An Open Letter to Kathy Griffin

Dear Ms. Griffin:

Wow! It’s been quite a week for you. When you weren’t showing the world how mentally warped you really are, you were blaming everyone but yourself for the flaming dumpster you presented to us in HD.

How you got as far as you have in show business is one of the seven mysteries of the world. You should have been ‘Gonged’ by Chuck Barris years ago and 86’d from the City of Angels permanently.

You compensate for your complete lack of talent by being the loudest, most irritating human being in the room.

But, being obnoxious and annoying is not the same as being humorous, and one thing is certain as death and taxes; you aren’t funny. No doubt that’s a problem for someone who calls themselves a ‘comedian’, but is really nothing more than a spastic, rude jester in the court of Liberalism the Terrible.

You are not Joan Rivers, nor are you: Don Rickles, Flip Wilson, Art Carney, Johnny Carson, David Letterman, George Carlin, Rodney Dangerfield, Bill Murray, Molly Shannon or Kristen Wiig.

What you are, is a washed up, soulless, liberal troll whose last, feeble gasp to resurrect an all but dying career has crashed and burned like an Evil Knievel Snake River Canyon jump.

What made you think that holding a bleeding, decapitated head of the President of the United States was funny? Were you auditioning on Hell’s Got Talent?

Your stunt was so demented, so revolting and so horrifying that young Barron Trump thought his Dad had been murdered by some crazy redheaded chick in ISIS.

Your act was so vile it caused the usual liberal cockroaches like Keith Olbermann to flee in terror, when the lights were turned on revealing your bloody, twisted publicity stunt.

And, then there was today…

Showing the world, not only your fragile mental state, but your very limited acting ability, you played the victim at a press conference. Standing next to you was your lawyer, Lisa Blum, who pretended to console you as you shed Crocodile Tears for the world to see.

With the irrational delusion all liberals possess, you blamed your sickening act on President Trump. It was Trump who gave you the idea of posing with a bloody, decapitated head of himself. It was the President’s fault.

The fault, Ms. Griffin, lies not with POTUS, but with you…

You said that ‘Trump broke me.’

Actually, Ms. Griffin, you broke yourself. You destroyed what was left of your career. You laid waste to any future prospects you had in LALA Land and on the Clinton News Network. You showed the world how truly irrelevant you are.

Then, you meandered right off the cliff, when you also blamed your problems on that age old leftist scapegoat, the ubiquitous white guy.

Yes, blame it on white guys; you know the ones Trump just sent back to work in Pennsylvania and West Virginia.

If ole Don Meredith were here today, he’d be singing ‘Turn out the Lights.’

The comedy career that never was, is over.

Ray Starmann

Editor in Chief

US Defense Watch

8 comments on “An Open Letter to Kathy Griffin
  1. YOU said it right on point. She did it to herself. She should be smacked with a law suite for such a ugly exhibition. All you did was exposed you to the nut job you are.!!!!!!!! You destroyed your future dumbie.

  2. Griffin is the Poster Cunt for the disfranchisement of all females (of both sexes)./S//

  3. She has shown herself to be trash, as is anyone who can justify her actions…..

    Trying to hide and justify her actions by calling it comedy is a joke….Johnny Carson is rolling over in his grave.

  4. A liberal women will blame any one and every one that comes within striking distance. Your blame game will only rival the failed hillary clinton blame game. Liberals are truly pathetic! When it comes to being able to blame responsibility for actions.

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