Send the SAS

By Ray Starmann

Here we go again. On Day Eight of Ramadan, Islamic terrorists, most certainly from ISIS, struck once more in Britain, this time on London Bridge and in a bar down the street in Borough Market.

As of now, six people are dead and over 40 are reported to be wounded. Three terrorists were shot and killed.

Here we go again. At first there was the avoidance to label it as a terrorist act. It was a suspicious incident, a violent incident, a wreck; everything but the reality that it was another terrorist attack; everything, but the reality that these people are out to bring down Western Civilization; everything, but the reality that they want to kill us.

ISIS and other radical Islamist groups are at war with the West, but the governments of Western Europe refuse to accept that very fact. As Allah’s maniacal murderers launch attacks in Nice, Paris, Brussels, Berlin, Istanbul, Normandy, Manchester and now in London, the British government treats it as a police action.

Theresa May is not the person to be leading Britain now. And, neither is that Marxist, Jeremy Corbyn. May looks and acts like she’s the middle aged headmaster of the Kent Middle School, not the Prime Minister of Great Britain. Britain needs a Churchill. Instead they have Mrs. Chips.

After the Manchester attack, May put the army on the streets for a few days, ordered the police to conduct a couple raids, arrest a few people known to the suicide bomber, while speaking to the nation in the typical platitudes of the politically correct idiots running Western Europe. Britain was on the highest alert status for a week or so, then it was downgraded and then the tangos struck again.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that unless Britain changes its way of doing business, ISIS and every other radical Jihadist group is going to continue bombing, shooting, raping, stabbing and marauding their way through the British Isles until the nation as we know it is dead.

The Tin Lady needs to channel the Iron Lady, put some hate in her heart and take the fight to the bastards.

First of all, ISIS must be annihilated in Syria and in Northern Iraq.

Secondly, anti-terrorist operations must be run by the British military and the SAS, not the police. Tonight was a good start. Apparently, for the first time since 2015, the SAS’ Blue Thunder unit was dispatched into action.

The police are brave men and women, but anti-terrorist and counter-terrorist operations are not what they are trained for.

Instead of dispatching the police to arrest known and armed terror suspects, the SAS must conduct direct action missions targeting ISIS safe houses and bomb factories. ISIS members must be shot and killed on site by the SAS, not arrested for legal processing. In the war on terror, due process is a bullet.

The use of the SAS in London, and in other areas of the UK, will put ISIS on the run and furthermore it will terrorize them. It’s time to turn up the psychological operations on the enemy.

The British government must stop letting in known Jihadists who come back from war zones in the Middle East after they’ve fought for ISIS.

The British government must give take the politically correct shackles off the intelligence community, customs officials and the police and allow them to conduct surveillance, profile, detain, and question anyone they deem suspicious, including Mayor Sadiq ‘Trojan Horse’ Khan.

Theresa May and her government are in the reactive mode. They must go on the offensive and use the tools that they have at their disposal.

Britain is at war.

Face reality and start fighting.

Send the SAS.

Who Dares Wins.

10 comments on “Send the SAS
  1. Stop thinking the Government is going to protect the people of Europe. Everyone should see by now the Governments of Western Countries, especially EU countries have abandoned their citizens. They intend to continue to bring in as many Muslims as they can and give them free housing right next door to you. So your wives and daughters can be raped by them. So you can be killed by them.

    This horrible betrayal is “Policy”! Policy the Government will continue and defend through hiding the crimes they can and spinning the atrocities they can’t hide by calling you a bigot when you blame Islam.

    This poor fool of a writer is invoking the strength of the mighty SAS as protection. Simple fool, if the unarmed people start defending themselves the Government will use the SAS on the people.

    The choices are now very few for the Men of Europe. They can fight Islam and their own Government which means killing, jail or death. Or they can offer their daughters, wives and necks to Islam.

  2. SAS, good guys, got to train with them on several ocassions while in SF. Our Delta/CAG folks are very similar in actions. You very rarely hear of their operations, unlike the SEALS.
    Given the chance, the SAS will wear the jihadi’s asses out.

    Keep up the good work,Ray.

    • Thanks Hank. Remember when the SAS were staying the building next to the squadron at Graf, in Oct 1990. They scarfed a ton of supplies off of the S-4. Paid us back with a dozen or so cases of beer for the scrounge.

  3. Unfortunately for the people in the U.K. and Europe their leftist leaders will never admit Trump is right and they will keep bringing the inbreds into their countries. Obama, Clintons, Soros and the U.N. etc planned this invasion to destroy the sovereignty of all counties and create their NWO out of the chaos.

  4. i have the answer just tell the brits that the muzloids are the new IRA and i think they know how to deal with the IRA time to let the sas have a little fun and get the ira scum…[no offense to those that were in the IRA IM JUST TRYING TO THE BRITS OFF THEIR BUTTS AND BACK IN THE GAME]…. but know that i think about it the muzloids would lose if they had to come against the IRA…..

  5. Great article, Ray!
    Of course, the likelihood of Teresa May calling up the Special Air Service is about as probable as Soros funding Trump’s next campaign and/or the Insane Left embracing warmly (pun intended) Trump’s withdrawal from the Paris Accord.
    It’ll be interesting to see what, if anything, our own Supreme Court does about refugees here in the good old USofA……..

  6. Excellent article. I think it would be even better if the author remains from almost expletive term like ‘ bastard’. It will enhance his reputation as a more professional person imho. God bless you.

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