By Ronnie Herne

Notwithstanding what some Muslims say, Abraham and Moses and Jesus and Allah are not all rolled up into one happy ball of convivial godhead.  Allah was not a Supreme God back in the day.  No, he was a moon god, one god among many many gods.  

    In response to my previous article ISLAM IS AS ISLAM DOES, a retired Sergeant Major sent this on to me a few months back.  I include his quote here because it is pertinent, concise, and “spot on” as he would say.  [My thanks to Roger E.]

The generic word for “god” in Arabic is ” illah ” and at the time of Muhammad’s arrival on the world stage [570 – 632 AD], there were idols/figurines of 160 different deities on display in the Ka’abah.  Muhammad got rid of them all except for the moon deity known as “Allah” which just so happened to be the deity worshipped by the Quraysh tribe to which Muhammad belonged.

   The word “Allah” actually is composed of two words : al ( the ) and illah ( god ) which over the passage of time became elided into ” Allah” the chief god ; in other words ” THE GOD”. Therefore “Allahu Akbar” actually means “Allah is Greater”.

Enter ABDULRAHMAN EL-SAYED aka Abdul El-Sayed.

   Abdul El-Sayed is a Michigan native, born of Egyptian parents who immigrated to the U.S.  He heralds from Detroit, Michigan.  He was born 10-31-84, All Souls Day, and a date that is probably significant in certain circles.

    He earned his B.S. in Biology from the University of Michigan in 2007.  He was awarded a Rhodes Scholarship and received his PhD in Public Health from Oxford University in 2011.  Then he attended Columbia University and received his MD in 2014.  He received a Paul and Daisy Soros Fellowship to assist his work in Social Medicine at Columbia University.  (Paul was the other Soros brother; George Soros’ late brother.)  Dr El-Sayed has chosen Public Health rather than clinical practice.

    While at Columbia he was an Assistant Professor of Epidemiology.  He subsequently became Detroit’s Executive Director of Public Health and their Public Health Officer.

    As of this past February he is now running to become the governor of the Great State of Michigan.  He is currently 32 years of age.

    From an August 20, 2016 article he is quoted as answering a question this way: “For me, public health was about understanding how I could leverage my interest in community and organization and leadership to promote the well-being and health of those communities. If you love working with groups of people to be able to change their conditions and to be able to empower them in certain ways, public health is a career that allows you to do that.”  Yes, it definitely is.  And let’s take a moment to pull out and emphasize some of his words.

“…leverage my interest in community and organization and leadership… to be able to change their conditions and to be able to empower them in certain ways…”  Remember that Muslims hear Muslims differently than Americans hear Muslims.  Muslims hear – and understand – references to Sharia Law, and Muslim plans, and the World Caliphate that go completely unnoticed by the doofus do-gooders among us.

From a March 2, 2017 article comes this: “My faith is really important to me, as it is for many Americans and Michiganders,” El-Sayed said. “But I think we should be asking ourselves rather than how one prays, or what they pray to, we should ask ourselves what [one] prays for and what one hopes for.

“While El-Sayed said his Islamic values are at the center of his work as a civil servant, he wants people to know his number one priority is to serve the people of Michigan.”

Let’s pull out a few more words here.  “…we should ask ourselves what [one] prays for and what one hopes for.”  and  “… El-Sayed said his Islamic values are at the center of his work as a civil servant…”

The Muslims do not miss his utter and total commitment to Allah, Islam, and the Civilization Jihad he’s waging on the western world in general and Michigan and the United States in particular.

(Civilization Jihad is a takeover by sheer force of numbers.  Think prolific birth rates.  Think limitless immigration.  Think Political Correctness.  Think Public Relations on the wonderful integration of these new Americans into our way of life…… )

Think NO-GO ZONES.  Think Sharia enclaves.  Think taqiya [taquia].  Taqiya is the okay from the Koran (Quran) to lie, to deceive, to misrepresent anything on any level in order to promote the Caliphate and the conquering of the world for Allah and Islam.  Thanks to the officially sanctioned taqiya, you can never never believe anything they say to you, a non-believer, an infidel.

Abdul is married to Sarah Jukaku El-Sayed, a mental health doctor trained right here in America.  “Mental Health” is one of the umbrellas under which we are being systematically deprived/stripped of our rights.  What a pair!  Public Health and Mental Health!  They’ve just about got it sewn up.

Can you imagine the trauma of Islamophobia on the psyches of these gentle people?  Just don’t lose your head thinking about it…

And don’t they make a lovely jihadi couple?  Guess why they’re smiling?

And oh, by the way…  Guess who’s backing his run for governor of Michiganistan?  None other than Palestinian-American Linda Sarsour who recently called for Jihad (Holy War) against President Trump and was one of the organizers of that disgusting pink bonnet frenzy of a women’s march in Washington DC back in January.

Perhaps the Merry-Go-Round is spinning just a little bit too fast.

Ronnie Herne (c) 2017  All Rights Reserved