A civil war has started between patriots and neocons in government, says radio host Dr. Michael Savage.

“It’s a civil war. Who’s winning though is the question,” Savage said on The Alex Jones Show Tuesday. “We elected the President, we allegedly own the Senate, we have the House, and we’re getting nothing done. No tax cuts, not a brick laid for the wall. What’s been done?”

The immediate threat to President Trump’s America First agenda is the neocon wing of Republican Party like Speaker Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell, Savage noted.

“Because they’re obstructionists, as you know,” he said. “The left wing of the Republican Party is impeding Donald Trump at every turn. The left wing of the Republican Party is the Democrat Party, is the Socialist Party USA, it’s all one.”

“They don’t care about borders, language, or culture,” he continued. “All they care about it feathering their own nests and feathering the military-industrial complex with another endless war.”

The “fake conservatives in the media” should also realize that, unlike Hillary Clinton, Trump actually supports the First and Second amendment, Savage said.

“Why are these people stabbing Trump in the back?” he asked.

Establishment Republicans like Ryan are pressuring Trump to “compromise” on the upcoming healthcare legislation, but the problem is that healthcare is too big of an issue to compromise with neocons on.

“One of the signature pieces of the [Trump] campaign was ‘we’re going to repeal Obamacare,’ right?” Savage asked.

Ryan recently warned Congress that “the system is going to collapse” if they don’t unite to pass his American Health Care Act bill.

The remarks were directed not just towards Democrats but also to conservatives like Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) who say the bill is simply watered down Obamacare.

“The House leadership plan is Obamacare Lite,” Paul tweeted. “It will not pass. Conservatives are not going to take it. #FullRepeal.”

  1. If either mitchell or ryan are traitors, you will pay the price . You better be working for us and for Pres. Trump. You do anything to harm Trump –count on being dumped for good. We will kick your asses out the door. He we have a great person trying to fix the mess of the last # of pres. —-You better be working to for fill what he is trying to fix.

  2. Mike Savage is on the right path with his recommendations. Paul Ryan is Democrat Lite along with his buddies John McCain and Mitch McConnell. I want to know why these turncoats are re-elected by their constituency every election cycle? These guys are self serving glory hounds who only want job security for themselves by doing whatever they think it takes to stay in power. What a sad situation.

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