Transgender Shower Policies and Army Male Pregnancies – Our Enemies are dying with Laughter

By Ray Starmann

I bet you thought the social engineering music was going to stop once Mad Dog Mattis took the helm in the Pentagon.


The PC insanity marches on to a quickstep beat of craziness and destructive denial.

Tuesday this week was mandatory ‘transgender soldiers training’ in the US Army, formerly once the greatest fighting force on earth, but which is now a Bob Fosse musical with high explosives.

The military is continuing the policy signed off last year by Ash & Trash Carter which authorized transgenders, or those suffering from the MENTAL ILLNESS of gender dysphoria to serve in the armed forces of the United States of America.

As reported by Tony Perkins and the Family Research Council, the army is warning female soldiers to expect biological men in their showers. That’s just one of the mind-blowing changes the Army is bracing for on July 1st, along with “male pregnancies” and taxpayer-funded gender reassignment.

While the social engineering eats the army alive like some kind of mutated super bacteria, the army’s leaders remain as quiet as church mice. In today’s military, moral courage is as uncommon and archaic as an English longbow.

It’s yes sir, no sir, three bags full right off the top floor of the Pentagon with no chute.

As a stark example of just how far the army has deviated from its glorious war fighting traditions, a slide presentation was released yesterday detailing gender reassignment policies in the army.

After a few seconds of reading, two things are remarkably clear: one, the army’s leaders are nuts to go along with this and two, a tremendous amount of time and energy has been spent on this sheer lunacy; time and energy that could have been spent doing what the army used to do – TRAINING.

According to the army policy: Soldiers are ordered to use the billeting, bathroom, and shower facilities associated with their “gender marker.” If women express discomfort “showering with a female who has male genitalia,” it will be up to the commander to make accommodations – or not.

The army seems to have forgotten that in war zones, showers and bathrooms are the last concerns of commanders. Fighting the war is the first priority. And, most combat zones don’t have readily accessible showers, burgers and WIFI, like the army provided its soldiers during the occupation of Iraq.

The briefing, titled, ‘Policy on the Military Service of Transgender Soldiers Training Module – Tier 2: Commanders and Leaders’ is focused on maintaining readiness while transgender soldiers are in various stages of gender reassignment.

I have news for the army. Readiness departed the lean green machine a long time ago with Elvis. Right now, the army is drowning in budget cuts, lack of combat ready units, a serious deficiency of soldier skills and this latest politically correct abomination is just another nail in the army’s flag draped coffin.

The army’s job is to train to fight wars and when called upon by the commander in chief to wage war as violently and swiftly as possible, while annihilating the enemy. The army’s mission does not include catering to cultural Marxists and feminists who have hijacked the army and are holding it hostage at gunpoint.

As Tony Perkins reports, “sexual assault and rape are already sky-high in the military. Surely, the DOD’s answer isn’t throwing open the women’s showers to naked men. That’s not only dangerous, but degrading. In the real world, public indecency is a crime. No man can walk down the street and expose himself to women. But in the military, we’re going to say this is the price of “inclusivity?” It’s absurd. As the dad of three daughters, I can tell you that if this policy is implemented, I’ll be like the millions of other fathers and grandfathers who would never recommend that their daughters enter the military. And in an Army that’s shrunk to World War II levels, that’ll hurt both recruiting and retention.”

Just when you thought you’d seen it all with the army’s transgender policies, the army has yet a new policy. Of course it has nothing to do with tanks, or using a machine gun, or throwing a grenade.

The UNITED STATES ARMY, the force that beat the Redcoats, crushed the Kaiser, destroyed Nazi Germany and beat the NVA and VC in every engagement, now has a policy on male pregnancy.

Troops are told to imagine that a soldier has “complete Army gender transition from female to male as indicated in DEERS. The soldier did not have sex reassignment surgery, and recently stopped taking male hormones in order to try and start a family. Today, the soldier approached his commanding offer to discuss his newly confirmed pregnancy.

Yes, imagine that General Patton, your men are now pregnant. Please race to Bastogne with your knocked up male troopers.

What an absolute, unmitigated farce…

While the army deals with pregnant men and men who think they’re women and women who think they’re men and soldiers who don’t know if their snake bit or powder burnt, our enemies are stacking up against us.

We currently have no coherent strategy to destroy ISIS or win the war in Afghanistan. We have enemies from North Korea to China to Iran and Russia.

And yet, with the smallest active army since 1940, with the ability to only deploy 3 BCT’s to a fight, with armor officers who can’t even qualify in a tank or run a range, with artillery officers who don’t know how to call for fire; the army, under the influence of leftist traitors, is choosing to commit suicide by allowing mentally ill personnel to serve in its ranks.

Like women in the combat arms, transgenders in the ranks do nothing to improve readiness and combat power, and in fact, they are a detriment to the fighting capability of the army and esprit de corps.

Every red cent wasted on this politically correct madness is money that could be spent on a rifle range, on a CALFEX range, on field exercises.

It was thought by many that Secretary Mattis would take a bayonet to the social engineering implemented 20 years ago by Bill Clinton and which plummeted to a new low of lunacy by Barack Hussein Obama.

But, I guess not.

As the army’s pregnant male soldiers report for duty and its mentally ill transgenders are given surgery courtesy of Uncle Sam, our enemies across the world are dying with laughter.

Meanwhile, the army should be ordering white flags. They’ll be needing them soon.

5 comments on “Transgender Shower Policies and Army Male Pregnancies – Our Enemies are dying with Laughter
  1. The level of political correctness in our military services is corrosive to good order and common sense. What is presently going on is absolutely dangerous to the survival of our armed forces as an effective fighting machine. The heads of all of the services supporting this insanity should be dismissed from duty for not defending their respective services from the politicians pushing forward in this destructive direction! Quite frankly, we are well into the beginning of the end of our country as a free republic based on Judeo Christian ethics. This ethos provided the basis from which our constitution, and hence our freedom, was formed. Can we recover from the political correctness and socialist fascist drift of our country? In a word, NO! At best, Highly doubtful! The younger generations have been saturated in the schools with the ill conceived social agenda of academics who preach and teach their sick philosophies of social justice and Godlessness. Philosophies that history has shown to decimate civilized societies and pseudo-science that “proves” “facts” based on a political agenda and not true scientific objectivity. For the first time in my life I can see that our ship of state is analogous to the Titanic. The iceberg scraping the hole in our nation’s ship of state is the leftist ideology that has killed our nation’s sense of personal ethics and critical thinking. The election to office of agenda driven politicians, some even with noted mental and/or ethical limitations, has produced a social leprosy that is quickly consuming it’s victim! Whatever life you are living now will most likely be the best you will ever have because a nation’s people with no moral sense or a sense of their own history, is doomed to figuratively eat those that came before them and then starve to death in their self created world of decadence and ignorance! We, as a nation, have already started down this path with too few knowing the way. The cry for freedom in this country has been replaced by the “F” word. Yes, that highly sophisticated and thought provoking one word vocabulary of the non-thinking and violent Left! For those of you who think we have not reached the point of no return, well, keep your head in the sand! For the rest of you, get out of your comfort range and fight to the last man and woman to attempt a “Hail Mary” pass in this death defying game of national survival. Attempt to preserve and grow what is left of our once truly great country. Miracles do happen because they can be created through the spirit of man, the very same spirit that built this country in the first place!

  2. Once again, your assessment of our PC military is dead-on. We have no LEADERS in our military. If Congress says we must include all the screwed up people of our country into the military, our leaders dare not say, “The hell we will” because they are more concerned about kissing the asses that will get them promoted than they are about doing their duty as military leaders and decision makers. It is disgusting. It is stupid. It is absolutely B.S. and Mad Dog Mattis needs to get this cleaned up BEFORE we are in a worse fighting situation than we now encounter

  3. Mad Dog Matt is may be a brilliant military strategist, but like most current flag grade officers is gutless when dealing with the social issues plaguing the military. He folds like a newspaper when taking questions from feminists like Kristen Gildebrand. Unfortunately the armed services committees are filled with like-minded politicians that support these policies to include the likes of John McCain. The person that Trump nominated to be Secretary of the Army withdrew his name when it became obvious that he didn’t have the votes. He had voiced strong opposition to Obama’s policies, something that McCain found disturbing yet they wholeheartedly supported Eric Fanning an open homosexual as Secretary. Mattis is not to change a thing. I have not heard one active duty general be openly critical of this policy. Most are hanging on until they can hang it up.

  4. What happens when a transgender soldier that has “male” plumbing walks into the shower with a female that has a husband, fiance’ or boyfriend that becomes irate because a naked man walked into his wife’s, fiance’s or girlfriend’s shower, acts impulsively and assaults the soldier with “male” plumbing? He is now guilty of a “hate” crime. It’s not hate… It’s the response 99.9% of men will have. This whole thing is a mess. Gender Dysphoria is a MENTAL ILLNESS.
    Dysphoria as described by Webster’s: a state of dissatisfaction, anxiety, restlessness, or fidgeting.
    Is this the type of mental stability we want to share gender neutral facilities with or have in the fox hole next to us in the heat of combat? Seriously? These are severely disturbed minds.

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