading a nation. There is no honor in raping women and girls. There is no honor in protecting the heroin trade for the CIA.

    Nothing the U.S. Military men and women do today protects or defends the CONSTITUTION!!!!

    I no longer honor any Military person. I consider them dumb and ignorant tools and cannon fodder for the Bankers and Politicians.

    To all Military men and women:
    You are NOT honoring your oath to defend and protect the Constitution from enemies foreign and domestic!!! There are 535 Domestic Terrorists in Washington DC, and yet you obey their orders as opposed to arresting them!!!

  12. The military needs to be purged of all females. They are utterly useless and a huge menace.

    They are not women. They are freaks. We used to call them transvestites.

    • Sir, I take offense to your comments. I am an Air Force Retiree. I had just as much right to serve as you did. I worked in Administration, Missiles, and Mortuary. Taking care of the dead is not an easy task because you also have to deal with the grieving families.

      I come from a long line of military members. Someone in my family has served this country in the military from the time of the French and Indian War until just after Gulf War I, when I retired. I am not a freak nor a transvestite. I married AND raised a family all while performing my duties as an Air Force NCO.

      If you don’t like women in the military, then you can do your own administrative duties, get your own supplies, and go bury yourself. Sure we don’t belong on the front lines, but keeping things running in garrison so you guys can have what you need when you are on that line can more than adequately be handled by women.

  13. Here’s a ‘news flash’ for you dude. American women are already coming home in flag draped coffins. Have been since this so-called ‘War on Terror’ began. How about reporting something useful like the hundreds of women who have been raped by fellow soldiers? Or was it their fault for being where they have no business?

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