By Ronnie Herne

  I just received a “New Message” from USAA.  It is posted in its entirety below, and includes a phone number for the CEO (unnamed but probably Stuart Parker, not to be confused with General Lester Lyles who is Chairman of the Board).  The big caveat for those who are thinking Forgive and Forget is the part that reads.”…while we review our policy to determine how best to apply it…”  

   That means that when the ground swell abates, USAA can just pull this all over again.  And please note that the very unintended consequences of USAA having to pull its ads from Left Opinion programming also were addressed by reinstating all advertising.

   Question One: Why is USAA advertising at all?  What a waste of members’ money!  Their audience clientele is limited to the military, their families, and our vets.  And while they may pick up a stray vet or two, how is that offset by the cost of advertising (which by the way they’ve only been doing for a few years).

   During the fracas over yanking Sean Hannity’s advertising you’d think that USAA just might have gotten the message.   There is no one more friendly to active duty military, their families, and our vets than Sean Hannity.  Does USAA give him an award?  No.  

   They cave to Soros and pull his advertising!  And they have the truly stupid cheek to do it at the Memorial Day remembrance.  How’d that work out?

   Hundreds if not thousands have pulled out of USAA.  Their Community Member board filled up with 275 pages of comments, most of them favoring Sean Hannity.  They received over 1600 calls!  I know personally that for periods of time on Friday and Saturday you could not get signed in at USAA and/or leave messages.  “Try again later.”   “…experiencing technical difficulties…”

   In the memo below USAA talks about “free speech” and “a variety of perspectives”.  So now an insurance/financial company is going to ,what?  OK a Jihadi perspective?  OK a Kathy Griffin perspective?  OK a Catholic perspective?  Just what are they mumbling about?

     And while we’re chatting…  How is it that USAA continued NFL advertising after the likes of Colin Kaepernick (and copy cats) denigrated and scoffed at the glorious flag of our United States of America?  No problem there!  USAA was good with that.  Was that “in line with our mission” mentioned below?

   USAA has come real close to launching itself into oblivion.  Some heads should roll.  Maybe the Board needs a shake up.  And maybe, just maybe, USAA could leave advertising to Wheaties and Ivory and John Deere.  And redistribute the ad savings to their members.  What an idea, huh?

Dear Ms. Herne,

Thank you for your feedback.  Last week, USAA became aware that we had advertised on some opinion-based news programs, which is inconsistent with the advertising policy we’ve had in place since 2011.  As a result, we removed advertising on those programs. 

The decision to remove our ads had nothing to do with any specific topic on these programs. USAA recognizes the value of these programs and believes in free speech.  Our policy sought to avoid any suggestion of bias or support for one set of views over another.  The lines between news and editorial are increasingly blurred.  As such, we are reinstating all previously removed ads on programs representing a variety of perspectives, while we review our policy to determine how best to apply it in today s environment and in line with our mission.   

Thank you,

USAA means United Services Automobile Association and its affiliates.

Office of the CEO (210) 531-8722, Extension 86071 or (800) 531-8722, Extension 86071

8 comments on “USAA versus HANNITY
  1. I have recently received several emails that said my account has been “Flagged” and that
    I need to review my account. Are these emails kegit and reakky from USAA.

  2. I have been a USAA member since 1964. Their insurance rates, when taking into account their annual rebates, were always better than the competition’s. Not anymore! Their automobile rates go up every year, sometimes as much as 15%. They no longer insure the type of home I live in in Florida. Now we find out about these advertizing situations. I will definitely be shopping around for a new auto insurer. I’ve have had it with USAA. Another “politically correct” company. Wake up USAA and start supporting your customers, American Veterans or their families. The all mighty dollar wins out again versus true customer service and customer loyalty.

  3. USAA should be giving MORE $$ to MEMBER services, less to over-payed executives making lame-brained decisions trying to ‘politicize’ their services. Every Board Member, every CEO, every “boss” of ANY kind should get a cut of 39% IMMEDIATELY for 90 days for their STUPIDITY in wasting company money without ASKING their membership if what THEY were doing was right or not. Now their loosing customers. GOOD. Sends a message to other companies who think their CEOs and Board Members “speak” for their customers….as this has shown…the arrogant over paid top fat cats haven’t a CLUE what members feel or want.

  4. I’ve been with USAA for 46 years now…and this is the first major disappointment for me. Who are these kids in management? Have they ever served? Did they learn nothing in school….oh wait….no, at least when it comes to history and being proud of our nation….no, they did not learn anything.

    Sorry to vent here…unable to get thru to USAA on the phone. Glad I’m not having an insurance issue this week.

  5. I have complained to numerous flunkies at USAA for years about the stupid advertising and what a waste of money. It is almost impossible to speak with anyone about their policy. When I finally got through to a “rude” person, she very sarcastically said she would pass on my concerns.

    I sincerely hope the members can stop this PC crap going on soon.

  6. Please cancel my membership in USAA. You are becoming an Soros puppet. I do not wish to receive anymore literature from you either.

  7. USAA better not turn their back on Hannity or President Trump. USAA represents the military all branches and if you think Obama cared about the military you are sadly mistaken. And USAA will loose a lot of customers. Stand up and be proud to represent our Military veterans and active duty. I spent 30 years in the NAVY and did not ever give into political garbage. If it wasn’t for Hannity and FOXNEWS the public would never know the truth in the news. I am a 25 year member DON’T LOSE ME AS A CUSTOMER

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