Goodbye to Obama and His America Last Philosophy

By Ray Starmann

The countdown has begun. It is just twelve, count ‘em, twelve days to January 20th and the inauguration of President Trump.

With the arrival of Trump, comes the departure of President Obama and his baggage train of Marxists, crackpot feminists, whiners, social justice warriors, freeze dried hippies, special snowflakes and global elite puppet masters.

With the departure of President Obama goes his America Last Philosophy and all the disastrous consequences; the worldwide disrespect, the innocent deaths, the power vacuums, the PC military, the economic sluggishness and the chaos that it has created at home and across the world.

Obama believes that America is just another country. We don’t save the world anymore. We don’t lead the world anymore. We don’t strive to do the impossible anymore.

Obama, a Democrat is the antithesis of JFK, another Democrat, who told the world we were going to the moon, not because it was easy, but because it was hard.

Obama believes that American Exceptionalism is a racist, white nationalist, fantastical idea that bears no resemblance to his vision of America as just another country floating in the universe like Lichtenstein or Finland or Kenya.

Under Obama, the American white Stetsons were taken off and replaced by tinfoil hats of wishful thinking, fantasy and denial.

Obama never behaved like the President of the United States. He acted as if he was some half-baked leader of a minuscule, war torn, strife laden African nation begging for UNICEF aid at the United Nations.

Nowhere is Obama’s America Last Philosophy more prevalent than in our foreign policy, which can aptly be described as ‘disarm yourselves and be ye men of cowardice.’

Obama has drawn more lines in the sand than a 120 mph Saudi Arabian shamal. He is the virtual Picasso of sand artwork and the maestro of the proverbial backstep.

The Russians have made mincemeat of us in the last eight years. Putin, realizing the US was abandoning Iraq and willing to commit nothing to Syria, moved in and purchased the country at a tax deed auction for 500 Rubles.

The Iranians regularly use the US Navy for target practice. When they’re not harassing or threatening our kinder, gender neutral military, they capture our sailors and use them for propaganda purposes. What do we do, but thank them for their kind hospitality.  We are literally handing the sand to the Iranians that they kick in our faces.

And, then there’s ISIS…

Under the Obama administration’s eight years of incompetence and fear in the face of terror and evil, radical Islam has run amok. ISIS and other Jihadi groups have butchered their way across the globe, courtesy of Barack Hussein Obama, John Kerry and Hillary Clinton.

And, why not, Obama and his administration of fools can’t even say radical Islam, much less confront it.

ISIS murders hundreds in Paris and Obama dispatches John Kerry with a planeload of Pier One candles and James Taylor.

Paris, Brussels, Nice, Berlin, Normandy, Orlando, San Bernardino; ISIS knows America under Obama will never do anything to them.

Obama would never do anything to hurt his fellow Muslims. Instead, he orders some moronic blonde from the State Department to tell the world if only those poor mass murderers in ISIS had jobs then they wouldn’t be so evil.

Jobs for Jihadis became the rallying cry of the Obama administration.

Obama’s sickening sycophantic attitude toward Islam has always given me the creeps. Why do I have the feeling he has a secret prayer rug in the White House garage?

After all, this is a President who stated that the prettiest sound in the world was the Islamic call to prayer.

No, the most beautiful sound would be hearing the utter dismay a Jihadi feels when he realizes that he’s not going to meet 72 virgins in paradise, but 72 armed VIRGINIANS.

Or, in a speech to the UN, he remarked, “The future must not belong to those who slander the Prophet of Islam.”

Part of Obama’s America Last Philosophy is to beat up on Christianity whenever the opportunity presents itself. Who can forget his comments at the National Prayer Breakfast when he stated,

“During the Crusades and the Inquisition, people committed terrible deeds in the name of Christ.”

Then there was Obama’s ludicrous statement that ‘Islam Has Been Woven Into the Fabric of Our Country Since Its Founding’

Yes, no doubt, where would America be without our Founding Fathers; George Al-Washington, Thomas Mohammed Jefferson and Ben Kareem Franklin?

You can’t subscribe to an America Last Philosophy without destroying the greatest fighting force on God’s green earth.

In just eight years, the Obama administration has turned the US military into a severely weakened force, stocked with malleable, cowardly senior leaders who are all too eager to comply with whatever lunacy is flushed down Ash Carter’s Pentagon toilet.

The world has watched in awe as the White House has turned the military into some kind of social engineering lab experiment run by wacko feminists and cultural Marxists. Women in the combat arms and special operations, gender neutral Marine riflemen, sensitivity training in combat zones, government sponsored gender reassignment surgery, white privilege training, online courses depicting the Bible and US Constitution as sexist, Marine Corps unconscious bias training, lactation memos, pregnancy simulators, babies born on US Navy ships of war, not to mention the obliteration of readiness and budget levels have all but turned the once mighty US armed forces into a hollow force besieged by radical leftists.

The America Last Philosophy calls for open borders, in order to flood the nation with foreigners who steal jobs, suppress wages and are told they need not assimilate. Like many liberals, Obama believes in the reverse of America’s motto, E Pluribus Unum; From Many, One to Ex Uno Plures; From One, Many.

Obama’s America Last Philosophy has been a disaster for the economy, especially African Americans who suffered the most from globalism, lousy trade deals and outsourcing.

Obama was nothing more than a puppet for the bankers and the global elite who, by destroying the US economy can create a cashless, global economic system rebuilt in their own twisted image.

The America Last Philosophy is a theory that in many ways mirrors the perspectives of EU governments: the abandonment of God, the worship of the state as the almighty nanny, universal gun control, unvetted, limitless immigration, cowardice in the face of evil, abortion and euthanasia on demand and the creation of a new world filled with gender neutral snowflakes who bow to every bureaucratic whim from Big Brother.

It is a vision for a distorted brave new world that was soundly rejected by the American voter on November 8th.

While the trendies, Marxists and the social justice candybutts have been able to overrun Western Europe, they haven’t been as successful here, largely due to good old American common sense, faith in God and distaste for government. While they may run the local Whole Foods, they aren’t running the local gun range.

President-Elect Trump may very well be the karmic echo of Reagan. Like Reagan, Trump exudes super patriotism and a definitive America First attitude.

Mr. Trump is the embodiment of the American can do, failure is no option spirit that has been quashed under Obama, but is already beginning to rise forth again like a phoenix.

I, for one, can hardly wait until January 20th.

The light is beginning to shine again on the city on the hill.

4 comments on “Goodbye to Obama and His America Last Philosophy
  1. BRAVO BRAVO BRAVO!!!!! I couldn’t have said it better myself, but definitely wish I had. Already shared four times on FB and posted to my Twitter Page. I may print it out and frame it! Lovely Rant! I am grinning ear to ear and feel better for having read it.

  2. Obama and virtually all Democrats should be driven from office or put in prison. May he rot in hell for all eternity. Remember Benghazi.

  3. There is hope for America. We can still be great again, if we can convince people that hard work pays off and that socialism is wrong for us. I am almost 90 years old and I remember when we were great. Think about WW II. We saved the world. Then came Korea. At least we saved South Korea. Then Vietnam-the debacle. Many lives lost and many vets disabled, but we saved nothing. We are now engaged in the middle East with token forces and taking casualties and losing lives, a handful at a time. America HAS to change! Our streets are full of the homeless. America HAS to change. Thank God Hillary was not elected so that may have stopped the downhill slide. We need to get back to American exceptionalism, to for equal rights for EVERYBODY, not just blacks or pinks or queers. Rise up, you true Americans, lingering in the background. Trump isn’t Reagan but he’s the only hope we have to save America from the swamp! Semper Fidelis and God Bless America!

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