Diversity is not a Combat Multiplier

By Ray Starmann

The Kool Aid appears to still be on tap at the Pentagon and in the Beltway…

I thought things would be different with this administration and with General Mad Dog Mattis at the helm.

I still have faith in him, but my hope is dwindling. Every day, little bits and pieces of evidence are accumulating that the Pentagon PC insanity so prevalent and so destructive during the Obama years will roll on like a giant tsunami, until the US military is shattered into a thousand pieces.

Today, State Senator Dr. Mark Green of Tennessee was forced to withdraw his nomination for Secretary of the Army because of accusations that he made disparaging remarks about the LGBT community, transgenders and God forbid, Islam.

According to Fox News, Several Democrats and some Republicans including Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., had taken aim at comments he made in September in which he said transgender people are suffering from a disease. McCain called the comments “disturbing.”

One wonders what motivation McCain has for coddling the transgender community. He knows better than anyone what kind of efficiency and esprit de corps the military needs to win. Having men who wear dresses and women who think they’re men simply defeats both tenets of victory.

If you poll the psychiatrists, they’re going to tell you transgender is a disease,” Green said at a Chattanooga Tea Party event last September.

Green is correct. The World Health Organization and John Hopkins University both believe that gender dysphoria is a mental illness.

John McCain is the senior veteran member of Congress and a Republican. Why in the name of God would he be backing a policy that allows the mentally ill to serve?

Right in McCain’s corner is Caitlyn Jenner, the former Olympian, transgender and Republican, who has also voiced opposition to Green’s nomination.

Apparently, Caitlin, aka Bruce Jenner, is determining military policy now. If that doesn’t indicate how far the Pentagon and Washington have fallen, I don’t know what does.

Dr. Green was also attacked for his comments about the religion of peace, Islam.

Last September, Green stated that a stand needed to be taken against “the indoctrination of Islam” in public schools.

My God, we wouldn’t want a Christian defending Christianity would we? We wouldn’t want a man who questions why socialist school administrators are trying to push Islam on students.

Apparently, an American who states the truth about Islam, is now public enemy number one to the liberal, kiss Islam’s butt, even though they want to kill us all crowd.

Green is also under fire for referring to the ‘Muslim horde’ that invaded Turkey and Southeastern Europe 500 years ago.

One, it was a horde; two the Muslim horde is currently invading Western Europe and three, the EU is allowing it to happen.

Green’s comments about Islam are construed as Islamophobia by the Pentagon, Beltway crowd that believes by not saying the words, ‘Radical Islam’ it will make the monster go away. The monster won’t go away; the monsters never do until they are vanquished by violent men.

The United States of America is at war with Islamic terrorists. They wish to destroy us and our way of life. Placating those who wish to do us harm is the height of cowardice and lunacy. But, that is the philosophy infesting the Pentagon and the Beltway. There is a belief that because Jordan is a moderate Muslim ally, that much of the Islamic world, which wants us turned to radioactive dust will go Jordan’s way.

That is tantamount to saying because 50 German Army officers wanted to kill Hitler, the whole nation of Nazi Germany was also against Hitler and was America’s ally.

False and false again.

State Senator Green was also hammered by the PC military academic community for his views.

According to the Tennessean: A Pentagon official under former President Barack Obama and a group of 21 current and former faculty members at military service academies, war colleges and other military universities also came out against Green’s nomination, citing his history “of extreme statements and actions” which they said pose a “serious threat” to the military’s core values.

Well, we know what the service academies are teaching America’s future officers; gay is good, men who wear girdles can serve, Islam is our friend, Colonel Cathy Smith will be commanding the Marine Raiders and the Spirit of the Bayonet is a big hickey for ISIS.


A perfect example of how far down the toilet the service academies have gone is the nomination of Colonel (P) Kristin Goodwin a lesbian mother and bomber pilot to be the commandant of the Air Force Academy.

It’s not 12 O’Clock High anymore, it’s 6 O’Clock Low.

Those are the values being inculcated to the young people of the US military now. They are values anathema with the ancient traditions of the military and are representative of the Hollywood leftist culture which is running the Pentagon.

Of course Senator Chuckie Schumer who wouldn’t know a B-52 from a U Boat was quick to jump on the liberal destroy Green bandwagon.

Mark Green’s decision to withdraw his name from consideration as Army secretary is good news for all Americans, especially those who were personally vilified by his disparaging comments directed toward the LGBTQ community, Muslim community, Latino community and more,” Schumer said in a statement. “He was the wrong choice to serve as secretary, and should not have been nominated in the first place.”

So, it’s goodbye Green, and hello again to Eric Fanning, the openly gay current Secretary of the Army and the author of the US Army’s Breastfeeding and Lactation Memorandum for Record, distributed to ALL worldwide commands.

Obviously, the gay mafia, the Islam is Cool crowd and the feminist nut corps are in charge of Pentagon policy and cabinet selections. The warrior culture is nearly if not totally extinct in the US military. The closest thing General Mattis will find to the warrior culture in the Pentagon is the copy of Caesar’s Commentaries on his desk.

The PC movement in the Pentagon and in the Beltway is emboldened and unscathed by the Trump election. It believes firmly it can bully conservatives and shove its abnormal, anti-family beliefs down the military’s throat for the sole reason the Republicans are letting it happen.

The military is not the civilian world. It is not a corporation. It has a higher code of conduct and its personnel have sworn to protect this nation against all enemies foreign and domestic, and to risk their lives if called upon. Unfortunately, for the last 20 years, the ‘it’s just a corporation’ mentality has infested the military. If GE can hire transgenders, why can’t the Navy? If Ford has a lesbian CEO, why not the Air Force Academy? If Paramount is run by a gay man, why can’t your company commander in the cavalry be a homosexual too? If women can do yoga in the company gym, why can’t they serve in the infantry?

And, on and on and on it goes.

Sadly, the Pentagon/Beltway PC Movement doesn’t understand or doesn’t want to understand that diversity is not a combat multiplier.

Having gays in a military unit does nothing, but cause morale problems. It is not normal human behavior; it never has been and never will be. Period. To treat it otherwise and to claim open homosexual behavior wont influence morale or combat operations is reckless and simply nuts.

The same goes for mentally ill transgenders. Having men who think they are women, or who want to dress like women in a combat unit, or any unit is also an operational nightmare.

Having women in the combat arms does absolutely nothing to improve the esprit de corps, operational tempo and lethality of an infantry, armor, cav, artillery or special ops unit. It is a waste of time and energy. Period.

Pretending our enemies are really not our foes and that Islam is a religion of peace is the height of cognitive dissonance.

Mark Green is the latest victim of the PC movement, but there will be many more; thousands, tens of thousands of American military personnel who will come home in body bags because no one in the Pentagon and in the Beltway had the common sense and the courage to stop the PC madness.

Diversity is death for the military.

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  1. look at what is complianing mccair a wannabe and a real democrat. time Trump stop throwing these people under the bus ans stand up to the clowns

  2. I wish those who envision women in “all combat roles” would take a moment and ask themselves a fundamental question. . . . . . what would happen if we mandated that all democratic states eliminate sexual discrimination in sports from high school to the professionals.

    Prohibit any form of discrimination in sports. No more men’s and women’s golf, basketball, golf, tennis, baseball, volleyball, track and field, soccer, MMA, swimmning, running, bicycling, etc. No more gender separate locker rooms, dorms, anything.

    The proposal would of course be treated as outrageous. It might be but it’s certainly less outrageous than trying to do the same with combat units.

    Even beyond the combat units there’s the other issue with so few troops being truly combat deployable. The soldier returning from two combat tours finds the traditional spots filled by those who will never see combat including senior trainers who have never seen combat. Many of those who have served at the tip of the spear never get the stateside opportunities necessary for promotion.

    In a desperate effort to make themselves more politically correct the military has broadened the definition of “combat” to include those who are far from the physical deprivation, danger and terror so as to make the numbers look better.

    Hopefully Trump will help us to get off of stuck on stupid.

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