CONFIRMED: Obama Admin Sabotaged Trump’s Transition To The White House

Daily Caller

President Trump’s claims that the Obama administration sought to undermine his presidency received some support on Wednesday from a New York Times report on the Obama White House’s activities in the weeks before the inauguration.

According to The Times, Obama White House officials waged a campaign to procure, save and disperse classified intelligence regarding Trump associates’ contacts with Russians.

The campaign also involved curtailing the Trump team’s access to highly classified information and of lowering classification ratings on other information about the ongoing Russia investigation so that it could be more widely shared across the government.

According to The Times’ sources, the Obama officials waged the campaign out of fear that the Trump administration would cover up or destroy some of the information.

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2 comments on “CONFIRMED: Obama Admin Sabotaged Trump’s Transition To The White House
  1. Obama, the worst and most deceitful president in our history…He is so paranoid about his legacy…..

    Trump need to stop being nice with Him, the Clinton’s, Podesta, and their kind.

    I understand Valerie Jarrets daughter is working at either State or DOJ….She needs to be sent packing.

    No matter how much Trump tries to be fair or nice….The Dems will not reciprocate.

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