Macron is French for Obama

By Ray Starmann

How do you say Obama in French?

MACRON, that’s how.

Emmanuel Macron, the former socialist, now turned ‘centrist’ is a Rothschild banker puppet, a marionette dancing to EU tunes, whose campaign is being directed and funded by the globalists.

Macron’s candidacy has all the makings of the Obama campaign in 2008. He’s a young, vacuous twerp who promises everything for everyone with inane platitudes, while knowing full well he will fulfill zero promises for France, but all the wishes and dreams of the globalists.

As with Obama, the mainstream media fools are referring to Macron as the French JFK. 

To paraphrase Senator Lloyd Bentsen, “The world knew JFK, Monsieur Macron. The world was a friend of JFK, Monsieur Macron. You’re no JFK.”

Like Obama, Macron is missing something President Kennedy possessed, cojones.

There are many similarities to the US election in 2016.

Macron must win for the disastrous EU immigration policies to keep rolling on, the destruction of French industry to be complete and the staggering unemployment to continue; globalist economic policies that crucify the ordinary French citizen and line the pockets of the corrupt tax free bureaucrats in Brussels.

As in America with Trump, Marine Le Pen is being labeled as a racist and as an extremist by the politically correct, left wing, mainstream media in Europe. After all, anyone in Europe who believes in stopping unvetted Islamic immigration, the rapes, the crimes and the collapse of Western European civilization is considered the second coming of Hitler.

As in America, a Macron victory, like the Hillary victory that thankfully never happened, will signal the final collapse of France and the delivery of the nation once and for all into the hands of Brussels and the globalists.

A Macron victory wouldn’t just be a disaster for France, it would be the death knell of France.

Macron has no plans to re-industrialize France as does Le Pen. Macron has no plan to limit the number of foreigners who are stealing French jobs. Macron has no plan to rock the EU economic boat one inch.

Macron has no plan to leave the EU. In fact, Macron wants France to embrace the EU, to drift off into a globalist induced coma, where France, like the rest of the EU nations, finally loses its national identity, sovereignty and any semblance of economic independence.

Macron has no plan to seal France’s borders and to pull out of the disastrous Schengen Treaty, signed in 1995, that allowed EU citizens to travel freely across national boundaries.

Le Pen not only wants to toss the Schengen Treaty off the Eifel Tower, she wants to hire 6,000 new customs officers, 15,000 police officers, create 40,000 new prison spaces and limit legal immigration to only 10,000 people a year.

Yes, that’s right, 10,000 a year. Did you hear that Angela Jerkel?

Law and order, closed borders, limited legal immigration; things the globalists can’t tolerate.

On the contrary, Monsieur Macron endorses the EU asylum policy, a policy that is on the verge of exterminating 1,000 years of Western European culture, law, religion and society.

As reported in Gatestone today: The European Union has called on its member states to lift border controls — introduced at the height of the migration crisis in September 2015 — within the next six months.

German Development Minister Gerd Müller stated, “Only 10% of those currently on the move have reached Europe: “Eight to ten million migrants are still on the way.”

Eight to ten million!

This is what Macron supports, open borders, unlimited, unvetted immigration, which will only lead to anarchy, terrorism and eventually civil war.

Marine Le Pen knows the threat to France is Islamic terrorism, which is fueled by the EU immigration policies. Marine Le Pen knows as long as France remains in the EU, France will be in mortal danger.

Like Obama, Macron is naïve. Like Obama, he is being directed by darker forces, globalist entities.

Like Obama, like Hollande, Macron is weak and will not defend France from those who wish to do her harm.

If you want to know how Macron will wage war against Islamic terrorism, here is all the proof you need. As reported by Breitbart in January:

“Chancellor Merkel and the whole of German society were at the same level of our [French] common values. They saved our collective dignity, by accepting, accommodating, and educating distressed refugees.”

Why does France need to have its collective dignity saved? Enlighten me, Monsieur Macron. Are you implying that the French in 2017 need to feel guilty over the fact that Henri Petain was a fascist traitor? There is no such thing as universal guilt.

In October, Macron had said he believed France, after over a year of deadly terror attacks including in Nice and Paris, had disproportionately ‘targeted’ Muslims and suggested the country should be less stringent in applying its rules on secularism.

That pretty much says it all. Why would any French counter-intelligence personnel want to target Muslims? Muslims never commit terrorist acts. All the violence in Europe, all the rapes, petty crimes, murders and terrorist attacks are being conducted by guys named Hans, Pierre, Ivan, Ian, Vito and Pedro. The religion of peace is just that.

Good God.

He’s Obama with a French accent.

Sadly, the French, out of fear, out of uncertainty, out of standard leftist stupidity are marching behind Monsieur Macron to the abattoir. The latest poll today shows Macron with a commanding lead of 62% versus Marine Le Pen who is at 38%.

The French are only 48 hours away from handing France over to the globalist grim reaper.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what’s going to happen to France under Macron.

There will be more terror; more trucks running down innocent French citizens, more suicide bombings, more knife attacks committed in the name of Allah, more Muslim immigrants, actually millions more, more unemployment, more French factories and companies closing, and most importantly, more anger among the French who will soon realize that Macron, like Obama is totally worthless.

In five years, if Macron and France last that long, the country will be on the verge of civil war. Then and only then, will the French finally realize that their only hope is Marine Le Pen.

But, then it will be too late.

Chaos is coming; it’s coming in the name of Emmanuel Macron.

How do you say Obama in French?


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  1. I think the French Presidency is a seven year term. No?

    Or did you have their Five-Year Plan in mind?

    Either way… you are correct.

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