Iran Expanding Its Interests In Canada, Endangering Dissidents and Facilitating Fifth Column

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Liberal MP Majid Jowhari has been lobbying the Canadian government to reopen embassies in Ottawa and Iran. In fact, Jowhari went so far as to sponsor a petition months ago with over 5,600 names, to re-establish diplomatic ties with Iran.

Recently Islamic supremacists have been expanding their incursions into Canada via political petitions. Take for example, the “anti-islamophobia” motion M-103, which passed in Parliament; M-103 was the follow-up to the petition e-411, which declared Islam to be a peaceful religion, hijacked by a few. Such discourse has no business in the Canadian government.

Back in January, Iranian Canadians sent a joint letter to Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau stating that they “do not want to be represented by someone who is ‘working in the interest of a foreign country’” and that “he should keep distance from those engaged in crimes against humanity.” As the Liberal Richmond Hill news reported….

Iranian expatriates say they are worried a terrorist organization is being welcomed into Canada and may even be infiltrating the country with “spies” with support from a local politician.

In October, it was also revealed that Montreal Mayor Denis Coderre quietly traveled to Iran, where he signed a groundbreaking agreement with the jihad-funding rogue regime to “boost mutual cooperation in various fields.” As Jihad Watch previously reported:

Coderre has also been lenient in cracking down on the spread of jihadist sentiments in his city. Following the jihad attack in Brussels, Coderre’s counterpart, the Mayor of Quebec City, Régis Labeaume — stated that greater scrutiny of mosques was needed; but Coderre shot down Labeaume’s idea, calling it “profiling.” Coderre also denied that jihad messages are being spread from mosques, but he blamed only the Internet for such messages.

Coderre has also pushed for Montreal to be declared a “sanctuary city” as a surge of immigrants crossed into Canada from the United States.

Now comes more unnerving news about Iran expanding into Canada; this time through an Iranian “focused forum” that is taking place today, supposedly to promote business partnerships in Canada. But Iranian dissident and interpreter Shabnam Assadollohi warns that this forum has darker motives. She has been warning Canadians for some time about the menacing spread of of Iranian interests into Canada. In fact, in 2012 Iranian Canadian activists Shadi Paveh and Shabnam Assadollahi translated an interview with Hamid Mohammadi, an Iranian official working as Cultural Counselor to the Iranian Embassy in Canada. The interview revealed that Iran was using its embassy in Canada to mobilize loyalists of the Islamic Republic to infiltrate the Canadian Government. Some terrorism experts worried that the United States would be a next target. Maclean’s magazine also warned in its article “Iran’s Long Reach Into Canada”:

The Iranian government, through its embassy in Ottawa and various friendly or affiliated organizations, is aggressively reaching out to the Iranian diaspora in Canada, as well as to other potentially sympathetic Muslims in the country.

The purpose was reported to secure “the ultimate goal of establishing a network of Iranian academics and professionals across Canada and more broadly across North America.”

Subsequently, the Conservative Harper government shut down Iran’s embassy in Ottawa, but now the Liberal government of Canada has been renewing ties with Iran, with the possibility of reopening the embassy. This will not only expose Iranian dissidents to further danger, but also facilitate the expansion of a fifth column by Iran into Canada. Shabnam Assadollohi shared her warnings with me in an email below.

Iranian Regime Infiltrates, by Shabnam Assadollohi, March 27, 2017:

In the wake of Canadian politicians reaching out to the Islamic Republic of Iran, there is a worrisome meeting organized by the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Iran-Canada Business Council in Montreal on March 28. Mehdi Karbassian, Iran’s deputy minister and a member of IRGC (Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps), is invited as the Canadian group’s “honorary” guest to speak at their Iran Focused Forum in Montreal. The goal of the meeting is to promote Canadian investment in the Islamic Republic of Iran, a totalitarian dictatorship that systematically oppresses their people and commits massive human rights violations, and terrorist activities across the Middle East and region.

In their Facebook group, they posted the following: “To Iranians in Montreal who would like to attend an Iran Focused Forum on business and trade opportunities… In partnership with the KPMG.” Export Quebec is also participating in the event, which explores challenges that Canadian companies may face while doing business in Iran.

For me as an Iranian Canadian dissident, this is not an innocent meeting on business opportunities but part of a larger trend of Iranian infiltration into Canada. They seek to empower the Iran lobby and silence Iranian dissidents for opposing the funds given to a totalitarian dictatorship.

According to a report in Canada Israel Jewish News, this development comes after Canadian Liberal MP Majid Jowhari met with Iranian parliamentarians in order to discuss advancing Iranian-Canadian relations. Canadian MP Majid Jowhari met with Iranian MP’s  Alim Yarmohammadi, Yonathan Betkolia, Mehrdad Lahooti and Ali Bahraini. According to the report, the Iranian delegation was in Canada to meet with officials at the International Civil Aviation Organization, which is headquartered in Montreal.

Photos on Lahooti’s Instagram account show they also visited the International Air Transport Association and CAE Inc., a Montreal company that specializes in aviation, defense and security training and flight simulation products, which is all trade that helps to empower Iranian aggression across the Middle East. The meeting came after Montreal’s mayor and former Liberal MP Denis Coderre visited Iran in order to meet with Tehran’s mayor. Tehran’s Mayor Bagher Galibaf is an infamous IRCG member and he made some secret deals with Coderre.

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