Fort Lauderdale shooter was “Aashiq Hammad” on MySpace, recorded Islamic music

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This Chicago Tribune article confirms that Fort Lauderdale shooter Esteban Santiago is from Penuelas, Puerto Rico, and has a brother named Bryan. Why aren’t establishment propaganda journalists asking Bryan about Aashiq Hammad?

“BREAKING: #FortLauderdale Terrorist #EstebanSantiago Joined MySpace As ‘Aashiq Hammad’, Recorded Islamic Music,” GotNews, January 7, 2017:

Fort Lauderdale Airport terrorist Esteban Santiago registered on MySpace under the name “Aashiq Hammad” and recorded Islamic religious music on the site, 3 years before he ever deployed to Iraq as a U.S. soldier, destroying the lying mainstream media’s narrative that he was just a mentally disturbed veteran and that “Islam had nothing to do with it.”

Here’s how we know all that:

A search of public records database Nexis reveals that Puerto Rican Esteban Santiago has a brother named Bryan Santiago and two e-mails registered to his name:


The second e-mail, “”, is how GotNews exclusively visually identified Santiago before every mainstream media outlet and discovered he was posting on an explosives/weapons forum about mass-downloading Islamic terrorist propaganda videos in 2007 yesterday.

Today, we discovered the first e-mail, “”, in the MySpace database that was leaked earlier this year. This is the raw data we found:

The middle entry “aashiqhammad” can be added to the MySpace URL to discover the profile that was registered to the e-mail address “”.

Sure enough, Esteban Santiago registered a MySpace account under the name “Aashiq Hammad”:

“Aashiq Hammad” lists Penuelas, Puerto Rico as his location, just like Esteban Santiago’s records in Nexis.

And take a look at the three songs recorded by “Aashiq Hammad.” The first one is titled “La ilaha illAllah”, which is Arabic for “There is no God but Allah,” and the first half of the Muslim declaration of faith, the Shahadah…

If the location and e-mail weren’t enough proof, “Aashiq Hammad” also has Bryan Santiago — Esteban’s brother — as a connection:

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  1. You do realize that the shadow government and its black projects have the ability to put memories and suggestions into the minds of their patsies.

    It is time for the psychiatric professions to not just assign a title of Schizophrenia to men like this shooter. When he says he is being controlled by the CIA or whomever, he may very well be telling the truth.

    Ask yourselves this; Why would a Porto Rico Catholic all of a sudden become a Muslim? Dig a little deeper because there are things afoot that only the devil/deep state could concoct.

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