Liberal protesters freak out when GOP town hall opens with a prayer: yell ‘Lucifer!’

Daily Caller

Liberal protesters became enraged when a Louisiana town hall with Republican Sen. Bill Cassidy opened with a prayer earlier this week, screaming at the chaplain as he tried to lead the crowd in prayer.

The protesters, who were there with a local chapter of anti-Trump group Indivisible, can be heard groaning and shouting as the chaplain says, “In God we trust.” One man can be heard saying, “Pray on your own time!” Others shouted incredulously, “Prayer? Prayer?”

Video of the event, first reported by The Washington Free Beacon, reveals one woman shouting the name “Lucifer” while the chaplain invokes God’s name. Other, non-protesting attendees can be heard trying to shush the protesters.

Protesters can be heard shouting about “separation of church and state” throughout the prayer. They became especially furious when the chaplain closed the prayer “in Jesus’s name.”

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One comment on “Liberal protesters freak out when GOP town hall opens with a prayer: yell ‘Lucifer!’
  1. Reading the article now , who can see and feel who we are really working against. Satan thinks he is charge of the world and fighting to keep it, knowing he has only a short time before he is destroyed by Jesus. Its all there in the Bible. We are in that time people and it is up to us to stay together with one another and do not faulter in your beliefs. If you have been like me feeling it all around you the thickness and intense stress that is in the air. Being afraid is not the option. Strength in Strength of being together in each other and together we can overcome evil. Strength in our neighbors or friends—co-workers. That is where we are strong. your church is another.

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