Term Limits: To Inspire Ingenuity For Our Country

By Frosty Wooldridge

A constitutional republic provides every citizen with the rights to freedom, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  It allows each individual the ability to contribute at the local, state and national levels.

Too often today, those who serve become entrenched as career, corrupt, and even criminal politicians.  They utilize their knowledge of defense contracts to buy stocks, which equates to insider trading.  They allow lobbyists to “buy” their votes such as big pharmaceuticals, Monsanto and construction contracts.  Left long enough in Congress, too many of them become corrupt.

Enter: Term Limits

U.S. Senators Charles Schumer, John McCain, Diane Feinstein and Barbara Boxer provide excellent examples for the need for term limits.

U.S. House members Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters, John Lewis and John Conyers, Jr. prove the need for term limits in the House.

At 80, Senator John McCain, (R-AZ), fails to function with any understanding of what’s going on in America in 2017.  California Senator Diane Feinstein faces her 85th birthday coming up.  Totally out of touch with what’s happening in modern day California!  Barbara Boxer, 76, clings to power with little comprehension of the calamities facing California.

Each of them should have relinquished their seat 20 years ago.  It takes brains, vitality, energy and comprehension of current realities to guide a nation in the 21stcentury.

Instead, over the ages of 70-80, many, many people face slowed mental processing, loss of memory and the inability to create articulate solutions or decisions.

As in the case of House member Nancy Pelosi, 77, her ranting in front of Congress illustrates a desperate need for term limits.  John Conyers from Michigan tips the scale at 86 years of age.  Maxine Waters of California and John Lewis illustrate the need for Congressional members to possess at least a high school education.  In her last speech, she demanded we win the war with Korea.  She wants to impeach Trump after a month in office.  Lewis told the press, “Trump isn’t a legitimate president.”  Senator Dick Durbin and House member Luis Gutierrez of Illinois do everything to undermine America’s immigration laws.


If you visited the offices of our over-70 crowd of Congressional members, oftentimes, aides cover for their bosses’ shortcomings.  Speechwriters make them sound like competent elected officials—but in reality, Maxine Waters, Nancy Pelosi and John Conyers remain totally disconnected from current realities facing America.

Why do constituents re-elect them term after term?

That must be the question of the century!  If you observe Senator John McCain, he signed the 1986 Immigration Amnesty to give instant citizenship to 4,000,000 illegal aliens. He promised to secure the borders so that wouldn’t happen again.  Thirty-one years later he wants another amnesty of over 20 million illegal aliens.  He failed Arizona, which suffers hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens. They siphon taxes from schools, medical care, anchor babies, ESL courses, free breakfast and lunch programs, illegal workers, fraud, unpaid taxes by employers, crime, drunk driving, rapes, robberies, shoplifting and car thefts.

In other words, he turned Arizona into an illegal immigration quagmire, where each citizen must pay for McCain’s folly.

Senator Charles Schumer, (D-NY), undermines the current president based on party rather than responsibility to the American people. Instead of confirming cabinet appointees, Schumer creates inane headlines like the Russians pulled the levers in the voting booths across this country.  If Hillary Clinton had won the White House, you would never hear a word about the Russians.

Schumer undercuts Trump’s pick for the Supreme Court.  If Hillary Clinton had won, Schumer would have rubber stamped the nomination.  In other words, his bias subverts his service to all American citizens.  The majority of Americans wanted a conservative Supreme Court judge appointment; that’s why they voted for Trump.

British Lord Acton said, “Power corrupts; and absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

Our Constitutional Republic needs fresh blood, fresh minds with innovative ideas, and fresh bodies representing 328 million American citizens.  It needs new solutions, workable plans and forward thinking leaders from all 50 states.

Einstein said, “The problems in the world today are so enormous, they cannot be solved with the level of thinking that created them.”

Therefore, we need to rid ourselves of the Schumer’s, McCain’s and Feinstein’s, et al., who got us into the mess we’re in today.  Since the U.S. electorate that keeps electing those career politicians cannot grasp the Acton quote, we need to help them and ourselves down the road to a higher calling with term limits.

U.S. Senators:  12 years maximum.

U.S. House of Representatives:  6 years maximum.

A huge percentage of Congressional members prove themselves career corrupt criminals.  If they weren’t, you would see changes for the better instead of everything for the worse.

With term limits, you wouldn’t see every toaster, ladder, washer, dryer, refrigerator and 90 percent of our mercantile goods arriving from China.  You wouldn’t see $19.5 trillion in national debt because honest politicians serving our country would fix that financial mess instead of kicking the can down the road.  You wouldn’t see our borders totally open and 20 to 31 million illegal aliens roaming around our country.  You wouldn’t see trade deficits because they are killing our country.  We could manufacture the same products with our workers.

You would see responsible citizen politicians ready to shut down our borders to mass immigration because it’s destroying the fabric of our society.  We don’t need more immigrants, but we do need more jobs for our 48 million citizens subsisting on food stamps.

Term limits: their time has come.

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  1. This is the only way to truly “drain the swamp.” But introducing term limits for Congressmen and Senators requires a Constitutional amendment, which must be introduced as a bill by either a Congressman or Senator. It is probably impossible to find an ethical person who would truncate his own employment for the good of the Republic, and even if he could, the bill would never garner sufficient support for it to be sent to the states for ratification. Idealistic, but not realistic.

  2. For the sake of the country, men and women need to limit themselves to two R.E.M.’s. Lacking that ability or inclination, the USA must adopt Term limits for all representatives.

  3. These positions were never meant to be “lifetime” careers. Sadly too many in Washington DC are taking a job to have a job and not do a job.

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