The Left’s Insane War on Men


We have all seen the “toxic masculinity” courses being taught in colleges across America and just today we see that there are now “Masculine confession booths’ being set up at the University of Regina, along with other workshops to “combat hypermasculinity,” as part of a “Man Up Against Violence,” initiative. According to the “Man up against violence” website, it says they will “challenge mindsets and behaviors with regard to the social construction of masculinity and its relationship with violence.”

STOP RIGHT THERE! Lets blow that myth up from the get-go. Studies have proven societies dominated by women are just as violent as societies dominated by men. In fact, the results of 20 studies on the subject, nine showed violence increasing with more male dominated societies and nine showed violence increased with more female dominated societies. Two came back listed as inconclusive.

Following those studies which contradicted the popular myth of violence associated with “maleness,” came another in 2016, which found that not only are men less violent when surrounded by men, but actually become more violent in societies where women are in the numerical ascendancy.

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