Where has all the ammo gone? DHS rationing ammo to agents in the field


U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement says it possesses a “limited amount” of 9mm bullets for agents in the field as well as for training purposes, and it is rationing its ammunition based on internal requests until it can award a new contract.

It is one of several federal law-enforcement agencies that say they are reaching a “critical stage”: Their 9mm ammunition is being depleted and tens of thousands of service handguns are approaching the end of their life-cycle, too.

The apparent role poor planning, or another agenda, played in the issue came to light when ICE said it would have run out of 9mm ammo by June 2017 in the absence of a modified contract with its supplier, Vista Outdoor Inc. So, the agency last month approved a $363,307 ceiling increase to contract No. HSCEMS-11-D-00002.

The ICE Office of Firearms and Technical Programs, or OFTP, then ordered more ammunition in March, according to a Justification and Approval, or J&A, document that WND located through routine database research.

But if it were not for the J&A’s sloppy redactions – the contract ceiling-extension cost, for example, was partly covered by what appeared to be faded black-marker ink, as were references to annual ammunition purchases under the original contract – the public would remain further in the dark about this questionable acquisition process.

And if it had not been for this partially readable document – which was approved by Lowell Johnson, OFTP Supervisory Engineer-Ballistics Laboratory – taxpayers would have remained unaware that no record exists to prove that this procurement was ever opened to competition in the first place.

An exhaustive search of the database – which included multiple keyword and archive-record searches – produced zero results for solicitations or calls for bids that should have preceded ICE’s awarding of a contract for 9mm bullets in September 2011.

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  1. I can damn well guess——that our dear obama gave it to our enemies, Iran, any other that wasn’t the USA, even he gave them to the post office with I find crazy.

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